In the beginning,

You’d tell me I was beautiful
In a pair of jeans and a tee
Always looking
Only at me

As if I was something special
To behold
Some type of thing
As precious as gold

With abrupt compliments
Only for me to hear
Keeping my attention ensnared
And my feelings quite clear

Hearty jokes exchanged
Laughs so carefree and light
You never wanted to hurt me
You tried with all your might

But now,

Where is the light in your eyes
Where’s the occasional heartfelt soliloquy
Proclaiming how in love you are
And how lucky you are to have me

Are you losing interest
Am I losing my grip
Should I be worried about us
Communicating with our bodies aside from our lips

Am I still this rare piece of treasure
That you’d take some time to peruse
Do you even see me
As someone you can so easily lose

Is this all in my head
Or is this the beginning of inconsistency
Is it too much to ask
To be told I am valued incessantly

—  S.B.

Rebecca - from Hebrew, meaning “beautifully ensnaring,” “tied up,” or “secured”

Dragon plant - snare

Fennel - worthy of all praise, strength

Crepe myrtle - eloquence

Lupine - imagination

Jasmine - you are cheerful and graceful

Enchanter’s nightshade - witchcraft, sorcery

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anonymous asked:

would you recommend red queen to readers of the raven cycle? (if so, why?)

Oh man, okay, I would recommend Red Queen to anyone who listens tbh.

It’s not very similar to TRC. I would say, if you enjoyed Shadow and Bone, you will 100% love Red Queen (bad ass female protag. who discovers a hidden ability and finds herself ensnared in a dangerous political game while balancing her love for two men - one, her ally, and the other, her mortal enemy)(also betrayal. Lots of betrayal. Bring tissues). I did find it a little dull at some points, but then the action would pick up again… idk I’m conflicted. Some parts were slow and others were so exciting I couldn’t put the book down (literally - my French teacher found me reading an English book in class and I got torn to shreds omfg).

(worth it)

Red Queen is the perfect example of what I want to see in a novel: I love ruthless characters who know what they want and will stop at nothing to get it; I love (love love) royal settings; I also love dystopian. Literally everything I could have asked for, plus the main character is so?? cool?? I want to be her.

The Raven Cycle kind of falls under the “contemporary” genre imo. You spend a lot of TRC meandering around the town, and the plot builds slowly (almost agonizingly - I still love it tho). The magic is also very low-key, very sixth-sense. In Red Queen, the story begins almost immediately, and the abilities are very front-and-centre (it’s a bit like A:TLA in that powers are so normal and fit into the story so well?). There are very few scenes that lack some sort of edge, and since it’s told from only one POV, you don’t spend nearly as much time on character development as you would in a book with 4-5. If you love magic, read Red Queen. If you loved The Winner’s Curse, read Red Queen. If you love books that keep you on the edge of your seat and shock you until the very end (literally the last page wtf) READ THIS BOOK.

Bottom line, if you loved The Raven Cycle, you will probably love Red Queen. Victoria Aveyard has created a beautiful new world to explore in Red Queen (high fantasy and dystopia come head-to-head in this futuristic monarchy). I don’t talk about it nearly as much as I should, but I definitely DEFINITELY recommend it.

(Its about a 4/5 in my opinion. Worth the read, 100%)

What I associate with the houses;

Gryffindor: The crackling of a warm fire in the middle of the night, a soft burning sensation // Warm embrace of blankets and pillows, freedom and joy in the minute details of life // Feeling of air rushing against your bare skin, living life in the moment // The light of a new day

Hufflepuff: The touch of a friend you haven’t seen in ages, familiarity and comfort enveloping the senses // Soft smiles that shine brightly in their eyes, ensnaring and addictive // Soft caress of a lover’s breath on your skin which still seems alive with warmth // Daylight and the feeling of the suns rays beaming down

Ravenclaw: The smell of old books, seductive whispers of knowledge // Instrumental music, soft and soothing like the finest of velvets // Mystery; the unknown, the vastness of being // Exhilaration, excitement trailing a path of fire in your veins // Night descending over the world

Slytherin: A compass with no true destination // Treasure maps, the journey only being the beginning // Stardust and Hellfire; salvation and ruination // The lingering feeling of hands on your hips and lips worshipping every part of your body // The ending of one day leading towards the emergence of a new day, eternity

Evaluation: ‘Tentacle eight’ Ensnares a Security Analyst in a Maze of Secrets

Evaluation: ‘Tentacle eight’ Ensnares a Security Analyst in a Maze of Secrets

Brett Rickaby stars in “Tentacle eight,” John Chi’s excessive-tech thriller revolving round knowledge breaches and covert teams. By ANDY WEBSTER June 17, 2015

Sprawling and complex, John Chi’s labyrinthine conspiracy thriller “Tentacle eight” is nothing if not formidable (and in the wake of the Edward J. Snowden affair, considerably well timed). When Ray (Brett Rickaby), a Nationwide…

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Summary: Seijuurou will give Tetsuya his stars.

VERY VERY CHEESY FIC please tread carefully. Also NOBODY DIES OK this is just all-around 4k words of akkr happiness because they deserve to be happy /CRIES

Notes: Photographer!Akashi yay

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It begins with a fleeting glance, caught onto a red gaze for longer than what social etiquette would deem necessary. Social etiquette also recommends Kuroko avert his eyes immediately, but it’s a kind of contact he finds oddly magnetic. Amongst a wave of faceless people—some hurrying to their next class while the rest simply roam about in the background—he finds himself hooked.

Surely he’s not the only one to have ever been ensnared. That person stands out too much, and it’s not just that vivid red hair clashing with the azure backdrop behind him. It’s how he’s standing tall in that metaphysical display of looking over everyone and everything from a height Kuroko can’t see. He looks like he’s made the entire sky his throne, and it unnerves Kuroko enough for him to turn away. Finally.

But that brilliant red gaze, it follows.

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The theft of feminism is nothing nascent to anyone studying the chronological order of feminist waves but in the past decade – or more now – one cannot help but notice that female liberation has become ensnared in a perilous liaison with neoliberal efforts to construct a free-market society. This is what we call neoliberal feminism; a feminism that finds nothing inherently depraved with the mechanism of neoliberalism. It is not limited to willfully adopting cutthroat capitalist ideals of power that throw families on the fringe of social institutions but it is also, in Foucauldian terms, a ‘conduct of conduct’ that remains pathologically obsessed with individualist achievements attained primarily in the center of neoliberal bureaucracy. The male is, as the author of Saving the Muslim Woman Basuli Deb explained brilliantly, normative in neoliberal feminism and nothing is changed. Under neoliberal feminism, women aspire to corporate ideals of success that – like it or not – largely infringe upon the basic rights of the working class. There is a reason why young women are being purposefully advised by the likes of ex- State Department officials such as Sheryl Sandberg to ‘lean in’ instead of critically questioning the dynamics of elite liberal feminism.

Furthermore, this (quite literally commodified) brand of feminism is produced as the faux discursive modality to portray the West as the bastion of progression and freedom when it is anything but. Let us take into consideration the harrowing fact that the United States is the world’s leader in incarceration with at least 2.2 million people present in the nation’s prisons or jails. Under this neoliberal democracy, a 500% increase over the last forty years has been witnessed as the prison industrial complex grows like a cancer. Absent from the analysis of American liberal feminists fixated on ‘saving women in the Middle East,’ through M16s and missiles is the state-sanctioned precarity that black and brown American women become victims of. You will not hear Laura Bush, or any First Lady of a neoliberal empire, raise this contention and bring international focus – let alone humanitarian intervention – to it. Of course, it gives a bad impression but most importantly, it reveals how hollow the feminist rhetoric of neoliberal feminism is as it only upholds the security of the upper and upper-middle classes while throwing the poor man – and woman – under the roaring bus.

Some would argue that the demise of feminist politics began when Reagan and Thatcher collaborated to promote privatization and deregulation for the sake of safeguarding the freedom of the individual to compete and consume without interference from the state. What many present-day activists for women’s rights forget – or choose to remain blind to – is the mode through which capitalism co-opts all sorts of opposition to its own ends. It’s a slippery and ugly slope. An example of this distressing reality is the emergence of pseudo-emancipating ‘feminists’ who state that pornography – a male-dominated, for-profit exploitative industry built on the flesh of women including underaged girls – is a medium through which women can ‘reclaim’ their sexuality. The irony renders one nauseous but even worse: This liberal understanding of a lone individual’s ‘empowerment’ becomes a tool in the destruction of lives on a macro-social level. Stoya and Sasha Grey, we are told, are the real feminists of modern age while women who refuse to become traumatized objects for male consumers are prudish and ‘anti-liberation.’ Yet again, neoliberal feminism partakes in the physical, sexual, mental and economic abusive profiteering of a woman and her rights.

Material feminism – one that is cognizant of the effect of class on a woman’s life – is vital. A bourgeois variant of feminism serves the bourgeois woman alone, no one else. We have seen the outcome of the imperial feminist and her entrepreneurial sister – both often the same person – and we know what good is the stance to drop bombs on women to save them and the stance that bellows of empowerment meanwhile employing child labor for domestic work. If young feminists of today seek a better tomorrow, they must materialize efforts on collective social justice – instead of individualist advancement – that is exceptionally compassionate to the needs of the overburdened and impaired. It is the only way forward. There is no other way.


Of the neoliberal feminist

March 12, 2014 MEHREEN KASANA

What is it with the ever-so-important sword? Nearly every hero or heroine this side of dragons and wizards owns one (and there’s usually a prophecy or magical spell involved). Let’s face it: the sword has been there and done that. Everyone loves a cool sword… but it’s time we expanded our horizons.

Here are ten, alternative, medieval weapons that your next protagonist can take on their epic journey.

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Raspberry Beret

Hey ya’ll here’s a quick one-shot. It’s just a little something that came to me while going pee this morning. I’m still working on my spin-off for sister song (thinking of calling it california dreaming) but hope this will do for now.

Finn tidied up the counter of the record store, waiting mournfully for the clock to strike 6, signalling the end of his shift. He loved working there. That wasn’t the problem. The problem had been that for the past month he’s been obsessively trying to avoid the giggling idiots that wait for him outside the store tossing hair flips and lip-gloss covered pouts in his direction upon his exit. It was Chop’s fault really. He had been trying to get at this bird named Brittany who was basically a pop queen clone who did nothing but gossip and pout, but she was fit and Chop was desperate. After he and her friends spent a grueling 20 minutes trying to create conversation at the chippie, Chop had decided to ensnare his friend in the horrible moment by walking the girls down the 3 blocks it took to get to the record shop, turning Finn’s oasis into a bubblegum-smelling, backstreet-boys-listening, miniature hell. After Chop had shagged her he had dropped her instantly, but it didn’t stop her mates from attempting to get at Finn. He had finally had it two weeks ago and told them if they weren’t buying nothing they needed to get out of the store. However this backfired as they only saw the grumpy sod attitude as a declaration that Finn was some sort of bad boy, and hence the tween blockade had begun.

It was ten minutes to closing when he heard the bell of the door ring. He was ready to murder whoever it was keeping him from a safe and quiet exit, but when he looked up from the till time stopped. She was beautiful. No it was more than that. She was the sun. She was air. She was wearing a raspberry beret. She had long black hair, skin the color of snow, eyes the color of whiskey, and a look on her face that was absolutely determined. It took Finn a moment to realize that she was speaking to him and after a quick shake of his head and a “sorry” he asked her to begin again.

She smiled as she said, “I said do you have a copy of Hole’s Live Through This on vinyl?”

It takes him a second to answer her. He was too busy checking her out to thoroughly process her request. When he finally looked back at her face he noted a faint blush on her cheeks, clearly aware of the fact that he had been staring her up and down for the past few seconds.

“Uh, uhm… yeah I think we might have it. Let’s just ah, let’s take a look see shall we?”

“Lead the way” she nods her head toward the rows and Finn’s heart skips a beat at the sight of her smile.

As he’s leading her down the aisle marked “H” in the rock section he’s suddenly self conscious of his appearance. Normally he didn’t give a flying fuck how he looked but after seeing her in that little black pleated skirt, docs, Christian Death band-tee and of course that adorable beret, he just didn’t feel like he was cool enough to be checking her out.

“Ah here we are” he lifts the record from the middle section of the area marked “Hole” as it was hiding behind a few copies of Celebrity Skin and hands it to her gingerly as to not drop it.

“Thank you sir! You have no idea how long i’ve been wanting this, they ran out at Randy’s down the street and the charity shop was absolutely no help!”

She clutched the record to her chest and it was only then that she allowed herself to really look at the fit bloke in front of her.

“You like American music then?” He asks stupidly. He doesn’t know why that popped out, but before he could berate himself any further she answers quickly.

“Mostly just the girl bands but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to having a soft spot for some of their punk and alternative bands. I could listen to Interpol’s Antics for hours.” She smiles softly to herself, dreaming of doing just that with the album she’s currently possessing.

Before Finn can answer he hears Archie enter the shop.

“Finn the fan club is gone you can head out safely now!”

Arch walks right past their aisle looking at neither Finn nor the girl that is in front of him and heads straight to the break room to put his things away.

“That’s my cue to end my shift but I can ring you up before I go.”

“Oh i’m so sorry! I didn’t realize… fuck see I have this one track mind. All i could think about was getting this before I got home I didn’t mean to keep you past your time.” She says apologetically.

He smiles at her and shakes his head slightly.

“I would of done the same. I get tunnel vision when it comes to music too. That’s why it’s so much easier working in a record shop because at least what i’m daydreaming about is right in front of me.”

He gives her a look that she can’t quite read, but it almost seems to say that he could have been talking about her in that moment as well. He walks over to the till, her following close behind him and after completing the transaction, he holds onto her record for just a second longer than necessary.

“Umm, I know this is a bit strange seeing how we just met and all, but would you, I mean that is… would you like to maybe get together sometime?”

He doesn’t know how he doesn’t just fall through the floor. He fumbled that so badly that it takes him a moment to realize that rather than grab for the record she’s turning over the receipt that he had placed on top of it and is writing something down.

“Here’s my number. Give me a call sometime” she says with a wink.

He stands their flabbergasted and can’t help but let the grin that’s on his face completely take it over. He almost forgets that he hasn’t even introduced himself as he’s watching her retreating back. He calls out to her, voice cracking slightly, “What’s your name?!”

She turns back slowly and says with a smirk, “It’s Rae as in Rachel. I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you Finn.”

And with that she walks out the store.

Finn is still at the till staring at the blank spot in front of the door she once occupied, his previous worries completely forgotten, and hears Archie from the side of him chuckling slightly and singing softly, “She wore a raspberry beret…”

عشق آپ وی اوّلا، اوہدے کم وی اوّلے
جدے پیش پے جاوے ککّھ چھڈ دا نئی پلے
اس عشق چہ یارو کُجھ کہیا وی نئی جاندا
رولا پایا وی نئی جندا، چُپ رہیا وی نئی جاندا

ishq aap vi awalla ohday kam vi awallay
jidey paish pe javey, kakh chad'da nai palle
is ishq ch yaro kujh kahya vi nai janda
rolla paya vi nai janda, chup rahya vi nai janda

Love itself is mysterious and mysterious are its ways,
Those ensnared in love are left worthless,
Love, my friends, robs you of speech,
You can neither shout nor can you keep quiet.

—  عشق آپ وی اوّلا، چکوال گروپ/میشاشفیع، Ishq Aap Bhe Awalla, Chakwal Group/Meesha Shafi