Here’s Why Being In An INFJs Inner Circle Makes You Truly Blessed

Here’s Why Being In An INFJs Inner Circle Makes You Truly Blessed

Being a friend, lover or family member of an INFJ is truly a blessing. Of course no one is perfect, but there are many ways in which being close to an INFJ will enrich your life. Here are just a few reasons why being close to these warm and caring individuals will make you feel truly blessed.

They Are Extremely Giving Individuals

INFJs often sacrifice their own needs for the good of others. They are happiest if they are able to make others happy. Because of this the INFJ may often neglect their own desires, just to make sure you are happy. They will spend a lot of their energy thinking about you, factoring you strongly into their life choices. They are very warm to those who they consider close to them and are willing to be affectionate and compassionate. They rarely ask for much from the people close to them, except for loyalty and honesty and of course some alone time. As long as you stick by your INFJ, they will always stick by you. Their capacity for love is very powerful and they value the people in their extremely small inner circle. Often the INFJs inner circle is only one or two people that they find vital to their life.

They Are Great Listeners

INFJs are extremely capable of listening to the needs of others. They enjoy hearing what you have to say and want to study and understand you. They will pay very close attention to your behaviors and your desires. The INFJ will spend time analyzing your actions as a way of reaching a powerful understanding of who you are as a person. INFJs are very skilled at reading people and picking up on the smallest changes. They will almost always realize when something is bothering you and they have a talent for making you feel comfortable enough to share. It is hard to keep secrets from an INFJ, even if you are keeping those secrets from yourself. When you have a hard time understanding your own emotions, the INFJ is amazing at deciphering what is going on with you. Giving them the chance to see into your soul is a valuable thing. When the INFJ understands you, they will strive to do whatever they can to make you happy. They will find all of your problems and insecurities and abolish them. They know what you need often before you do and are more than willing to provide that for you.

INFJs will be more than happy to listen to you talk about your troubles for long periods of time. They are introverted individuals who need their time alone, but will provide you with more than enough quality time. When the INFJ is with you it will be hard not to feel their presence. Something about being around your INFJ will make you feel at ease and extremely understood. They don’t judge you for your flaws and mistakes, but rather see them as important parts of what makes you who you are. You will never feel judged by your INFJ, since they love you fully for who you are. They simply want you to love them in return, which is truly all they ask.

They Are Also Excellent Advice Givers

Not only are INFJs very good listeners, they are incredible advice givers. INFJs have a powerful intuition that is rarely wrong when they trust it fully. Because the INFJ understands you and your desires on a very deep level, they are capable of figuring out the best course of action for you. When you are confused and do not realize how to solve your problems, the INFJ will be excellent at guiding you in the right direction. They will help you figure out what it is you want and show you what decisions will acquire that for you.

Your INFJ is very understanding and willing to spend their energy figuring out how to make your life better. When they see an opportunity to use their intuition to better someone else’s life they are eager to do so. As long as you trust your INFJ and are willing to be open with them, you will find that it is very rewarding.

They Will Help You Become Confident

Your INFJ will help you realize all of the very best qualities that you possess. Their ability to see you for who you truly are is a wonderful gift. If your INFJ has deemed you trustworthy, that means they see you as a very worthy person. INFJs are often excellent judges of character and are very good at weeding out the cold-hearted people. When the INFJ wants you in their life it is because they see good in you that they want to nourish. Your INFJ will find ways of bringing out your very best and will seek to make you confident in who you are. They probably see you in a very positive light, which over time will help you to see that as well. Your INFJ will give you confidence and strength to grow into a better more capable individual. With them behind you there isn’t much you cannot do.

Your INFJ is also willing to call you out when you are wrong. They have a way of showing you where you can be better, without actually making you feel bad about yourself. They know how to help you see the mistakes in your life that are making you unhappy. They will help you to understand these mistakes and find better ways to accomplish your goals.

Their Inner World Is An Incredible Place

INFJs have incredible and vivid imaginations. Being close to an INFJ allows you the slightest glimpse into this magical inner world. Being able to see how the INFJ thinks and works is a powerful experience. Being close enough to see parts of an INFJ and learn more about them is something you will never forget. INFJs have many layers of their personalities, and over time they will uncover these layers and show themselves to you. This is an intriguing and exciting process, as you slowly learn more about your INFJ. They struggle with trusting others, so it is often easier for them to expose themselves to you over a period of time. As they begin to realize that you are truly trustworthy, you will find yourself enraptured by their magical inner world. Understanding your INFJ is a challenge that you may never completely be able to fulfill. But the journey is an enriching experience that is well worth your effort.

They Are Fun

INFJs have a very intense serious side to them, but there is also a flip-side to that. INFJs are also great fun to be around when they trust you. They enjoy doing the fun things that you like to do and are willing to take time to do those things. They are extremely passionate individuals, with an ability to really let loose and be silly with the ones they care about. Being around an INFJ when they are in their playful moods is definitely a fun experience.

They Will Fight For You

INFJs have a strong protective desire and will be your biggest advocate. They will stand in between you and anyone who wishes you harm. They are caring individuals, but when they are angry can be a powerful force. They will become very angry if anyone hurts you deeply and will be perfectly willing to strike out against them. If they consider you someone that they love, your INFJ will fight for you no matter what the cost. They are rarely fearful of others and will push very hard to make everyone understands that you are not to be harmed.

Seeing you in pain is very hard on the INFJ, and they will do whatever it takes to avoid this. They will stand by you even when times are hard, and will never falter in their loyalty. They take their commitments very seriously and do not let go of their close relationships easily. Although they have huge hearts and often care about everyone, if you are special to them you are a priority.

Just Remember To Give As Much As You Get

INFJs may be giving, but that doesn’t mean they do not have their limits. Remember not to take advantage of their love for you, by giving them as much as they give you. All the INFJ asks of you, is that you are honest and loyal to them. Share parts of yourself with your INFJ that you are not willing to share with anyone else. Show them that you appreciate the way they make you feel. Give them love and understanding, and you will be truly blessed with a lifelong friend.

personality growth 

My biggest question is: Is this new? It’s amazing and unfortunate and frustrating that we’re still having this conversation. Something systemic has not shifted. We’re not retaining the idea that diversity is a strengthening thing, and it’s something that has to happen to enrich this industry. What’s new, I guess, is that (the Academy is) actually going into the structure and looking at what the system is. You have to change a system. Otherwise it’s just talk. The idea that the system is being examined and reformed is very hopeful.

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I know it's hard to generalize a whole group, but if you had to pick one class that Ravenclaws prefer above all others, what would it be?

hmm that’s tricky! Like you say it depends a lot on the individuals but I feel like maybe potions is a good shout? I think ravenclaws would find it very satisfying to invest time into something and actually produce a physical object at the end of it. But then on the other hand I think a lot of people would love history of magic because that’s just learning for learning’s sake, there’s no real practical value to it but it’s just about enriching your mind and your way of thinking. I also think arithmancy might be a popular favourite 

idk it’s difficult to say especially since people’s favourite subjects are so often heavily influenced by their teachers, and binns and snape are amongst the worst teachers at hogwarts haha


Have I bragged on this lil nugget recently?? These picture aren’t great, but I have seen this adorable dude out of hiding so much more in the last couple of weeks. He responds SO incredibly well to enrichment and shows a more neutral or positive reaction to the presence of people. He’s come so far from the animal that hid inside a shell and only rarely poked his eyes out. It makes this aquarist very very happy!!

I have gone to the realm of logic and reasoning, understood it and resurfaced. Now I’m in a different plane of feelings, spirituality and knowing. I swim and drown in this plane, partaking all of its great nuances. I sip and enrich my soul with it because I am thirsty. I’ve been thirsty too long. Because logic is dry. Logic doesn’t quench. The empathic plane is a deep dark river that presents itself only to those who want to “see”.

While one is literal the other is about the essence, the vague; and it’s only vague because we “believe” the logic to be true. When it is anything but.

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This year is my first lent. Tips? :O

Hey! Congratulations on taking part in this beautiful tradition for the first time. As for tips… Let’s go over the threefold pillars of Lent, which take root in Jesus’ teaching in the sixth chapter of Matthew:


We have to keep in constant communication with God during this time of spiritual renewal. Please remember that there is no right or wrong way to pray! Enjoy the Rosary? Adoration? Liturgy of the Hours? Have a favorite Saint who’s always got your back? Enjoy chit-chatting with God in a journal, or in the shower, or while doing laundry?

Be sure to integrate these practices into your routine. They are meant to enrich you, empower you, and bring you closer to God and away from that which is evil. And remember: prayer doesn’t have to be formal or lofty or even involve words. When we comfort a friend, or tend to our gardens, or work/study hard, we are investing love, time, energy, our very humanity in these deeds, and God can see that and read that. When we seek God, we will find Him – even when we aren’t consciously doing so.

As for me, I’m praying Liturgy of the Hours twice a day with a good friend. It’s such a joy to pray with him, reflect in private, and have the readings and prayers inside my heart and mind after it’s over.


There are two elements to this: abstinence and fasting. The USCCB has a great Q&A page on what this means for us Catholics during the Lenten season.

Fasting (eating two small meals and one normal-sized one) and abstinence (avoiding meat) are beautiful and ancient practices. When we experience hunger and longing, we grow closer to the humanity and suffering of Jesus Christ (even if you’re like me, and become a bear when you’re hungry; working on it, fam). In our hunger, we also offer up our suffering for a) those around the world who do not have the choice in experiencing hunger and poverty and b) the souls in purgatory, who need our prayers.

Real talk: I don’t struggle at all with abstinence (eating no meat), but I struggle a lot with fasting. When I’m bored, or stressed, or happy, I always head for the pantry or fridge to munch on something. Today, I found myself repeatedly praying in my pantry, being grateful that I have a pantry, and thinking of those for whom hunger is a constant reality.

That said, please don’t feel bad if this is a struggle for you. When my blood sugar hit the floor and I had to have some pickles + a bit of dried cereal to literally keep standing, I felt guilty, and then it dawned upon me: Jesus had a body, too. Jesus understands. 


Pope Francis tells us this: “Prayer that doesn’t lead to concrete action toward our brothers is a fruitless and incomplete prayer.” What this means is that our prayers and fasting – our reflecting on social justice, on goodness, on the mercy and generosity of God – is empty unless we go out and make that goodness incarnate in our deeds.

Catholicism is, above all else, about service. Satan wins when we no longer care to combat injustice and no longer love one another. We become those described by Jesus in the sixth chapter of Matthew: ideologues, hypocrites, who fail to serve God and His people.

My family and I are still trying to figure out how, aside from donating to our parish, we can be better servants of the poor this Lenten season. Some ideas for encountering those we serve “in the flesh”:

  • Finding a local soup kitchen or homeless shelter and serving meals to the visitors/residents
  • Visiting a daycare center or preschool that serves poor children in order to play with or read to them
  • Volunteering at a nursing home; if you can sing, play the piano, recite poetry, or do something that could entertain a crowd, please offer to do so for them
  • Packing little zip-lock baggies with toiletries (toothbrushes/paste, baby wipes, menstrual pads, travel-sized body-wash/shampoo/conditioner) to hand to the homeless you see on the street
  • Or simply visit your parish’s website (or check out the weekly bulletin) for outreach opportunities; there are tons of ministries out there that seek to provide comfort to the imprisoned, the disabled, refugees, etc.

I hope this helps, anon! Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any more questions.

God bless you!


“I have always been an outsider and my favorite people are outsiders. Being ostracized a lot as a kid taught me early on that it doesn’t matter what people think about you. My favorite people aren’t in the ‘popular scene’. A little kid painting a picture is the true form of art because they’re just doing it, and it’s not to impress someone. They aren’t doing it for a gallery or for money, they’re doing it for their own life enrichment or to make someone else smile. With the risk of sounding pretentious, all I strive for in everything I do is sincerity.”

Matthew Gray Gubler.

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bitch on left of your blog annoys the shit outta me tbh

That “bitch” is Buffy Summers SHOW SOME GODDAMNED RESPECT and while you’re at it WATCH BUFFY it will enrich your life.

This makes me wonder how often you visit my blog though, haha!

How Fortunate

I am
to be born
in good health
of kind parents
To do enriching work
To have sufficient food to eat
To feel warm enough in winter
To feel joy that I can share with others
To have healthy children I love who love me
To have friends I care about who also care about me
To live in this house in this town in this state in this country
at this time on this planet and have so much gratitude for it all.

~Linda Goodman Robiner, source [x]

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im a 20 yo girl with 0 friends... all i do i surf in the internet i feel like i wasted my teen years, im sadd i dunno what to do! I FEEL SUPER OLD like theres no life for me anymore :(

Ask yourself this question “if I could do anything and not fail what would I do?” The answer to this question is your dream baby girl. Make sure this dream sounds impossible. It’s supposed to sound this way, it’s a life dream. It shouldn’t be easy to attain. Furthermore let everything you do mean something. If you’re going to surf the internet inquire about something that’ll enrich your soul.

Looking back on Carole King's 'Tapestry' 45 years later
Carole King never set out to become a critically acclaimed, chart-topping performer. Instead she began her career in the ’60s as a hitmaker,...

A very Happy Anniversary to Carole King.  Tapestry is, imho, the greatest album of all time.  Every single song is a classic.  I have listened to this album for the last 45 years more than any other I’ve ever owned.  It just doesn’t get any better than this.  If you’ve never listened to it, or haven’t listened in a while - do yourself a favor and listen to this masterpiece.

THANK YOU CAROLE KING for enriching my life with your music.

@bendupeveryspirit @calgal48


In case you had nothing otter to do, we thought we’d post this again–one of our most popular videos ever! Happy holidays.

Watch the madness live

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I know you're officially a "writer", but there are surely other things that you're passionate about. What are they, and how have they helped enrich your writing?

There are lots of things I’m passionate about. Beekeeping, the plight of Refugees, Freedom of Speech (and the release of writers, cartoonists and journalists from imprisonment for writing, drawing unpopular things), being a father, among many others… and I have absolutely no idea how or whether they enrich my writing. But they make me a better person, I suspect.


This week’s animal care anecdote: At last week’s Photo Visit, the wolves were given scent enrichment (natural juniper oil on a stick). Here is a video on our facebook page of female gray wolf Sam enjoining a good roll. This is a far cry from the life she had at a tourist attraction in Alaska, where she was kept on an 8-foot drag chain all of her life.


Mine! Watch our otters go crazy for holiday ice treats. It probably doesn’t hurt that the “frosting” is minced clams. :-)

Watch our otters live

Learn how we’re helping save sea otters


Coconuts for the adult females today. Was trying to figure out a creative way to use our large stash of coconuts which was collecting dust and harvesting ants; eventually Amanda and I somehow concluded to suspend it in unreachable places. Manis got her own personal alone time with her coconut, because we were afraid her group-mates would steal it from her.

Trying to figure out the best route to the coconut. Perhaps her former situation at the zoo had an adverse impact on her calculation skills: took a while, but she got there eventually!

Manis managed to tear the coconut off the rope, and proceeded to rip it apart with ease. Watch those claws and teeth!

Very quickly, she attacked the white pulp of the coconut.

Next door, Keningau gave me a dirty look, upset that Manis was getting all the treats.

…. And the rest of the group each received their own coconuts.

We were talking about how enrichments that successfully occupy Manis gives us a personal sense of satisfaction. Manis has this perpetual glazed, distant look, which is probably another manifestation of the psychological damage derived from her time in the zoo. To bring her back, to make her do normal “bear” things, means so much more.