@serendiptious-esparza​ Happy Birthday bby! I wrote you a little something. It’s part two of the dad!Rafael fic you requested a few weeks ago. I’m not even 100% sure if this is your thing, but you wrote me the sweetest Barba headcanon for my bday, so I kinda wanted to return the favor.

Domestic fluff. Kidfic, in a way. A lot of fluff. SFW.

Word count: ~900


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The table was set. The candles were lit. And, thank God, baby Andrew was still asleep.

Rafael had put the little black box with your engagement ring back into the pocket of his jeans, but he still wasn’t sure how to go about … it. He couldn’t decide whether he should present it to you after popping the question or have it openly in front of you on the dining table when you entered the room. Ugh.

He was getting nervous and started to run his hands over his chest and stomach, which usually calmed him, but not this time.

He knew he wanted this. He knew you did. But the waiting was agony.

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Rita from “Groundhog Day” is a Female Version of Bobby from “Company”

I love what Danny Rubin, Tim Minchin, and Matthew Warchus have done with the character of Rita in the musical vis a vis the movie.  Movie Rita works for the film, there just wasn’t enough time to develop her the way musical does.  Major kudos to Barrett Doss for infusing musical Rita with a lovely blend of strength, intelligence, humor, and kindness.

(Full disclosure: I haven’t seen the movie in awhile and not since I got into the musical, so I might be misremembering how Rita comes across. I’m afraid if I watch the movie now I’ll spend the entire time comparing the two.  Which is a worthy and enjoyable endeavor I plan to undertake one day, but at this point I don’t want to ruin my love of either by pitting them against each other. (And I’d miss Andy. Sorry Bill.)

If Ned is Phil’s spiritual guide in the musical version of Groundhog Day, Rita is his life coach.  However, she gets her own journey that is overlooked and overshadowed by Phil’s.  Her path leads her to the realization that there is a middle ground between the princes and the beasts. That real true love means you have to compromise and find the perfect in an imperfect person. Otherwise you end up as an octogenarian spinster painting watercolors of bucolic vistas.

So, how is Rita like Bobby from Company(Music & Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, Book by George Furth)?  

Under the cut is a wall of text that I hope will explain my belief that they are similar characters on similar journeys.  If you’ve never seen or heard Company, I think I give you enough context that you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

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Things that remind me of how he used to make me feel:

  • Taking your first shot of alcohol
  • Driving down Pacific Highway with the windows down
  • Sitting by the fire on a rainy day
  • Re-reading your favorite book
  • Hugs that linger too long
  • When an old song comes on the radio
  • The first drop on a rollercoaster
  • Dancing around in your room alone
  • The smell of cookies
  • New clothes that fit perfectly
  • The first kiss
  • Getting an A on a test
  • The smell of the pavement after it rains
  • When you make it to the top of a mountain
  • The first swim of summer
  • Breakfast on Sunday mornings

Things that remind me of how he makes me feel now:

  • The pain behind your eyes after you cry for hours
  • When your best friend moves away
  • Losing your keys
  • Waiting for them to text you first
  • The look on your mom’s face when you show her your first tattoo
  • When your favorite character dies
  • The hangover headache
  • When you can’t seem to cut deep enough
  • Crying yourself to sleep
  • Getting your braces tightened
  • When you can’t seem to get him out of your head
  • Trying to make him like you again