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The Jealousy’s Evening

for the anon who sent in this amazing prompt, thank you! 

Today wasn’t Castiel’s favorite day. The past few days hadn’t been his favorite day. A lot of things were currently not okay and all he could do was fake a smile and get on with school, with life.
It wasn’t that he was allowed to complain - in the end Dean had never been his in the first place. But seeing him kiss Lisa… it hurt. It hurt seeing them together, so close and happy. 

Of course, Castiel didn’t have any feelings for Dean, he was just upset that he was losing his best friend. They had been close for a long time, stayed over at each other’s houses a lot, slept in the same bed, shared clothes and did everything together. They were inseparable, until Dean started dating Lisa. 

For Castiel it had been out of nowhere when Dean had told him he and Lisa were a thing. At first, he’d just been slightly annoyed, but when days passed he began to realize how much it influenced him and his friendship with Dean. Way more than he wanted to admit. 

He just wanted the old Dean back, spend time with him doing nothing- hang out on the roof and talk about school or Dean’s father being a dick and Gabriel who’d stolen from the candy shop. That was ages ago and Cas was probably never getting that back.

Dean never wanted to hang out and ‘do nothing’, had not once suggested to take a ride with the Impala and watch the sunset while sipping beer as they sat on the hood of the car. The only thing that was the same, were them staying over at each other’s houses, doing homework together and their movie night on Friday. 

At least, Castiel thought.

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The best sort of distraction.

A/n: There’s a little more plot to this than the other smut I posted, here! But only a little…

If you’re not over 18 please don’t read. My other works are sfw, this is fluffy fluff, and this is fluff with a tiny bit of angst. I’ll make a masterlist later :)

Proof read by way of a text-speech device.

Summary: There’s not much plot so not much to summarise. Bucky x reader are in an established relationship, and there’s a little thigh riding and he has and uses his metal arm ;) (only lightly though…)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader (Female)

Word count: 1418

Warnings: Smut. One swear word. Cringy last line? I can’t work out if it’s too soppy or not, so I just kept it in…


Bucky had been weird all trip. This mini break to Paris was supposed to be in celebration of three years since your first date, but with the way he had been withdrawing from you and seeming less interested in everything than normal, you had been very worried that maybe he brought you to France to break up with you. So you cried for more than one reason when he dropped to one knee on the last evening and you realised he been acting unusually because of nerves. As the ring was slid on your finger you had never felt more complete.

Half an hour later you’re back in your hotel suite and the two of you can celebrate your engagement. You grin into the kiss as you feel the weight of the jewellery on your left hand, and have to pull away from Bucky’s mouth to admire it once again. He sighs.

“Please pay attention to me Y/N. We haven’t had sex for days-

“And who’s fault is that?”

“-and now all you want to do is stare at a ring. S'rude.” 

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Wade Wilson x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, language

SONG: Fresh by Artist vs Poet

A/N: Two fluff stories in a row, wtf is up with me?? Jesus. So I decided to just do the Wade Wilson fic because that sounded more fun and different. Also I’m obsessed with AvP’s new album especially this song, so really I’m just being a self-indulgent little shit.

“Why do I do this to myself Dopinder?” Wade groaned from the backseat of the taxi as he fingered his slowly healing bullet wounds.

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BTS - Reaction to You Fainting Into Their Arms

You had decided to take a nice lunch to the boys while they were at the studio. You had not been feeling the best but you knew how much your boyfriend would love for you to surprise him, especially with food. When you walked in all the boys cheered in excitement and Jin rushed over to hug you and give you a quick kiss. When you placed all the food down on the table you started to feel light headed. Jin turned to you noticing that something wasn’t right and as he placed his arm around you everything went black. You woke up lying on the couch of the studio with your head in Jin’s lap. He was looking down at you with worry in his eyes while running his fingers through your hair. “Hey Jagi,” he said with a smile. You tried to sit up but he defiantly told you no and you stayed put. “What happened?” “You passed out, luckily I was holding onto you so you didn’t fall very far.” You still felt weak and you had a slight headache. “Will you let me take you to the hospital to get some fluids?” You nodded and he helped you sit up and walked you out to the car. The whole time he drove he was gently rubbing your hand with his thumb. “Let’s get you healthy,” he said as he kissed your hand.

Yoongi convinced you to travel along with the boys on tour. The problem was that you were also taking classes online to earn your bachelor’s degree. So, in between spending time with Yoongi, watching the performances, traveling from place to place, eating, and doing touristy things, you were also doing schoolwork. For the girlfriend of the boy who loves to sleep, you weren’t getting a lot yourself. You had been feeling a bit off before you all left for the airport to head to the next location. The next concert wasn’t for a week so there was a bit of a break for the boys and everyone involved in the tour. While you were walking with Yoongi and the others to your designated terminal you started to feel even worse. And all at once, your vision went dark. Luckily, Yoongi had his arm around you to protect you from the crazy fans who got too close for comfort. When you woke up you were in a hospital bed. Yoongi was sitting beside you holding your hand in his. “Yoongs?” He looked up when he heard your voice, “Hey Y/N, you gave me a bit of a scare there.” You noted the IV in your arm and concluded that the airport staff had called for an ambulance. “But the plane!” You said with an alarmed tone. “They booked us another one for tomorrow, don’t worry about it babe. You just need to sleep.” You nodded in agreement. You closed your eyes and he leaned over to kiss your temple, “That’s my sweet girl.”

As you were approaching your boyfriend at home after a very long, tiring day, you ended up passing out right as he was in front of you. Hobi let out one of his shrieks that he is known for and frantically tried to get you over to the couch. After that he would check to make sure that you were still breathing properly. When you woke up you found him watching over you and his face was full of concern. As he saw your eyes open he had to see how you felt, “Jagiya! Are you feeling better?” Still a bit out of it you nodded. He placed his hand on your forehead to see if you were running a fever. Since you felt warm to the touch he carried you to the bed, bundled you up in all the blankets he could find, and ran out to get you some medicine and fluids. When he came back home, he made sure to take good care of you, even calling his mother to get a soup recipe for the flu.

You and Joon were spending the day out. You had felt a bit off but didn’t think it was anything major. When you ended up passing out and Namjoon barely caught you in time he was so shocked. You woke up when an EMT worker was bending over you trying to wake you up. Since you had been in public, someone who saw you faint ended up calling an ambulance. Joon was as close as he could be when they were checking your vitals. They decided to take you to the ER to get an IV. On the way there Joon was sure to comfort you as much as he could. “Don’t worry, Y/N, this is all just to make sure you get the best care.”

Pulling an all-nighter to get an important task for work done wasn’t the best thing for your already tired body. You struggled through the work day feeling off the whole time. But submitting your perfected assignment to your boss was worth it. However, you didn’t expect to be so fatigued that you collapsed into your boyfriend’s arms when you got home. Jimin was quite flustered by the sudden shock but was still able to carry you over to the couch. His soft voice brought you out of your unconsciousness. You saw his angelic smile as he noticed your eyes had opened. “Hey, Jagiya. It is alright, this is your body telling you that you need to rest. I already called your boss and informed them that you would be staying home tomorrow.” You tried to muster up a defiant response but were too weak to do anything. “I know it is against your will but I’ll be keeping you company as well, and making sure you are getting some sleep.” You finally agreed and opened your arms to suggest that your boyfriend come cuddle with you. He laughed and joined you wrapping you up in his arms, “Please go to sleep, otherwise I’ll be worried.” You closed your eyes and fell asleep to the sound of Jimin’s breath.

The hike that Tae had planned started off well, you seemed to have more energy than you thought when you were going up massive hills. Tae wanted to stop and take some pictures of the scenery and some selfies with you to commemorate your trip. You were enjoying watching your puppy of a boyfriend being fascinated by the views that surrounded him. He came over and engulfed you in his arms, “Let’s take some together, okay?” You were going to respond but then you felt your knees start to buckle. That was the last thing you remember before you woke up in Tae’s arms. “Omg, Y/N, can you hear me?! Are you alright?” His voice sounded a bit frantic. “Hey babe,” you smiled at him, “why are you freaking out?” He pulled you into a hug holding onto you tightly, “You passed out,” he said into your ear as he slowly loosened his hold on you and brought you back to face him. “I was so worried! Why didn’t you tell me that you weren’t up for hiking today?” You gave him a frown before you answered, “I saw how happy you were about it. I just didn’t want to ruin it for you, and then I did anyways.” His expression turned stern, “You did not ruin it. Besides, I just wanted to spend time with you.” He took your face into his hands and kissed your forehead. “That is enough for today, I think it is time to take you home and cuddle in bed.” You giggled, “I am not opposed to that idea.”

Of course, Kookie was shook when you stumbled into his arms as you blacked out. He was visiting you at your apartment since you hadn’t been answering you phone and he was worried. You woke up in your bed with Jungkook hovering over you. “Y/N, why didn’t you tell me you were sick?” He leaned down to gently kiss your forehead. “What happened? Did I black out?” He sat back on the pillows and pulled you onto his chest, “Yes you did, and I am not leaving you until I am sure you are better. So, you better get comfortable.” You gave a little giggle as you rested your head on his shoulder, “With this pillow, how could I not be.” You ended up falling asleep as he lovingly rubbed your back.


sleep tight like a baby sheep - a fanfiction

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Yoosung Kim was the fluffiest sheep in all the field. All the other sheep couldn’t tell if they wanted to be him or if they wanted to be with him.

One day just after he’d woken up, Yoosung accidentally angered resident sheep king, Jumin Han, by eating his grass. How was Yoosung to know it wasn’t for him? He was only a sheep, unaware of the concept of property, but Jumin was not taking any excuses.

Suddenly out of the shadows, the local sheep actor, Zen, jumped out and slapped his archenemy Jumin right on the head.

“How dare you upset Yoosung?! He is the best sheep in all the land except for me!” Zen turned around to look at Yoosung as Jumin ran away crying from getting hit. Jaehee cheered in the distance.

“Thank you,” Yoosung said to Zen, “I never knew anything about not being allowed to eat this grass.”

“That’s okay,” Zen nodded, “Jumin is the biggest jerk-sheep in all the field.”

He trotted over to Yoosung and gave him a gentle kiss on the mouth, making Yoosung’s wool even fluffier than usual because of his excitement.

After roughly nine seconds of kissing, a friendly sheep called 707 jumped out of his bush, which is where he spent most of his time doing things no sheep should ever know how to do, like playing chess.

“I am even better at kissing than Zen!” he declared confidently, and Zen scowled angrily.

“That’s a lie,” he snapped. 707 proved his point by hitting the side of Zen’s luxurious wool with his head, forcing him to turn and face him. 707 gave him a kiss on his lips and Zen promptly fainted from the skill.

“That was amazing!” Yoosung exclaimed.

“Baa,” replied 707, sauntering over and kissing Yoosung quickly on the mouth. It was like the most delicious grass Yoosung had ever tasted.

“Why can you not kiss me for longer?” Yoosung complained. 707’s smile suddenly fell from his face, replaced with an angry scowl instead.

“I have a dangerous past,” he whispered darkly, his wool suddenly turning black as he slowly backed away from Yoosung, getting absorbed into his usual bush.

Zen still hadn’t woken up, so Yoosung decided to wander around a little bit and find some of the best grass he could that didn’t belong to the nasty sheep king.

“Psst,” came an unfamiliar voice from beside him. Yoosung turned his little head to see a very pretty looking sheep who he had never seen before.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“My name is Saeran. Do you want to buy some grass?”

“Grass? But I can get grass from anywhere,” Yoosung told him, confused. He didn’t know what buying was because he’s a fucking sheep.

“This is the best grass in the entire field. I will give some to you for a price.”

“What price?”

“For every piece of grass I give you, you have to kiss me three times.”

Three times?!” Yoosung exclaimed, “That’s too expensive! This is capitalism in its most obvious form, and you’re exploiting the innocence and naivety of sheep to further your own agenda. I will not do it.”

“It’s very good grass.”

“Okay then.”

Yoosung trotted forwards and Saeran held out a strand of grass to Yoosung. It was very beautiful. Yoosung ate it and felt like he could now fly away with happiness. Saeran looked at him expectantly and Yoosung stepped forwards and kissed him three times on his mouth. Saeran was very good at kissing, so the price didn’t feel too bad.

“Do you want any more?” Saeran asked sheepishly.

“No, I don’t think I can afford it. I don’t have enough kisses left for today.” Yoosung told him sadly.

“Okay,” Saeran nodded and lay down, rolling onto his back and falling asleep immediately.

Yoosung walked away. He wondered if Jumin was okay.

“Hello Yoosung,” said a voice from behind him. He turned around.

“Hello Jaehee. Why is everyone talking to me today?”

“Because you have very good wool. Can I touch it?”

“Of course you can.”

Jaehee stepped forwards and reached out with her little leggy to brush against Yoosung’s wool. “Very good,” she nodded in appreciated, “I would give it 9/10.”

“O-only nine?” Yoosung asked, trying not to burst into tears.

“Zen’s is the only wool I would say is 10. I’m sorry for upsetting you.” She looked sad, and trotted closer to Yoosung, kissing him on the mouth.

“I don’t have many kisses left today,” Yoosung told her.

“You can top them up again tomorrow,” Jaehee told him kindly, before turning around to go and look after Zen who was still unconscious on the grass.

Yoosung heard loud sobbing coming from the deepest, darkest corner of the field, and so headed over.

“Jumin,” he said as he saw the sheep king curled up on the floor crying, “Are you okay?”

“No!” he lamented, “Zen hit me!”

“I know I was there, but you were very mean to me.”

“You ate my grass,” he sulked.

“I’m sorry,” Yoosung sat next to Jumin, “I didn’t know it was yours. I only have one kiss left today, do you want me to kiss you?”

“O-okay,” Jumin nodded. Yoosung leaned down and kissed Jumin on the mouth. There was a lot of sheepy snot on his face from crying, but Yoosung didn’t mind.

“I hope you cheer up soon,” Yoosung said as he got up and trotted away.

Today had been a very successful day for Yoosung. He’d faced some hard times, but also happy times. It had been an emotional rollercoaster and now he was very tired, so he lay down and fell asleep.

i’m pulling on your heart to push my luck

title is from bite by troye sivan

@angelsweet123: Hey, I love your fanfiction can you write more solangelo smut?

@solangelo-963369: Can u do a solangelo smut like I don’t care I just want smut that’s all!! Thx😘😘

KarouO (on ao3): have u ever thought about writing a fic wheres nico submissive?

You’re all thirsty and I’m thirsty and Will’s thirsty and Nico’s thirsty and now we all have this piece of sin.

Word Count: 2278

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The way Will saw it, there were serious pros and cons to the whole soulmate thing.

On the bright side, knowing that they were meant to be together helped to lessen or completely dissipate a lot of their insecurities about their relationship. Knowing that no matter what happened, they’d still love each other back was extremely reassuring. Sure, there had been the whole awkward “Holy shit, we’re soulmates” conversation but after that was over with, they quickly fell into a happy relationship together.

There were, however, the cons.

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Protocols - Star Trek

This blog is amazing!!!!! May I request a story in which Data and the reader spend some quality fluffy time together and the whole crew of the enterprise ships it hard? Thank you!!!

AN: Im going to be completely honest, Next Gen is the only Star Trek I have not watched all the way through. So if I butchered this, I apologize.

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You say that you’re no good for me
Cause I’m always tugging at your sleeve
And I swear I hate you when you leave
But I like it anyway.

I tried to teach myself to paint in Sai and now we know that we should probably never ever try that again lolololol.

The Punk And The Nerd 2! (BrOhm)(OhmBryce)

((another school au and also base on a art-work by alien–stranger on tumblr. so enjoy :3 ))

it was a rainy cold night. the rain was falling heavily outside. Bryce was in his room, reading a book. he was studying for a test tomorrow. he smiles, closing his book. he was reading for a hour, it was 9 pm. he stretches, he could use some sleep.as he laid back, his phone went off. he looks over and smiles, seeing the caller ID. Ryan, his boyfriend. they’ve now been dating for a couple weeks now. it was very nice and amazing. weird how a nerd and punk got together, opposite attract. Bryce lays back and answers. “hello?” he asked, hearing a charming yet happy voice.

“hey Bryce” Ryan’s voice spoke to him. his voice made Bryce melt hearing. “d-don’t you know we have school tomorrow?” Bryce asked, hearing a soft chuckle. “and? i wanted to hear your cute voice” Ryan spoke, he was also in his bed, but he wasn’t tired. Bryce giggles softly. “you can hear my voice tomorrow Ryan” Ryan made a playfully whining noise. “Brycey, you’re breaking my heart now” Ryan held his chest, acting in pain. Bryce can tell this and was laughing softly. “alright alright” Ryan grins as he and Bryce talk some more, random stuff, going to bed at now 12 am.

when Bryce awoke and yawns, sitting up. he stretches his arms. he got on his glasses. then he saw his phone and blushes, remembering talking to Ryan for hours. his voice was so soft it was putting him to sleep, hearing Ryan spoke so deeply but softly of “sweet dreams Bryce”. Bryce held his face, blushing mess. then he saw the time and froze. he had only a hour to get dressed for school. he quickly got out of bed and got dressed, getting everything ready. then he hurried down the stairs and got breakfast, also he fed his cats before heading out and locking the door.

Bryce then saw Jonathan and Evan waiting for him as he rushes over, had finished his breakfast, a toast, as he got to them. “hey guys” Bryce stated, catching his breath. “Bryce, where were you?” Evan asked. “i kinda slept through my alarm” Bryce gave a nervous laugh. “you slept through your alarm? that’s not a Bryce thing, what were you doing last night?” Bryce blushes and smiles. “w-well-” Evan guessed and chuckles. “talking to your boyfriend?” Bryce blushes more and slowly he nods. Jonathan watches and turns. “anyway let’s go motherfuckers!” he grins.

they got to school and went to their lockers. Evan and Jonathan’s lockers were down the hall while Bryce’s locker was on the other side of the building. he didn’t mind. he got to his locker and got his things ready for class. as he closes his locker, strong arms wrap around his waist and a kiss to the top of his head. Bryce blushes but turn his head to look over his shoulder. he smiles, seeing Ryan who looked very sleepy. “didn’t get to sleep?” Bryce asked. Ryan nods, nuzzling his freshman. “i guess, but you’re very comfy” the senior stated making the freshman giggle softly.

“maybe you should go to bed early” Bryce stated. Ryan gave a smirk as he nuzzles his neck. “maybe you need to stop sounding so fucking adorable” Bryce blushes and smiles, his hand reach up and gently brush a bit of his hair out of his eyes. “there we go” Ryan blushes, still holding the other by the waist as he leans down, kissing him softly. the other male blushes but he slowly kisses back. “meet me after 3rd period” Ryan offer to him. Bryce blushes and nods. “s-sure” Ryan smiles, kiss his forehead. “see you then Brycey” with that, he releases Bryce and walks to his class.

Bryce was a blushing mess, his heart beating fast. he smiles, also heading to class, thinking about what Ryan wanted to meet with him about. he was also thinking about the kiss. he blushes. he manages to pay attention in classes. after 3rd period, he went to his locker and saw a sticky note slid into his locker door. he pulls it out and opens it, smiling, seeing the note was from Ryan, telling him where to meet him. he looks around and started to head to the sixth hallway of the school. he walks around, normally he be at lunch right now. but he wasn’t that hungry anyway.

Bryce got to the sixth hallway, looking for Ryan. he didn’t see him. he frowns, maybe he got the wrong hallway. but he gasp to a hand gripping his and turning him around. Bryce shut his eyes tightly, flinched a bit. but a voice spoke that calm him down. “Brycey relax, its me” Ryan’s voice spoke to him. Bryce slowly open his eyes and blushes. he gave a nervous smile. “s-sorry i flinch when startle” Ryan smiles, hugging him close. “its cool” Bryce looks up at him, curious. “so curious, why did you want to meet me?” he asked. the senior blushes, rubs the back of his neck, looking shy a bit.

“i-is it bad i wanted to see my only favorite freshman?” Bryce blushes to this. his heart fluttering to this. the freshman then cups his face and stands on his tip-toes, kissing his senior on the lips. Ryan was surprised a bit, but his eyes close slowly as Bryce’s eyes were also closed. slowly, Ryan took control of the kiss, pinning Bryce against the lockers, his hands holding his hips. Bryce shudders with a tiny moan, his hands on his shoulders, their lips moving with each other. Ryan deepens the kiss as Bryce’s hands found the taller male’s lock of hair, running his fingers through it.

then Ryan broke the kiss, pants softly. Bryce was also panting, blushing mess, feeling his heart wanting to burst out of his chest. Ryan took his hand and places it on his chest over his heart. Bryce was surprised, blushes, feeling Ryan’s heartbeat. it was beating as fast as his, feeling like it was about to burst out of his chest. Bryce looks up at his senior, Ryan presses their lips together again, Bryce wraps his arms around his neck, kissing him back. Ryan held him against the lockers so there was no space left between them. as they continue their making out, a certain person was looking for them.

“Ohm?! where are you?! you’re late to class-” Luke or Cartoonz, was looking for his best friend after he failed to come to biology class. so he had a excuse to go to the bathroom so he can go find his idiot friend. as he turns a corner, he froze, seeing Ryan and Bryce making out hotly with each other. he was confused and signs. “hello?” he spoke, but they didn’t hear him. Luke felt a nerve snap, this was enough kissing for them today. he walks closer, speaking louder. “hey hey hey, you two are on school ground, break it up you two” Luke stated, startling the couple.

Bryce broke the kissing, startled by Luke seeing them, hiding his face, blushing mess, embarrassed as hell. Ryan glares darkly at his friend. “you ruined a moment, Toonz” Luke rolls his eyes. “not my fault, i happen to see my best friend making out with someone younger then him” Luke signs. “anyway you’re coming with me to fucking class, if i have to go through it, so do you” Ryan signs, his hands run through his hair. “fuck” he mumbles. Bryce, still embarrassed, whimpers softly quietly. Ryan then leans down, whispers into his ear. “we’ll continue this later”

“alright let’s go Romeo” Luke stated grabbing Ryan by the back of his jacket, dragging him with him. Bryce was a blushing mess, he got his books which he had dropped on the floor and was heading to lunch or class since he had some time left before classes start. then he heard Ryan called to him. “cutie on the loose!” Bryce blushes heavily, hugging his book to his chest. “Ohm please” Luke drags Ryan until they were out of sight. Bryce was walking to class, when he notice a note stuck in his book he didn’t see. he took it out and opens it, blushing hard and smiles, looking forward to the weekend then ever.

Saturday, 10 am, i’ll pick you up at your place, see you then- Ryan~

Learning Swedish- Victor Hedman

Originally posted by jakedotchin

(He always looks like he needs sleep… or that he’s seen a lot of crap)

Ok boos! I liked how this one turned out! It’s so cute! I hope you guys like it! Ok guys enjoy more Swedes!

Warning: One cuss word

@thewanderingdreamer Request: Hi! First let me just praise your writing because it’s really great. Your writing has made some of my bad days a little better, even when I have to look up the players :) I know you’ve got loads of requests, but if you get a chance could you maybe do a Victor Hedman one? With his girl being a bit older than him, and maybe her trying to learn Swedish for him, and her being really determined because she speaks English and Spanish (being Puerto Rican)? I dunno, cute/sexy/fluff if you like? Thanks!


              “Jag prrrr-prrrrat… ugh” you sighed pausing the tape you were listening to.

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                       Tutor | Adrien Agreste x reader

“Does this look ok?” Adrien asked Nathalie again, who sighed once more.

“It’s fine Adrien.”

“Mmm, I don’t think so..” Adrien raced off to style his hair differently and find a new outfit that he thought would fit your taste better.

“Adrien–” Nathalie stopped herself when she realized he was out of earshot. The room was once again filled with silence while Nathalie waited for Adrien to return in a different outfit.

Though, that silence was disrupted when a total of six firm equal knocks were heard. Nathalie stood to answer the door but was quickly seated again when Adrien pushed her back down into her chair.

“Sorry Nathalie! I’ll get it!” He continued to run, out the door, down the stairs, and to the front door.

When Adrien made it to the front door, he halted. He ran his fingers through his hair once more and straightened out his clothes. Then, he finally opened the door.

“Nín hǎo!“ He greeted with a smile. “Rúhé shì wǒ zuì xǐ'ài de dǎoshī?“

You smiled and replied. “Hěn hǎo. Chuántǒng.“

Adrien let you in and smiled to himself. He had made you proud again! That was something he always looked forward to.

“So, were you practicing while I was away?”

“Shì! I made sure to do exactly what you told me.”

You gave an approving nod and went into the study. You had been here so many times, you knew where to go. Adrien beamed when you nodded and followed you into the study. You were his favorite tutor out of all. You were a year older than Adrien meaning you were in a totally different grade. But either way, Adrien still managed to see you every day at school.

“Everything?” You asked, glancing back Adrien.

“Well,” Adrien smiled sheepishly, “I didn’t understand a few words.”

“Alright,” You took a seat on the large vanilla lounge chair. “Let me hear them.”

Adrien took a deep breath. Hopefully his plan would work.

“The words Ài and Nín.”

“love” “you” It was a bit odd to put those two together like that. Even so, what was he confused on, how to pronounce them, write them, or how to use them?

“What is it that you’re confused about?”

“How to pronounce them and what context to use them in.”

You went silent, trying to find a way to properly explain it to him.

“Well, it all depends on how you say it. Just as if you were speaking in French or English, you must speak with feeling. Or else it’ll sound like something else entirely. Now, instead of just using ‘Love’ and 'You’ how about we put these two into a full phrase?”

Adrien could feel his face heat up as he suggested, “I love you? Maybe?”

You nodded and continued, “Wo ái nin, I love you. As I said before you have to say it in the right tones in order to get your point across. Here, repeat after me. Say, Wo.”

Adrien nodded and repeated the word, making sure to say it as if it were a rollercoaster, first the tone goes down, then up.

“Good. Now Ái. This is a bit different than the first one, make sure to say it lower and sharper than the previous one. But not too sharp.”

Adrien said the word as quickly yet slowly as he could. He didn’t want you to know that he was rushing. 

“Lastly, Ni. It is the same as the first one, up and then down.”

Adrien nodded and repeated the last word, taking a deep breath in hopes of calming his shaking hands. 

“And that brings us to the end.” You gave Adrien a small smile. “Now–.”

You were cut off when Adrien spoke, “So now that I know how to use it, may I?" 

"Go right ahead Adrien.”

“U-uhm…” Adrien tugged on his collar, “Well, whenever you come over to tutor me, or whenever I see you in school, It makes me feel all happy inside and stuff..” Adrien cleared his throat, blushing. “I guess what I’m trying to say is, Wo ái ní. D-Do you accept my feelings..?”

Adrien flinched when he saw your deadpanned expression, immediately feeling rejected.

“Wöde tian na Adrien! Don’t you know that saying I love you in Chinese to a friend is strictly prohibited?!” You blushed a deep red as realization hit you, “Unless…”

You hadn’t notice Adrien get up and walk over to you, until he placed a light kiss on your cheek. “That’s enough for today, my beautiful tutor.” As Adrien made a move to leave, you grabbed his hand and stood from the couch. 

You moved your hands to his face and made him look up at you. “Tell me, is it true? Do you really love me? Not as a friend or tutor but more?”

Adrien gave you a small smile accompanied with his blush. “You’re even cuter when you’re flustered.” He placed another kiss ontop of your eyelid. 

You glared at the teen in front of you and squeezed his cheeks. “I’ll show you adorable.” You lifted the teen until his feet weren’t touching the floor, and gave him a quick chaste kiss. 

When you pulled away, and placed him back onto his feet, Adrien could only stare at you, astonished. His face continued to deepen in color as he continued to stare. 

“Now you’re the adorable one.” You teased, placing your hands on his cheeks once again.

“Oh yeah?” Adrien smirked.

It was on.

A few hours later, Nathalie decided to check up on Adrien, having not heard from him in a little while. Nathalie wasn’t sure if you had even left or not. She heard a-lot of commotion and laughter earlier but decided not to interrupt.

Suddenly, it just stopped. That is what led Nathalie to believe that maybe you had taken your leave, but then an ultra depressed Adrien would’ve made his way back to Nathalie.

As she finally made it to the Study, she saw that some of the throw pillows had made it to the floor. And that Adrien’s fencing gear was scattered about.

What happened in here?

Just as Nathalie had made a move to clean up, she could hear light snoring. She looked over at the couch and saw two figures lying there. Upon closer inspection, it was you and Adrien.

You were lying on your back with one hand behind your head while the other kept Adrien close as he lied on top of you. Both Adrien’s arms were wrapped around your midriff and his head lied on your chest.

A cute cuddling position to say in the least. 

With a small smile, Nathalie left the room silently, closing the door on her way out. 'They’d both make a good couple...’ Nathalie thought as she made her way back to her desk.

'But will Mr.Agreste approve..?’

Possible foreshadowing for a continuation? Heavy maybe.

Another oneshot! (^-^) I’m so proud!
It is implied that reader is older and taller than Adrien by just a bit. It was fun writing Reader-chan like this, maybe I’ll do it again in the future? *wink wink*

Anywho, Thanks for reading!
Imagine by: @animerocks00
Requested by: -anonymous-
Oneshot by: @animerocks00
Proofread and Refurbished by: No one yet ;_;

(I’ll also add translations when I get the chance)

More than friends (Mingyu, M rated)

Warnings: Smut and strong language, 18+ rated. 

It was Thursday morning when your best friend, Mingyu, called you to tell you to come over, since recently, he was under a lot of pressure and he needs you to help him relieve that. “The members won’t be here, they’re going out for dinner and I told them I’ll be staying in the dorm to get some rest” Mingyu told you on the phone. “You will be getting some rest before I come though, right?” You asked him. You knew what this meant, even though Mingyu was your best friend, when he told you he was stressed and that he needed you it only meant one thing. Sex. Yes, you and Mingyu were best friends with benefits, or something like that. It started in the last year of high school, when you both decided to take each other’s virginity, if none of you got laid before Christmas. After you lost your virginity to your best friend, you had sex again. And again. And again. And you became best friends with benefits. Mingyu debuted with his group called ‘Seventeen’ and since then; you’ve only done it twice. Mingyu didn’t have as much time as before because of the pressure, that’s why you were a bit surprised that he called you, you figured they were done with the promotions for their second album.

You were supposed to go over to Seventeen’s dorm around five p.m, that’s when the members of seventeen are heading out for dinner. It was ten a.m now, you were at work. You worked at a small cafe in Seoul, just to earn enough money to help your parents get you into Uni. You never thought about auditioning to an entertainment company since you didn’t think you had the talent, even though Mingyu said you sang pretty well. But you supported Mingyu all of the time; When he auditioned, when he debuted, when they promoted their first album and when they released their second album. He was your best friend after all, and someone you had a slight crush on. You worked hard, you loved your work actually and you never took a day off, unless you were really sick. You were supposed to finish work at half past three p.m. which meant you had enough time to take a shower before you went to Seventeen’s dorms.

“Are you finishing up?” Your co-worker asked you. “Why? What time is it?” You asked while making an order. “Three twenty five” Your co-worker replied. “Sure, I’ll finish up here” You said and finished making the order. Then you went to take your bag and jacket, said goodbye’s to your co-worker and headed out of the café. You quickly walked towards your home which was exactly five minutes from your work. You took a nice shower, wore the black set of lingerie Mingyu liked so much on you and casual clothes over it. You did your makeup softly, without a lot of foundation since you knew you will be sweating a lot. All of that took you an hour and a half. You blow dried what’s left to dry from your hair and tied it up.“Mom, I’m going to visit Mingyu” You called, heading out of the door. “Okay” Your mom shouted from the kitchen. You took a bus that stopped right in front of Seventeen’s dorms. Ten minutes passed and you were already there. You went up the elevator, and knocked on the door. “You got right on time, they went out five minutes ago” Mingyu said, closing the door behind you. “What’s up?” You asked Mingyu, sitting on the mattress that was in the tiny living room.

“Do you want to drink anything?” Mingyu asked, like the good boy he was. “No, thanks” You said. “Should we go to my room?” Mingyu asked. You started sweating. You thought about how much you missed feeling Mingyu inside you. “Let’s go” You got up and followed Mingyu to his shared room. You went in and Mingyu closed the door behind you. “I haven’t been here for quite a while” You said. Suddenly, you felt Mingyu pulling you back and pushing you against the door. “I missed you” He said, leaning in close enough that you felt his warm and familiar mint breath on your face. Mingyu was much taller than you, when you wanted to kiss him you had to stand on the tip of your toes or he had to lean down to kiss you. There was no other way. This time, he didn’t lean down, he only got really close. “Mingyu…” You mumbled, lifting up your head and trying to steal a kiss. Mingyu chuckled and leaned down “Yes princess?” You attached your lips to his. At first, it was a craving kiss. You were longing for his lips. You liked the way his pink plumped lips felt on yours. Soon enough, the kiss got heated and you made out.

“Should I treat you today?” Mingyu mumbled through the heated kiss. You mumbled yes and Mingyu lied both of you on his bed. Mingyu started to kiss down your neck, finding your sweet spot and making you moan. He helped you to take of your shirt and jeans, leaving you in only your underwear. Mingyu smirked “You wore them” “Especially for you” You said, licking your lips. Mingyu went back to suck on your sweet spot and after leaving a visible mark, he kissed down the valley between your breasts, going down your stomach and taking off your thong. Mingyu spread your legs and blew cool air on your heated core, getting out a quite loud moan of you. Without any warning, Mingyu buried his face between your legs, sucking and licking your pussy harshly. You threw your head back, pushing yourself more towards Mingyu’s sucking lips. Mingyu laughed and his laugh sent vibrations towards your core. “Fuck Mingyu I’m gonna cum” You stopped breathing when the familiar tension that built up in your stomach released. Mingyu licked your pussy clean and lifted up his head.

You started making out again, when Mingyu unhooked your bra and played with your breasts. Mingyu went down to suck on your nipples, while you palmed him through his pants. He was more than just hard, he was a fucking rock. You helped Mingyu to take of his pants along with his shirt, you moaned at the sight of his big bulge. “Mind taking off my boxers?”  Mingyu asked, you slid off Mingyu’s underwear slowly. Mingyu groaned and took it off faster. “You’re killing me here” He said and pushed you down against the bed. Without a question, Mingyu pushed himself in hard and fast, making you scream in both pleasure and pain. “Fuck I didn’t know you’d be so tight” Mingyu moaned while thrusting in and out of you. He didn’t even give you time to adjust to his size. After a few more thrusts, you started to moan Mingyu’s name loudly. You knew how much it turned Mingyu on when he heard you moaning out his name and you knew you were right once Mingyu started to thrust much faster and harder.

“I’m close Mingyu” You moaned in Mingyu’s ear after he buried his face in your neck, noticing his thrusts became much sloppier knowing he’s close as well. “Same” He breathed out. A few moments later you both came, Mingyu slipping out of you and lying next to you breathing heavily. “Jesus I knew it” A voice said. “Jun!” Mingyu screamed, covering both of you with a blanket. “Yo guys, there are little kids here you know” Jun continued, referring to Seungkwan, Vernon and Dino. “Jun get out!” Mingyu screamed at him once more, you covered your face with the blanket. “Fine. But did you ask her to be you girlfriend at least?” Jun continued. “I WAS ABOUT TO DO SO NOW GET THE FUCK OUT” Mingyu screamed again. Jun chuckled and closed the door, leaving both of you alone again. “So y/n, I’ve wanted to ask you this for quite a long time now. Will you be my girlfriend?”


Jisoos that smile though. Gets me every time.

Points For Creativity-Namjoon(Smut)

Some Sub!Namjoon to make these cold winter days a little… hotter.

Req: Namjoon bondage

Req: Bdsm smut with rapmon? Excuse my thirst haha 

Day Six of Seven Days Of Christmas with BTS! Enjoyy~

Namjoon hangs another ornament on the tree, long limbs stretching in accordance so he can reach the spots I can’t, taking the glossy bulbs from my hands with a dimpled smile. I reach down to grab a red sphere, a swift slap to my ass by Namjoon’s hand startling me, throwing him a scoff.

“It’s Christmas Eve, not sexy time.”

“Anytime can be sexy time if you want it to, baby.” He winks at me and I narrow my eyes before shoving another decoration into his hand.

“Just shut up and do the tree.” I grumble.

“I’d rather be doing you.” Namjoon shoots me a seductive glance and I roll my eyes.

“Is sex the only thing on your mind?”

He gives me a cheeky smile. “It’s kind of hard not to think about it when you totally just flashed me with your cute little christmas thong.”

My face gets red and I instinctively push Namjoon’s shirt down my thighs. “Yah! I knew it was a bad idea to wear this.”

“Awe, baby girl, it’s cute.”

I purse my lips and Namjoon gets down from the chair, stepping away from the tree to see if there are any spots he’s missed. The tree is sparkling and Namjoon looks so proud of himself I laugh.

“You did good.” I pat his shoulder, noticing how the large tree takes up most of my living room. “You’re staying over tonight right?”

He nods, not taking his eyes from his Christmas masterpiece as he rolls a strand of extra garland between his hands. “I have a schedule tomorrow though, so I can’t stay the day.”

I pout. “So we can’t spend Christmas together?”

He turns to me, throwing the garland over my neck and closing the distance between us. “Come here, baby, don’t be upset.” He keeps the string of decoration around my neck, pulling me into his warm embrace. “I’ll make sure to come here right when we are done.”

I sigh into him. “Don’t you have a dinner to attend with the company?”

He curses, obviously just remembering this. “Okay, I will be here at some point before midnight.”

I chuckle. “It’s okay if you can’t make it Joonie.”

“But you’ll be alone tomorrow. On Christmas. That’s not okay.”

“I’m a big girl.” I look up at him and smile. “I can deal with it. Besides I get you today and that’s good enough for me.”

Namjoon kisses my forehead, my temples, the bridge of my nose, peppering me with love and affection. “Well, let me make it up to you now then.” His lips slide down my nose, across my cheeks, his fingers lifting my jaw up so he can place feather light kisses along the sides of my lips.

“No.” I push him back, taking the garland from his limp fingers. “You already gave me my Christmas present. Let me give you yours.” His eyes widen and his mouth curves upwards in an excited smirk as I push him down on the chair that he was just standing on.

Plucking a piece of red ribbon from the box beside me I tie it around his eyes, making sure it’s firmly fastened at the back of his head and smiling at my handiwork. Namjoon’s fists clench and unclench in anticipation and it’s refreshingly erotic to see him being submissive instead of the other way around.

I take the garland he’d so conveniently given me and bring his wrists behind the chair, making sure he can barely get an inch of leeway before tying the ‘innocent’ string firmly on his straining forearms, binding him to the chair.

“Now, Daddy.” I purr in his ear, running my hands down the front of his buttoned shirt. “Just sit tight and let Kitten pleasure you alright?”

He growls and the sound goes straight to my core, eliciting a wide grin on my face at how worked up he already seems to be when we’ve just gotten started. I notice a small tent forming in his pants. “You like it when Kitten takes charge don’t you?” I tease him, watching his thick lips part as he breathes in roughly. “You love it when she makes you beg for her tight, wet pussy.”

Namjoon lets out a ragged exhalation, chest rising and falling as my agile fingers undo the top few buttons on his shirt, until I can see the indentations of muscle from his abs peeking out of the thin fabric.  

The carpet is warm against my knees as I bend down, playing piano up his thighs. He squirms a little under my barely there touch, a small whimper escaping his throat. “So responsive to me already?” I murmur with a smile, although he can’t see it.

“Y/N.” He warns, voice low and feral.

“Yes Daddy?”

“You’re going to regret teasing me like this.”

My lips pucker. “Now, now. Don’t make me gag you, you know how much Kitten loves to kiss you as she cums, are you really going to make me cover those thick lips of yours?”  

His tongue runs across his bottom lip, admitting defeat as I unbutton his jeans and drag down the zipper. “Hips up.” I instruct, Namjoon obediently lifting them as much as he can so I can take his pants and boxers off in one go.

His length is hard and veiny, the tip glistening in the light and it looks so big I almost just sit on it right away, rubbing my legs together. I stand up to contemplate my next move, leaving Namjoon hanging in the dark as I lift his shirt up so I can push my underwear down my thighs, the wet fabric dropping to the floor and flying across the room as I kick it.

“Kitten…” Namjoon whines for me, frustrated that he can’t see where I’ve gone.

I hum, standing over him and bending down to grab his length firmly with one hand, hearing him gasp in pleasure. “Wanna feel something?” I question and Namjoon nods his head vigorously, taking his bottom lip between his teeth in anticipation. I hum once more, spreading my legs so I can straddle him before rubbing his tip around the folds of my pussy, moaning loudly at the rapturous feeling it brings.

Namjoon rocks his hips up the fraction he can, putting more friction on my core. I sigh, getting off of him. “I guess the fun is over. Someone couldn’t keep still.”

“It felt so good.” He groans in excuse, panting lightly. “Just give me what I want, Y/N. Now.”

“Excuse me?” I lean over, hand firm on his shoulders, gripping him hard enough to leave bruises along the thick cords of muscle. “Who’s in charge here?” My breath is hot in his face, sweet from the chocolate we’d shared earlier.

He stays silent and I lean closer, feeling his cock rub against my stomach. “Answer me.” I say, clipped and short with dominance.

He sucks his lips in defiantly, refusing to give in no matter how hard I press. Slithering back to the floor I grip him once more, opening my lips a little so I can slide the very tip of his length into the warm cavern of my mouth, hearing him groan in ecstasy and then in exasperation as I remove myself.

“Who’s in charge here?” I repeat myself and the action, tasting his precum as it leaks from him in salty beads of arousal. When he stays silent I sigh, almost regretfully before continuing to tease him, kissing up his thighs and everywhere around his hard length, waiting for him to concede as I grow wetter and wetter.

Namjoon lets out a chaste ‘fuck’ getting sexually frustrated as each second passes. “Kitten…?” He ventures skeptically, biting his lip. “Please…?”

“Who’s in charge here?” I wrap my hand around the base of his shaft, pumping once in reward.

“You.” He mumbles and although I’ve heard him I decide to keep going.

“I’m sorry.” I pump him once more. “What was that?”

“You.” He almost moans, shaking at his restraints. “You, baby, all you.”

“That’s right. Good boy.” I murmur, running a hand from base to tip before smoothing over his tip with a thumb, swiping away more precum and licking the glittering expanse. “Daddy is very, very sensitive when he can’t see isn’t he?” I observe, sliding down on him, loving the way he stretches my lips and hits the back of my throat.

Namjoon groans, tilting himself up as I cup his balls, massaging them lightly, taking the entirety of him in my mouth before bobbing up and down, moaning and making sounds that I know send vibrations up him. I can slightly taste myself on him, closing my eyes and relishing in the mixture of our tastes as they settle on my tongue.  

I see goosebumps form on his thighs, the muscle clenching as he becomes close to losing himself over the edge of release. “I’m not done with you yet.” I seethe, releasing from him with a pop at the last second, listening to his ragged breathing as he squirms beneath me.

“Kitten, please, I need- I need you.”

I stand, feeling cum slide down my legs at how soaking I am before gripping his shoulders and resuming my position above him. He can’t help the smile as he realizes what I am about to do and I kiss him to wipe it off as I sink down onto his waiting length, my puckered entrance sucking him in happily.

“Wow, I got you this wet?” He smirks into me and I stop moving down to wait for him to correct himself. “Kitten.” He groans. “Pl-please keep going, you feel so good.”

I huff, sitting myself further on his cock until he is completely surrounded and I am completely full, moaning at the acute senses I get, lifting myself up before slamming back down, setting a rough pace from the beginning.

“Kitten.” Namjoon groans, throwing his head back and parting his lips in a daze of sensuality, voice lined with the velvet of my walls and the silk of sex. The fabric of his shirt rubs against my nipples, hardening them and adding extra stimulation as I bounce above him.

“Fuck, I want to touch you.” Namjoon begs, eyebrows furrowing above the thin ribbon. “And see you.”

I move a hand up to push his blindfold down forcefully with one hand, letting Namjoon get his first look at me, face lit with lust and legs spread around the chair as his cock disappears into my tight hole. “Fucking gorgeous.” He moans, eyes not being able to stay still as they wander over everything he’s missed since we began.

I go faster, gaining leverage by pushing off his shoulders with each thrust, Namjoon groans mixing with mine and our skin slapping together, rough and heady as I push him into complete submission beneath me.

Namjoon groans my name over and over as he gets ready to cum, half in pleasure and half in frustration as he knows he has no power and can’t move as he waits, budging and clawing against his wrist restraints in futile effort to get back in control while I fuck him.

“Kitten, please- I- will you let me come?” He forces the words through gritted teeth and I catch his chin in my hands and force him to look at me.

“Let me watch you do it.” I say, eyes flitting around his face as his throat works and eyes squeeze shut as he stiffens below me, a muscle feathering along his jaw as the final buildup begins. His lips part and his eyebrows pinch together, so sexy and so indescribably beautiful as he moans for me.

By some miracle I fall face first into release as he does, my body tingling and disembodying itself to become doused in streams of lively pleasure, waves of undeniably hot ecstasy tearing through me. I cry out Namjoon’s name, feeling him release his warm seed deep inside of me, cum overflowing from my and onto our sweaty legs.  

“How creative of you.” He gasps as I cum down, his length soft inside of me. “To use Christmas decorations to tie me up with.”

“I know right.” I suck in lungfuls of air. “I thought I was pretty clever.”

“You’re also hot as hell. I don’t think I’m going to be able to leave tomorrow.”

I laugh into his chest, reaching my arms around to untie him, rubbing his wrists gently, which are red from the pulling and writhing. “Why not?”

“Because now that you’ve untied me, I can punish you for teasing me. And I don’t think it’s very kind to leave my girlfriend alone if she can’t walk.”

My mouth goes dry and stomach drops. “But… I thought you liked it.”

“Oh I did. Very much.” He nods, eyes glinting. “But I can’t let you get away with it.”

I smile, holding up the garland in my hand. “Mercy? Points for creativity?”

He lifts me up and chuckles darkly, sliding out of me with ease and glancing from his cock, slippery with my juices and then to me. “I don’t think so baby. This is going to be one very merry Christmas.”

Fucking 65 degrees in my house and now I’m burning up *cries* hope you’re enjoying the collab with @tramngo99 so far! Much love~~

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PDA Party

Request: yes, anon

Hey, could u do a Carl one where there’s a small party maybe it’s just someone’s birthday (not the readers tho) or maybe they just want to have a little fun & the reader doesn’t really like PDA (not because she’s embarrassed BY Carl she’s just kinda embarrassed because she managed to score someone as amazing as him) but while everyone’s huddled around & just having a nice time & keeps kissing her on the cheek & mouth bc he loves how cute she is when she’s flustered & everyone keeps teasing them


Words: 552

Title is super cringy, but it’s on purpose bc it’s currently 1 am.

Okay, so there’s a story behind some of this. I took a lot of inspiration for some of this from my own bf. The part about walking around still hugging each other thing was something he did though thankfully we were inside where nobody could see and the last parts about stabbing. I’m sarcastic, I can’t help it


“Happy birthday!” you all scream. You’re not entirely sure whose birthday it is, but you were told there would be cake and that’s all that matters. Carl wraps his arms around your waist and you feel a blush rise to your cheeks. He sees and just smiles, thinking you look adorable when you’re all flustered like that.

“Whenever I do something like kiss you or hug you in front of people it makes you embarrassed?” Carl asks, amused . You nod, but then quickly shake your head so he doesn’t get the wrong idea.

“Not embarrassed to be with you. Just like…” You don’t know how to explain that you’re just still getting used to the fact that you’ve got someone so fantastic as him that you just blush at every single thing he does, especially if you’re in public. You settle with, “You’re just perfect and like…I…yeah.”

Carl smiles as you try and search for words and kisses your cheeks and forehead, earning another another bit of blush from you and a smile.

“Aw, young love!” Michonne says, noticing how Carl keeps kissing you and hugging you. You laugh and smile down at the ground. You feel another kiss being placed on the back of your neck and your smile grown. Rick decides to join in on some of the fun by giving Carl tips on how to impress you and saying how he should go over and lift something heavy to show off. That one embarasses Carl more than you, but when you bust out laugh at Rick’s comment Carl attacks you with kisses.

“Rick,” Michonne says, “leave him alone. Don’t want to embarrass him in front of his girlfriend now, do we?”

“Yes, that’s all the fun of being a parent right there.” You laugh and feel as Carl buries his head in the crook of your neck.

“Can we just go and eat cake now?” you beg. Carl kisses your neck a few times then nods his head. You’re smiling like a loon by this point, loving the feeling of his lips on your neck. You can’t help it!

“But I’m not letting you go so let’s see how this works.” You laugh as Carl half drags you half carries you over to the cake and manages to get both of you a slice of cake to share. This attracts some teasing from everyone around, but Carl doesn’t seem to mind much.

When you think he can’t do anything else to you he takes some of the icing and sticks it on your nose. You stick your tongue out at him as he laughs. You wipe it off and lick it off your finger, not letting perfectly good icing go to waste.

“You had enough PDA for today?” you ask. He leans over and kisses you over and over then pulls you close and hugs you.

“When it involves kissing you, hugging you, almost anything involving you…no. There’s never enough.”

“What if it was stabbing me?” you ask, turning to look at him.

“I knew you were going to say that!” he exclaims. “I said almost everything. Meaning not the bad things. Jeez, I was just trying to be romantic.” You laugh and kiss him on the nose.

“I love you, Carl.”

“And I love you.”

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Things I think about

- Does Spock know how to work a washing machine?

- When was interspecies marriage legalized in the federation?

- Are there starfleet regulation hijabs and kippahs?

- How does the federation prevent giving newly discovered cultures diseases they don’t have immunity to?

- Are there tribble mills, like puppy mills but for tribbles?

- Is the horta happy with its babies? Are the miners leaving it alone?

- Do Vulcans have memes yet?

    - In relation, does Spock have That Feel When No T’hy’la?

   - Or does he desire that mineral sustenance?

- Does Jim’s tummy know we love it?

- Is Bones eating enough?

- Are there Gorn coture shows?

- Has someone kissed the unicorn dog today?

Early Gift (1940s!Bucky x reader)

Hey everybody! I know I have kept you waiting for the 1940s Bucky x reader fic (sorry about that!) and I’m happy to say … TA-DA HERE IT IS!!! I was planning on posting it tomorrow, but a bunch of my tests got moved around to Wednesday and it’d be practically impossible for me to post tomorrow. So without further ado … here you go! (Oh, and be prepared to see more Marvel holiday fics coming up with Steve, Bucky, Pietro, and the entire team!)

Warnings: pure fluff, implied sexy time

(Y/C/E) = Your color eyes

(Y/N) = Your name

Words: 1,020

Originally posted by coporolight

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