that one time I drew fawnlock and it was accidentally the most beautiful thing I ever have and ever will paint


These Frogs Go Bonkers Over An iPhone Video Of Worms

In the video above, a small army of frogs-turned-couch-potatoes watch enrapt as a video of worms plays on the screen of an iPhone placed in the dirt. A few of the frogs even take a leap at the phone, in hopes the worms could be dinner.”

(via huffingtonpost)

the bones I do not see

here I thought your
were well fed
by the maze.
I was wrong,
as I am often
when I am alone
with the notes that I take.
the hood you fill with steam,
the lip you curl to seal a dream,
the swan song of mimetic faculty.
death and your ribs,
                 your neck,
a final repose you kiss with anorexic breath.
here I thought
my eyes were
pebbles enrapt with
the lakebed’s descent.
I was wrong.
as I am often
when I am
reaching for the bottom
of every reflection I circumvent.