Here is the translation to the drama cd link for “ENNICHI GA KITA” that @akeemi-life posted previously. Sorry it took me so long to post this. I’m going to make an additional post later on to explain my thoughts on it and etc. I really like this drama cd, honestly SO MUCH TODOMOMO FLUFF ITS CUTE. ENJOY!

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Shouto: Sister, I am Shouto, sorry for calling you during work, I have plans so I’m going to be late back home. You don’t have to cook for me. MM, I understand.

It’s more than plans, I ended up seeing a bulletin board during when I attended a club. That’s right, no doubt I do admire “this guy” (I think he means his father).

Yaoyorozu: Boku no Hero Academia Drama CD: ENNICHI FESTIVAL IS HERE!

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Plot: Ennichi-Royale - The Battle of Calamari County aka Operation Kingyo (RP with son-of-joy)

Agent 7 has called Agent 0 over to Calamari County, reporting the Ziz Armada’s attack on the peaceful developing town. The Great Barrier Reef Treaty Organization has failed to see this coming, and what’s worse is that the attack took place in a middle of an Ennichi Festival. 

Families and Friends, young and old, were running about in fear and panic. The Coelocanth Dropships were dominating the skies, Ammonites were pouring into the town.

He can see this from the Manta Hovercraft and he landed it at a safe distance to assure it doesn’t get damaged. Basically, he outside the combat for now until Agent 0 arrives.

“Dear Neptune, not like this.”

He still remembers that his mother lives in the county, but at least her place is away from the battle.

Rp Plot : Ennichi-Royale (RP with ask-hybrid-havoc)


The War Machine, Behemoth has been terminated; The Ziz Armada has lost one of it most prized weapons of mass destruction in this war. Their only options are to either offer peace talks or to continue the battle even through attrition.

Agent 1 was taking Agent Beta 10 back to Inkopolis on the Galapagos Tank, one of Bigfin Splatoon’s vehicles. Their first stop was at Octo-Valley at Cuttlefish’s Shack.

A campfire was lit and food rations were distributed to her and Agent Beta 10. And in the middle of the meal, someone was coming.


お祭り縁日 by kazu saito