Day 2- Positive Day Challenge
1. I did an improvised version of the Rice Bucket Challenge today. I pray that this good deed be a start to many more in my life. 

2. I bought the little ones jelly as their reward for helping me with the challenge and they were overjoyed. Seeing them happy means I’m not failing as big sis so that’s always a positive. I love those guys so much.

3. I felt the strong intercession of Mother Mary today. I kid you not, nothing is impossible if you ask Amma for it. She’ll get it for you, I promise.

I’d like to nominate jenny-tresa, josmria and enroutetodreams to do the Positive Day Challenge. Every day you write 3 wonderful things that happened to you and nominate 3 people each day for 5 days. It sounds like one hell of a commitment but trust me, you start noticing all the little things so much more! 

enroutetodreams replied to your post “Is Nithya Dulquer’s heroine in the mani ratnam movie ??:O”

Lol yeah, not a fan of her dialogue delivery either… Maybe it’s because she doesn’t know Malayalam(or Tamil?) well :/ who do you want the pair to be??

lol i thought you were a hardcore fan yar! haha :P yeh, she was raised in bengaluru right? i think the issue with dialogue delivery is that it looks to me like she doesn’t quite completely understand what she’s saying (even though she probably does), so her body language and expressions are a little off her dialogues. hmmm. anyway. i would have loved basically anyone who he hasn’t paired off with before. priya anand would have been awesome because they’re already friends and she’s a major girl crush of mine :P even parvathy again? any sorta well known bollywood actress (now i’m being greedy because a hindi/tamil/telugu/malayalam multilingual under mani ratnam would be amazing for him)

anieliza replied to your post “Is Nithya Dulquer’s heroine in the mani ratnam movie ??:O”

Ugh not again….I would have loved to see Parvathy opposite him again though…

lol tell me about it hun! and yes I would have loved that too (aju and sarah feels XD)

neelaakasham  asked:

She poster a photo on her Facebook page and captioned in "Flirting with my love:)" asdfghjkl - RISHIQ FEELS.