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estreladivinity  asked:

how can i learn enochian? all the posts im the tag are supernatural and don't actually teach you the language.

Here’s The Entire Enochian Dictionary, which I’ve heard good things about. It includes sections on grammar which seems really useful for actually mastering the language past the alphabet. 

I haven’t taken the challenge on myself (although I can write in it!), so if anyone else has good resources it’d be very appreciated!

-Mod Anafiel

Castiel’s Tattoo: A failure in a show’s mythology

So an image of Castiel’s tattoo finally got released to the internet. 

The sad thing here is that it is a bunch of completely gibberish Enochian. There’s Enochian dictionaries all over the internet, even translators. Why wouldn’t they take the extra 10 minutes to come up with something that had a translation? There’s going to be so many people with this tattooed on themselves and it is going to be like the Chinese hanzi fad where people went in to pick what they thought was the hanzi for strength but ended up with something backwards and unrelated. 

If you care, you read Enochian right to left. Here’s the translation, starting from the upper right.





Nearly zero of this translates into Enochian. Lame. 

Birthday Presents:

So Castiel gave her a stuffed bear. grumpy cat.

Dean gave her a gun (?), an enochian dictionary and a classic movie. 

Sam gave her a credit card which i have talked about here

I also think now that one of the reasons he did that is so he can keep track on her in case she’ll run off on Jody. 

But what do you guys take from the presents? I am sure it has some meaning. 

Castiel vs Words...

Cas has been thinking about words.

Some words ring out forever, his own for instance, at that bright final assault wall when Hell was breached; “Dean Winchester is saved!”

Some words change your course; “This is simple, Cas! No more crap about being a good soldier. There is a right and there is a wrong here, and you know it.”

Some words trap you; “You can save us, Castiel. God chose you to save us. And I think…Deep down…You know that.”

Others free you; “I know you’re in there. I know you can hear me. Cas… we’re family…"  

Some hurt terribly; "Listen buddy, uhm… you can’t stay.”

And others are confusing, on cold human nights in the Impala; “Lose the vest, come on… And do the buttons - why don’t you unbutton it?”

But it doesn’t matter. Because now, he just needs the right ones - words strong enough to undo a God-spell and a Devil’s cunning. 

He wrestles with the phrases on the roof of his mouth, as Dean, black-eyed, raises his killing blade…

Ol monons ils

It’s too late, in Enochian…