So I’m writing this in the wake of the new interviews we got at Anime Midwest, specifically Otsuka-san’s words on Victor and Yuuri’s relationship and the ensuing salt by antis. What boggles my mind is that people who so desperately cling to the idea that Victor and Yuuri are just in a “strong platonic friendship” are now not only disregarding canon context but also actual words from the creators of the show themselves.

I just want to start out by saying that we shouldn’t even be having this discussion. I am 100% certain that if Victor and Yuuri were a heterosexual couple there would be no controversy at all. No one would have to sit here and argue the validity of their romantic relationship—we would all have automatically assumed it from the get-go. If Victuuri were a heterosexual couple we would all be under the assumption that they were romantically involved already without half the things we actually got to see between them on the show.

How many times have we all seen movies or shows that start out with a female character and a male character at the very beginning and have thought “okay they’re going to end up together” (unless they’re related, one of them dies, etc)? A lot—even if we aren’t always conscious of it. It’s a common conclusion we all make and directors of such movies and shows rely on this assumption as they weave the romance. And almost always, these assumptions are correct. “He was a boy, she was a girl. Can I make it any more obvious?” Avril Lavigne said in her infinite wisdom once.

We even see this very trope subversion in episode one, with Yuuko. When we as an audience are first introduced to her character, we’re done so under the guise of Yuuri having a long-standing crush on her. She’s his childhood friend, the girl next door, etc. It’s natural for us to assume that he’s in love with her and that his narrative will probably revolve around those feelings. It’s natural because we’ve been conditioned this way. And then at the critical moment, when we think Yuuri is literally about to confess his feeling for Yuuko, our expectations are smashed when we find out that she’s happily married with three children. Some antis even still cling to Yuuri’s past feelings for Yuuko as proof that she’s somehow Yuuri’s true love interest and this is hilariously reach-y. Yuuko is so far removed from the realm of possibility for being Yuuri’s love interest that it’s comical—and purposefully so. The same time that we’re presented with Yuuko as possible love interested, we are also introduced to Victor. Victor, who is shown as being Yuuri’s ultimate inspiration and who Yuuri’s narrative ACTUALLY revolves around. (Similarly, Victor’s narrative revolves around Yuuri, as we’re shown in episode 10.) This is not a coincidence. We are shown this here, in this manner, for a reason—and not only because Yuuko is the one who introduced Yuuri to the wonder that was Victor. This is storytelling.

Throughout the series we’ve been bombarded with clear evidence for Yuuri and Victor’s romantic attraction towards each other. And unlike in many other shows where these are played off as jokes, these moments are taken rather seriously. Even when presented in a funny light (such as the “naked hug” scene in episode 6), they’re not jokes. They’re actual moments that happen between Yuuri and Victor and are either proof of their romantic interest in each other or serve to deepen their relationship in that regard. A lot has already been said on this matter, however, so I’ll move on.

What I really, really want to address is the fact that antis are taking the “soulmate” thing and either twisting it or refusing to see both sides of the picture. Kubo and Sayo (along with other staff) have said that Yuuri and Victor are soulmates and that their relationship goes beyond conventional labels. This is a beautiful notion—the idea that their love, in all its forms, is transcendent. That their bond is so strong and unshakable. And we even have confirmation that the reason Yuuri and Victor are now together in St. Petersburg is because they cannot bear to be apart.

So let me deviate a little here by saying sure, yes: there can be “platonic friendships” which are very strong and it’s important that such friendships are portrayed well in media. It’s vital that people understand that friendships can be just significant as romantic relationships. However Yuri!!! on ICE is not setting out to do that, nor should it have to. We now know very clearly that Sayo’s intent for Victor and Yuuri’s relationship is distinctly romantic. The show itself pulls no punches on this matter. There is no room left for self-interpretation.

What I’m trying to say is that when we get a heterosexual couple, we assume romance first and friendship second. But when we get a homosexual couple, we assume friendship first and romance second. I don’t intend to sit here and say how unfair this is—how it forces same-sex couples to go through various hurdles that het couples don’t have to bother with in order to prove the status of their relationship. That’s a topic that’s already been discussed at length but I want all antis to take a step back and realize that this may be one reason why they’re still clinging onto the “they’re just friends” rationale.

Now going back to the soulmate thing. Yes, soulmates can be platonic, but why are they not allowed to also be romantic? Antis seem to cling to the snippet of their relationship going beyond labels and somehow try to weaponize this as evidence of them only being close friends. But “going beyond labels” and “being soulmates” is not automatically exclusionary. It’s inclusive of all forms of love, including romantic and sexual.

This is getting long enough so let me just end by saying I know a lot of people aren’t trying to downplay their relationship for any homophobic reasons but are actually just afraid of being queerbaited. And thus these people are wary of any representation until and unless it’s absolute representation. This is understandable and honestly for a long time, I was afraid too. But now we have confirmation from the creators that yes, Yuuri and Victor’s relationship was always meant to be a romance and also that the staff now understands that ambiguity in this case is not what people want. They’ve listened to us and now it’s time that we trust what they’ve been saying as well.

I implore all antis to ask themselves why they’re so intent on ignoring canon evidence and now actual interviews from creators on the matter in order to downplay Victor and Yuuri’s relationship. Please, just stop and think. If you’re so dead-set on thinking that they’re just friends then, fam, maybe this isn’t the right show or fandom for you. Life is short. Go away.

(There are several sources who have transcripts of what was said at Anime Midwest, including @hanleia on twitter. Please check them out if you are interested!)

How great would it be to have an episode where Nicole's sister comes to visit?

We would get a stark contrast between the Earp sisters and the Haught sisters, and it would be amazing. They wouldn’t have as great a relationship as the Earps. Her sister wouldn’t approve of her being a cop, moving to a small town, cutting her hair, dating Waverly, or pretty much just anything Nicole did. And we’d get to see Waverly stand up for her girl, and then Wynonna would go nuts on the sister, berating her for being so out of touch and telling her she’d come to regret it one day, just like she did when she left. It would bring WayHaught closer, and we’d get some amazing Wynaught bonding as well. Not to mention they’d all be running around trying to hide the crazy supernatural stuff going on, and hilarious hijinks would ensue.

Chille Tid 2: Electric Boogaloo

When Steven and the Crystal Gems embark on a mission to get the Off-Colors and Lars off of Homeworld, the New Crystal Gems are once again tasked with protecting the Earth. However, with very little for them to do, Connie decides to gather the team for a slumber party at the Temple. Peridot and Lapis attempt to wrap their heads around the various slumber party conventions Connie found on the Internet, including pillow fights, Two Truths and a Lie, and Truth or Dare, with some interesting results. Jokes will be cracked, terrible puns will be made, hi jinks will ensue, and deep, dark secrets will be revealed as the New Crystal Gems grow ever closer together. 

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Loki accidentally turning buckys girl into a cat while he was practicing magic. She's stuck in cat form for for a week. Then all the fluff ensues both figuratively and literally. Can you write some headcanons for this?

All I picture is Bucky trying to communicate with a cat hahah 

“Do you want to go outside?” 


“Honey, does that mean yes or no? Meow twice for no”

Fluffy Friday™

ok so ive been thinking and this seems weird but i guess its like a marketing thing or whatever???where seasons 3 and 4 are really just one season split up and they’re dropping them at different times bc the wanna keep the fandom happy or whatever

the way i see it season 3  is probably gonna be 7 episodes of like no shiro, mostly the team trying to get by without voltron, internal conflicts and angst, and lotor attacking while their vulnerable, and the last scene of episode 7 is gonna be that scene where someone walks into the black lion and pilots it from the teaser.

season 4 will probably be shiro coming back and whatever ensues from that.

i havent seen the first episode so i’m not sure

all in all this probably won’t be a lance season and im bitter so

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Both Fenton and Phantom are turned into cats and get into catnip... Fun ensues ;)

“I call the fun Danny!” Sam shouted and stooped down to pull the black cat into her arms before Tucker got any ideas. Fenton’s small body felt unnaturally loose—like holding liquid instead of bone and muscle—and she brought him protectively to her chest.

The movement caused the oversized hat to slip off Fenton’s head and land on Phantom’s bedsheet-cape. Now able to see, Fenton looked around and released an alarmed mewl. Under the bedsheet, the struggling lump released an answering meow, and then a transparent cat shot up through the cape and landed on the pavement on all fours, white fur bristling along his spine. His unnaturally glowing eyes scanned the area, but Desiree was long gone. Phantom growled but relaxed his aggressive stance, his fur settling along his back again.

Until his searching gaze settled on Fenton. The one who carelessly made a wish when Desiree was loose. Phantom hissed. Fenton growled, his body vibrating in Sam’s arms.

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Title: The Wonderlands // Author: Stylinsoncity @alienproof // Rating: Mature // Word Count: 150520 // Chapter - AU Famous Louis / Single Dad Harry // Completed: 06/26/2017 

Actual Summary: "Somewhere between chaos and control — these are the wonderlands.“Harry’s daughter, Andy, is signed to Louis’ girl band. Her path to success is marked by competition, chaos, and for Harry, a love affair.

Green’s Summary: Harry is a single dad to Andy, a budding rock star. Louis is the producer of her all girl band. Harry and Louis have a pretty immediate attraction to each other but Andy has made her father promise that he won’t go after Louis. A lot of pining and sexual tension ensues. 

Hi! It’s Green here with another review. I can’t believe I actually finished when I said I was going to. The Taming of The Shrew who needs that when I can read Stylinsoncity’s The Wonderlands. Guys, I’m obsessed with this fic. I’ve literally just finished it (at work!) and I cannot even think straight it was so amazing. Every chapter – every page – was so much better than the last one. THE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. THE DECLARATIONS OF LOVE. I feel like I’m not even processing anything right now. My brain is just screaming: incredible, beautiful, amazing, talented. Picture me as Lady Gaga in that interview right now. Anyways, I guess I’ll stop screaming and we can get into the grit of this fic yeah? Here is my review for Stylinsoncity’s The Wonderlands.

Rest of the review under the cut <3 .

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Personally, I don't like Zane~Chan becoming canon. Not because it isn't a nice ship (because it is a nice ship, and im happy for whoever ships it) but because every time a ship becomes canon in this hell fandom, chaos ensues. I've seen it before after Aarmau happened, and now it's happening again :/

Just jerks being bitter for no reason again

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Looking for a Sterek fic: Boyd's POV, stiles and him are both elementary school teachers and both have half of twins in their class. Stiles learns how to deal with the twin but at parent-teacher conference, the parents like him first then find out he's gay(bi?), homophobia ensues, and later the twin is moved to Boyd's or some other class and Boyd sees Stiles hugging/crying to Derek....wooh, I think I got most of it. Decently short fic and 30% sure it was part of a series? Please and thank you <3

I couldn’t find it! But it’s still on our lost fic page so hopefully someone else will recognize it! 

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*casually slides into this blog* A Camp Camp VLD AU. Keith, Lance, and Hunk are sent to Camp Camp by their parents, Pidge goes by herself bc she thought there'd be a lab, and Allura is the daughter of the camp's founder, Alfor, who may or may not be leading a rebellion against the government. Coran is David, Shiro is Gwen. The Woodscouts are either the Galaxy Garrison or the Galra, and the Flower Scouts are also either the Galaxy Garrison or the Galra. Either way, chaos ensues.

i didn’t think perfection existed until i read this ask

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Some hc's where Toshinori, Aizawa, and Ectoplasm get into an argument with their s/o about s/o's ability to protect and fight for them self.

oooh :0

Yagi Toshinori

  • Toshinori naturally worries so he can be a bit too overprotective of his s/o. His s/o understands this, but feels like they’re being coddled sometimes!
  • While I don’t think they would have a full blown argument, they’d probably bicker about it occasionally. His s/o wants him to know that they can look after themselves in a fight! 
  • Toshinori understands he’s being a bit selfish, he just wants to protect his love after all! They’d both come to an understanding eventually, kisses ensue.

Aizawa Shouta

  • Aizawa knows that his s/o can take care of themselves but he still tends to worry. However he doesn’t tend to show this openly. His s/o would most likely get frustrated at the fact that they think he cares less than he actually does?
  • Much like Toshinori, Aizawa isn’t one for arguments so it’s probably a very one-sided rant from his s/o. He listens carefully and when they’re finished, he reassures them that he does care more than they think he does. 
  • After this, he makes sure to ask them about their work that day and if anything interesting/serious happened. 


  • Ectoplasm is a person who is quite stubborn, so if he’s fixed on protecting his s/o then there is probably not a lot they could do to change his mind. His s/o wants to be able to prove themselves to him and show that they’re not so feeble! 
  • It takes him a while to agree with his s/o and eventually he understands that he doesn’t always need to be there to protect them. He’s kinda iffy on not being with them while they’re fighting but he gets used to it!
  • He always checks up on his s/o afterwards though! Asking if they’re okay and if they’re injured anywhere. Honestly, he’s pretty proud that he got over his stubbornness because he got to see his s/o shine at their work!