sllvn asked:

justus eisfeld n matthew hitt (mainstream yolo)

i literally can’t tell Justus apart from Janis Ancens at this point which is stupid since they don’t actually look anything alike, so i don’t have an opinion cause it’s probably not even an opinion on the right dude.

but Matthew Hitt is basically perfect when he’s not doing that crooked-jaw frowny thing he does; without that he looks like Sigourney Weaver and a cherub had a bb

ennu1 asked:

i literally love your playlist, i think i've had your blog open in the background for like an hour xx

aww haha thank you! It took me forever to put it together and I love that you enjoy it too -xx

sllvn asked:

that's kirsten dunst the blonde girl you bumhole and everyone thinks i look like her

i’m so culturally unaware omg what’s wrong with me