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Sounds about right: almost evenly split between pretty stuff and nerdy stuff and pretty nerdy stuff. LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these blogs even though a few of them I didn’t even start following until basically right now. They are awesome. :D

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1) If you could live in any universe, which would it be?

Prolly DC because they have some amazing characters and villains

2) Mac or PC?


3) What color are your eyes?

Ice blue

4) Whats your favorite character, EVER.


5) Dream job?


6) Do you play any instruments?

Trumpet and a little guitar

7) If you could only watch one movie genre for the rest of your life, what would it be?

British comedy, because Monty Python

8) Are you pissed off at anyone right now, if so why?

Not really, I don’t get pissed easily but if I am you should prolly be worried

9) Who is your favorite OTP?

Not sure, I don’t pay attention to that too much

10) If you could go see any band in concert, currently together or not, who would it be?

Pink Floyd or Tool

11) Whats the last dream you remember having?

Honestly don’t remember

My Questions

1) If you had any superpower what would it be?

2) Favorite eye and hair color?

3) Favorite TV show?

4) What’s your dream?

5) What do you want to accomplish before death?

6) Favorite thing you’ve ever done?

7) Favorite season? Why?

8) Laptop or desktop?

9) Movies or TV shows?

10) Favorite car?

11) Favorite media file? (Tape, CD, Record, Download/mp3)

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