There’s these archetypal images I will always respond to, and always make. Shooting the ocean is one of them. I hope I don’t get boring in the process of doing so, and that I am always able to reinterpret the theme in original ways.

I shot this while walking Leblon in Rio de Janeiro at night, back in August 2014. I’ve been to this place many times, and I love it every time. This last time I was there for enRoute magazine (that’s Air Canada’s magazine). The article is out now, in the January issue. I shot the cover too.

More outtakes to follow.

Cabin fever: adventurers hike, ski or snowshoe 11km from a Squamish, B.C. parking lot to Elfin Lakes Hut, a solar-powered shelter that sleeps 33.
Après 11 km à pied, en ski ou en raquette depuis un stationnement de Squamish, en Colombie-Britanique, les randonneurs peuvent toucher du bois au refuge des lacs Elfin.

Photo by / par Grant Harder.

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