enough hair more drag!!

Bolide -- Kai

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When you see him for the first time, it’s while you’re walking to work.  He’s leaning against the dirty concrete face of an old convenience store, his tall stature and coiffed pink hair more than enough to catch anyone’s attention.  He takes a drag from his cigarette and blows out a steady stream of smoke, his dark eyes catching yours for a moment before you walk past him and continue on your way.

The next time you see him is at a party that one of your exes is throwing.  The decision to end the relationship was mutual so you and Sehun were able to remain friends after the breakup.  Although he always invites you to his parties you almost never attend because you have work the next day or you’re tired from working the day of but tonight, you just want to let loose.  Your life has become so dull and monotonous; you need to shake things up a little or else you’re going to go mad.

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