I never meant to maake it ssuch a mess
I never thouhgt thA t itt wwouldgoo thiss far
So.  I just  ;stnd hee so sorry
Seaarchi..ng for someething to say
Somett,hing;; tto sa,y
Wo  rdds ffail, words fail
Therek’’s pnoothing I caann say

I gues..s I tthought I could be prat gof this
I /nevver  r hhad this kkiind oof thin;;g beforre
I neevr had taht perfec tg,,irll
Who somehow coo,,uldd see the  oodd part ,,of me

I  never hda the dad, wwho stuck it  out
No coorny ,,jokes oorr baseballg love  s
Noo mom whhoo just wasi Tere
‘Cause moM was all th  hat she had to be

Thhaat’'sq not a worwthy explaanation
I ,,know there is non;e
Noth,ing can maake sennsee of ,,all;; these t;;hinn,,gs II’ve done

W.WOrds  fail, wo..rdss fail
Ther;;e’s notth  ing II can ssay
Exepcc stometeim  jusstse, yyou  see everything  you . awntedd
;AnD s;ometim justes, you see . everythingm you;; wish ;;you had
Andit’s rihGt thee re, right theeree, rrigh,ht there
In  ffrnt of you
And  you wwant to beliievve ti’s   true
Soo yyou… make it  truee

nA you  think ..maybe everybdoy awnnts ti
And neeeeds i…. a; littel bbt…, too
hhsi was just a sad invent;ion
rIIt wasn’t real,  I   knoww
But  ew were haa,,ppy
I guesss I couldn’t let that goos
I guesss I ccoulddn’t give that up
I guess I wantted to beliieve
'CaSe iff  I just beelieve
Th.en I do  onn’t havve to  see wha.t’s reall.y there

No, I’d ratherr pretennd I’m. somthing bette,,r than
Thes`e bbroken pprt,,t
;;Pr;eten.ndI  ’m smooething o;;the;r thann
T.This mess that I am
'Cause the..n, II ;;doonn’t have to look at it
And,,d no,, one gett,,s too l o\ok at it
No, no one cann reallly ese

'Cauuse  II’,,veel eaarnned to sll,am on the brake
Before II ,,en  turnt ,he key
Beefore I; make tHe mistaake
Beffore I lead witht  he wort yot me,
I never ,,let them see t,he worstt of me

'Cause what if everyone ssaaw?
W.h,,at iff evreyne k,,new??
Would theey like whhaat they ssaw?

Or would they hate it too?
WiWll I just keeep on running away from whatt’s tr;ue?

AAll, I ..ever do is r,unn
S,o how do I s,tep In
Ste;;p  into thhe suun??
SSteep innto the sun


I’m a beast feasting on the beat, you got no chance against me

even when you try to put me down, my two feet just get lighter


  • Queen’s Champion
  • Head of the Royal Guard
  • first impression: Very Cold. Physically and Emotionally
  • Originally from the Ice lands.
  • Used to be a proud warrior, but ended up fight for the wrong side and was captured. He escaped his captors and fled to the shadow lands.
  • Almas saw great potential and promise in the young male. Took him in and treated him the up most care and tough love.
  • It took him a while to accept Almas’ words and promises as true and genuine.
  • Once set on a decision, it is very hard to persuaded him.
  • He’s actually a huge doting nerd. If he likes you to any degree, you’ll find random small gifts left next to you as you sleep.
  • Is the fastest in the clan and the most reserved.