enough of my face please


Anyways here is how my warden cosplay is doing



soooo here I am, putting my face next to my ult bias again, what am i even doing and I added an extra picture too because I was feeling confident? 😅

yes that’s a disney princess nightstand with nct’s heads pasted on it, i’m not even sorry

also these photos are so hd, you can literally count my pimples, i’m sorry for this though


#[crying on the floor] i love him so much i just want to protect him

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Issa!! what's your Instagram? :0

Anon!! It’s @/silvercatarts! 

(So now you know who to tag when you see a repost)

(I’m doing it) on my own?” Keith, the temperamental rebel loner, says with a soft whimper like a little puppy scared of being left at home.

‘don’t leave me’ his face screams

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people say "music is my life" because it IS. their favorite songs got them through hard times. maybe they have a collection of hundreds of records. they've gone to a ton of concerts. music makes them happy. music is life to pretty much everyone because music is the one thing we have in common. just because you need to feel important doesn't mean you should shit on people who don't write/play/sing music. i was in honors choir from 5th grade to freshman year of college, gtfo with your elitism.

trust me I’m the least “elitist” person you will ever meet but thanks for your kind words. And I really don’t think I was shitting on anybody. All I’m saying is if you’ve never done any kind of music, it isn’t your LIFE. Your life is something you DO and love. A more appropriate phrase for the people you are referring to would be “music GIVES me life” yes see the difference? Completely acceptable. Like I told someone else, I would not say, for example, dance is my life just because I watch a lot of dance videos in my spare time. I don’t do it, therefore it’s not my life.

Trust me we need people to love and listen to music in order to have a career. You are correct, it does connect us all, and everyone loves it in some way. I am exhausted from fighting about this post. I realize how the original post came across and yeah it came across as rude and I’m sorry. 

Protection - George Weasley Imagine


Could you do one where George is dating a girl but her ex boyfriend won’t stop harassing her and trying to force her to date him again and she tries to ignore it and not tell anyone but George finds out and gets all protective of her

•Warning: Asshole Ex-boyfriend!•

~(Y/n)’s POV~

All I want is to be happy. Is that to much to ask for? I have the best boyfriend in the whole wide world, I love him but how could I enjoy being with him when I have an obsessive ex-boyfriend following me around telling me I belong to him? Before I started dating George Weasley, I was with another guy. Mike, a Gryffindor like me. We dated for about a year but I ended things because of Mike’s behavior. He controlled me and I couldn’t take it anymore. He made me ignore my friends but, sometimes I wouldn’t listen to him. Whenever he caught me talking to them, he would yell at me and throw and break things making me cry. He would hug me and tell me that he was sorry over and over again but it was just a lie so I wouldn’t break up with him. One day I finally got the courage, He didn’t take it well but it was finally over with. Or so I though.

He won’t leave me alone. Everywhere I go I can feel him following me or staring at me from afar. Whenever I’m alone he uses it as an opportunity to talk to me. He tells me that I made a huge mistake breaking up with him. Sometimes I ask myself ‘Why don’t I ask someone for help? Why don’t I tell my boyfriend about my problems?’ Then the answer turns clear in my mind. I don’t want George to worry about me, I don’t want him to get hurt because of my past that still follows me. I don’t want anyone to help me with my problems, I don’t want anyone to be involved in something where they might get hurt because if they do, I would never forgive myself. I hold my books tight against my chest as I walk towards the library. I’m all by myself and I can hear my heart beating rapidly against my chest. The corridor is silent, my shoes tapping against the pavement floor. I gasp as arms grab me from behind roughly making me drop my books on the floor. I kick my legs and scream at the top of my lungs “Babe calm down! It’s just me!” I hear his voice. It’s not George. It’s Mike. “Let go of me!” I exclaim pulling out of his grasp, I take a few steps back and start to pick up my books “Baby, what’s wrong?” Mike asks me.

“Don’t call me babe or baby. We’re not dating anymore Mike. Leave me alone” I mutter holding the books against my chest once again. I start walking towards the library. “Oh come on! I know you were joking that night” he laughed coming close behind me, I can feel his warm breath on my neck making me feel uncomfortable. “Get away from me or I’ll tell headmaster Dumbledore what you’re doing” I spat making him chuckle darkly. He makes me sick. “Alright honey. I love it when you play hard to get” he smiles before walking off to the other direction. Once he’s out of sight I wipe my teary eyes, I start walking towards the library but don’t make it far due to me dropping my books on the floor again. I go on my knees to pick it but once I reach out to grab a book, I suck in a harsh breath and let out a cry. I hug my legs against my chest and bury my head in my knees. I weep quietly shaking my head. I just want it to be over. I just want him to leave me alone.

~The Next Day~

“Hey babe” I flinch as I hear those words, I turn around quickly to see George walking towards me. My body relaxes “Hey Georgie” I smile hugging him, he hugs me back and kisses my forehead softly. “I’ve been thinking… Maybe we could go to the three Broomsticks this Saturday?” He asks “That sounds lovely” I whisper kissing him on the lips. He smiles into the kiss “I’m heading to breakfast, are you heading there too?” He asks pointing towards the great hall. “I’ll meet up with you, I have to use the bathroom” I said “Are you sure? I could wait for you if you want?” He asks “No, I’m sure. I’ll be quick” I said reassuringly heading towards the bathroom. I can hear George chuckle softly followed by the sound of his footsteps getting fainter and fainter. After using the bathroom, I start heading towards the great hall. I was about to turn the corner but a hand grabbed my wrist ruthlessly making me cry out in pain. The person spinned me around making me look at them and my heart sank as I saw him. Mike. His face showed that he was furious, the grasp on my wrist getting tighter “Mike! You’re hurting me!” I whimper, he pushes me against the wall making me gasp. “Listen hear you bitch!” He yelled making me cower, he grabbed my other hand and pinned them on the side near my head. The cold pavement wall making me shiver. “I had enough of your shit! Who do you think you are kissing somebody else?!” He roared “I’m dating someone else not you” I whisper just loud enough for him to hear. “Shut up!” Tears trail down my face “Please leave me alone” I cry, he shakes his head “Do you not understand?! It’s supposed to be me and you! Not you and Weasle!” “Please - Please don’t call him that” I wail.

“I treat you right and what do you do! You cheat on me like the slut you are!” He said furiously “You never treated me right!” I screamed with the little of courage I had. “I think I need to show you that you’re mine” he whispers, he lets go of my hands and grabs my waist pulling me towards him. He kisses my collarbone making me push him away “Mike get off of me! Stop!” I scream, he squeezes my butt. That’s it. I start hitting his back with my fists as hard as I can “Get off of me!” I yell, I start to scream at the top of my lunges. “Hey!” I turn my head to see George standing there, his fists clenched tightly. I’ve never seen George this angry before, He marched up to Mike. Mike tried to not seem intimidated but, he seemed pretty scared that George towered over him by one foot. “Are you okay?” George asked looking at me, I nodded slowly. “What makes you think you can touch my girlfriend like that?” George said furiously. “I… I. That’s my girlfriend!” Mike exclaimed. George looked at me “Ex-boyfriend” I mouthed to him. He nodded his head before turning back to him. “You need to move on or you’ll have me to deal with” George threatened “What are you going to do? You don’t scare me” Mike said crossing his arms over his chest. Wrong answer. You don’t want to get on George’s bad side. George brutally hit Mike on the nose making him fall back groaning in pain. George grabbed the front of his shirt and raised his fist up again “No! No, I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” Mike pleaded “Say sorry to (Y/n)” George spat “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Mike cried “For?” George added “I’m sorry for yelling at you and touching you. I’m sorry.”

George punched Mike in the face one more time before getting up quickly and grabbing my hand. We start running towards the great hall, once we reach the great hall George engulfs me in a tight hug. “Are you okay?” He asks me again “Yes” I mumble against his chest “Why didn’t you tell me about him?” George whispers looking into my eyes “I - I didn’t want you to worry about me or get hurt by him” I say quietly “It’s my job to worry about you, (Y/n). I don’t mind getting a little hurt when it comes to protecting you.” George smiled kissing my forehead. “God, I love you” I whispered placing both hands on his face before kissing him passionately. That was the last day I ever heard from Mike.


me watching an old season of supernatural: this was jensen’s hottest season

me watching another old season of supernatural: this was jensen’s hottest season

me watching yet another old season of supernatural: this was jensen’s hottest season

me watching another old season of supernatural: this was jensen’s hotte