you have to fall in love with the things around you because when its 3am and you’re up crying alone, giving up all hope. sometimes the only thing that’s gonna keep you here is the stars. and that is enough.
—  you don’t always need a grand reason to stay, let the small things be enough.

I’m super excited to present my newest Steven Universe inspired original song “Enough,” inspired by Smoky Quartz! I hope you enjoy!

when a disabled person says we can’t do something–don’t try to “encourage” us. i get why you’re doing it, i understand it’s with good intentions like 99% of the time, but Don’t.

we know our limitations. if i say walking down the hall is too much today–it’s too much! don’t cheer me on, don’t say “but getting up and moving will help!!1!”, don’t push me to do something i’ve clearly said i’m not up for. i know my body. 

on a similar note, if we say a treatment hasn’t worked for us or isn’t realistic to try–don’t push us to justify ourselves! we know our own disabilities and/or illnesses! we definitely know them better than you! so butt out! 

Alec Lightwood did not spend his whole life suppressing his feelings for his parabatai and men in general and finally has the courage to express a part of who he is by stopping his own wedding (to a woman, I might add) to kiss the High Freaking Warlock of Freaking Brooklyn to be shipped with girls and have fanfiction written about him where he is involved romantically/sexually with a woman and to be labelled as bisexual/pansexual when he is a canonically gay man