ennies lobby arc

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I agree with the Nami thing, I think the last time Nami got ruffed up like that was in Alabasta. And she hasn't been in a challenging fight since Ennis Lobby i hope this arc changes that

yeah i was thinking alabasta too, i know she was def more actually hurt by her fight with miss doublefinger but i feel like she almost looks more overall beat up now than then.  i guess assisting in a fight for like 11 hrs straight and then being set on fire does that to you :’D

and yess definitely!!  tho tbf most of the straw hats haven’t really been in an actually challenging fight since enies lobby.  i kinda doubt she’s gonna get one this arc either since it’s just so chaotic and there’s so many enemies that rlly no one but luffy seems to be getting any proper 1v1s (and even luffy’s fight w/ cracker he had nami helping out on) but i’d love to see it.  

for some reason i get the feeling there’ll be lots of 1v1s for the straw hats who’ve been neglected fighting-wise in wano, or at least that’s my Dream.  it just feels like it’s gonna be that typa arc.  i’m not even a huge fan of the fighting aspect of the manga bc it’s just not my thing but i can’t pretend that all the 1v1s in alabasta weren’t really cool and helped showcase the crewmembers, and i’d love to see an arc go like that again.


I wonder what Zoro’s role will be in the upcoming events - he seems to not care about Sanji’s fate… even when Luffy asked him about it. And as much as I know that Zoro rarely is open about his feelings (he usually shows them by gestures??) but this is the second chapter in row when he doesn’t worry(?) at all.

(or maybe Zoro is convinced that Sanji has a plan or doesn’t need their help??)