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To celebrate steggy week AND your hard work on exams - AU in which Peggy and Steve study for exams! :)

Steggy Positivity Week 2017  |   Day 04 (Tuesday): Modern Day

Peggy read the sentence for a fourth time. It wasn’t going in, nothing was bloody going in.

She hadn’t had to study for an exam in over seventy years. The fact that she’d been cryogenically frozen for a good portion of that time was beside the point, she was too old for exams.

But it was S.H.I.E.L.D. policy that all agents take an exam every three years that was designed to test theoretical knowledge of espionage, law-enforcement and counter-terrorism, and show a solid understanding of all S.H.I.E.L.D. standard procedures.

It was a bullshit new policy.

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Vampire shoujo Mischa

@minimoonstar replied to your post:  Aw i’d’ve liked to see vamp Mischa XD;

Oh, well, just for you!   A very belated birthday present?  XD; 

With the disclaimer that the fic as a whole will almost certainly die a WIP due to lost momentum, here’s a fragment of the shoujo manga sequel to “Terroir.”   

They met, at Mischa’s suggestion, by the piano at Nordstrom.  Will nearly turned and fled before making it through the double doors.  Between work, hiding at home, and dinners with Hannibal, he’d nearly managed to insulate himself from the oncoming holiday, but in a department store there was no escape.  He had to dodge a relentless stream of shoppers–some of whom looked as haggard as he felt–and circumnavigate a display of stylized reindeer clad in garlands and Burberry scarves.  

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A Very Tiva Holiday - Chapter 14


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Chapter 14: Snow-Nozzos

“It’s really coming down,” Ziva remarks as she comes in the door, stomping her feet to get the snow off of her boots. Tony looks up from where he’s sitting coloring with Lena, a sheepish grin on his face as he puts down the pink crayon he’d been doodling with.

“Mama!” the girl shrieks, running to the front door where her mother is removing her scarf. She’d no sooner finished hanging it on the hook beside the door when Lena leaps into her arms, exclaiming, “Daddy’s drawin’ princesses!

“Is he now?” she murmurs in response, a smirk playing across her face as she turns to give her daughter a big smooch, her lips smacking loudly against Lena’s soft cheek. The girl squirms in her mother’s arms as she readies herself for another loud kiss attack, when she notices the white flakes on Ziva’s jacket.

“It’s snowing!” she squeals, wriggling free of her mother’s arms and sliding to the ground. She bends down to examine the melting puddles left behind by Ziva’s boots, and asks, “Can we play outside?”

“Why don’t you and Daddy get your coats on and go play?”

“Noooo!” she wails, adding, “You have to come too!

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I'm dying I'm DYING thank you aces-and-spades-and-stars!! Thank you so much I freaking love this headcanon with cress and wolf like honestly though I feel like wolf would just be the substitute dad for all the lunar chronicles characters (stars knows they need one) like anything dad related wolf on the job omg I love it

I AM VERY HERE FOR DAD WOLF LIKE - he’s the one who make sure everyone is wearing enough coats when they go outside - he’s always protective over all the girls in the crew (obviously xtra protective of scarlet but you can bet he keeps tabs on all of them just to make sure they are safe) - WHENEVER THEY HAVE A PROBLEM AND THEY JUST NEED SOMEOEN TO LISTEN TO THEM THEY GO TO WOLF BC HE GETS THESE GLASSES LATER ON (i have a headcanon. its elaborate. he gets dad glasses™) AND SITS THERE AND SIPS HIS COFFEE AND JUST LISTENS AND THEY ALL FEEL BETTER AT THE END OF IT I LOVE IT