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“Why, for someone who boldly announced that he came here to kill me, you look remarkably pitiful, Germaniya.”

Operation Barbarossa. 

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Hi, I'm writing a Royalty AU where Viktor and Yuuri are actually enemies, so I'm not sure how Yuuri would refer to him. He definitely doesn't want to show any sort of respect to Viktor, so that's where I'm sort of thrown for a loop. You mentioned about using pet names to show disrespect, but I don't think Yuuri would even be aware of that. So I guess the question is, what's my safest bet?

Nonny you just threw me through a loop too, lol. I’m also missing info in your AU so I’m just going to throw some general info at you and hope something sticks. For simplicity’s sake I’m assuming they’re in Russia, so here’s my thoughts:

The presence of surnames: Russian aristocracy actually got surnames early on (14-15th century), your Viktor could have one. However, if he’s Tsar’ of all the Russias, not really; he’s going to stick with a patronym. Any chance you had at using the surname for this has been revoked then.

Yuuri’s knowledge of Russian: if Yuuri’s going to Russia as an official, he’s either fluent enough in Russian to get by or has a good translator who will tell him how to diss someone in a hypothetical situation. But my money is on Yuuri being fluent in Russian because 1. they would have needed some understanding in order to be personal enemies and 2. your average Tsar’ is going to be fluent in languages like French (which was used in Russian court life a lot), not Japanese, so your Yuuri is going to have to step up to the plate. Remember that English was not a dominating language yet in those days, French and Latin were more likely to be used amongst nobility. So either way, your Yuuri probably already knows enough Russian to insult Viktor somehow or he at least has the resources to find out. Unless your Yuuri learns French instead to talk to Viktor, then this entire post is null and void lol.

Viktor’s name: If your Viktor is Tsar’, his patronym is going to end in -ovich. If he’s not, then his patronym is going to be in old form and he’ll have a surname. Reference my patronym post for details on how to go about this.

Alright, here’s your base information, so let’s go from there.

Yuuri calling him ‘Vitka’: ultimately a bad choice when considering the historical context, if Viktor is the Tsar’. This is what superiors call inferiors - as in a Tsar’ would call a peasant by their colloquial to really emphasize how lowly they were compared to him. So, no matter whether your Yuuri is emperor or ambassador or something else, this is just a bad plan and could get him into deep trouble if anyone hears. You don’t call the Tsar’ of all the Russias this without digging your own grave. In any other competitive AU I’d say go for it, use Vitka as often as you can, but let’s try not to get Yuuri in serious trouble with the freakin leader of the world’s biggest country.
– if Viktor is just some noble it’s a bit better. If they’re completely alone I’ll say go for it. Just beware of the political repercussions it could have for Yuuri. I don’t think he’s going to go to Russia to mess up the relations between their two nations, so let’s save Vitka for minor noble Viktor in private.

Yuuri using Viktor’s first name + patronym: ultimately your best bet. He doesn’t get in trouble and if he says Viktor’s name coldly everytime, it could have enough of an affect. Yuuri’s going to be looking out for his country in a royalty au, he would be afraid of messing anything up, so calling Viktor properly is your safest bet. Just convey everything else in tone.

An alternative: if you want to be even more distant, you could have Yuuri not call Viktor by his name at all. Instead you could use a form of address, ie if Viktor is the Tsar’, Yuuri can just call him “Your Imperial Majesty”. You can find a list of Russian forms of address here. What better way to distance yourself from someone than to not even say their name & only be distant and curt lol. It’d also save Yuuri from getting into trouble, as with the FN + Patronym.

The Russian language has changed over time, as to be expected, but hopefully this solves your dilemma!


I got this kinda weird AU idea with RusAme.

So the idea is that Russia has been crowned the king-leader-man of a country which HATES magical people, because their earlier leaders (Russia’s parents) were killed by them when they tried to take over the country and give themselves more rights because the cool magical people are always the ones being treated un-fairyly because that totally makes a lot of sense.

Anyways this leads to them being hunted and murdered because they are bad and stuff because reasons (totally not just to make sure the less-capable non-magical people can get more moneys and power because that’s not a motive anyone has right??)

SO this whole hunting people law was set in place after the king and queen being magically murdered, and their sorta assistant people had to lead until Russia got old enough. BUT NOW RUSSIA IS OLD ENOUGH AND GUESS WHAT HE FINDS OUT??

Everybody in the castle is like “Omg this sucks what do we do” and some people are like “We gotta keep this family as the ruler, it’s tradition and tradition is a cool thing.” And others were like “DOWN WITH THE MAGIC MAN” and then there was a huge killing of everybody because that’s what you do when people try to start a revolution within a castle. Most of the revolutionary butt-faces are gotten rid of, but the rare few runs off and escapes and becomes this evil group that tries to prove the leader is an Ice butt.

Meanwhile Russia is left with the most loyal servants to figure out what to do about this, and the stress and stuff make Russia slowly lose the very little control he had before of his magical powers, and he has to lock himself in this private throne room.

After this Russia-face is like “Yo we gotta fix this.” And other people are like “Okay cool, how about we go get a criminal magic person who can counter your ice magic and make him teach you.”
and Russia is like “Yeah that sounds safe.”

And that’s what they do.

Then they go to prison and find Alfred who is like this really annoying rebel butt who keeps escaping the stupid prison. They decide that yes he is the best option, hooray, and take him to Russia.

And then they become gay lovers.

I might make more about this AU, haha, but for now enjoy this little comic if you can!


EDIT 10TH OF 2016: I’m not seeing myself continuing this on my own, so if somebody wants to write about it or draw about it or something, feel free to message me!

RG federations
  • Russia : never enough crystal on a leo, never enough kakalin remixes. We get all the golds and we revolutionized RG!! No! no doping, corruption, Gazprom money or BFF Putin, why do you ask ? 5 points penalty !!!
  • Ukraine : Why do you need apparatus difficulty when you have Deriugina legs™
  • Belarus : how many cossack pivot variations does it take to be acknowledged and rewarded ?
  • Azerbaijan : uumm that's a nice gymnast you have here, how much ? INQUIRY. Yeah I like to almost choke my gymnasts to death before they perform to remember them I'm a good coach
  • Israel : PARTy music, now you dance!! what do you mean the qualification rules for Rio changed ?
  • Spain : *still does 6 illusions in a row after 18 olympics* now show me your expressive fierce flamenco face
  • Korea : *owes Russia 100K*
  • Italy : We're coming for you medals next quad
  • Georgia : SALOME, you'll get heating in your gym when you achieve results *medals at european games and Grand Prix, top 5 in the world* WHaT now you want a physiotherapist ?
  • South Africa : No Grace, you didn't deserve to go to the Olympics

[I wish I could hate you.]

Read from right to left. I started this little project months ago, so my drawing style is a little different than it is now. As flawed as it is, I’m glad to de kinda done with this, so please, if you enjoyed it, reblog it ! 

RusAme AU with Alfred as the owner of a local bakery and Ivan owning a Russian tea house that is right on the other side. They always fight and rant about that their food is better and the other should give up their business because they are disturbing there own until one day one of them actually is nearly brankrupt. The other helps out and Alfred and Ivan begin to actually form a friendship over it that soon becomes more. In the end they get together and put both of their shops together, opening a bigger (and better) one.


We’re in space, Chica!

@markiplier and Chica in space suits, with background and transparent.

I did some research on space suits and did a pretty proper design for Mark. Chica isn’t as lucky; Soviet dog space suits are hard to draw. Hers is actually based on a NASA space suit. 

Mark just loves space so much.

(Bonus messy gif that shows how I usually do art:

I am sorry and you’re welcome.)