enjoying the sun on sunday


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0axgfq0ohOo)

As I prepare to go to sleep and avoid the daylight, those of you who dwell in the sun can enjoy starting your Sunday off right with breakfast from Spectacular Organic! I don’t quite know what it’ll do to you, but it seems legit.



Äußere Alster Hamburg \(^-^)/

The weather was so nice this Sunday :3
I enjoyed walking around and enjoying the sun :3
I walked from Wandsbek to the Äußere Alster, around the Äußere Alster and back to Wandsbek that day :D <=(18 km :)

It was fun and I enjoyed taking photos and seeing Hamburg :)

Walking around the Alster is quite relaxing although it was very busy that day as many people tried to make the best of such a nice day :)
I found a lot more of these happy graffiti along the road :D

On my way back I passed many nice and calm spots and I enjoyed the sight of the church behind the trees :)
It looks as if it was outside the city but is is actually in the middle of Hamburg :D

Can you spot the squirrel on the last photo? :D
I saw many squirrels going about their squirrel business :D
It is funny to watch them run around and run up trees (^o^)

I think my articles about Hamburg are not that interesting to most people but I’ll post them anyway :D
Although I doubt I will start posting these regularly as my interests are mainly focussed on Japanesey thingies and woodworking (^-^)
So I hope you will take these articles for what they are an simple expression momentary happiness and the wish to share it with other :)

I wish everyone a great week and weekend and sweet dreams (^-^)/