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Beak Trims Are Not Normal

Parrot beaks are composed of bone covered in a layer of keratin, the same substance our hair and fingernails are made of. The keratin layer of the beak continues to grow throughout the life of the bird to replace parts that become worn down. Unlike fingernails, parrots should not ever need their beaks trimmed, this is not a normal grooming requirement.

A parrot with an overgrown or misshapen beak has a health problem or a lack of proper environmental enrichment. There are numerous causes of beak overgrowth including:

Liver Disease
Improper Diet
Lack of Proper Toys
Birth Defect
Low Vitamin A

Diets composed mainly of seeds are high in fat which can affect the liver and low in vitamins which directly impacts how the beak grows. Parrots on seed diets should be slowly switched over to pelleted diets supplemented with fresh vegetables.

Proper diets also help parrots because they must manipulate the food with their beaks which helps keep them worn down. This is also why having lots of toys and other environmental enrichment activities is important. Birds that simply reach into a dish to eat and don’t have to work for their food become bored and the beaks overgrow from lack of use.

Some parrots are on wonderful diets and have lots of toys and other activities and still have beak problems. Often these are due to bird defects like an over or underbite or trauma. X-rays are often needed to diagnose this and these birds do need frequent beak trims but this is not common.

Trimming a beak is not a simple task like trimming a nail. The entire beak has to be assessed and it must be correctly shaped. Simply trimming it short in one spot will change how pressure is applied to other portions of the beak which will cause even more malformation. An understanding of the physics of the beak and how even a small change will impact the entire organ is very important. Sometimes we have to make very small changes over several trims to slowly force the beak to grow correctly.
Because there are so many reasons the beak may be in need of a corrective trim it is very important to do a complete medical work up and find the cause. The concern is that if there is a medical problem not only should we address it and fix it, but the stress of a beak trim on top of an illness can actually be fatal in some birds.


DIY - Activity mat

1. Cut a seagrass mat in half or scaled to fit your birds cage. (These mats can be purchased from hardware stores for $2 however they do need to be soaked in 1/3 vinegar/water solution over night and left to dry in the sun. This removes any pesticides used.)

2. Collect your birds favourite materials, shredders, seagrass rope, paper bags filled with treats - anything engaging that will keep your bird intrigued.

3. Tie on the items with rope (seagrass rope is best but a little fiddley), or items designed for birds like stainless steel clips, bolts etc

4. Hang it up in their cage and watch the fun unfold!

NOTE: If your bird has never experienced this in their cage before you’ll need to allow an introduction period and teach them how to use it.

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Any advice on enrichment activities for quail and/or finches? I vary what food I give them + where I put food to encourage foraging and such and rearrange their enclosures whenever I clean them :>

Those all sound like good starts! You can also put novel objects outside their cage for them to observe (if inside would be too scary), drape fabric inside their enclosures or over their perches for different textures, or set a CD player to play them unique sounds/music. 


Michaels has all its spring/summer floral stuff on clearance (70% off at the store I went to!), which means it’s prime time to go shopping for reptile cage decor and enrichment activities! 

The big picture is of these really cool mat things. I bought two of them for four dollars each- one very dense and compact and the other looser and with varied foliage types. They aren’t solid- they are a stretchy plastic grid with soft plants attached to them. There’s no metal, no wire, no string, no glue, and no sharp edges. But since they’re plastic, they’re super easily washable. I plan on rotating them between leopard gecko cages for texture enrichment and using them for the smaller snakes as a hunting opportunity- the taller foliage is easily tall enough to conceal their prey, so it’s more of a challenge to find. 

I also found these circles of moss. They’re very soft and I think the leopard geckos will really like them. The bigger moss circle was four dollars and the smaller one was two dollars. They had a BUNCH of other stuff too- if you’ve got a Michaels craft store near you, I’d definitely go check it out. 

Staving off The Need for Another Fish

I know a lot of you get these insatiable needs to buy another fish/frog/reptile/etc, and I do too, so I thought I’d make a list of what my stipulations are, when considering a new pet.

-Can I afford the new enclosure and everything they need?

-When cleaning my current pets, would adding another one be pushing the limits of what I can handle?

-If they get sick, can I provide them with the care they need?

-Am I mentally prepared to take on another living thing?

How I stave away that urge

-rearrange your current enclosures, and buy new decor and plants for your tanks.

-Do a major cleaning of all your tanks, the work load will probably steer you in the right direction.

-Engage in enrichment activities with your pets

-Clean the room they’re in

Don't Have Sex, Because You Will Get Pregnant...And Die.

@kieren-fucking-walker - Hi, I’m sorry if this is too fluffy! BTW NO this is not mpreg/omega!verse! I just love mean girls!

by @jadorehale

Really, the best thing to ever happen to Beacon Hills High School was Stiles Stilinski. He was a star pupil. The very best in his class. Student of the Month year round. On the fast track to Harvard. And outshined all the other kids in his class with his pure awesomeness on a daily basis to the point where it was downright embarrassing. He didn’t want to jinx it but he was pretty much a shoo-in for valedictorian. Sorry, Lydia Martin! And he never caused any trouble at all. Not ever.


Did he mention he was every teacher’s darling?

Stiles stood at his locker after the last bell and frowned down at the all too familiar pink slip in his hand, questioning why the world was so unfair. Sure, most of these infractions were one-hundred percent his own doing, but in his defense, Harris had made two very implausible and inaccurate statements in the same class period, basically begging Stiles to make a mockery out of him in front of everyone. Stiles just hoped Harvard recognized what a scholarly and academically enriching extra-curricular activity detention could be.

“Seriously, another one?” A voice behind him said. A voice that Stiles had not been expecting seeing as he was the only one left in the hall. The voice also sounded highly amused when Stiles jumped and shrieked then whirled around in surprise.

“Jeez!” Stiles said, clutching his heart. “Can we make noises before we scare people to death? Heavy breathing! Tap dancing! Anything would be great!”

There wasn’t an ounce of guilt on Derek’s ridiculously handsome face and Stiles couldn’t even pretend to stay mad. He should be used to this by now. Derek liked to sneak up on him when he least expected it all the time. Which made sense seeing as he was Derek’s concubine. Sneaking around just happened to be a very essential part of their deep dark secret relationship.

The halls were empty but Stiles still checked to make sure they were safe. It was too risky if anyone saw them. Derek was the super popular basketball god and his social status would perish if he were to be associated with Stiles, the school’s biggest loser. Some would even liken it to the fall of Rome.

“Don’t you have practice?” Stiles asked, letting Derek press him up against the lockers anyway, his arms hanging loosely around Derek’s neck.

“I can skip it,” Derek murmured, nibbling on his ear.

“But it’s tryouts and you’re co-captain,” Stiles noted.

Derek lifted his head at that, pursing his lips. “You know, I’ve been meaning to quit basketball.”

Stiles leveled him a flat look. “You are not quitting basketball just so you can make out with me.”

“Why not?” Derek pouted, brushing the tips of their noses together. “I’ve decided that this is a much better use of my time.”

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Do you know of any dog enrichment toys or activities for when you leave the house? Our older dog has suddenly gotten destructive whenever we leave. Not afraid of diying bigger things like treadmills (if that's even a good idea to leave out unsupervised for her). I googled and found an idea to hide treats and train her to look for them when we leave, but that's only a short distraction and I'm afraid it might encourage more destructive behavior while she hunts. She doesn't like pb kongs either.

First, it’s worth noting that with old dogs, destructive behavior when left alone can indicate separation anxiety - it can often develop in animals where it hasn’t been an issue before as they get into their twilight years. I can’t tell you if what you’re seeing is that or not, but it might be worth setting up some cameras to watch her while you’re gone for a while to figure it out, or talking to a behaviorist if it gets worse. 

I’d suggest either non-PB kongs (you can use wet dog food or mashed banana instead of peanut butter) that are chilled or frozen to make them take longer, wobble feeders, and chews that you’re sure she’s safe with. If she’s into bully sticks or similar entirely edible chews, you can save them so they’re special things she only gets when you leave. 

In more complicated ideas, you could put radios / cd players on a timer to turn on at random points in time (make sure this doesn’t scare her - test run it when you’re just around the corner or something) or get one of those remote-controlled treat machines that lets you toss food out for her (they come with a camera so you could make sure she’s nearby so you risk less destruction). 

Have you tried tiring her out before you leave? Play a good game of tug or something so that she’ll sack out once you’re gone. 

You can also crate train her, if she’s getting too destructive to leave alone - dogs are never too old to crate train. You just have to go slow, like with any animal, and make sure she’s got enough to do so that she doesn’t get bored. 

In America, education has become a prize for people who have already won. Those with money, connections, and access to technology travel a path that starts with private preschools, continues through SAT tutors and exorbitant enrichment activities, and culminates in college that costs more than the national median income. Washington University in St. Louis, for example, charges $63,373 in tuition, room and board, with tuition alone costing $47,300. (The next step for the children of the educated class is an unpaid internship or expensive and required graduate school degree, a grown-up sequel to the pay-to-play childhood.) By contrast, most American families struggle with a lack of early childcare options, subpar and underfunded public schools, after school jobs for teenagers meant to pay household bills, and massive university debt. There are two tiers and the divide begins not with the child’s ability, but with his or her parents’ income.
—  Generations Left Behind - Sarah Kendzior

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Summer 2017 bellarke? Or ice mechanic? Or both???

The Summer Day Camp through the Parks Board was basically a bare bones day care.  Other places had facilities, enrichment lessons, and organized activities, whereas they just had a multipurpose room in case it rained and Monty’s ability to turn just about anything into a physics lesson.  That usually kept about half the kids interested and Bellamy would figure out something for the rest of them— either a game of capture the flag if it was nice out or a story in the other corner of the multipurpose room if it wasn’t.  It wasn’t the fanciest day camp on record, but they did okay.

And as long as they told the parents a week in advance and it didn’t involve a bus, they could take the kids on a field trip.  The sculpture garden was only three blocks from their park and admission was free, so Bellamy usually planned to take the kids at least a few times each summer.  He wasn’t an expert at art appreciation, but it had to provide a little more educational value than yet another scavenger hunt.

Getting the kids there was a bit of a challenge, since kids were generally not the best at walking at the same pace and crossing the street carefully.  Monty took the lead with the older kids and Bellamy followed in the rear, holding hands with their two youngest charges to make sure neither darted into traffic.  But once they walked through the gates of the sculpture garden (two bright red steel beams) the kids spilled out across the grassy lawn with excited yelps.  The garden was completely fenced in so he and Monty let them roam free, each of them keeping to opposite sides of the garden for maximum supervision.

Most of their campers were well behaved, if a little rambunctious, so Bellamy was surprised when a girl about his age in a bright blue shirt that had garden docent stamped across the chest marched over to him.  “You’re with the campers, right?” she said, a little more testily than strictly necessary.

“I am,” he confirmed.

“Some of them are climbing on a piece and won’t get down,” she snapped.  “Maybe you could supervise them a little better?”  She was all righteous fury and indignation and Bellamy never took well to being ordered around, especially by someone who was probably just volunteering because they didn’t actually need the money from a summer job.

Bellamy followed where she was pointing and snorted.  “That’s literally a jungle gym, princess.”  He’d told them at least a dozen times before coming that they weren’t allowed on the sculptures but he didn’t appreciate her tone.

“It’s a sculpture that has half a dozen ‘don’t touch’ signs on it.  And it’s not just a jungle gym, it’s a meditation on the fleeting nature of childhood.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“That’s what the artist statement said,” she replied, suddenly fighting a smile.

On second thought, she was kind of cute, so he relented.  “Hey, get down from there,” he hollered at his campers and the guilty parties immediately climbed down.

“They listen like that all the time?”

This is literally the first time that’s ever happened, he thought.  “Usually,” he told her, and flashed her his best smile.

She beamed back, all their initial tension dissipating.  “Clarke, by the way.”

“I’m Bellamy.  We bring these kids here a few times a summer.  Hope that’s okay.”

“Then I’ll see you around,” she said, and she glanced back over her shoulder as she walked away.

Bellamy and Monty brought the kids three more times that summer and each time, Bellamy lucked out and found her working.  The last time he even stumbled upon her sitting underneath a tree with a few of the older campers, giving them a short art history lesson while the kids watched her, rapt.

He found her on facebook that night–Clarke was a pretty uncommon name, after all– but of course she went to an east coast school, so Bellamy wrote her off as an idle crush.  But she accepted his request immediately, and when school started in the fall she surprised him by sometimes tagging him in photos, usually of incredibly stupid art.  Each time made him smile, but still.

Futile crush.  That’s all.

The next summer Bellamy reapplied for his job, even though Monty would be doing an internship for an engineering firm.  He hoped his new coworker wouldn’t suck too badly, but in the end he liked the kids enough to figure it didn’t matter if they did.

The first day of work he got to the park early to set up the multipurpose room and for a moment, he thought he was hallucinating.  Clarke was standing on a chair in the corner, tacking a giant piece of butcher paper to the wall.  She looked over her shoulder and grinned.

“Hey,” she said, a little shy.

“You’re working here?” he replied.  He was kind of dumbfounded and more than a little nervous, to be honest.

“I talked the head of the Parks department into letting me set up an arts program through this,” she said, climbing down.  “Hope that’s okay.”

“Probably slightly less dangerous than Monty’s ‘everything is flammable if you believe in yourself’ lessons,” he said with a grin.

Clarke smiled back and Bellamy privately wondered how he was ever going to make it through the summer.

on one hand when i watch jurassic park its like ‘predatory animals would never be so single-mindedly murderous’ but on the other hand it’s like well these were captive predatory animals held in relatively small exhibits and fed stationary prey without any apparent additional enrichment activities until they escaped, if i was in that position hell yeah i’d flip some cars and chase some folks because everything i’d have experienced prior would have been crushing boredom

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Hey just wanted to say I really enjoy your headcanons. If you don't have too many requests piled up can you do headcanons for the aqours girls in college?

thank you very much!!!! ^_^

Chika: A hot mess. She’s the sort of girl who’s completely down to go to every party and make as many new friends as she can, but when it comes to actual classes? Save her. She’s always late to morning classes (that one kid who rushes in with a binder filled with papers falling everywhere going ‘sorry sorry sorry’) and many times she’s started napping in class. She’s not ready, bless her.

Riko: By this time, she’s practically a master at piano, as well as learning a few other instruments on the way AND being able to sing, so she’s taking a master’s degree in music. She’s brilliant in class too; she knows all the musical theory, and she becomes very popular with her fellow musicians.

You: So enthusiastic. In fact, overly enthusiastic. She’s like that one freshman in high school who would turn up to every class annoyingly early with a bag almost as big as them. Morning classes? She’s there, bright and early with a smile on her face, while everyone around her is still half asleep and drowning in coffee. She loves college, it’s safe to say.

Hanamaru: She’s lost af. Literally, she never knows where she is going. She always has her timetable out looking on where to go just because the campus is huge. Apart from never being able to find her way around, she’s actually a pretty good student and is taking a degree in English Lit.

Ruby: This poor baby despises college. As someone with very bad anxiety, she hates the sheer size of college, being surrounded by so many new people (especially considering how small Uranohoshi was) terrifies her. It takes her a long time to get used to college life, and she’ll definitely need at least Dia or Hanamaru by her side.

Yoshiko: Though she doesn’t let it show, she’s constantly stressed out by college. Did she choose the right courses? Did she remember her homework? Why don’t I understand this? She really has a hard time not being so stressed out, so she’s incredibly short-tempered with her friends: however, once they find out what’s troubling her, they will do anything to help her feel more relaxed.

Mari: She’s that one super popular girl who everyone thinks is basic, but in reality, the people who truly know her well know she’s the complete opposite: a screamo-loving, strange little lesbian. She doesn’t show this side to just anyone; she’s not ashamed, she just doesn’t feel the need. She gets many boys crushing on her (though she politely turns them down) and it majoring in Business.

Kanan: She is loving college life. Yes, you heard that correctly. She freaking loves it. She’s a very smart girl, and majors in some sort of science (probably biology or astronomy). Not only that, but she’s the kindest person on campus; making so many new friends and even helping out newbies and freshmen. She’s such a sweetheart.

Dia: Overworks herself too much. Save this poor girl, because she puts far too much pressure on herself. I’m talking extra classes, enrichment activities all the time and staying up ‘til the ungodly hours of the morning just so she can get her work perfect. She’ll seriously need someone to help her chill sometimes. She’s studying political science.

I’ve not really seen anyone discuss how to get through the CBSE system, and as someone who studies in India, it’s kind of hard when none of the resources available really apply to the way you have to study. So today, I’ve decided to talk about the way CBSE works so that you can maximize your grades! :) maybe I’ll make this a series idk.

CBSE (The Central Board of Secondary Education) is one of the two most popular boards in India. It is certified by the National Council of Educational Research Training. Up until last year, the pattern being followed was called the CCE pattern. However, the pattern has been switched this year, making everything very confusing, so I’m going to explain.

(CBSE as a board has a lot of issues which I’m not going to get into but um yeah)

Firstly, let’s talk about board examinations. Board exams are public exams that occur simultaneously across the country. They are NOT exclusive to CBSE, but are an integral part of it. Board exams in CBSE are held in class 10 and class 12 and the marks acquired in those exams directly impact a student’s future. Here’s the link to the Wikipedia article. 

As I have not given my boards yet, I don’t really have experience with this. However, I might do a post with tips for the boards later, with advice my seniors have given me.

Now, I’m going to talk about how marks will be given when boards are not in the equation and how they will add up to get the final percentage. So, marks are distributed in the following ways:

Subject Enrichment - 5 marks                                                                              Notebook - 5 marks                                                                                                Periodic Evaluation - 10 marks                                                                            Finals - 80 marks

  • Subject Enrichment:                                                                                    Subject enrichment refers to the activities conducted in classes. This means ASL (Assessment of speaking and listening skills) for English and Hindi, the lab work for the sciences, proving properties in geometry for Maths and a presentation for Social Science. It’s pretty easy to score in these and you can honestly get full marks with some effort.
  • Notebooks:                                                                                                  Yes, you are given marks for the notebooks. (The notebooks are basically questions and answers given by the teachers) It’s slightly harder to get full marks in this but as long as your notebook is complete, you’ll probably be able to get at least a 3.5 out of 5. To get full marks, your notes have to be pretty, decorated and all of that shebang. 
  • Periodic Evaluation:                                                                                    Throughout the year, you are evaluated four times. One of those four times is the final exams, which I’m going to talk about later. The remaining three evaluations are Unit Test - 1, Midterms and Unit Test - 2. The Unit Tests are 40 marks each and the Midterms are 80 marks. The two tests in which you perform the best are the ones that count. Their average is taken and then it’s converted into marks out of ten. The good thing is that if you don’t do particularly well on any one test, that grade can always be dropped if you work super hard. 
  • Finals:                                                                                                           Finals are 80 mark papers which have questions from the WHOLE syllabus which are held at the end of the year. It is IMPERATIVE to get good marks in the finals if you want a great grade. It might be stressful, but the periodic evaluations should have covered at least ¾ of the syllabus.

So, this was just a breakdown of how the new system works. I might talk abut how to optimize your performance soon, but i feel like this is important information, as many people STILL don’t know how this works.

I’m going to tag some studyblrs because I really want this to reach people because it’s very hard to find resources for CBSE. 

@athenastudying, @studyblr, @hufflepuffwannabe, @lawandcoffee, @procrastilate, @optomstudies


We do our best to give our rats lots of enrichment in their lives. Sometimes it’s fishing for peas, a roll of crepe paper, training them to walk up arms, or just snuggling with them in a giant snuggle sack.

Last night was hanging corn on the cob night though and the rats went nuts for it. The learning curve was a bit much for Merlin who may have whacked himself in the face with swinging corn a couple of times. However, in the end they figured it out and we had fun watching them learn.

What enrichment activities do you do with your pets? #rat #petrat #enrichment #corn #cornonthecob

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Hi! I'm autistic but I struggle to imagine how I'd react in certain situations, so I thought you might be able to help with this. I have a story set in a boarding school, with three autistic characters, and I was wondering if you had any ideas about how autistic people would cope in that environment, and what sort of help the school might be able to provide? One character is very emotional and although she has a lot of friends, she finds it hard to connect and form real friendships. (part 1/4)

(boarding school anon) she has shutdowns regularly, where she goes non-verbal and avoids contact with people, but doesn’t recognise these as shutdowns as she’s undiagnosed. The second character comes across as quite emotionless, is very intelligent, and sticks to routines a lot and gets upset if these routines are broken. She struggles with socialising so avoids making friends and interacting with people, instead choosing to spend her time studying and researching her SI. (part 2/4)            

(boarding school anon) the third character is physically disabled, in a wheelchair, and is very honest and “brash”. He doesn’t really care about what people think about him, but does enjoy it when he has friends who he gets along with. He spends a lot of his time researching his SI, often putting his other studies aside for this. (part ¾)

(Boarding school anon) He has meltdowns rather than shutdowns like the others, and can’t stand sharing his space with other people, with them messing up/touching his things, etc. Thank you for any advice you can give! (Part 4/4)            

I will begin with a short disclaimer:

I have neither worked in nor attended a boarding school, so I am drawing from conversations I have had with colleagues who have attended or worked in boarding schools. Additionally, these colleagues all attended/worked in private boarding schools, apart from one who attended a school for teenagers with physical disabilities.

Right! So, first of all, there is a lot of variation between different schools in general, but even more between different types of school - I don’t know what the system is like in your country, but for the UK you could consider whether the boarding school is private, grammar, or maintained school; mainstream or special education; secular or religious. Each of these school types will have its own quirks that change how your characters experience the school.

Here are some possible ways that being in a boarding school might affect autistic characters:

  • many routines are likely to be consistent
  • meal times will be at the same time each day, and the choice of foods is likely to follow a schedule - the consistency and routine is likely to be good for your characters
  • a character with food aversions may struggle to get access to foods they find palatable, and staff may or may not be understanding of their aversions
  • characters may have to share a room with a room-mate or as part of a dormitory - messy, noisy peers may cause distress
  • characters might miss their families, and might not understand why they can’t just go home
  • the transition from home to school (and vice versa) is significant, and is likely to be difficult for some of your characters
  • there are different board types that might make transitions more of a problem - weekly boarders will have to make the transition from home life to school life more frequently, whereas full boarders might find the transition to be less frequent but more distressing
  • full boarders might well find that the weekends are much quieter (if most other students are only weekly), which some characters might find relieving (quiet at last!) but others might find distressing (more change)
  • all the people that I know who attended boarding schools have spoken about the “hi-jinks” they got up to (climbing on rooves, breaking into buildings, pulling pranks). This might be distressing for an autistic individual, particularly one who is very focused on rules
  • all the boarders at the school are going to spend a lot of time in close proximity to one another -
    - best case scenario, this means that your autistic characters might learn to interpret some of their peers’ expressions
    - if a character is experiencing bullying, they might find it hard to escape their bullies (they can’t even go home after school to escape)
    - I have heard lots of people talk about forming very intense relationships at boarding school - an autistic character might find it hard to navigate these relationships, or might feel isolated if the people around them are forming tight friendships but they have been unsuccessful in making meaningful relationships.

As for support that the school might provide, it is worth considering the school’s general attitude towards disability. Although in theory schools have a duty to support all students, in practise their attitudes vary hugely, as do the effectiveness of their strategies for helping students. Schools that have a positive attitude towards disabilities and neurodiversity will be more likely to put work into making sure students are given the tools and preparation they need to succeed, whereas other schools will instead punish students when the lack of support leads to meltdowns and poor results. You also need to consider whether the school picks up on your characters’ needs (or they might pick up on one student’s needs, but not the others’).

Here are some ideas for support that the school might provide:

  • teaching assistants during lessons
  • supervised study periods in the evenings for all students (a study period every evening, students have to attend either a study period or an enrichment activity, and attend a minimum of 2 study periods per week)
  • “homework club” for students who need additional support (where students can get support from teaching assistants during periods that other students are at enrichment activities or in study periods)
  • “social skills” lessons (I put “social skills” in quotes, because the quality of social skills taught is, err, variable)
  • an area that students can retreat to if overstimulated
  • an agreed procedure for what to do if a student has a meltdown
  • preparing students for changes in routine (for example fire drills and sports days)
  • preparing students for big transitions (holidays, change of teachers)
  • using “social stories” to prepare students for the previous two bullet points, and to help students talk about their problems
  • intervention lessons (one-to-one or small-group tutoring) for core subjects
  • school-based counselling
  • using symbols to help students navigate the school or visualise their timetable

Here are a few ideas for what an individual teacher might do:

  • use a character’s special interest as a starting point for a lesson
  • encourage a character to base a project on their special interest
  • provide balls or string to stim with during lessons
  • offer the option of working alone during group projects
  • follow set routines at the beginning and ends of lessons

Whew, I hope that helps! I have written this as a general post about boarding schools, but I have covered points that apply to each of your characters.

Do any followers have experience of being autistic and going to boarding school?

-Mod Snail

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Sorry to complain to you but I don't have anyone else atm. I'm hardly ever on social media like Facebook and instgram. But I'm just so tired of seeing people saying they're getting married/ having babies and the works. I'm just so tired of it and idk why or how to stop these feelings........ thanks for listening.


I don’t spend a lot of time on IG but I’m pretty sure it is too.

Look, people deliberately curate this pretend existence for social media.  There are people I cannot stand on social media because it’s all about how they are just the bestest parents who ever parented and here they are with their amazing, homeschooled offspring at yet another enriching activity and I have to remind myself this is a show.  This is pretend.  I like these people in real life and I know perfectly well those kids were hitting one another 2 minutes before the photo and she was screaming at them three minutes after it.

Your friends are doing the same thing. They are putting up this performance of the life they feel they ought to be having and if it is making you sad unfollow, back away, do what you need to do to not measure your own achievements by their lives.   More, on social media it’s always the highlights and it starts to look like everyone is on vacation. Everyone is at a great restaurant. Everyone is madly in love.  Very few people post pictures of, “Well, here is the sink filled with dishes I am too tired to give a shit about doing”, or “Here I am laundering towels again for the upteenth time because apparently everyone I live with thinks bath towels are single use items.” 

And babies, by the way, are adorable little bundles of sleep deprivation, poo, and spit up.   Consider the virtues of getting houseplants instead.   

wild heart

yoongi is resident bad boy, and he’s untouchable. until he helps you from a stress-related breakdown. 

words: 3,572 | yoongi x reader | genre: fluff 

this is my first try, and it’s nerve-wracking. i hope it isn’t too slow and it flows nicely, and you enjoy it. thank you for your time.

“You know about me.” It is a question hidden in a statement.


“You’ve heard all the stories about me.”


“And yet, will you still let me kiss you?”

 There is no hesitation when you say, “Yes.”

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