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Hello everyone! I’m am pleased to announce that I have hit 150 followers!! I would like to thank everyone who inspired me to be in this fandom, and to those who inspired me to draw fan art, and keep practicing.

Thank you especially to @mushi0131 @nalu-natic @proudtobeaginger , you guys have helped me so much without even knowing it. Your writing and art has moved me so much so that I wanted to create my own to be like you.

I cannot wait to continue enjoying anime with everyone, and share all the beautiful art and writings. Thank you! ✿♥‿♥✿

ID #98203

Name: Yuliana
Age: 16
Country: United States

So I’ve been interested in gaining a pen pen pal for awhile now and finally decided to submit :)
I’m a bisexual female who enjoys anime, drawing (especially in watercolor), stand-up comedy, musicals and much more that I cant think of off the top of my head.

Preferences: None really :)


Would you be able to tell a real anime from a fake one? In this video, I team up once again with my friend Dominic to challenge my knowledge of anime, and all of YOU made this challenge incredibly tough AND enlightening!! Hope you enjoy!!

Poor Yurio can’t catch a break, even over long distance video calls (Viktor you act oblivious but we all know otherwise)


“Maybe it’s impossible to live life without any regrets. Even when you know the future… you’ll still mess up.“ 

orange wallpapers requested by anonymous ☆

Trying to get back into the groove of this doujin. Every time I draw Sesshomaru it’s so stressful cuz it feels like: ‘My God if I don’t draw him absolutely flawless they’ll never forgive me’. Anway, have a preview of one of the newer pages I’ve sketched this week. This one is page 61 (I am only at 68 atm. By my calculations I have about 20 more to sketch)

Also hey look! Flashback to Obon!Kagome from Chapt. 07!

quick draw of a fluffy russian ice pal