enoshima falls


Whoops, my hand slipped

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Random photos of Kyoto :)

Details are always quite important to me and despite Kyoto being a very clean touristy place there are still a lot of hidden gems left that make Japan Japan to me :)

Like someone nailing a small Torii to a random place on a wooden wall :D
<=the other panels didn’t have a Torii stuck on them :D

I’m always awed by the beautifully carved wooden panels I saw in Japan :o
caring out landscapes like these takes a lot of time and skill :|

A blue VW bug for @todayintokyo :D

And a happy and relaxed cat :3
It could not be bothered by the people wanting to enter the shop (^-^;)
Basically it just ignored the people stepping over it and just continued to doze on its doormat :D

A more sporty version of a typical Japanese scooter :)

A random golden bowtie laying around in the rain in Gion (^-^)
I had some confused people stare at me for taking photos of it (^-^;)

I’m sorry for the long pause between my last articles (^-^;)
I’ve been working on a new job since the end of May and spent most of my spare time with friends :)
I’ve just been too exhausted to do much else (^-^;)

I’ve been working on a few small projects but haven’t had the time to take proper photos of them but you can find mobile phone snapshots of them on Instagram :)

I’m currently planning my trip to Japan and so far the things that are certain are that I’m going to stay in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Otsu (close to lake Biwa and Kyoto :)
I also want to visit Yokohama, Kamakura, maybe Enoshima, Nikko (Egon falls :), Saitama (to see some friends and to see Kawagoe :), Ise (to see the Geku and the Naiku and to take better photos of them :), Izumo, Himeji, Kanazawa :) 
I need to visit Kanazawa after a friend described it in such a lucid way that I just cannot ignore it :D
and last but not least to Kobe to visit the Takenaka carpentry museum :3

I hope to write some more articles soon :)
This week should be somewhat calmer so I may be able to get a few more things done :)

If someone wants to meet up with me in any of the aforementioned place feel free to contact me :)

I wish everyone a great Sunday with sweet dreams of things you like and some of your favourite ice-cream :3

After the memory wipe
  • Kyoko: I'm sorry but what's my talent? Where am I?
  • Mukuro: oooh might have overdone that one
  • Junko: you're the ultimate toot-toot mcbumbersnazzle you're a traveling banjo minstrel with a song in your heart and weird purple hair
  • Kyoko: yes I am the ultimate toot-toot mcbumbersnazzle cheers! (Walks off playing the banjo)

Summary: “Junko-sama is MINE.” She emphasizes, glaring at the taller boy. He blinks, pauses for a second before smirking, leaning down until their faces were centimeters apart. “Oh, is she now?" Pre-Island. Spoilers.

Notes: Junkomamiki… It’s an interesting love triangle… I mean wow I don’t really ship Junkomaeda or Junkomikan BUT don’t you see the possibilities? He has Junko’s hand, Tsumiki loves Junko, Junko loves despair…. no? Only me? …. / hides my only question is why the eff are there sO MANY DIFFERENT SHIP NAMES FOR ALL OF THEM examples are komamiki komatsumi tsumaeda junkomikan junkomiki tsumishima junkomaeda komashima komajunko

I tried to balance out Junkomamiki but Junko’s a hard character to get right…. it’s my first time writing her. =u= 

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