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What rights do we have to make animals suffer just for animal testing? I am sorry but I cannot understand it!

It’s a tricky philosophical question. I can’t speak for animal testing in the cosmetics industry, which is what a lot of people think of when they think about animal testing. However, regarding academic research I can explain a few things. 

  • No one likes using animals. No one. We avoid using them if at all possible. This is a fundamental underlying tenet of animal research.
  • If there’s no avoiding using animals, all efforts are made to ensure the animals’ comfort and well-being. They are provided with more food than they can possibly ever eat, veterinary care, and environmental enrichment. 
  • Further, each institution (at least in the US) has internal and federal oversight with multiple levels of review before a project can even begin. You have to have really good justification and literature backing to even get approval for an animal study.
  • All efforts are made to ensure animals do not suffer. If animals are to undergo surgery, they are given anesthesia, antibiotics/painkillers, and are monitored for complications, just like a person would be. When it comes time to end their lives, again, all efforts are made to reduce suffering so that it is quick and painless. 

I’d encourage you (and everyone, really) to think about what the world would look like if not for the sacrifices of our animal friends. We wouldn’t have a vast majority of medications available today–no chemotherapy, no vaccines, no antivirals to treat baddies like HIV, among many others. In fact, FDA approval for new drugs requires that you show that your new drug isn’t toxic in an animal before you’re allowed to even contemplate a human clinical trial. Animal research also helps to show the instances when synthetic chemicals are toxic and need to be taken out of products.

A lot of people would argue that we could just use cell culture or other in vitro or in silico methods, and largely there is a shift in the biomedical field towards alternative models. There are promising things on the horizon like “organs-on-a-chip”, which could have more relevance than a few cells in a dish. However, there is a large caveat to alternative models that we can’t overlook, and that is that cells in a dish (in a closed, controlled system) cannot accurately predict what happens in a living organism, where there are multiple factors influencing every process in the body. The body is not a closed system. In fact, there are several reported instances in the literature were even primary cells (cells isolated from a living organism) behave differently in culture than they do in the body. It’s also pretty much assumed that transformed and immortalized cell lines do not completely recapitulate the physiology they would have in an organism. In other words, where cell culture studies show one effect, an animal model may show a completely different effect.

Overall, alternative models can give us valuable information, but it’s like taking two pages from a George R.R. Martin novel and saying it’s the whole story. Until better alternatives are developed, animal research (for all its own caveats) will remain an essential tool for drug development and toxicity testing.


You reached the voicemail of Alan Rikkin. I’ll be out of the office for business until March 25th with extremely limited availability. Please excuse any delay in communication during this period as our team and I continue upon Abstergo Industries’ mission to provide high quality products that enrich, entertain, and shape the lives of our customers. Your call is valuable, and I look forward to speaking with you upon my return.

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service: Get relief for the animals of Cherokee Bear Zoo

My family and I went to NC and stopped to visit The Cherokee Bear Zoo, a smelly and indecorous road side attraction. What we saw there broke our hearts. They kept several full grown grizzly and black bears living in concrete pits. A far cry from a bears natural habitat, the bear’s enclosures offered none of the enriching activities enjoyed by animals living in an AZA approved facility, and the hard flooring has been shown to put a strain on the bear’s joints causing premature arthritis.

Some of the bears appeared to be limping painfully others seemed lethargic and even unresponsive to the bits of bread and lettuce thrown at them from an overhanging deck by the zoo’s patrons. In addition to the adult bears the owners also had a small Grizzly cub that was passed around as glorified photo op for tourists. 

The exploitation of these bears  stains the Native culture, ideals,and identity that defines the Cherokee Nation. Seasonally, they also held a tiger in what looked like a cramped dog crate. No animal deserves this kind of profane cruelty and abuse. The practices of the Cherokee Bear Zoo are deeply unfair and unfit to continue. The animals under their care should be confiscated and helped to live out the rest of their lives comfortably in a rehabilitation centre or free-range sanctuary. Please help me to get relief and ultimately justice for these poor animals. 

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Hedge funds buy swathes of foreclosed subprimes, force up rents, float rent-bonds #1yrago

When a giant hedge fund is bidding on all the foreclosed houses in a poor neighborhood, living humans don’t stand a chance – but that’s OK, because rapacious investors make great landlords.

Wall Street investors have bought more than 200,000 foreclosed houses in the past two years, bundling together the rents they generate into bonds that are just like subprime mortgage bonds, only without the pretense that the poor people who generate their payments have a hope of ever getting out from under their obligation to enrich the richest people in the world.

Blackstone – owner of Seaworld, Hilton Hotels, and the Weather Channel – is the biggest player here, and when they come into town to buy up all the single-family properties, they price actual families out of the market. Their securitized rent payment bonds are backed by some of the biggest subprime criminals, including Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, and JPMorgan.

Hedge funds really epitomize compassionate landlording, too. When Blackstone buys in, it jacks up tenants’ rents by as much as a third and immediately begins eviction proceedings against renters who can’t pay. If there are any troubles with your payments, they assess fines against you and make you miss work to pay the rent and penalties in person.


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Hi, I've switched my eating to lots more veg and practically no 'inside aisle' products - however I need to reduce my carb intake to lose weight. I get a lot of carbs from eating so much fruit and veg so I'm really not sure if I should be reducing veg or just carbs from bread/pasta etc. so confused :S any help??

That’s great, but you DONT need to reduce your carb intake to lose weight unless that’s something you and your doctor have talked about specifically. Diet culture tries to make people afraid of carbs and it’s ridiculous.

What you SHOULD be doing is trading processed, sugary foods for healthier options. Get your carbs from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. You need to give your body nutrients along with energy, and those whole grain carb sources generally have more nutrients than white/enriched sources. You don’t have to deprive yourself of anything in order to lose weight! Consume less energy than your body expends and eat a variety of foods to give your body the nutrients it needs.

140908 Twitter Update: 즐겁고 풍요로운 추석입니다! 인스피릿 멤버들 잘지내고 있는가! 확실히 집오니까 밥을.. 저녁전 벌써 세그릇 캬컄ㅋ 밥이 나를 삼키는 구랴~.~ 다들 음식 조심하구요~! 오늘 만큼은 무거웠던 계획들 내려 놓길b

Trans: Have a happy and enriching Chuseok! INSPIRIT members are having a good time! I’m definitely going home and rice.. I have already eaten three bowls of rice for dinner kyakyakk Rice is slowly swallowing me~.~ Everyone, please be careful of food~! Just for today drop any serious plans

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Inspired by Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s idea that geniuses are self-taught, Wollstonecraft chose a rational, self-taught heroine, Mary, as the central character of her novel. Helping to redefine genius (a word which at the end of the 18th century was only beginning to take on its modern meaning of exceptional or brilliant), Wollstonecraft describes Mary as independent and capable of defining femininity and marriage for herself. It is Mary’s “strong, original opinions” and her resistance to “conventional wisdom” that mark her as a genius. Making her heroine a genius allowed Wollstonecraft to criticize marriage as well: geniuses were “enchained” rather than enriched by marriage.

on Mary Wollstonecraft’s Mary: A Fiction


In case you had nothing otter to do, we thought we’d post this again–one of our most popular videos ever! Happy holidays.

Watch the madness live

this is my contribution to the captive prince series which ruined my life and shattered my soul. if you haven’t read it yet please love yourself and do it, this is a gift from the gods and we should all be grateful 

fcking beautiful princes 


Mine! Watch our otters go crazy for holiday ice treats. It probably doesn’t hurt that the “frosting” is minced clams. :-)

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German carnival to celebrate diversity sees Cologne style cultural enrichment

The Karneval der culturen (Carnival of Cultures) took place from 13-16 May. It’s described as a carnival that celebrates diversity, this year it’s seen noticably more sexual assaults than on previous years, and more than initially admitted. At least eight victims have come forth.

Police dares to name suspects
For the first time the police expressed a common trait in all the suspects. Police spokesman Thomas Neuendorf: “All the women described the attackers as young men with ‘a Southern appearance’. Some women were significantly battered and bewilderen or were crying when they reported to the police.”

According to the police the assaults took place every night during the long weekend, from Friday to Monday. The event saw thousands of people and the police expects more women to come forth. Eight victims so far have reported to the police.

At least four suspects are indentified. Two seventeen year olds and a 14 year old. The two older boys are Turkish nationals and the third a German citizen with Turkish roots.
Another suspect is a 40 year old Turk.

The victims
The known victims are women between the ages of 16 and 48. 
Some victims stated being punched while dancing. A group of about ten men surrounded and harassed them.
The women tried to escape but were pulled back. They were consequently groped and touched on intimate places.
Another incident saw a 17 year old girl and an 18 year old girl sexually assaulted and robbed.

In both cases the women had to be freed by bystanders. A 27 year old man filmed the ordeal as he saw one girl crying on the ground, he was threatened by the immigrants.

Two other women have come forward after the news was shown on TV. Berlin’s Interior Senator Franck Henkel (CDU) urged victims to report to the police, he stated the phenomenon of sexual harassing to then rob victims has been increasing in Germany.



Coconuts for the adult females today. Was trying to figure out a creative way to use our large stash of coconuts which was collecting dust and harvesting ants; eventually Amanda and I somehow concluded to suspend it in unreachable places. Manis got her own personal alone time with her coconut, because we were afraid her group-mates would steal it from her.

Trying to figure out the best route to the coconut. Perhaps her former situation at the zoo had an adverse impact on her calculation skills: took a while, but she got there eventually!

Manis managed to tear the coconut off the rope, and proceeded to rip it apart with ease. Watch those claws and teeth!

Very quickly, she attacked the white pulp of the coconut.

Next door, Keningau gave me a dirty look, upset that Manis was getting all the treats.

…. And the rest of the group each received their own coconuts.

We were talking about how enrichments that successfully occupy Manis gives us a personal sense of satisfaction. Manis has this perpetual glazed, distant look, which is probably another manifestation of the psychological damage derived from her time in the zoo. To bring her back, to make her do normal “bear” things, means so much more.


It’s a recipe for cuteness! Sea otters like to crunch on things with their powerful jaws, so for special occasions we whip up these tasty treats. Ice pops are just one way our aquarists use games and training to keep our rescued sea otters active.

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