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my mom’s ok! she’s getting out of the icu tonight and she’ll be out of the hospital within a week.. she’s going to be going to therapy for addiction and getting some meds which i hope works for her! she was in AA for a while and it helped her until her bpd got the best of her and she split really badly but i hope the medication and therapy help 

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Name: eli or alex? i keep switching
Nickname: those are nicknames. my actual name is elisheva and i don’t know why i’m putting that on the internet fuck
Star sign: aquarius
Height: 5'4/5′5 
Time right now: 10:24
Last thing you Googled: according to my search history, a sims cheat
Favorite music artist: mcr
Song stuck in my head: candy by robbie williams (i hate that song so much now)
Last TV show I watched: riverdale
What I’m wearing right now: pjs
Do I get asks regularly: no barely even irregularly tbh
Why did I choose my url: i wanted fucktastic but everything was taken until i got to ffudgesticks
Gender: n/a
Hogwarts house: slytherin
Pokémon team: instinct
Favorite color: black
Favorite characters: elena from odaat, hermione, jughead
Dream job: creative director of movies
Number of blankets: 1
Number of followers: 115

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I now feel considerably better about posting this, lol.

Went back, fixed the shading, messed around with proportions a bit, changed the background, brightened some colors, etc. So, now it doesn’t look like a screen full of indistinguishable pastel. It’s a bit harder to make out the lace on the bodice, but I promise it’s there, lol.

Again, @honeybuddalovah said he liked the idea of a sort of galaxy pattern petticoat or something underneath the actual silhouette that shows off when you twirl a long time ago, and then said he couldn’t give a description of the dress, earlier, so… Yeah. The rest was mostly my design, lol.

I actually had fun with this. Huh.

anonymous asked:

6. tag your favorite artists/inspirations! 14. what was something that you used to draw a lot that you don’t draw as much anymore?

Oh my goodness, if I could tag ALL of my favorite artists, I’d have to tag 100+ and maybe that still wouldn’t be enough. LOL So I guess let me just tag six artists who’s been inspiring me for the past three days:

-My birb family, Brittany @malcolm6  and Xai @xaidrawsandwrites 
-My close friends Onon @lancemyboi2k17 and C-chan @chikuop01110
-The amazing Orrie @jali-jali (I hope you will like the SaNami sketch I’ll be sending you along with the doujin XD)
-And last but not the least, Vichan!! @vichan91312 I only got to know her earlier today. I saw her art late mainly coz I seldom browse Tumblr recently but your work is beautifuuuuuuuuuuuuuul. OMG.

14. I already answered this HERE :D


First of all Thank you so much for @canthydefromthelicht !!! (pt.1)
never get enough of this, and I’m sorry but I’ll tagging you in 2/3 more posts !!!!
thank you so much once again !!!!! XDD

* LOOK HOW SEXY LILY IS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

* KURO BEING CUTE AF !!!!! *Nyan* and OHHHH HE    MOVE A LOT !!! Even he is servamp of Sloth XDD

*and Kamiya Tsurugi being kamiya-san like yato pffftttt

Important things about the drunk Yuuri video

in no particular order

  • Both Victor and Chris’s phones are in English
  • Yurio’s is not (his is in russian)
  • Victor has over a thousand pics of Makkachin on his phone (at the time of the GPF, who knows how many he has now)
  • The Grand Prix Final was in Sochi
  • Yurio’s background is of pirozhkis
  • Both Chris and Yurio have over a thousand picture from the Grand Prix
  • Victor only has five of the GPF (and they’re all of Yuuri drunkenly dancing at him)
  • The apps:
    • Touchbook: Facebook
    • Fly: Skype (in both english and russian) 
    • There’s a “Home” app????
    • They didn’t bother to change the look of the weather app
  • The champagne Yuuri drank a whole bottle of was a Brut (which I find hilariously close to Bruh) 
  • Mila is beautiful in her pink dress
  • Sara is beautiful in her blue dress
  • You can see Sara in the background looking really confused while she takes photos
  • You can see Sara and Mila together
  • Mila branches off so she can take more photos of Yuuri and Yurio dance battle
  • She presumably has more photos of this dance off
  • I need them
  • The montage is happening during the banquet 
  • Chris gave someone his phone just so he could have pictures of him pole dancing semi-naked with Yuuri
  • Speaking of which Yuuri can pole dance 
  • He can pole dance really well
  • But the question is: Why was there a pole???
  • Victor saw Yuuri horribly drunk and immediately thought that he must dance with him
  • Everyone sticks their leggies out real far
  • Yurio got both Victor and Chris to send him the drunk photos of Yuuri, probably for blackmail material
  • Even while drunk Yuuri can dance
  • Even while sober Yurio cannot

And most importantly:

  • What we expected from yoi: Pining!Yuuri
  • What we got: Pining!Victor

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in which gabe is a Good Dad ™ and backgrounds are not real

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