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♐️Sagittarius in the houses

🏠1st house (= your ascendant)

  • You embrace new experiences and people with optimism and an adventurous/curious spirit
  • you stand strong in what you think and don’t hold anything back, can be super frank and too honest at times
  • curiosity and knowledge motivates you! 
  • can be an amazing leader
  • you give off/project interested and curious energies 
  • can be very self centered and restless and sometimes you act cold and unemotional 
  • you usually perceive the world in connection with yourself and not always how it affects other people
  • freedom and being able to do whatever you want is super important to you but sometimes you use freedom as a way to avoid responsibilites in life
  • restless and might have a constant desire for change 
  • has a desire to learn about the world so that you can become aware of beliefs and values of people around the world, it interests you deeply
  • you want to experience life fully and discover the truth about everything so that you can then tell people about it, you love sharing your experiences with people but can come off as feeling better than everybody else because you might believe you have more knowledge or life experience than the rest

🏠 2nd house

  • wants to be financially independent and not having to lean on money to survive, you need to feel free from money and it’s controlling effects
  • there’s a risk that you make people feel dependent on you and that you control them or treat them as possessions to get ahead in life
  • you use knowledge to advance, create stability for yourself and to help you create opportunities that will benefit you (which might mean that you don’t get a broad perspective on everything because you only focus on the knowledge which will benefit you personally)
  • can be too generous and carefree with money and possessions
  • you’re restless with money and possessions so you can quickly change between saving money to being a crazy spender
  • you put much value in traveling and gaining knowledge 
  • you feel productive and more self-worthy when you engage in philosophical and spiritual things

🏠 3rd house

  • has a broad range of interests and you always manage find something new that you get super invested in
  • witty and optimistic when communicating
  • can at times be too blunt and outspoken which can give you negative responses from other people
  • can be very spiritual when talking with people and almost too deep, maybe not the best person to have small-talk with if you just want to talk about the weather
  • you love expanding and growing your mind
  • passion for information!!
  • not only do you love to learn and know - you love proving to everybody what things you know. so can come off as a smartass or “know-it-all”
  • might be so stuck on learning that you forget to practice it and use it in real life
  • super active mind that craves mental stimulation and challenges!

🏠 4th house (IC)

  • you love being at home! it’s one of your favorite places
  • has many projects going on at home at the same time
  • might have a messy home life
  • wants a comfortable and kind of open home space, you want to feel free and able to move around a lot (maybe a big ass garden were you can roam around? or a lot of open spaces in your house/apartment?) 
  • can either be one of those people who consider everywhere to be home as long as you’re free or you need a secure and stable home in able for you to be comfortable to go out into the world and explore and take on adventures
  • the objects you keep at home are usually memories from some adventures/travels you’ve made in life
  • you can be a bit possessive of people close to you and have a hard time letting go of them
  • your beliefs and values might start to grow at home or be affected by family at some degree, maybe you have a deeply rooted belief system that is inspired by your home life or you take on the same beliefs and values as your family especially if you are really close with them and they’ve inspired you

🏠 5th house

  • you love living in the moment!
  • has a playful and free-spirited approach to romance, you might have partners from all sorts of places in life which will expand your romantic experiences even more
  • enjoys having an active social life and a lot of different interests and hobbies
  • loves entertaining people and usually the life of the party
  • can be overconfident and reckless with love but your generosity and honesty might make up for your uncommitted behaviors in love
  • whenever you experience something exciting or fun you want the next experience to be even better!! 
  • with each adventure or fun thing you do you want to learn something new and because of this you can be really up for and open to trying new things in life as long as they sound fun and exciting
  • you love taking chances in life and hope that the chances and risks will allow you to live life to the fullest but this can of course backfire if you take too many risks in life
  • you have this underlying worry that you might miss out on things in life or not experience life to the fullest, you always want to get the truest and most authentic experience out of everything, you have a deep desire to explore life to the fullest
  • the way you express your creativity is usually connected to your spirituality and beliefs and you love exposing the truth or showing the depth of things with your creative expression

🏠 6th house

  • enthusiastic worker who is curious and excited to take on extra work or learn more in the work place
  • you want and need freedom in your job without too much supervision from your coworkers or supervisors 
  • generous and love helping others
  • you are quite protective of your beliefs and values
  • you believe that if you help one you help all and that it’s all connected and that’s why you love helping people
  • positive thinking is something you believe in
  • always seeking ways to change your daily life that will enrich your mind and experiences and therefore might not always stick to routines or habits they have “established”
  • you’re a huge problem-solver
  • you find personal growth when you take on responsibilities and help others
  • you love teaching people and showing them how to do things from your own experiences

🏠 7th house (Descendant)

  • wants independence and optimism in a partner
  • jealousy and possessiveness are huge turn offs for you
  • might leave relationships because you become too curious and excited thinking of how it would be to live a single and free life instead
  • could end up having many relationships in life if you don’t control or handle your hasty behavior and never learn to settle with someone
  • really good at communicating but can talk too much
  • when picking partners you are drawn to people with the same values and beliefs as yourself
  • you love exploring with your partner and it can even be less exciting when you have to explore by yourself because the exciting thing about going on adventures is your partner and not the trip or experience in itself
  • exploring and traveling is a great way for you to get to know your partner and it helps you learn about them and also about yourself
  • a relationship is dead for you when there’s no longer something new to learn about your partner or from them so you might need a bit of mysterious or independent relationship in order to keep the love exciting and long termed
  • you might use relationships as a way to gain something in life and then leave your partner when you feel as if you got what you wanted 
  • could have a hard time being an unity in relationships and only thinking about yourself

🏠 8th house

  • you love learning about the deep desires of people and the dark truth about humanity 
  • a smart ass that does not tolerate people that try to outsmart them 
  • you prove and show off your intellectual talents to others and use your intellect as an emotional defense so that they can’t get deep and get to your deepest feelings and insecurities 
  • can be very narrow minded because you only seek things that will empower or enrich beliefs and things that you already like and approve of so there’s not really a lot of competition or debate on the subject/belief
  • can be stubborn af!! 
  • your passion for the truth and your honesty are great ways for you to succeed and break free from insecurities 

🏠 9th house

  • very spiritual and thinks education and knowledge are key aspects in life
  • you seek out knowledge through life experiences and life lessons
  • you are constantly expanding your mind and love pushing the boundaries of what’s considered normal or the right way to live your life, you’re always looking for the best and truest way to live and how to think
  • super passionate about traveling, spirituality, philosophies and explorations of different beliefs and values
  • people might see you as super cultural or as someone who knows a lot about the world 
  • spirituality comes very natural to you 
  • you want to show people what is true and the right way according to you but can sometimes forget to learn from other people and from their beliefs and values

🏠 10th house (Midheaven)

  • knowledge, experiences, exposing the truth and freedom will make you succeed and are the main things that drives you
  • you have big visions but they aren’t always realistic or practical
  • you are generous when it comes to professional contacts and coworkers
  • people perceive you as bold, outgoing, daring and wise or that’s at least what you try to come across as in the public eye
  • your ambitions and career goals are usually connected to feeling free and independent
  • can change jobs a lot
  • you would love to work with something spiritual and philosophical or feel like you have an outlet for these subjects in your career and public life

🏠 11th house

  • you social circle keeps expanding and it feels like it never stops expanding
  • you’re an optimistic and an outstanding friend that’s carefree and honest
  • could be the leader amongst friends or the one that takes the initiative for things, you’re great at creating a sense of unity among people
  • you are drawn to groups and organizations where you can inspire others and lead but aren’t usually a member of groups or organisations because your need to be free 
  • you love friends that are optimistic, fun and who inspire you to achieve and improve
  • makes new friends easily but friends that you have usually come and go
  • friends help you explore and learn from life
  • you take part in social activities that you think can help you learn or grow
  • you might have a sense of “I’m better than everyone else” especially when it comes to friends and you don’t like becoming friends with people that you feel are superior to you or people that know more than you do in anyway

🏠 12th house

  • can be too optimistic at times which will make you disappointed when your unrealistic promises of life are broken
  • your dreams can be very far away and are possibly things that will be achieved after a long journey and a lot of time passes, 
  • you might feel and appear very lost in life, not knowing where you want to end up
  • by practicing and becoming comfortable with your spirituality it will help you accepting the hard and sometimes too real part of life that might otherwise be too hard to endure for you
  • you might sacrifice your own personal growth and expansion by helping others, it’s important to not give more than you actually have 
  • might have to truly examine and get to the bottom of your beliefs and values in order to fully know what you want out of life, some of your beliefs might be hidden from you and are in need of exposing to yourself
  • when you face problems or dilemmas in life you become very careful with your actions and it’s not until you feel fully comfortable in life that you will be able to explore and enjoy life to the fullest

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins/Female Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Thirsty crew! This is some self-indulgent, romance-novel levels of hurt/comfort, touchy-feely shenanigans. I hope you like it! Tagging @toxiicpop, @oraclegazes and of course, @hardcorewwetrash! Enjoy!

(Also apologies on this being a little late, the wifi was not cooperating)

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Weather you are a full time sugar baby or one who uses it to make extra money, TAKE CARE OF YOU.

How can you expect to look your best and be your best if your constantly exhausted. This doesn’t mean only eat broccoli and run 10 miles a day.
I mean:
- exercise
- drink water
- do things just for you
- enrich your mind
- spend time with those you love

me: don’t let food rule over your life, do your best to remove it from an emotional pedestal and eat for the enrichment of your body and mind

also me: ch 0c0 LáTé C hįP coØ0Okieee ! ! :DD


Harbour side Hues 

The cranes reaching to the skies,

Always the same,

No surprise.

The changing hues of reality,

Change the inert buildings personality.

What atmosphere -

Is in here?

Maybe we should stay outside,

With time, take a ride,

On the long haul to maturity,

Enjoying the rainbow journey.

The travelling from a to b, 

Is not perjury. 

The destination may not to be reached,

The way to get there the enriching peach,

Of your Journey.

Be mindful of the stone and time wrinkles,

Enjoy life’s hot chocolate and sprinkles….

 - Lisa Lopresti

anonymous asked:

Any advice for teenagers just becoming adults?

Hm.  Let me think…

1. Learn to cook.  Basic stuff. You don’t need to get too fancy with it - learn to make rice, noodles, things that are easily prepped.  Don’t neglect or feel ashamed about your microwave.  That thing is a time saver and does a damned good job making your life easier.

2. Keep a budget.  Learn how much goes in and how much comes out.  Map out what bills you have and how much money you got coming in.  Prioritize your financies. Make a line item in your budget for “me money” if you can. This is your blow money.  Use it wisely and for those times when shit seems bad and you really just need to go see a movie with a friend or buy the thing.  Keep cash on hand too.  Plastic is great and all but not every situation allows it to be used.

3. Self care is important.  Don’t neglect you.  Whatever that involves, take care of yourself.

4. Remember that libraries exist.  Free wifi, books, programming and many other amenities we all take for granted and forget about.  Most libraries now embrace online digital services too like hoopla.

5. Read.  Watch movies.  Listen to music.  Enrich your mind and learn things, either for substance or pleasure.  Never pass up a learning experience or a chance to experience something new.  

6. Make connections, social or otherwise.  Knowing the right person or resource can make a world of difference. 

7. Set boundaries.  This bit is important - high school is over with and you are an adult and entering into a society that has a shit ton of expectations for you. Setting your boundaries for yourself and those in your world can save you a lot of energy, time and effort - never let anyone violate them and if they do, let them go.  It’s easy to say, I know, and in practice it can be hard but trust me, it is very important to keep true to yourself and your boundaries.

8.  If you go out to a restaurant or a bar, tip your server. Be good to service people and retail workers.  

9. Trust your gut.  Instinct is something we often neglect.  Don’t.

10. If you live with your folks and continue to do so after graduation or becoming an adult, there is no shame in staying on until you are financially able and ready to go into the world.  Of course, everyone’s situation is different and circumstances can prevent this but I feel like so many people are still having the whole “you turn 18, you get out of your parent’s home” mentality driven their way.  There is no shame in living at home.  

11. If you live in a decent sized town or city, learn what you have for public transporation.  It’s a wonderful resource if you have it.

12. Find a “safe space”.  What do I mean by this?  Well, find a place (your home, the local library, a friend’s house, a park - something easily accessible to you and safe) that you can go and just be you.  A place to clear your head and focus.  Somewhere you don’t have to worry.  Everyone needs a sanctuary.

13. Carry a knife and/or multitool on you.  No, I’m serious.  This piece of advice has saved my ass more times than I can count.  And while I’m thinking of it, carry these things too: a list of any medications and medical conditions you have, emergency contact info, a bit of cash, identification.  

14. Make friends.  Keep those friends from your childhood if you can but only if they are decent adult friends too.  Friends make all the difference in the world.

And finally…

15. Pay it forward.  If good comes your way, do good in return.  Just… don’t be a dick.  I can’t stress this enough.  People may be shitty and the world may seem dark but cast your own little light into it and life will be that much more rewarding. 

I really hope all that makes sense.  

anonymous asked:

hey I'm a chick and I really wanna skate but I'm scared people will say shit that I'm not good blah blah, since I assume you are great at skateboarding any tips please?

Everyone isn’t good at first! The fact of the matter is that you want to skate and that is all that matters! Don’t listen to anyone that talks shit on you. Everyone has to start somewhere, that’s how life is. As a man, I am sorry that skateboarding is a male dominated culture and industry that is often disrespectful to women, even those that share the same interest as these guys. However, that is exactly why if you want to skate, then you must. You have the opportunity to show others that skateboarding is not just for men, and you have the opportunity to enrich your body and mind with a very fun and rewarding (in my opinion the most fun and rewarding) thing on the planet. There are lots of amazing female pros, and there are lots of awesome women on here running great skate blogs! In the words of the great band Propagandhi: “don’t let the fuckers drag you down.”

My tips? Skate with friends who you are comfortable with and trust at first so you don’t feel like you have to prove anything to anyone or like you are being judged. Skate all the time, as often as you can! Don’t underestimate how great for you skating flat ground is, it helps you get your tricks on lock. Be brave; sometimes it’s scary but it’s always worth it- it’s just part of the game. And finally, just have fun. If you’re enjoying yourself, who cares what some asshole at the skate park says. As long as you learn park etiquette and aren’t in people’s way don’t worry about what anyone says. Lance Mountain said “Skateboarding doesn’t make you a skateboarder: not being able to stop skateboarding makes you a skateboarder.” I can’t really think of a better way to put it.

I hope that helps! Keep me updated. I’ll gladly offer any other advice if you need it. Happy shredding.   

tinaseh  asked:

Okay so for like 10 months now I've been trying to learn hiragana and nothing seems to be working because somehow, because I can only write out the first column, and the k column, but if a see a chart for the basic set of hiragana I can pronounce, and recognize pretty well, but I can't seem to get past the basic set, I can barely remember vocabulary, I can't remember stroke order, I can't remember any katakana and kanji, I can't even start a conversation let alone a sentence. (Continued).

Cont. I know have terrible memory, & that learning a new language probably wasn’t a good idea. But nothing seems to work, and I’m thinking of giving up, because I met people like kimonotime on tumblr, who can read, write, and can have conversations with people and it only took her a year. While I can’t even get the basic set of hiragana down in 10 months. I new it was going to be hard, but now it seems like I have to add learning a new language to the list of things I can’t do. Do you have tips?

This is such a common worry for many learners of a language, I find. “I don’t know enough despite spending [X amount of time] learning [this language]”. And that’s regardless of what level they are at…

As such, I’ve kind of covered this a few times (so please read!!):

So now I’m going respond to this in a more personal way than I perhaps previously have…

(I can already tell this is going to be a very long response, sorry!).

I actually have a few friends who I cannot believe have such bad memories (without having conditions that affect the memory), yet are learning Japanese and have steadily picked it up at their various paces, who now can have conversations when forced into those situations - when they would have originally said they could not do so.

So bad memory or not, you can still do it. Don’t add it to that Can’t Do list!! I’ve been learning for six years, and the correct spelling for many kanji and even how to write kana at times can still leave my head fairly regularly.

You say you’ve been learning for 10 months, but that doesn’t tell me anything. What is important is, what have you been doing during those ten months?

Are you… trying to read some things in Japanese everyday? Speaking to friends and/or penpals in Japanese (in person/on Skype/etc) every week? Keeping a blog/diary in Japanese everyday/each week? Trying to speak Japanese when alone? Singing Japanese songs (even kid’s songs)? Playing games on your phone/a Nintendo DS to help with your writing everyday?

Because it’s all about repetition and practice. The more you repeat, the more it’ll stick. When you’re first starting out in particular, I think drilling information like that is so important. Also try to read out loud as much as you can when you encounter any Japanese. E.g., ドーナツが好きです。 (“Doonatsu ga -ki desu”). Even if you don’t understand it, keep that practice up. Then, if you’re online, get Rikai-kun or some other browser hover dictionary so that you can hover over words like “好き” and read the hiragana of it there(= すき = suki).

You can be learning for ten years, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to know an extremely high, academic level of the language. It can be hard to juggle other responsibilities with learning another language.

I’ve been learning for six years, but - during that time, I’ve been studying various other subjects, and also worked and regularly looked after a baby [my brother] for over a year, as well as made time for socialising. So it feels silly to say I’ve been learning for that amount of time because - overall - the amount of time I put towards it just wasn’t enough to really get too far. Not for me at least. Language doesn’t sit in my brain as easily as learning some other things does, but I know this and so six years with life in-between is just not enough.

But, unlike some, I don’t really think that’s something that should deter us, I think it’s something that we should take into consideration before we start beating ourselves up over our abilities. Give yourself a break, people!!

Learning should be an amazing thing, and it should be fun. Little by little, slowly or not, you are enriching your mind. If something is killing your fun, simply shake it off. =)

Although, believe me, I am impatient when it comes to wanting to become good at something. So I understand that it’s hard to accept, and think the beginning of learning something is the worst part. I hate it. =P

I’d also like to add, unlike most people I see on the Internet who study Japanese, I am a mess. Ha ha! Whilst they seem to give the impression that they have very efficient ways of studying, and are highly motivated and happy overall… that is not me. Some see my blog and think otherwise, but I always try to stress the truth of the matter. I would say I often hit points of despair where the only way is up. Ha ha!

I’m currently close to finishing a year-long study abroad in Japan, and can safely say that my confidence has gradually been decreasing during this time.

It made me question whether I wanted to continue as well, and I did have a moment where I thought, “No. I’m tired of feeling bad at something. It’s too draining”. However, it was only really because I was looking at it in terms of my university (take note: I am not doing well academically at all! Always on the edge of failure, or actually failing).

So I decided to continue, whether my language abilities are ever ‘enough’, a poor level or not… I’m not gonna waste energy getting down about it anymore, because I’m still happy learning it and I know I’ll never stop anyways. So I’m going to continue doing my best, and just try to enjoy myself regardless of any academic struggles.

I don’t think it will ever feel like I know enough, but I feel lacking in even my native language, so I’m not too bothered as I can still communicate more than effectively in it, so who cares that I can’t use a few fancy words. I think it’ll be the same for me with Japanese too.

But I once read that confidence is a by-product of success, and I believe this is so true. However, what happens when you do not view yourself as ever being successful? Because people are not always able to see their triumphs, as they don’t necessarily view it in a personal way.

Same goes for so many things.

E.g., for many people, brushing their teeth is a very simple task. However, for others - despite their physical capabilities, it can be a real challenge. So if they do it and feel a sense of achievement from it, and even have a little celebration over it, good for them!

I don’t think anyone should put another down over things that don’t come as ‘naturally’ for them as it may do for others. We all have our struggles, to varying degrees over all sorts of things. We cannot always comprehend each other’s struggles, but we have to at least try and respect them because they are as real as our own.

It’s all relative. Picking on someone or even yourself for not being able to do something someone else can do is not helpful, and it’s often just mean. You should never make others feel less than you for not reaching your irrelevant expectations. Similarly, it can be problematic for you to adopt their incompatible expectations.

Not saying I don’t believe in aiming high. I just believe that you should become aware of when you’re aiming too high for yourself and feel absolutely no shame for lowering the bar in a way that’s suited to you, regardless of how it is in relation to others.

So you might need an extra 10 months to get somewhere someone else could get in 2, but so what? Ease the pressure, as I presume you’re not on a strict time limit anyways. Remember that you are not alone in it either, many are in the same position.

I’m sure there are some people who would say Give up, and will disagree with what I’m saying. But I don’t know of any reason to stop if you’re still interested in it? It might get frustrating sometimes, especially because the more you know, the more you will realise you don’t know. However, with more and more practice, you will be highly likely to keep improving regardless of whether you notice that or not.

And there will be highs as well as lows!

Sorry to both focus on the lows and talk about myself so much, and I hope this is not too depressing or irrelevant to your situation. But I wanted to talk about myself as someone who has not achieved quickly or as well as some others within the time frame that I have been learning. You just gotta keep going, and remember to enjoy it.

My science tutor once told me, “Never let how bad you think you are at something stop you from pursuing your interests. There is nothing wrong with keeping it up in your spare time at the very least”.

It has stuck with me for ages. I dropped so many aspirations, so many interests, etc, just because I thought I could never be good or successful in them and/or because I sucked at them in school (French, the only language I learnt in school, was my worst subject! x).

Slowly but surely, I’m following what my tutor told me, and started to embrace things that I always wanted to pursue yet never felt good enough for. I apply this way of thinking to many things in my life now. And I can get nervous, scared, embarrassed and feel like I’ve made a few mistakes along the way… but ultimately, I think I’m becoming more at peace and thus happier with myself as a result. So my advice is to just keep going, and it’ll eventually work out.

But the more frustrated you become about it, the harder it will become (at least, in my experience). So breathe! And, to be honest, if you’re in that mindset, you could become a genius in the language and probably still never appreciate yourself for it because someone will always be ‘better’ than you. So leave the negativity at the door, x.

Hope that made sense, and hope that helped if you were able to struggle through this essay of a reply! xx.


This is kind of a crude example, but it cheered me up when I was struggling with being slow period of Japanese learning. “Language is Peeing”.


Totally agree with this, I’ve been ‘learning’ for 10yrs, but if you add the approximate study hrs, it’s about 500, 350 hrs of which were in the last year, so I was realllly lazy for 9 years! Try Memrise.com and scritter app for drilling hiragana!

Pieces of Advice.

Just be honest to yourself. Being alone smoking some blunts and listening to fuckin good music or reading the shit out of your fav book is so much better than staying with people you do not really like at all having to talk bout shit isn’t worth to waste even one fucking thought on, just cause you’re afraid to miss sth. You should not be afraid of being alone, you should enjoy it as much as you can. You’re free to potter at things enriching your mind. That’s the best thing you can do.

elin-the-bookworm  asked:

Sleepover friday! Do you have any tips for someone who will be at home almost all summer? To beat boredom :)


  • Explore your hometown and its surroundings. Honestly, one thing I always regret doing is never taking the time to explore more and find cool spots to hang out. You’re probably gonna have loads of free time, so grab a backpack, put on some sneakers, and go wonder around!
  • Try and find some local museums. Spend your lazy summer afternoons in art galleries and science exhibits. Enrich your mind, learn new things, find a new artist! It’s always really fun to do! 
  • Grab your camera and go around taking little snaps of everything that you find worthy! Photography is such a fun hobby, and it’s always really nice to walk around taking pictures, especially late in the afternoon, at twilight, sunsets, and sunrises!
  • Pick up a new hobby. Maybe buy some old guitar and teach yourself how to play! Take up watercolors, learn how to journal! Be creative, you’ll have the time to!
  • If you write, work on that. Make some coffee, sit outside, and write. A book, a poem, a short story, a song, whatever makes you happy! Writing is an incredible way to pass time. 
  • Exercise! Go for jogs to new places, have long swims, give your body the exercise it needs and might not get during the school year. It’ll sound horrible at first, but once you get into the habit of jogging, it’s hard to stop! It puts you in such a great state of mind, peaceful, alert, alive. Make the most of it! 
  • Meet new people. Summer’s an amazing way to meet new people! Say hi  to that cute person at the bookstore, strike up conversation with strangers, meet new humans and learn their stories. 
  • Find new music, go to small gigs, make the most out of bands! Go on youtube, listen to something new. Try and see which festivals or bands are happening near you, and make the most of that! Concerts are so fun, and many small bands have cheap gigs that are the most fun you’ll ever have. Take advantage of that!

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Gameplay Trailer Breakdown 
An in-depth analysis on the latest gameplay trailer by Bioware, giving you context of the world of Dragon Age.

See it on Youtube: http://youtu.be/5zRtsDE3QYc


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Canon divergence Captain Swan smut. Killian looks for Emma in the Enchanted Forest after they’ve been separated. Romantic.

The Jolly Roger, finally.
Blackbeard had held her for so long he almost feared he’d never sleep to her gentle creaking again.
But Killian stood now proudly at the bow, staring down the length of her, good hand pressed to the warm wood and a smile etched upon his face. Smee was by his side, as usual, his red hat a flair of colour in the dark night.
“Sir, are we to sail?” he asked expectantly.
Killian nodded. “In time, Smee. First I have some business to attend to in port.”
Smee, probably assuming some manner of debauchery, left with a “yes, sir”.

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1:08 pm

Today I spend another afternoon in the library. I’m actually looking forward to Thursday at this point because then I won’t have to study for this history test anymore. Mwuahaha

|A great idea! A change of space can often help enrich and boost your mind.
|Although some need the familiar, constant of their room or workspace, most |benefit from a little switch up here and there :)

You already have all the experience you need, otherwise you would not have come here. You need not gather any more, rather you must go beyond experience.
Whatever effort you make, whatever method you follow, will merely generate more experience, but will not take you beyond.
Nor will reading books help you. They will enrich your mind, but the person you are will remain intact.
If you expect any benefits from your search: material, mental or spiritual, you have missed the point.
Truth gives no advantage.
It gives you no higher status,
No power over others;
All you get is truth
And the freedom from the false.
—  Nisargadatta

ofoakleavesandstardust  asked:

I know it's hard to generalize a whole group, but if you had to pick one class that Ravenclaws prefer above all others, what would it be?

hmm that’s tricky! Like you say it depends a lot on the individuals but I feel like maybe potions is a good shout? I think ravenclaws would find it very satisfying to invest time into something and actually produce a physical object at the end of it. But then on the other hand I think a lot of people would love history of magic because that’s just learning for learning’s sake, there’s no real practical value to it but it’s just about enriching your mind and your way of thinking. I also think arithmancy might be a popular favourite 

idk it’s difficult to say especially since people’s favourite subjects are so often heavily influenced by their teachers, and binns and snape are amongst the worst teachers at hogwarts haha