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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #61
  • Phil: I still haven't figured out a name for our son :/
  • Dan: Oh but I've already named him
  • Phil: really? wha-
  • Dan: no, shrek, don't touch that you'll get hurt, son

& you’ll keep giving and giving, because that’s what you know best.

Sam Winchester Graphic Challenge: | weakspots vs. @always-keep-writing
↳prompt: personality traits – self-sacrificing


It’s been a long few weeks.

oracion seis headcanons

  • brain tries to make angel into the Stereotypical Seductive Girl™ when she was like 13 bc he’s terrible. it does not go as planned
    • brain “so then you slowly trail your fingers up his forearm” angel “so i rake my fingernails through his arm flesh?” 
    • cobra “brain why do you even know all this”
  • midnight was the only one who called brain “daddy” as a kid and was also coincidentally the last to learn the alternate meaning
  • cobra, whispering, whenever racer does anything: “gotta go fast”
    • the whole team pitched in to get him a sonic fursuit for his birthday as a joke
    • he did his next six assassinations in it. unironically.
  • hoteye went through an emo phase and still has all the evanescence songs from said phase memorized, except he rewrote them all with a pop beat and now sings them when he does anything, from high-level magic training to gardening
  • when angel was 12 she wrote a total of 87 angel au fanfics for 17 different books (and got a tiny meredy to proofread like seven during one of the balam alliance meetings)
  • brain comes storming into breakfast one day muttering darkly about lies and slander because an an unidentified person rewrote “does bruno mars is gay” except with his name and sent it to him four hundred times
    • it was cobra
  • midnight’s breakfast routine involves staring each of his guildmates dead in the eyes as he pours a combination of monster and redbull into his cereal

took a study break to draw some more of my Kanas bc I haven’t done that in a while

[if ur curious about the other kana stuff, it is here]


“Even in the darkest and most cruel person, there is still a kernel of good. And within the most perfect champion, there is darkness. The question is, will one give in to the dark or the light?”

happy very belated birthday to darling @meruis[gorgeous]

a white rose in disguise 💭


Laila Mahdi: USC Trojans

Pronounced ‘lehla mahdee’. 21. French Muslim raised in SoCal. Hijabi. Vegetarian. Friend to all dogs, but the best dog is my pug, Fabio. Fashion Design major and Arabic minor. Lover to my girlfriend, friend to all. Very into inspirational quotes. What is love? Love is earned (30:45). Love is rewarded (3:134). Love is steadfast (3:146). Love is reliance on God (3:159). Love is humanity (4:36). Love is not obsessive (4:36). Love is intimate (7:189). Love is sibling rivalry (12:8). Love is material (14:3) Love is true sacrifice (2:177). Love does not corrupt (2:205). Love is purity (2:222). Love is brotherhood (3:103). Love is fair (49:9). Love is following Muhammad (3:31). To love is difficult (2:216). Love is a Divine sign (30:21). Fake love is replaceable (5:54) Love is temporal (3:14). Immaterial love will die (29:25). Love is addictive (100:8). Love can become lust (12:30). Beware, love can turn to hate (60:7). Real love does not decay (49:12). Allah is love (11:90, 85:14). السلام عليكم 

My last post on this didn’t feel urgent enough so:

I need writing commissions. My parents screwed my bank account over when they came to visit and I don’t get paid again until the beginning of July. I have bills and I’m living on my own this summer so I just…really need this? I don’t like to ask for handouts, which is why I’m doing this instead.

I do a dollar for every two hundred words (thats 5 bucks for a thousand word fic, 10 for a 2,000 word, and so on). I’ll do nsfw fics too; any fandom I’m familiar with is up for grabs (Voltron, PnF, Gravity Falls, PJO, Arrowverse, etc), any and all pairings and if you provide enough context I can attempt OCs as well. About the only thing I refuse to write are r*pe scenes.

You can check through my “my writing” tag here, or browse my Fanfiction account (same name), AO3 account (TakingOverMidnight3482), or Fictionpress account (TakingOverMidnight) if you want to see examples of my work.

If you’re in summer courses or want someone to proof read something, I can do that as well. My major is Creative Writing, so English is kind of my thing. I’d charge by the page for that.

Transactions will be through PayPal, but if that doesn’t work we can always try to figure out another arrangement.

Brotzly Week Day #7: ‘A Hunch’

The signals of the universe aren’t always easy to interpret. Actually, they very rarely are. They dance around in front of Dirk’s eyes, never settling, never ceasing. Words in a script, in a language he doesn’t speak, always incomplete, constantly being written- and never in chronological order. It’s maddening. It’s exhausting. It’s confounding.

But every now and then, the universe drops him a lifeline. A hunch, if you will. An insistent tug on his sleeve, guiding him where he needs to go. Sometimes he even comes out unscathed- provided he follows without question, that is. The fickle finger of fate certainly likes to test his loyalty.

Sometimes it’s as simple as an order to turn left at the crossroads instead of right. Sometimes it’s the faintest inkling that the chap in the mustard duffel coat might be the right person to follow. Sometimes it’s a baffling and spontaneous urge to buy a pistachio muffin instead of banana.

This hunch isn’t quite like all those others, though.

There’s no crossroads, no shifty men in unusual coats (besides himself), and definitely no muffins.

But there is Todd Brotzman.

Todd, who’s looking up at him and laughing his rare, lovely laugh because a gust of wind just smacked Dirk in the face and sent his carefully combed hair up in a flurry of disarray. Todd, who’s wearing Dirk’s blue jacket with the patches over the harpoon holes. Todd who looks about the happiest he’s ever looked, cheeks pink and wind-chafed and dimpled to heaven and back with the force of his grin.

Oh, yes, the universe is definitely tugging on Dirk’s sleeve. And this time it’s a difficult signal to misconstrue.

He’s not sure who’s responsible- himself, or the gravitational pull that seems to have temporarily designated Todd as the centre of life, the universe and everything. But between one breath and the next, the gap between them is suddenly non-existent, and Dirk is tasting Todd’s laughter on his lips as their mouths meet in the chill night air.

Todd’s warm lips part beneath Dirk’s on a surprised intake of breath, his body like a furnace under Dirk’s palms. It’s a little clumsy, a little awkward but it doesn’t matter because it feels like the planets are aligning. The words have stopped swimming on the page, the typist has stopped typing and he can see now what’s right in front of him.

It’s Todd. It’s always been Todd.

Even when they break apart it feels like they’re sharing the same air. Dirk’s hand on Todd’s shoulder, Todd’s on Dirk’s forearm, not gripping or grasping, just maintaining the connection as they catch their breath. Dirk doesn’t open his eyes right away- doesn’t want to give any fuel to the small but insistent voice in his head, the one hand-reared by his own insecurities and the Not-Todds of his nightmares, that says that Todd will never speak to him again for this.

He doesn’t look, in fact, until the moment he feels Todd’s hand, warm and tender against his face.

Todd looks up him, blue eyes tinted gold by the streetlights, and he’s not smiling just now but it looks like he wants to, like he’s barely keeping it contained. Why on earth is he keeping it contained?

“Dirk?” he says, voice a nervous undertone. “Are you… you okay?”

Oh, right, because Dirk just fell completely silent and closed his eyes and is possibly sending very mixed signals? Yes, that would be it.

“Yes!” he squeaks. Damn, it wasn’t supposed to be a squeak. He clears his throat and tries again. “Yes. Yes, I’m… better than okay, actually. Are you…?”

“Yeah.” Todd doesn’t take his eyes off him, and Dirk can see them crinkle at the corners as he smiles. “Yeah, I’m good.”


He’s probably supposed to say more than that. He’s probably supposed to ask Todd something. Or tell Todd something. But at this very moment in time, he can’t say he has any idea what those somethings are.

And then Todd leans into his chest and wraps his arms around him, and he decides he really doesn’t care what those somethings are in the slightest.

He presses his face into Todd’s windswept hair and returns the embrace, smiling to himself as they slot together like pieces of a puzzle.

They’ve been getting much better at the hug thing.

Rowan trying to impress Aelin

Valhalla Enchanted Week - March 6 - 12, 2017

What it says on the tin, on March 6-12, 2017 we will be celebrating the classic pairing Valhalla Enchanted (AKA OneChar), which is the enigmatic and brutal One Eye (Valhalla Rising) with the stubborn and endearing Prince Charmont (Ella Enchanted). Romantically. Platonically. However you see them in whatever timeline or universe.

To do this post gifs, edits, fic, headcanons, art, whatever you want of Valhalla Enchanted.

Remember to tag “#Valhalla Enchanted” to make your post accessible and easy to find and let’s have a magical fairytale of a week~