Your Worth It

Kylo: I have the power. 

The power to make you beautiful. 

*Kylo is shown taking off his mask.* 

Kylo: Even breathtaking. 

I am the model of L’Oreal Paris. 

*Side view of kylo turning his head and his hair flowing like water around his face.* 

Kylo: I inspire dreams. 

When the impossible, becomes you reality,

*He turns his head to the other side acting like he’s so charming.*

Kylo: I am innovation. 

Forever one step ahead of the cutting edge. 

*He stands up, his hair bouncing and shinning* 

Kylo: I am in the most unexpected places, 

acting and core of your cell’s…

*He makes the zoolander’s blue steel face*

Kylo: At the very fiber at your being. 

From the very top of your head…

*He walks down the hall still with the blue steel face*

Kylo: To the very tip of your toe’s. 

I enrich your skin…

*he turns to face hux with the blue steel face.* 

Kylo: Your hair, your body, your life.

i have the power…

*Hux try’s to ignore him butt he starts talking louder.* 

Kylo: I am the gleam in your eye, I am on every one’s lips.

You dance, you play, you create your image.

*Hux try’s to walk away quickly, but kylo skips to him.*

Kylo: you love, You love yourself, You love others. 

You look beautiful. You are beautiful. 

*Hux starts running, but Kylo just takes very long graceful strides and is at hux’s same pace.* 

Kylo: You feel confident. I’m Here. I’m there. Everywhere. 

Exceptional, for each one you. 

*Hux is running away as fast as he can but Kylo keeps appearing.*

Kylo: Because your worth it. 

Random Storm trooper: Your worth it. 

Promises and Stolen Kisses

Pairing: Josephine Montilyet / Leliana
Rating: SFW (General/Teen)
Word Count: 2151 words
Summary: Leliana is concerned for Josephine, who seems to be avoiding sleep for fear of her nightmares. A simple promise to help the Ambassador and Spymaster sleep takes a surprising and entirely pleasant turn.
A/N: My first piece of finished Josiana as my first piece for Femslash February ;) I figured it was time to actually finish something for this pairing since I love them a lot and yet I haven’t been able to finish a fic for them. Oh well, have some FLUFF!
AO3 Link

Josephine loved doing her work. It was enthralling, exhilarating and enriching all at once. Each word written, each meeting held and person met felt like a move forward into a new direction. A way she could affect the world in ways that were important, yet needed no blood to fall, nor any lives to be lost. It also kept her busy, which was essential, given the nightmares that had begun to plague her.

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My action plan to justify flying to Australia to see Nathan Page in a play - Day 57

My crazy work week is done! The boys are all booked to Iceland! It’s the weekend! Yipppeee!

I completed my 60 minutes of cycling on the recumbent bike tonight, as my legs were tired from the Zumba class I did immediately before hitting the bike. Cycling promise accomplished. I plan to snuggle my husband tonight and give him more affection that he has seen all week. Poor man. I’ve been so tired and busy. 

Thank you for all of your comments this week on my posts. I have read all of them, but have not had any time whatsoever to respond. Thank you for taking the time to enrich my posts with your thoughts and your anecdotes. Every time I hear of our similar experiences, I feel more connected to you all. What an amazing group we are.

Tonight, I want to respond to a wonderful comment and link posted by @izzyandlouie. She took the time to provide text of Nathan Page speaking about his current attitude toward competing as a cyclist. This was taken from @desiskipper‘s wonderful interview with Mr. Page, which you can find on his official website, www.nathanpagetheactor.com. I don’t know how to embed a link to this interview in this post, so I provide a link immediately after I have finished writing  this post.

To paraphrase, Mr. Page says that he no longer is interested in competing in cycling races, because he doesn’t like his personality when he is competing. He says: “I think when you have that kind of ‘killer instinct,’ [or] ‘competitive instinct,’ it’s always there, it never goes away and for me it’s a bit extraneous now because I don’t need to get all angry and feisty over a silly little bike race.”

This statement, for me, indicates how very, very different I am from Nathan Page. I do not have a killer athletic instinct. I’m not sure that I have ANY form of athletic instinct. I have run 5 full marathons, but I am a slow runner, by marathon standards. I only run marathons with over 40, 000 people registered, because, with that large a chunk of humanity present, I am comfortable that I will, most likely, not finish last. It is a great source of pride for me that, during my last marathon, in Chicago in the fall of 2013, they ran out of medals before all the runners had finished the race. Over 3000 finishers had to have their medals mailed to them. But I finished in time to get one! Yeah!

In all of my running experience, I can only remember feeling “competitive” towards anyone else in a race once. It was at the very end of my fourth marathon, also in Chicago. The Chicago marathon is my favourite marathon because it is devoid of hills. (FYI, I can attest that the New York City Marathon, although this statement appears to defy logic, is composed ENTIRELY of hills). There is only one “quasi” hill in the Chicago marathon. It is a man-made traffic overpass that is located about 200 m from the race’s finish line. You must run up this little hill - which feels like a mountain after your legs have already run 41.9 km - then make a sharp left-hand turn at the top and coast downhill 100 m to the finish line. (And by coast I mean “try to not fall on your face because you haven’t had any feeling in your legs for at least 10 km - and there are cameras everywhere.”)

As I started up this little hill, I remembered the promise I had made to my husband before the race: “No matter what, I will NOT walk up that hill.” True to my word, I gritted my teeth and tried to set a steady pace. Suddenly, a little man in a bright red singlet entered the space directly in front of me, running slower than I wanted to. I tried to deke around him to the left, but he veered left. I tried to manoeuvre around him to the right, but he moved to the right. I kept up this little dance with him for the entire hill, only realizing at the top, when I made eye contact and he flashed me a wicked little grin, that the man had been blocking me out ON PURPOSE. Seriously? Game on, buddy. We both sprinted down the hill as best our wooden legs would carry us. I took the lead at first, but, sadly, he managed to smoke me just before the finish line, to his great satisfaction. To rub salt into this wound, I saw the man later that night - on television. He was being interviewed about his accomplishment of being the oldest person in the race - at the age of 92.

Yes, I raced a 92-year-old man to the finish line of the Chicago Marathon. And I lost.

I swear I ran my fifth marathon just to erase this memory.

And this, my friends, is why my little flash of aggression in my cycling workout yesterday was such a revelation for me. Maybe that killer, competitive instinct is deep inside me somewhere, waiting to come out! Only time will tell.


If you miss someoe who does not miss you, or who is not good for you, or is unattainable, take all the love you once felt for them and spread it around other places. Put your love in worthwhile people and things, turn the romance into passion for hobbies or admiration for others-enrich with your own life. Focus on yourself and those who actively make you happy..


In case you had nothing otter to do, we thought we’d post this again–one of our most popular videos ever! Happy holidays.

Watch the madness live

Oscars® producers David Hill and Reginald Hudlin announced today the second slate of presenters for the 88th Oscars telecast. The Oscars, hosted by Chris Rock, will air live Oscar® Sunday, February 28, on ABC.

The presenters, including Oscar winners and nominees, are:

    Steve Carell

    Priyanka Chopra

    Quincy Jones

    Byung-hun Lee

    Jared Leto

    Julianne Moore

    Olivia Munn

    Margot Robbie

    Jason Segel

    Andy Serkis

    J.K. Simmons

    Kerry Washington

    Reese Witherspoon

“These artists have enriched the international moviegoing experience with a range of memorable work from the comic to the profound,” Hudlin and Hill said. “In the process, they have won over millions of fans, and we count ourselves among them.”

The 88th Oscars will be held on Sunday, February 28, at the Dolby Theatre® at Hollywood & Highland Center® in Hollywood, and will be televised live by the ABC Television Network at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT. The Oscar presentation also will be televised live in more than 225 countries and territories worldwide.

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Mine! Watch our otters go crazy for holiday ice treats. It probably doesn’t hurt that the “frosting” is minced clams. :-)

Watch our otters live

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That tiny deck of cards is probably the best thing I’ve ever gotten in a Christmas cracker… although the hat was ripped, so, win some lose some. We do recommend environmental enrichment for homemade horrors such as werewolves who, have a tendency to become a little… destructive, if not properly engaged. You think a dog with separation anxiety is bad, wait till you see a werewolf with the same problem.

These two stand over 18.5" tall when comfortably posed (taller when they’re howling of course) with an arm span only an inch shorter. Their heads, hands and feet are all cast in resin from our original sculpts, then hand-painted to match their pelts, and sealed with a protective coating. Each one’s body is sewn from our made-from-scratch pattern using vegan friendly faux fur.

One of these snarly little jerks can be adopted in our shop at the link above. Although we do not recommend them for novice monster handlers!


It’s a recipe for cuteness! Sea otters like to crunch on things with their powerful jaws, so for special occasions we whip up these tasty treats. Ice pops are just one way our aquarists use games and training to keep our rescued sea otters active.

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Coconuts for the adult females today. Was trying to figure out a creative way to use our large stash of coconuts which was collecting dust and harvesting ants; eventually Amanda and I somehow concluded to suspend it in unreachable places. Manis got her own personal alone time with her coconut, because we were afraid her group-mates would steal it from her.

Trying to figure out the best route to the coconut. Perhaps her former situation at the zoo had an adverse impact on her calculation skills: took a while, but she got there eventually!

Manis managed to tear the coconut off the rope, and proceeded to rip it apart with ease. Watch those claws and teeth!

Very quickly, she attacked the white pulp of the coconut.

Next door, Keningau gave me a dirty look, upset that Manis was getting all the treats.

…. And the rest of the group each received their own coconuts.

We were talking about how enrichments that successfully occupy Manis gives us a personal sense of satisfaction. Manis has this perpetual glazed, distant look, which is probably another manifestation of the psychological damage derived from her time in the zoo. To bring her back, to make her do normal “bear” things, means so much more.

Laura Mercier Infusion De Rose Nourishing Oil

I’ve been using this product for a couple of months now and I must say I’m obsessed! I basically love everything that has ‘roses’ written on it! Be it, macaroons, perfumes, cosmetics oh and lip balms especially! So I was very excited to see Laura Mercier created this lovely facial oil, I just had to try it immediately!

First of all lets talk about the packaging. It’s so luxurious!, I love the rose gold cap and it has a nice dropper for an easy application. It contains 30ml of product, but little goes a long way, so it will last you for some time! It’s enriched with Rosehip seed oil, that softens, smooths and balances the skin. It also contains Macadamia Seed oil and Safflower oil. It can be used on it’s own or mixed with your moisturizer, or even with a foundation for that extra hydration. You can also use it on your hair and on your nails to soften cuticles. It really is a multi purpose oil! 

This product has a very smooth and silky consistency, but it’s not very oily which I love! Most oils have that greasy feel when you put them on, but this one just melts into the skin and it absorbs so fast leaving you with just the perfect amount of glow and moisture. It’s also super lightweight and I have combination skin so it’s perfect! 

I do see a difference in my skin, as it’s very smooth and I haven’t been breaking out! My skin has been feeling extra nourished and moisturized! I’m definitely repurchasing when I finish this bottle!
Finally, lets talk about the smell! - ohh I love it so much! That feeling when you go to bed smelling of roses! - yes please!! and it’s not overpowering or 'old lady’ like, it’s just the perfect amount of roses!