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A blanket, a tea and a mother's love

Summary: “I’m in love with your son.” “I know.” And that’s all it took for Dan Howell to break.

Word Count: 2.7k

A/N: Just some disgusting Dan-Mrs. Lester fluff. FLUFF enjoy.

When they got to the Lester’s house and were told that Dan usual room was being painted and that he and Phil had to share his room, the brunette didn’t think much of it, after all, they slept together all the time.

Well, they used to sleep together all the time back in 2009. I mean, it has only been, what? Seven years? They always fell asleep in the lounge and even ended up cuddling so, was there a differece?

The answer was yes. Yes there was.

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He repeated it to himself in a mantra. Today would be the day, today would be the day, today would be the day.

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Jongdae doesn’t show up to class very much… but when he does, he pisses Luhan off.

After (unheard by a mourning Luhan):



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regina x robin {waiting game}
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chapter 16 - harry’s pov

heyyyy y’all, so basically i’ve been shit with updating and everything so to hold everyone off for a little i dug up this harry’s pov thing i did a little bit ago that i never posted… so without further ado here is the end of chapter 16 in harry’s pov (aka where harry got hurt after footie and birdy took care of him aw)

Birdy’s laugh was a funny thing to me, a strange titter filled with subtle snorts and face scrunching. She was letting out her laughter in loud increments as I tickled her sides and all I could think about wasn’t how undeniably happy she looked or how she might have actually been enjoying herself curled into me and  my dirty football kit– it was how annoying that bloody laugh of hers was.

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regina x robin | outlaw queen {certain that i’m yours}

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regina x robin “i can be happy”

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