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is there any sort of torrent/online link for ennu ninte moideen with subs yet? it seems to take forever for malayalam movies to appear online :( also do you happen to know any theatres/suburbs in sydney that screen malayalam movies?

ahaha, my dear there’s a very good reason for that;

yes, 150+ days in and ennu ninte moideen continues to run in theatres in kerala. 250+ days in and premam is still running in tamil nadu. as a general rule production companies don’t release their dvds until the film is nearing the end of it’s theatrical run. and piracy is a pretty big deal in kerala- so you can’t expect a camrip until the end of theatrical run (if that- you’ll probs be arrested lol). i’m guessing you think malayalam films take forever to appear online because a lot of the films that released in 2013-2015 have enjoyed a 100+ day theatrical run, a lot of films have entered the top 10 highest grossing list in a short amount of time- the growth rate over the last 2 years is phenonmenal. naturally it’ll take a few months for those movies to come online. but in brighter news ENM should be out sometime from the 14th to the 16th of this month, and obviously the links online should be out soon after :). as for australian/sydney release centres- please follow the popcorn entertainments and tricolor entertainment FB pages. they’re the two distributors for malayalam movies in australia and usually provide updated timings/theatres :) 

Movie - 41, Ennu Ninte Moideen (Your's Forever, Moideen)

Ennu Ninte Moideen (2015)


R S Vimal

Movie Seen:04 October 2015

Place: Prasads Multiplex, Hyderabad

Note Written: 08 October 2015

After a long wait due to distribution problems on the first two weeks of release, the blockbuster ‘Ennu Ninte Moideen’ released in Hyderabad on its 3rd week. The cinema was houseful when we watched and it looked like everyone in the hall was engrossed in the love saga and completely satisfied. The Moideen- Kanchanamala love story, the story of 'Mukkam’ (close to my home), captivated hearts all around. Even though not perfect, it is any day better than the earlier 'love’ blockbusters in Malayalam such as 'Aniyathipravu’, 'Niram’ etc. 

The era the film is set in, the 60s, has been shown well and in great detail. The movie wasn’t shot in Mukkam. The place has changed a lot. Moideen and Kanchana’s love story is tragic yet triumphant - it will invoke in you a slight sadness, yet there is that feeling of the purity of undying love (both of which are a sweet fantasy humans hold on to), which makes you feel fulfilled and content (pure escapism).

The cinematography of the movie by Jomon T John was spectacular, also the music by Gopi Sunder. I really enjoyed the rain shots (which was aplenty), and I’m glad it rained once I got back. I felt the ending would have had more impact if the real photos of Moideen and Kanchana were shown as the credits rolled.

The movie was definitely worth the hype and wait. The performances great, especially Parvathy, Prithviraj, and Tovino Thomas (his 'Appu’ was a gem!). Seeing the antics of Prithvi as Moideen, I thought  how in awe of Moideen I would be if I had lived in the era - to say your love to your lover via a megaphone in guise of election campaign, that requires guts!

A great movie experience it was.


Ningade Athul

Just saw this movie today. This year saw 3 movies that just stuck into my thought process and kept me moving and that drove me into different layers of emotions. From Bajrangi Bhaijaan, followed by Bahubali (Telugu Version) and now this one Ennu Ninte Moideen, a masterpiece in Malayalam industry. Prithviraj man oh man I never liked your acting until something like Celluloid happened and after that you became choosy and you stopped doing lots and lots of clichés’ and your career graph went high & now through this movie, you have proved all of us critics wrong. Wish to see you more in this kinda meaningful subjects rather than the usual action flicks. As far as Parvathy is concerned, she just proved why she can handle different kinds of roles and style of acting. Bravo. Not to forget the unsung hero Sai Kumar. Who can forget the behind the scene technicians who made it look real, the whole crew. Prithviraj & Parvathy, you guys just not acted but made it look real and gave new dimension to a love story or a true story in Malayalam cinema in recent times. This one will be remembered as one among the great movies in Malayalam in years to come. My respect goes to the real #Kanchanamala.Though I am too late but its better late than never, so, my verdict will be 4.5/5.