The official drama cd in which Todoroki and Yaoyorozu went for their first time to the Ennichi Festival together GIVES ME SO MUCH LOVE !!! i really enjoy to draw yaomomo and todo in traditional clothes, they’re such beauties

In the audio Yaomomo tells Touro and Ochako that she never went to a festival like the Ennichi and were never allowed to eat some food there, ‘cause in her mothers point of view it’s a way to unhealthy and sleazy.- But imagine cute and excited Yaomomo looking at a candy apple sales booth and Todo is buying her one //dying

You want to see more of my drawing stuff? Just click on the tag “myart” / “my art” <3 (More is coming soon ❤)

Boku no Hero Academia Official Drama CD: Ennichi Festival

I made a video for the official Drama CD. The CD was originally a recording made by Studio Bones with the help of the official cast of the anime’s voice actors so I thought it would be cool if I made an English translation video out of that.

SUMMARY: The story revolves around the upcoming Ennichi festival just around the corner that is hyping up our U.A students. Warning: incoming canon todomomo fluff!

The video wouldn’t be possible without the help of @todomomo! XD

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own BNHA, rather it belongs to Horikoshi Kohei and Studio Bones. This is merely a fanmade video.



Here is the translation to the drama cd link for “ENNICHI GA KITA” that @akeemi-life posted previously. Sorry it took me so long to post this. I’m going to make an additional post later on to explain my thoughts on it and etc. I really like this drama cd, honestly SO MUCH TODOMOMO FLUFF ITS CUTE. ENJOY!

  Link to original post with the recording

Shouto: Sister, I am Shouto, sorry for calling you during work, I have plans so I’m going to be late back home. You don’t have to cook for me. MM, I understand.

It’s more than plans, I ended up seeing a bulletin board during when I attended a club. That’s right, no doubt I do admire “this guy” (I think he means his father).

Yaoyorozu: Boku no Hero Academia Drama CD: ENNICHI FESTIVAL IS HERE!

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ruiyuki  asked:

80,,,, or 83,,,, or 87,,,,, your choice bc I CANT CHOOSE. ALL OF THEM ARE GOOD AAAAAA For todomomo ofc.

Okay fam ideally I would like to write all three but it’s 2:37 in the morning so I gotta make this quick, but trust this drabble is lit cuz you deserve a good story. 

Prompt: 87. “You were never just my friend”

Words: 344 (I know it’s not a drabble anymore, but the prompt was so good that I decided to put it in my longfic. Consider this as a sneak preview of the next chapter maybe)

The lights in ennichi seemed to blend naturally with the night sky, when out of nowhere Momo decides to drop a strange question.



“What am I to you?”

“Don’t you think that’s an open-ended question?”

“You can answer it however you see fit.”

Shouto pondered for a while… Ten minutes have passed and still no answer from him. He never realized how hard a question like this can be. So he took a deep breath, and let his heart do the talking.

“If I were to say that you were the first girl I’ve ever befriended that would be true, but not an entirely complete answer.”

Momo nods in agreement.

“What if I were to tell you that you were my first kiss, would that suffice? Probably not.”

Again Momo agrees.

“Okay. What if I were to tell you that you are all that, plus so much more. You are the one who keeps me grounded whenever I feel like falling. You are one of my inspirations to keep moving forward despite the many obstacles that stand in my way. You continue to make me a better person, and every day I spend with I cherish it like it’s my last. I used to think that my destiny is set in stone, but you’ve shown me that there’s more to life than just being a human weapon. You were never just my friend. You created hope for me. Though it should be a surprise since that is your quirk after all.”

Shouto inhales deeply to catch his breath. “So, what am I to you?” Without hesitating, Momo yanks Shouto by his yukata and locks her lips on his. To Shouto the world slowed down for a brief minute, and never was there ever a more impeccable time for a kiss. The fireworks that filled the night sky matched whatever feelings they had when they shared their lips with each other. Fleeting yet very memorable.

“You really are good with words, Momo.”

“What can I say, you bring the best out of me.”

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favourite todomomo manga moments? :3

Yay! I love this question :p I screenshotted some snippets from the anime and the manga; by no means am I saying these are all of my favourites because there are too many and also by no means am I saying that everyone has to interpret their interactions as romantic. I’m just gonna say some of my thoughts about each one so bear with my long answer! 

1. The cavalry battle (these are all from S2 E5): I really like their teamwork here. Given that Iida and Kaminari are also part of the team, I should mention that as a team everyone works so well together, it’s insane. BUT I wanna focus on the fact that Todoroki calls on Yaoyorozu multiple times, I’d say more than Iida and Kaminari, and she doesn’t doubt his judgement either; he relies on her quirk and quick reaction while she relies on his fast perception in any situation. 

Yaoyo making him a pole for his freezing at the final confrontation against Midoriya and Bakugou after he calls on her

Also Yuki Kaji’s voice is so perf for todo like everytime he says her name I just can’t

2. In both cases you see that Yaoyo really really looks up to him….LIKE CLEARLY…”Todoroki…this and Todoroki that…”

Chap 20-Invasion at USJ

Chap 84- Bakugou rescue team

3. FINAL EXAM, of course I gotta mention this. Todoroki notices that she’s bothered and worried about the practical exam when he thinks that she shouldn’t be. He voted for her in chapter 10 dammit. Like 53 chaps after it’s revealed that he’s the one that voted for her? Shoujo sht right here. 

Chap 60

Chap 63-Look how happy she is goddammit.

4. This is part of the rescue arc too. I just wanna note how cute she is being so flustered when he asks her the question about why they had to buy costumes. AND what the hell if you notice in chapter 95, at first they stood like this: Yaoyo, Iida, Mido, Todo, Kiri…..then after a few panels, they go to the train station, and everyone’s standing around the same place except for Yaoyo and todo. Perhaps they live in the same direction. Just cute. im ded.

Chap 85

Chap 95

Honorable mention is the drama cd where they both go to the Ennichi Festival :D

THANKS FOR YOUR ASK!! I honestly was gonna type like a whole essay about them.           

Update: woops I realized I also forgot to mention that part when todo’s like “hey you sick? If you are theres a pressure point on top of the foot…..” And yaoyo’s just trying to hide that fact that she’s tearing up in chapter 64 XD

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So this is kind of a sad-turned-cute prompt but imagine Yaomomo getting stood up on a blind date and Todo to the rescue!

 Note: Thanks! Actually I had this in mind half a year ago but never wrote it. Happy reading! This one is longer than the others :p I also paid homage to the drama cd haha

In which Todoroki sees her again after a year

               Her friends made this sound a lot easier than it really was.

               Just two hours ago, Yaoyorozu was in her room with Ashido, Hagakure, and Jirou as clothes were being stuffed back into her drawers, and then taken out again. She stood like a mannequin for the three girls as bouts of laughter encompassed them. With jewellery dangling on her like a Christmas tree, she took notice of how much of a pig sty her room had become. Ashido, being the hopeless romantic, wanted to set her up with someone she met from middle school. Strong, tall, charming, responsible…was what Ashido described the mystery blind date as, and with no doubt, he was someone who valued someone else’s time.

               Then why is it that he still hasn’t shown up?

Yaoyorozu pondered quite considerably too, before agreeing to this, since she had someone whom she had high regards for but she was certain destiny has it that they weren’t meant to be. So why not give this ‘perfect’ guy a chance?

               “Are you still waiting for your friend?” The server came again to ask, professionally balancing 5 plates at once, and Yaoyorozu could count with her fingers the number of times she had checked up on her table for thus far. Exactly 4 times.

               “Yeah, he should be here soon,” Yaoyorozu gave a fake smile, so meek that even she couldn’t fool herself, “He is stuck in traffic, I think.” Her last words trailed off into a discreet utterance.

               “Alright then, call me when you’re ready to order,” the server gave her a quizzical look, suspicion written all over her expression, and walked away with a sway of her hips. Yaoyorozu rested her head on her palm, playing with the little packets of raw sugar on the side of the table with her other hand and sighed.


               “Okay so the newest superhero movie just came out, who’s down to go this weekend?!” Kirishima’s sharp, fang-like teeth glinted as he gave a large grin, “It’s gonna be the best movie of 2017, I swear!”

               “I’ll go,” Tokoyami laid his arm around Midoriya as Kaminari nodded in agreement, “And Midoriya, you better go too. Don’t tell me you’re hanging out with Uraraka again.”

               Midoriya mouth formed a thin line, “With our schedule, I haven’t been able to see her for two weeks Tokoyami-kun, so….”

               “No can do,” Tokoyami shook his head, his feathers ruffled as he did so, making them appear more dynamic than usual, “Todoroki, how about you?”

               The three guys turned to face Todoroki right when the gorgeous and curvy bartender delivered their beers. Kirishima cocked an eyebrow when something black caught his eye underneath Todoroki’s glass and he sloped his body forward to take a peak, and sure enough, it was the bartender’s scribbly handwriting forming her phone number and flirty words of sorts. Kirishima knew beforehand that the bartender had zero chance.

Looking back at Todoroki, he seemed very concentrated on something on the other side of the room, neglecting the gazes that he was receiving from his friends, and Kaminari smirked.

               “Todoroki, are you checking out some hot girl?” Kaminari stuck his head out and scanned the area shamelessly, and his brows began to furrow, “Which girl are you even looking at?”

               No response came and on the contrary, it seemed that Kaminari’s question cued Todoroki’s aimless gaze to fix on his drink. The bartender watched him solicitously as her number below his hand caught his attention, but he ignored it just as fast. The boy gulped down most of the beer, wiped his mouth with a quick motion and was prepared to leave his seat.

               “Ehh? Isn’t that Yaoyorozu?” Kirishima cried out in surprise, “Let’s go say hi! It’s been like a year since we saw her.”

               Kaminari’s face brightened up, “You were staring at Yaoyorozu? Man, Todoroki, you are so…”

               His stomach dropped when Todoroki’s death glare pierced him and he quickly shut his mouth.

              The red-haired boy was bursting with energy though and his chair wobbled as he pushed off his bar stool. However, Kirishima wasn’t reading the mood properly, both Tokoyami and Midoriya recognized, and Tokoyami’s outstretched arm halted him midway.

               Midoriya spoke without skipping a beat, “doesn’t it look like she’s waiting for someone? Impatiently too?”

               Tokoyami crossed his arms and closed his eyes, looking thoughtful, “It’s the abyss of love.”

               The others, with the exception of a nonchalant Todoroki, were taken aback by their friend’s unexpected, edgy comment. Good ol’ Tokoyami.

               “Looks like she got stood up though,” Kaminari swallowed, “It’d be embarrassing for her if we go over there now.”

               It’s the sophisticated yet mournful look on Yaoyorozu’s face that urged Todoroki to act. She’s mature enough to handle herself, he acknowledged that fact, but she didn’t deserve to be treated like this. Putting his unfinished glass down with a thud, he maneuvered past the other patrons and headed over to her, paying no heed to his friend’s remarks.


               The mix of footsteps was muffled to her by now and the music didn’t grow on her either. It won’t be long till her patience subsided completely. She was frustrated and disappointed, but most of all, she felt shamed. ‘Too naïve’, was what she always said to those around her, as if she had the right to criticize. But now it pertained to her. Oh, the irony.


               A whiff of spice overcame her senses and she poised, “You’re finally here!” Her voice broke in a happy tune.

The girl looked up and froze, meeting icy orbs plus white and red hair. She was stupid for not recognizing his familiar, bold voice.

Todoroki gestured in an attempt to ask if he was allowed to sit across from her and she nodded slightly. He should be glad for her to be meeting people, much less people of romantic interest, but as if thorns jabbed his chest, he wanted so bad to kick whoever this guy was all the way to Antarctica.

“Oh your friend is here!” The server couldn’t be more coincidental and eyed Todoroki up and down, a blush reaching her cheeks.  Yaoyorozu pressed her lips together.

“He’s actually not the…”

“Yeah, I’m late,” Todoroki cut in, flipping through the menu like a storm, “I’ll take the steak and she will have the same.”


“Oh and also two glasses of the 1990 Chateau Margaux.”

At that, both the server and Yaoyorozu’s eyes widened. The latter was sure the price for that particular wine was $450 per glass but was partly glad that he remembered her favourite choice of reds. After the server thanked them profusely and walked away, the two sat there in a silent discord. Both wanting to ask each other about their new lives, eyes meeting and fleeting away, yet hesitant to know of one another’s change.

She kicked his leg accidentally under their wooden table.

“Uh sorry,” she spoke first, igniting the conversation, “Todoroki, I’m just wondering…why are you here?”

“Why, am I not allowed to be here?”

This prompted her thoughts of the Ennichi Festival where a similar question was raised by him years ago.

“No, of course you are,” she peeked at him. Through candlelight, his jaw line appeared more defined and his hair was a little shorter than she recalled. Everything else about him was the same though; he was still making her heart race without even trying.

“So was someone supposed to be here?” he stared at her and her eyes darted away.

“Well,” she started to focus on the buttons on his sleeves, “Ashido’s acquaintance was supposed to be here.”  

“Like a date?” he asked, not intending to make her restless but the shiver of her hand proved the contrary.

“Like a date.” She managed to repeat, and her shoulders relaxed, “but he never showed up.”

“Maybe he came and saw you and walked away,” he added.

Todoroki’s desperate attempt at joking and making her laugh was abysmal. His statement was met with lamentable eyes and he knew that ruined the mood.

“I was kidding,” he quickly explained, scratching the back of his neck. Yaoyorozu looked hopeful for a second and giggled. Noticing the upward motion of his lips as well, a nostalgic feeling showered her. In the back of her mind, an unnerving question coerced her to speak and finally she gave in.

“Todoroki,” she spoke, anticipating, “so are you seeing anyone?”

“Yes,” he said and she felt a pang in her chest, but recovered when he continued, “I see Midoriya quite often.”

“Oh,” she was relieved, “I mean are you dating anyone.”

Todoroki thought for a while, “No. I don’t know how to attract the person that I like.”

Yaoyorozu gulped inaudibly. Within the past year, things have changed too much. They had grown up.

 “I think …girls are simple though. They like food, and flowers,” she responded with a gleeful tone.

“Mmm,” his voice trailed off, he turned around, looking as though he was searching for something, “how about steak and wine?”

“Yeah steak and wine works,” she bit her lip, crestfallen, “Whomever you like must be lucky.”

“No I think I’m luckier.”

She considered his every move after his last word, while toying with the piece of hair that framed her face. As the server came to place their food on the table, Todoroki stood up from his seat without warning. He didn’t stall to think about where to go and gave Yaoyorozu a quick glance.

“I’ll be right back,” he said, “You go ahead.” And she was left to wonder what he had in mind.

After a minute, Todoroki came back panting and when Yaoyorozu casted her eyes over to him from a half eaten piece of potato, she was ossified in her seat.

There he was, standing with one pink rose decorated with cellophane and chevron ribbons. He pushed it toward her, eyes commanding.

“Todoroki, what is—“

“Steak, wine and flowers,” he corrected himself, “I mean a flower. The florist across the street was closing so this is what was left.”

He cleared his throat, sensing his friends at the bar observing him, “I’ve wanted to do this since forever ago. But I was confused and I didn’t know what to do that was best and would impress you.”

The girl opened her mouth to speak, finally connecting the dots, but instead, she took a deep breath and accepted his flowers.

“You could impress me with just your presence, Todoroki.”

He was stunned by her answer and his expression softened. Within the warm glow of the candles, she erased the distracting silhouettes and sounds in her mind, tiptoed a bit, and kissed him.

anonymous asked:

Ok so different anon, but "Todoroki and Izuku team up to try and help each other woo their crushes, the only issue is they have no idea what they're doing." WAS AMAZING WOULD YOU DO A ROUND TWO? The way your write todomomo makes me cri ><


Hello, its been awhile since I posted a hc and I did wanna do a part 2 for this. @negumiandtodomomo​ you asked for a festival-themed one so here it is (this isn’t related to the drama cd but oh wells)! im so sorry again my inbox is pretty full, i haven’t gotten to all the asks

I really like these two pairs together though hewhew. Most festivals in Japan happen in the summer but there are lantern festivals in Autumn in some parts of Japan :) I also sneakily added a scene related to my Tangled Au 

They’re wearing the same outfits as in this HC about another festival

Click read more below!

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Drama Cd: Ennichi ga kita update

Hey guys, just wanted to explain something that I finally was able to find out this morning. 

Original link to my translation is HERE

The part where Hagakure and Uraraka were at the festival eating and Hagakure sees Todoroki with girl (which was obviously Yaoyo), Hagakure exclaims that ‘yeah Todoroki was right there and he was with a cute girl in a yukata together!!’ in which Uraraka replies “EHHH すみにおけん!” 

The phrase that Uraraka uses is actually an older expression so I couldn’t really tell what she really meant by that, but thanks to a friend, she told me that it actually means “something cannot be ignored or underestimated”. 

It has several meanings depending on context, but in this context it could mean all of “Todoroki isn’t someone to be underestimated! (because he has a girl with him)” OR “Quite a guy!” OR “Isn’t Todoroki quite the stud?!” 

HAHAHA I thought it’d be interesting to share this with you all. Have a nice day!

Plot: Ennichi-Royale - The Battle of Calamari County aka Operation Kingyo (RP with son-of-joy)

Agent 7 has called Agent 0 over to Calamari County, reporting the Ziz Armada’s attack on the peaceful developing town. The Great Barrier Reef Treaty Organization has failed to see this coming, and what’s worse is that the attack took place in a middle of an Ennichi Festival. 

Families and Friends, young and old, were running about in fear and panic. The Coelocanth Dropships were dominating the skies, Ammonites were pouring into the town.

He can see this from the Manta Hovercraft and he landed it at a safe distance to assure it doesn’t get damaged. Basically, he outside the combat for now until Agent 0 arrives.

“Dear Neptune, not like this.”

He still remembers that his mother lives in the county, but at least her place is away from the battle.

Rp Plot : Ennichi-Royale (RP with ask-hybrid-havoc)


The War Machine, Behemoth has been terminated; The Ziz Armada has lost one of it most prized weapons of mass destruction in this war. Their only options are to either offer peace talks or to continue the battle even through attrition.

Agent 1 was taking Agent Beta 10 back to Inkopolis on the Galapagos Tank, one of Bigfin Splatoon’s vehicles. Their first stop was at Octo-Valley at Cuttlefish’s Shack.

A campfire was lit and food rations were distributed to her and Agent Beta 10. And in the middle of the meal, someone was coming.

anonymous asked:

❝ So sorry to keep you waiting. ❞ -yourhuckleberry

“I did not wait long,” Hanzo assured.

They had been exchanging texts for a little while since that first collaboration, though they’d seemed to keep missing each other, always in different cities in different countries. That is, until Hanzo was in the suburbs of Hanamura and got a text from McCree saying he’d just landed in Japan. On a whim, he’d invited the cowboy to an ennichi at a local temple - and to Hanzo’s surprise, McCree accepted.
Hanzo, in possession of a hotel room this time, had bought a yukata for himself; the fabric was deep blue, patterned with white silhouettes of bamboo leaves, and a white obi tied at his hips. His hair was still tied with its usual long ribbon, though he’d gone without his weapon or his archer’s glove. He’d given McCree directions to the temple, and stood to wait just beyond the rows of stalls set up in the courtyard.

“Thank you for attending with me today, McCree,” he added, the smile more in his eyes than on his lips. “Once again, indulging an old man’s whims.”