QUEENS OF THE BALL [Click Image To Enlarge]

Portraits of debutantes of The Links, Incorporated, Chapter of Washington, D.C., circa 1960′s. The Links are one of the nation’s oldest and largest volunteer service organizations of extraordinary women of color, who are committed to enriching, sustaining and ensuring the culture and economic survival of African Americans and other persons of African ancestry.

lancing-around  asked:

“You look tired. Need a ride?” (I was thinking some modern au smth?)

(I’m down.)

Pidge rubbed their eyes under the glasses lightly before looking up from their glowing computer screen. “Uh sure thanks… My brother was suppose to come and get me… but knowing him he probably forgot or his phone is dead.” They muttered while standing up and closing their laptop. The young woman was currently dressed in a green oversized hoodie with an alien print tank top underneath and black cargos, a black beanie hid most of their messy sandy blonde hair while their large spectacles seemed to enlarge her already pretty hazel eyes.  

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siryl  asked:

A dinosaur episode, a wild west episode, a Genie episode, a mind swap episode, a shrinking episode, a "King Kong"-style enlarging episode, a "The Prince and Pauper" episode, an "It's a Wonderful Life" episode, a Fairy tale dream episode, an episode where a white lie spirals out of control, a time travel episode with the remarkably similar ancestors of the main cast, an episode where a computer becomes someone's jealous and possessive lover, and an episode where "there's no such thing as ghosts."

I can already find a way to work with most of these

the Prince and the Pauper one might be difficult, though, since the protagonist is already a princess who lost her home

Typographical Dilemmas: The Experiment on Positive Online Reading Experience
The questions about typography appear every time a new website or blog is created.
By Anna Kulawik

Some useful research into this highly subjective area.

Research Conclusions in a Nutshell

  • preference of line spacing and line length can be tested equally well on paper and on the display
  • the results of testing font size are different in the case of electronic and printed texts
  • when there is no potential possibility to enlarge the view, readers prefer bigger font sizes
  • font size and line length are less significant than line spacing in the case of electronic texts
  • people often aren’t consciously aware of their typographical preferences, thus testing is better than asking

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aren’t these the most beautiful photos you’ve ever seen??? *___*
they say a picture is worth a thousand words, well you know what… i feel like some of these pictures are better representations of reality than any ‘analysis’ we could ever read, or write, for that matter. 

yixing, yixing… please never stop looking at him the way you do ;_; you warm my heart, you make angels sing… and you make junmyeon happy, too, i have no doubt ;; 

aaahhhh i just had a thought… imagine if actual active fansites shipped them, how many photos like these we’d get :O we’d get sooooooooo many because yixing actually spends 80% of his time staring at suho! true fact!!!

ok here are 2 last ones for the road!!

-Gaby ✌️

anonymous asked:

Hi! I know you're out of fucks to give....but are those NY license plates or Montreal license plates on the cars? 🤔

I enlarged it on my phone but it was so blurry I couldn’t tell. I believe I read on another blog earlier that they were Montreal license plates, though.