enough to cry bucket and buckets and

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Can you do the M!Shepards scaring the trick or treaters please? It would be funny hue hue.. (Dont forget Henry please, if you decide to do it.)

i’m not sure how this one will fit with most of the m shepherds tbh

Henry: He doesn’t even intend to do it; or at least, he swears he doesn’t. Somehow he manages to procure a fake Risen hand (you pray with all you have that it’s fake) and has it coming out of the bottom of the candy bucket. “It’s an aesthetic, nya ha!” he says, even as the children all run away screaming, one unfortunate soul still clutching on to the gruesome decoration, unable to let it go.

Henry’s a little disappointed by the loss of his hand. “It was really handy, you know?” he sighs sadly.

You find it an apt enough punishment for him and hope that he doesn’t further terrorize the children.

Brady: His face is all it takes to scare them. “Monster!” they cry and scurry way; not before taking the bucket from said terrifying monster.

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The Vamps Blurbs #6 ~ Halloween

blurb request: You spend Halloween with the vamps 


“Connor, stay still.” You giggle as you try your hardest to get the perfect shaped mouse nose you possibly can. He was making your job much harder than you needed as he kept squirming and complaining that the paint was itching his nose. Once you had finished he was looking absolutely adorable. “Y/N. I still don’t understand why we need to dress up to answer the door.” He whined as you admired your work. “Because. You look adorable like that.” You giggled kissing his nose and totally forgetting that the pain hadn’t dried. “Besides its nice to dress up once in a while.” He smirked. “Would you totally have sex with me dressed like this Y/N? Am I cute enough?” You rolled your eyes at your hoeny boyfriend as he attempted to press himself against you. Just at that moment the doorbell sounded. “Not nose mister. Trick or treaters are here.” You eagerly stood up and grabbed the bowl of sweets and headed towards the door with a very rejected Connor following from behind. “Trick or treat.” The group of small children chanted all smiles whilst others attempted to look terrifying. “Happy Halloween!” You smiled holding out the bowl in front of you. “What are you supposed to be?” One of the little boys asked who was dressed up as a skeleton. Stereotypical.
“Mickey house.” Connor answered pointing to the Mickey ears on his head as if it were obvious. “That’s stupid.” He grumbled taking his candy and joining the rest of the children as they head off down the street. You laughed closing door. “Babe. I feel stupid.” Connor grumbled. “I just got insulted by an eight year with a cooler costume than me.” He pouted sticking his bottom lip out. You chuckled at him hooking your arms around his neck and kissing his law line.
“Well, I think you look sexy. In fact why don’t we skip out on answering the door and have a little fun of our own?” You winked at him tugging on his bow tie. He hastily followed you up the stairs to your bedroom. [Lol, imagine what happens next.. Imagine Connor fucking you dressed as Mickey Mouse ooh role play]


“James. Look at me!” Your eight year old sister squealed stepping out into the kitchen where you was sat waiting to take her out trick or treating. She was sporting her Elsa dress and her hair was styled into a messy braid similar to the one in the film. “Wow I thought you was a real princess then!” James said smiling at her. She blushed. “Really?” He nodded. “Yes. Now little miss. Shall we go get you some sweeties?” You admired the way James acted with your little  sister and it was no secret that James was her favourite person. Whenever James was on tour she would constantly ask about him and You’d end up skyping him together. You quickly each grabbed a hand as her bucket for seats hung loosely off her arm. About an hour later, the bucket was almost over loading but your little sister proceeded to claim that there wasn’t enough and so you trekked on down the streets. You came across a gang of teenage boys that were smoking and sitting on bikes at the end of the street. “Hey princess. What you got in that bucket?” They laughed nudging each other. Your sister became very uncomfortable. One them snatched the bucket from her and before you or James could react they had taken off with the buckets full of her sweets. “Your dress is shit by the way!” One shouted. “My sweets!” Your little sister started to cry and James pulled her into his arms rubbing her back. “Why would they do that to a Littlr girl?” He asked you and you just sighed. “Y/s/n. Come on baby girl lets get you home and get you another bucket.” You said scooping her up into your arms with James at your side. “Will we come and get me more sweets?” She asked tears still in her eyes. “Yes of course and they will be way better than the ones you had before.” She snuggled her head into the warmth of your neck as you walked back to your house. Just as you were looking for a new bucket for your sister James appeared wearing your prom dress with one of Y/S/N’s crowns on his head. “Do I look pretty?” He asked earning a laugh from you and Y/s/n. “Pretty James!” She clapped finally smiling again. James spent the rest of the night walking around the street holding hands with your sister wearing the dress and singing Let it go with her until on the way back where she fell asleep in his arms. [James feels,]


“Babe. Are you done?” Tristan called. He was sitting in your bedroom playing with his car keys. “Tris. Umm, I think this outfit you picked is a little much.” You responded from the bathroom turning in different angles to get a better look at the costume. “Just come out and show me.” He was smirking to himself as you sighed and walked out the bathroom and into your bedroom. Tristan’s jaw dropped at the sight of you. You was wearing a figure hugging black dress that was low enough to highlight your cleavage. The dress ended just above the knee paired with black stockings and heels. Not to mention the little nose and whiskers you’d painted on with cat ears on your head. “Looks like we’re not going to the party after all.” He declared throwing his keys onto the pillow and standing up. “What do you mean ‘we’re not going to the party’ Evans. Brad invited us.” He chuckled darkly walking towards you. He was wearing a police officer outfit and you had to admit her looked pretty amazing. “I guess I finally have a use for these.” He says reaching into his pocket and pulling out a pair of shiny silver handcuffs. He moved the hair away from your neck and left a trail of sloppy kisses before softly biting your earlobe. He grabbed your hands and placed them behind your back. The cold metal of the hand cuffs against them as he cuffed you. “You’ve been a bad girl Miss, and I’m going to punish you and you may only call me Officer Evans.” [Officer Evans is what I live for.. I hate myself bye]


“Y/N. Get your ass In here and cuddle me.” Brad hollered from his place on the couch. The opening credits to The Conjouring were beginning. You rushed into the room with two cans of Coke, some crisps and a bowl of popcorn for the two of you to share. You cuddled into him as the film progressed burying your head into his chest at the scarier scenes. “Are you scared Y/N?” He teased with a big smirk evident on his face. “No of course not.” You tried to sound confident but found yourself hiding again. He chucked wrapping his arms around you protectively. “Don’t you worry my Little Y/N. You have me. I won’t let anyone hurt you.” Soon you and Brad both fell asleep with your head on his chest and your arm lazily over him whilst he was gripping you against him even in his sleep he can’t bare to let you go.