Hello, beautiful studyblr community!

So, lovely @educate-enrich-energise asked if I have any advice for her, since she has a new studyblr - I decided to make a masterpost for her! I hope you’ll enjoy this one and find it helpful! If you have any questions, you can message me anytime! ^^

0,5. What is a studyblr?

  • Studyblr = Study + Tumblr
  • Community of studyblr is made of everyone who has a tumblr related to studying, productivity, etc.! 99% of people in here is kind, nice & polite!
  • Article about us!

0,75. Why should I create one?

  • You’ll end up with bunch of study buddies - and make new friends!
  • You can share your awesome accomplishments and wins!
  • Looking at studyspo makes you more motivated to go study, increase your productivity, etc.! 
  • You can find here awesome masterposts, study tips, tricks, school hacks, etc.!
  • There’s so much inspiration!!! <3

1. Creating a studyblr:


  • The best you can is to get it somehow related with studying, productivity, success, etc.! But please, don’t feel pressure to do so! You can honestly choose whatever you want and like!
  • Loads of people use [their name]studies/studying or [something you adore]studies/studying
  • Loads of other people also somehow use Hermione Granger’s reference
  • Loads of another people use deformed forms of ‘studyblr’ or 'studying’, etc.
  • Loads of different people use references of their favourite stationery/drinks/artists/famous people, etc., that are related to knowledge and education


  • Some people prefer photos and some graphics, as header and icons, and it’s completely okay!
  • You can for sure choose whatever you want to!
  • Don’t feel a pressure to make your icon a selfie or flawless graphic!
  • Lots of studyblrs doesn’t have it related with studying and education! As I said, the decision is up to you!
  • You can find some free themes for your blog here!

2. My blog is all set-up. What do I do now?


  • Lots of blogs start their “path” with an intro post
  • You can introduce yourself by saying things that you’re comfortable with!
  • It’s also common to list subjects or courses you’re taking
  • You can add up links to your other socials + main blogs, so we can follow you!
  • List people who inspired you when making your blog or your favourite studyblrs!
  • Some predication about what you want to post will never go wrong!
  • I love reading every random fact about yourself, you want us to know, as well!


Lots of people don’t know how to, or are shy to do so, but here are some tips you might find useful!

  • Don’t be shy! Yes, I know how hard it is - I’m probably the most anxious person. But in all honesty, studyblr community is so welcoming! And it will never let you feel like your are left out. 
  • Also, please don’t be afraid to message me! I’ll for sure be your friend, if you want to! <3
  • Be yourself. It’s all about that. Just be who you truly are, don’t be afraid about that. Nobody will judge you here! And if somebody will do, block that somebody.
  • If you don’t want to make some informations about you public (such as age, or country you live in…), just say that you’re not comfortable sharing! We’ll respect it!


3. What should I post and how can I get followers?


  • Reblogging is the fastest way to share anything you like and that inspire you, and you’ll also get to know lot of people!
  • You can reblog whatever you want to, it doesn’t have to be studyspo and motivational quotes 24/7
  • Study-related-content-posts are photos of studyspace, stationery, notes, etc., motivational quotes, study music, masterposts, printables…
  • REBLOG, DON’T REPOST - so, for the people who don’t know what that means, please note that reposting is saving somebody else’s picture/text/masterpost and then posting it and claiming it as yours - reblogging is basically when you click the 'reblog’ button on Tumblr, so it will appear at your blog
  • Don’t remove captions when you reblog, because it’s part of what owner of the picture posted and it’s rude to do that!


  • You can post whatever you want to!
  • It can be text post where you rant about your day!
  • It can be masterpost!
  • It can be photo of you studying, your notes, etc.!
  • It can be a study playlist + another one!
  • It can be printable!
  • It can be motivational quote! (You can create one here!)
  • Anything that will come in to your mind & it also doesn’t have to be study related all the time!

Tag your original posts with #simmietakealook , so I can see them and reblog them!


  • When you post original posts lot of people can find you and follow you, so that will definitely help!
  • Be nice to people!
  • Keep your blog active (I also recommend to use queue, that will be running nonstop, so your tumblr will be always active!)
  • I think that’s it! As I said, being yourself is completely only thing that you need.

4. What is that cute stationery and where can I find it?

  • First of all, you don’t need to spend $100 on stationery. You can post original content whether you have or don’t have expensive stationery! Your productivity will for sure not change if you are going to have macbook or not. Don’t feel any pressure about that!
  • You can find places to get them here!
  • Make some DIY school supplies?
  • Bullet journals are planning systems which you can fully customize. Learn more here and if you can start one, watch this!

5. How about the apps and extensions?

  • I believe that everything you’ll need is here!

Owners of listed masterposts + videos: @etudiance , @obsidianstudy , @studiyng , @tastemysuccess , @studyign , @hermionegoals

So, I believe this is everything you’ll need in your first days of studyblr! I really hope that this helped you, and that you will find studyblr community helpful!

love, Sim.

P.S.: Request or ask anything here!



These beautiful green blades (snapped from 2 directions, 7.7 x 4.3 x 2.8 cm) were mined in the Katanga copper tract in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the 1960’s during uranium exploration, and are an example of the best colour displayed by this radioactive mineral. Named after a Swedish chemist, torbernite is born in granites which concentrate the world’s radioactive (amongst other) elements that don’t fit into the common mantle minerals. The granites then spit out fluids containing these elements (which don’t really fit in the common granitic minerals either) as they cool.

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A quick thought

I just had a Melly epiphany. Totally feel free to slap me with a trout if this is something other folks have talked about already, but I’ve seen the theory that July is the new March, and that, after a brief purgatory, the end of Babygate and other assorted stunts has resumed, between the news of the custody battle, Louis’s rep statement, and Liam’s solo announcement. This totally seems to make sense in context with what we’ve seen. 

Which made me remember: up until March 23 with the release of Zayn’s NME interview, we were getting a lot of Ziam reunion seeding, and then the trail went cold. It’s worth noting that the last progress in the Ziam reunion narrative  was this red dye #40-enriched gummi bear of hope:

“I’m still probably the closest to Liam,” Zayn explains. “We talk on the phone. He congratulated me on my single, which was nice. I congratulated him on his Brit Award [the group collected the British Video Award for ‘Drag Me Down’]. It was a good chat. We haven’t met up in a long time so we want to meet up.

Battlefield (Part 2)

Here’s part two of my collab with @ferryboatsscrubcaps! :D You can find part one right here :)

Loss. It’s defined as a state of grief occurring when deprived of someone or something. Being deprived of something one once breathed in and survived upon is tough, to say the least. No matter what one’s life is enriched with, nothing can bandage the dark hole in the other side of the bed one faces every night. Instead of facing it, one turns the other direction, stares at the wall, and wills it to go away- for the dream to be over.

“Amelia…” Maggie said with a deep sadness in her voice.

She leant against the door, sliding down so she was sitting on the floor. She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know what he could do. She didn’t know what she should do. Her heart was hurting so much for her sister, she couldn’t even begin to think how Amelia was feeling. She wanted to see her face, but she also understood why she wouldn’t leave the room. Her husband had died, he had actually died. It was unfair and it was cruel. She didn’t understand why the universe just took people before their time. Good people. People who deserved whole lives. Gone. She rested her head against the door and tried again.

“Amelia…” She said, hoping now for just some sign of life coming from inside the room. A sound, movement, anything. There was nothing.

“I’m not going anywhere, okay? I’m right here outside the door. You don’t have to come out.” She sighed, wishing they could just turn back the clock and have none of this ever happen.

The door handle moved slightly, up, down, then up a little again, then back to still. Maggie could tell Amelia was on the other side, but she wasn’t sure about coming out.

Amelia sat down against the other side of the door, moving from the window where she had been sitting and staring outside blankly for hours now. It was nice to know she had people, there was no obligation and they would still be there. Hearing Maggie’s voice outside her room almost convinced her to open the door, but then she couldn’t. She had a feeling she knew where she would end up if she left the security of her bedroom, and she didn’t want to let Maggie in because then she would have to talk to her. She didn’t want to talk. So she just sat, looking through the crack in the door frame, catching a glimpse of Maggie’s hair and the back of her dressing gown on the opposite side of the door.

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love-dragon-69  asked:

Whats your header picture from its really pretty and aaaaa,and now for some reason I feel awkward for asking

hahah no dont worry! It’s from the movie Wolf Children and I think it’s one of the best animations I’ve ever seen. It’s beautifully made and the characters are so real and the story is so sweet and enriching. I mean look at this:

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I 11/10 recommend this movie to everyone. :D

since it’s an anniversary and i’m emotional, here’s a list of things being a one direction fan has enriched my life with

  • catchy music – speaks for itself, doesn’t it? #buynocontrolonitunes
  • friends – i literally travelled to the other side of the world and was able to stay with friends through this fandom, but those of you i’ve never met are equally important. i love you so much
  • smiles – even on days when everything else was sadness, which says a lot
  • fanfiction – the amazing works i’ve read but also how writing 1d fanfic helped me develop as a writer
  • fandom – it’s definitely been hell sometimes but through this community i’ve learned so much both about other people and myself and at the end of the day i’ll always treasure that

tl;dr i love one direction and all of you

All biracial people aren’t mixed with something ethnic and then white…like no ever talks about how conflicting it can be when you belong to two different ethnic groups. To be part of two very enriched racial groups can make you feel like an outcast in both groups.

Make the best out of every day ☀️ i woke up this morning and it was ( and is still) raining outside 🌧
But I decided to go for a short run anyway and felt great afterwards 🙌🏻 took a cold shower and prepared my #nicecream for breakfast 😊 so don’t let the weather cross your plans. Leave your comfort zone and you will feel marvelous & make new experience that can enrich your life 🌸

You have to check out @mytime.toshine ! She is such a lovely Girl with such an inspiriering story! She is the living prove that you can make a change in your life and get a healthy and positive person although you faced bad times in your life! 🌱 #govegan !

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I learn languages to remind myself that beauty exists in the world. That there are an infinite number of ideas, abstractions, realities, that can be expressed in an infinite number of ways. To remind myself that even when I feel small, finite, lost, there are doors waiting to opened, people waiting to be met. I challenge myself to enrich my soul with the languages I speak; to shape my brain in completely different ways, to fill my heart with a pleasant weight of so many desires and hopes and emotions. I am the languages I want to learn, no matter how many speakers speak the language, no matter where the language is spoken, where I have an aspiration, I set a destination. And, how silly, the destination is not fluency. No, it is not to be able to speak about whatever whenever. No, it is not to be able to cross the language off of a list. It is to hold the entire process of acquisition in my hands; to form each foreign word with the mouth and the muscles given to me, to write each new word with grace and peace. Words. So arbitrary, so raw. So contextual, yet so free. I learn languages to remind myself that even something so intangible as the spoken word, resonates with the same passion, the same fire, as is within me. 

“The atoms of our bodies are traceable to stars that manufactured them in their cores and exploded these enriched ingredients across our Galaxy, billions of years ago. For this reason, we are biologically connected to every other living thing in the world. We are chemically connected to all molecules on Earth. And we are atomically connected to all atoms in the Universe. We are not figuratively, but literally Stardust.” - Neil deGrasse Tyson

The use of Fake Rock Walls for Enrichment | ReptileTalk NET
Francis Cosquieri reviews some of the methods he uses and the reasoning behind why he thinks fake rock walls are so great for reptiles.

Finding Francis Cosquieri’s tutorials on a forum was what inspired me to have a go at making fake rock backgrounds in my vivs!   

Since Our Breakup

The end of a 4 year relationship and engagement to the girl I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with felt like one of the worst things to ever happen to me. But in the 3 months since our breakup I’ve gotten to do and experience so many things that have actually been positive and enriching to my life. Since our breakup I’ve: 

  • Gotten to experience “online” dating via tinder (yikes) 
  • Gone on a tinder date 
  • Had a threesome 
  • Started my half sleeve which I got to symbolize this new chapter in my life 
  • Befriended my tattoo artist 
  • Traveled a lot 
  • Been back to NYC and Brooklyn 
  • Gone on a first date again  
  • Hit rock bottom (or what I thought was rock bottom) several times and survived
  • Gotten another cat tattoo
  • Worked on my tan 
  • Learned to play cornhole 
  • Made new friends 
  • Said goodbye to some old friends 
  • Finished my first season of playing women’s football
  • Learned the value of not checking on people who are toxic 
  • Helped several friends move
  • Maybe done a drug or two   
  • Kissed a lot of girls 
  • And a couple boys (why do I do that??) 
  • Come up with some cool shit for my businesses 
  • Finished a partnership at Flavnt (Yay Jett!)
  • Been on the best date of my life 
  • Driven over 2000 miles 
  • Visited Philly for the first time 
  • Drank on bourbon street (not for the first time and definitely not for the last)
  • Been single for the longest period since I started dating 
  • Had a lot of sex 
  • Forgotten too many nights out with amazing people 
  • Probably had about 40 hangovers 
  • Developed a crush or five 
  • Applied for a house in Austin with my best friends
  • Learned to be okay on my own 

I can’t wait to see where the next couple of months take me but I’m learning to be happy again which is why we broke up in the first place. Our breakup was painful, but everything happens for a reason and I’ve gotten to do a ton of things with my newfound freedom and independence. Sometimes bad things happen for a good reason and I’m finding that silver lining every day.