enslaved by flora

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Oh wow. A blog dedicated to the death of the australia nation. How progressive. Isn't it strange how so called asylum seekers and refugees never seem to go to the closest country to them but instead they choose to get on a boat and risk their lives to get into Australia or other parts of the Western world. They must want to be oppressed by a First world country they aren't capable of building and the endless list of freebies.

Uggghhhhhhh. “The death of the Australian Nation”. Lets check that concept out. 

A bit over two hundred years ago Australia was torn apart by foreign invaders, it’s people murdered and enslaved in their thousands. Native flora and fauna was decimated. As a society we continue this destruction of natural habitat and our indigenous people, the sovereigns of this land, remain oppressed, their culture systematically choked out of existance. Australia as we know it is a nation born of violence and cruelty and we have done precious little to end that precedent. 

However; among that precious little was the signing of the United Nations Refugee Convention, offering the persecuted and displaced of the world safety in our ‘boundless plains’. (And THAT is why refugees travel so far to get to us; BY LAW, we are obliged to shelter them. Their neighboring countries, for the most part, are not signatory to this convention and have no such obligation.) For a while, we honored that. Thanks to this responsibility, we enjoy a beautifully diverse community. But we have never been free from racism, and in the past twenty years we have watched our ‘first world nation’ become fanatically xenophobic. We justify the torture of hundreds of innocents, including children, in the name of our nation. This is what patriotism means to white Australians; a blatant disregard for human rights and a total absence of compassion. So do I want the ‘death of the australian nation’? YES. Our nation, our society, is a twisted half-blind monster feeding on fear and hate. Kill it dead and bury it deep and over it’s grave build a nation of equity, and of justice, of welcome and tolerance and RESPECT.

I’m starting to get real done with being polite to you white supremacist trolls. Seriously get the hell off my damn blog, nobody asked for your uninformed, unintelligent opinion.