There’s these archetypal images I will always respond to, and always make. Shooting the ocean is one of them. I hope I don’t get boring in the process of doing so, and that I am always able to reinterpret the theme in original ways.

I shot this while walking Leblon in Rio de Janeiro at night, back in August 2014. I’ve been to this place many times, and I love it every time. This last time I was there for enRoute magazine (that’s Air Canada’s magazine). The article is out now, in the January issue. I shot the cover too.

More outtakes to follow.

Stalactite or stalagmite? Bermuda’s Crystal Caves are the ideal place to learn the difference.
Stalactite ou stalagmite? Les Crystal Caves aux Bermudes sont l’endroit idéal pour apprendre la différence entre les deux.

Photo by / de Virginia Macdonald.

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