Guess who she’s texting (in the MIDDLE OF THE GAME)  ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

Yesterday we saw Link on tumblr and that made me think of some cases of him wearing a tumblr hat and all the times he’s mentioned tumblr (quite more often than Rhett), and when we add the fact that in the last episode of Buddy System when they were listing all their social media profiles the only one they didn’t mention was tumblr… All that makes me really suspicious.

Which of y’all is Link?

I feel a little heartsick. 

There is a neighbor girl who is younger than me who has always asked me for art advice and I can tell she’s always looked up to me. It’s kind of scary to know you’re important like that to someone.

She told me to look on her facebook page to see a picture of a mermaid that she drew, and I did and it was really gorgeous and I got really excited.

Buuuut then I saw the real artist’s signature near the bottom of the tail in small print. I looked him up and it’s a popular pen drawing by him that some people have even used for tattoo designs. 

I feel a little sad that she would think she’d have to lie to me like that.

Please be confident in yourself and your creations. I would have been incredibly happy to see a real picture she’d drawn, and I’m sure it would have looked just fine. 

I don’t know what to do, I just feel a little sad.

Persona 5: Ryuji Sakamoto’s Real English VA Max Mittelman

(Some slight early spoilers, like a seeing a LIIIITLE more of his summoning than we’ve seen in the trailers, but nothing major that’s your warning. Anyways, I know we’ve heard a little bit of Ryuji from the trailers, but here’s more of Max’s talent. I think he’ll make a great Ryuji~! :D)

Swearing not to move from that spot was a little much Luffy….
The Hunger Strike is dramatic and heart wrenching enough. But how the hell are you going to beat Big Mom and steal the keys to Sanji’s exploding wristlets if you Don’t Move.

I’m guessing Reiju or one of the retrieval squad will find a way to tell Nami and Luffy about Sanji’s situation with his hands and Zeff.
Then maybe Luffy will get off his butt and MOVE.


JK Rowling first mentioned Dumbledore being gay on the fifth film’s script because the film wanted to make him explicitly straight.

That is literally the opposite of adding a character to make people ‘shut up’ or to ‘win points.’

It was a side note, on a film script, which someone took a picture of and publicized.

Yes. Dumbledore has always been gay. 

And you know what?

Not all gay people have to be in a current relationship or be flirting or interested in anyone at all.

Dumbledore is gay, whether he is in a relationship or not. Whether he is interested in anyone or not. Whether we knew or not. Dumbledore will still be gay.

And besides, if my last lover turned into the nearest dark lord and I ended up the person finding morals and personally locking up my beloved for a life sentence, I’d probably give up on romance for the next 50+ years, too.