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"Mey-rin, I'm bored!!! Would you happen to know where Ciels being locked up?"

Mei-Rin still remembered that Ciel had asked for not letting the other Earl to him; therefore she would be forced to lie. And that, unfortunately, wasn’t the ground she was strong at. “I- I’m afraid he’s out, y- young Master Trancy,” she responded, nervousness easily audible in her voice.

Alice let out a cry of surprise upon feeling the towel that had once protected her of the cold had come off, revealing every square inch of skin. Her eyes were wide and she was nearly in tears, but she took it upon herself to  hide behind one of the cabinet doors, where she shot him a pout. “That was so improper! What made you have the audacity to even rip the towel off of me Trancy!?!”


Alois plopped a pawn randomly on the board. “The someone I love is in this room right now, and he wants to play chess.” he said a slight flush settling on his cheeks.

──♚── iel tapped his fingers on the board as he watched the pawn move. He rolled his eyes and took hold of his knight once more, moving it into place to win.


               The younger Earl frowned and gazed up the blond for a moment, looking simultaneously confused and exasperated.

              “n love with me? I think that you don’t understand what you’re saying.

[ where did the party go au ]

  {  .};:’             .S T E A L T H  ;this obstinate skill was needed throughout the princesses current situation. The sounds of the creatures squeaky echoes ringing through Liberty’s bleeding raw ears. It had been around and hour of hiding, the demon still hadn’t shown sign of movement. Liberty had to A C T in order too survive. The princess carefully slid her petite body though the small gap between the rusty table and chair. Liberty’s eyes narrowed in determination, a smile slowly creeping upon her features as she slowly pulled her left leg from the tightness of the table space. She knew she was going too make it, the demon had averted his eyes too a completely different area of the room. The door was inches away. She could do this!  

                                           …{ C R A S H }

 A sound echoed from behind as Liberty bit her lip, panic overthrown her as the sound collided with her ear drum. She froze. Trying to draw less attention too herself.

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“The only reason I chained you up is to show you how much I love you!”


Truth be told, Mei-Rin wasn’t sure how the boy had managed to chain her up; probably because she had tried not to hurt him. And now, she was completely defenseless against him.

Looking up, she frowned. “That’s not a good reason,” she protested, pulling her hands, but that only resulted in a grimace on her face. Alois had done his job really well. Too well.

Desperately, she looked around, as though she searched for any help, but, of course, she wouldn’t find any; he had made sure she would be helpless. And he succeeded.

“You really don’t have to chain me up out of love,” continued the maid, trying to at least loosen the ties around her wrists. “It hurts me… if you really love me, let me go.”