enjoying the moments we did get without over thinking them and that's all i'm going to say about it


Requested: Yo can you do an imagine where y/n and Shawn get into a car accident..And Both are hurt..But y/n is hurt bad.. Shawn’s okay but he is damn worried about her.. like there’s a lot of blood and all.. and all this from Shawn’s POV Thanks gurl ❤

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Shawn’s POV

“Y/n!” I shout, but she’s not responding. Her eyes are closed and she’s crumpled against the side of the car. She’s so still, too still. This can’t be happening. This can’t be fucking happening. “Y/n! Baby, wake up, talk to me.” I’m fighting to get to her, but my damn seatbelt is jammed, and the more I fight it the more my shoulder aches. I need to get to y/n, there’s glass, she’s bleeding. She’s hurt. I need to get to her.

I’m screaming for help, for someone to help y/n, because I’m stuck, and I can’t help her, and I need to know that she’s okay. Someone comes into view, squatting down to get a look into the overturned car, “Are you okay in there?” He shouts.

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What did you think abt this season? Im not sure if i liked it or not

Oh boy…I actually have a lot to say about this so I’m making a read more. 

Meet me on the other side for some sugar and salt.

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i'm so sad reading the reviews seems like the spoilers were right :( karen is barely in it and that's so shit they made deb seem as a lead and i was really happy with these kastle contents but now it seems like this is all there is and sigh sorry it's just i was really looking forward to lots of karen not just kastle. why did they make deb promote like as if she'd be in every episodes it's so annoying.

One thing to remember is that a lot of these reviews are based off of the initial 6 episodes, with a few exceptions like THR. And, ultimately, I’m just gonna say what I have from the beginning – we still get Karen in some capacity in at least several episodes. 

We were once over here without an ounce of hope that she’d get a cameo, then we didn’t expect her to stick around for more than a one episode guest appearance. And now all these glimpses of scenes we’ve have? Which – if a “maniac” comes after Karen at some point in the story, then I feel marginally confident we’ll be seeing a few scenes of her outside of Frank. After all, I believe IMDb lists Ellison for 2 episodes as well. And we know those aren’t likely to be Frank/Karen/Ellison scenes, lol. 

Plus we already know that the kastle scenes aren’t distinctly going to go in any direction with a label, so all the stuff we do get of her investigating, quiet moments in her apartment, her weathering threats and violence – even as most (or all) are in the presence of Frank, that doesn’t negate that they’re Karen scenes too. Doesn’t negate that we’re getting to see Karen and what she’s doing and how she’s thinking and how she’s reacting maybe differently or more completely now to some things, like said violence.

I’m still on a wait and see, because on a related note–

I wouldn’t trust the reviews right away. Tbh, I haven’t read many reviews for comic-based works since really I started watching them back with the first Iron Man movie. And I remember checking one or two for DDS2, mostly in attempts of finding interviews at the time, and they were hit and miss about the things I actually ended up adoring (namely, Karen, as well as others).

Moreover, these reviews are wild. They’re all over the board. A lot of them read like long-standing critics (listing x and x perceived missteps of all the Netflix Marvel shows in the past and which they say TP does as well) and non-fan reviewers. Which, I put the latter in because with comic-based things, and with a titular character and content as polarizing as TP, I don’t think you can get an accurate review if it’s not a fan. Your average viewer isn’t likely to watch an ad for this and casually go ‘I’ll give that a shot’ like with others shows. 

They green-lit this show after debuting Frank in DD because they know it’s all about whether this fanbase likes it, whether this fanbase wants this style of adaption. The things some reviewers are fixating on compared to others is so random from article to article. I know what I, as a fan, am going in for, and I’m going in precisely because I’m expecting to watch 13 hours of a grief-stricken Frank uncovering with a greater conspiracy about his family that overwhelms him because it’s a connection that hits so close to home and all of that gets interspersed with graphic violence and an arsenal of guns. Yet some of these reviews treat that like it wasn’t expected and as if that tone isn’t exactly why all of us went ‘sign me up!’ as soon as got the announcement, as soon as the synopses came out, as soon as the trailers started dropping.

So. I think we should just wait and see what Karen content we get outside of the few clips shown already, because honestly all of this has been a treat insofar and like has been said repeatedly, they didn’t have them in DDS2 together with plans to transition her to TP if his intro was successful enough for a stand-alone. That happened organically. Don’t let the reviews get you down – they’re entirely subjective content. The amount that Karen’s in, however much it is, could have perfectly understandable reasons. And…it’s Karen. All her scenes are going to be great, anyway. Wait to reserve judgment on the promo’ing and show at large until we actually see it.

First Aid

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Genre: Fluffy fluff fluff, Gang!AU, drabble

Word Count: 1,363

Summary: For you the little moments in the middle of the night you get with your boyfriend as you patch him up are secretly your favorite moments you spend with him. For him the real first aid you give him is when you say his three favorite words. (soft yoongi is my favorite yoongi)

A/N: So….This whole thing was inspired by one picture I saw on my dash and now I suddenly want to make a whole series of gang!au drabbles akldhkdjhfalksdjfha. Yoongi was my choice for this one because I thought it fit well and its cute so here ya go….its so much fluff aksjdfhklasjhf…….I’m supposed to be working on a really long Jin oneshot tho akdjfhskhjfd somebody yell at me



The irritating sound of your phone vibrating on your night stand woke you up and forced you to moved from your comfortable cocoon of blankets on your bed. You blindly reached for your phone on almost knocking over your speaker in the process, and brought your phone closer to your face so you can read the familiar text. It was the same thing at least three times a week: Open your door.

Your eyes strained at the brightness from your phone’s screen and you rubbed them with the heel of your hand before pulling the warm comforter away from your body and slipping out of bed. 

Your bare feet were cold against the wooden floor of your apartment but you ignored the feeling as you reached the door and unlocked it, revealing your bloodied and bruised boyfriend smirking at you. 

“I’m home.” 

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I'm also not an anti and I do enjoy the series. I guess because of that im also quite critical of it. There are things in the book whether it be situation, characterization or pairs that i dont agree with. and its ok to talk and discuss about it I think. I feel its a little frustrating when we discuss negative traits and trope it gets brushed over as being full on haters or being something over shipwars. (a)

(b) I mean looks at the Rowan vs Chaol. They both have their horrible moments. Majority that I see that don’t like Chaol is because of Rowaelin and thats fine. if you like Rowaelin that good but you cannot just brush Rowan’s own fault like justify him punching Aelin as training. He’s 300 years old with tons of experience. He by then should know how to handle and train an 18 year old girl while also assessing her mental health at the time in order to train her accordingly.

© On to Aelin’s character. I never expected her to be perfect. she confident, \cunning,vicious. But also know that these trait also have their own negative sides depending on situation like who she’s with. who she’s being. I think the problem is that those around do not really address it. Like her plan in skulls bay when she attract the valg and instead being seen as’‘insane but brilliant’’. Thats a very risky move considering she’s thriving to be a monarch.

c) granted at this point she’s not all educated on how to be one but eventually if she does get crown in the end she’s going to be in a position where her choices will be view and criticized. Whether by her council, advisor and even the people she rules. I like that she know who she is and doesn’t quite care what people think of her but when she is queen she will have to consider her image. If she wants to be seen as a saviour or a conqueror. I can go on forever and sorry this is turning so long

I will never be mad at someone for writing a long rant to respond to. I live for long rants. :)

I will say I agree with you on Rowboat. The fact that he’s got so many years on Aelin yet still acts like an immature 18-year-old fuckboy most of the time is so stupid and shows you that Sj/m only wrote him so he and Alien could get it on, yo. He should be far more mature than her and understand thing far better than her. He should also stand up to her and her immature way of thinking. He should be the one telling her to stop being so stupid and actually act better. 

As for Alien…well I never expected a perfect character either. I expected a character that didn’t make me roll my eyes every 45 seconds reading her. I know Sj/M wanted her to be this confident, sassy, head strong Queen who could get her way anyway possible but it was infuriating. You don’t have to be educated on how to effectively get people on your side without risking other people’s lives. It’s seriously not rocket science. Not only that, but she wants to risk people’s lives if it means she can gain ‘allies’ to her cause.

“She was a calamity and a commander of immortal warriors of legends. And if those allies did not join with her… she wanted them to think of today, of what she would do, and wonder if they might find her on their shores, in their harbors, one day, too.”

I mean just look at how she plans to make allies, by threatening them with the choice of either “U can die here or join me and not die as fast. Cuz we’re goin  up against the unstoppable force of THE VALG PPL AND YOU WILL FIGHT FOR ME OR DIE HERE NOW BECAUSE THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION.”

I don’t care how confident or headstrong you are, this is literally the worst. How she herself can’t see how utterly horrible it tells you a lot about the character. This is no way to make allies for the war and Alien shouldn’t be forcing people like she did or even think herself that this is a good idea. She’s in no way making allies, she’s becoming a dictator–the King of Adarlan 2.0, tbh. If you don’t follow her, you are dead because how dare you not follow the perfect queen. She’s taking away the protection of these people and forcing them to help her without letting them choose for themselves. That’s not a good character flaw to have no matter the way you look at it. It’s not a good guy flaw, it’s a bad guy characteristic. There is only so much that being too naive can cover. Being a dictator and not knowing how to tell when you’re literally suppressing the people’s free choice is not one of them.

And Dor/ian saying that it was brilliant…I couldn’t believe he would even say that. Of course, if anyone did call her out for such things, she literally flips out whenever someone comes to her with an actual problem in her and what she’s doing. She can’t handle the idea that she’s literally a horrible person. You tell her and you risk losing your life by fire or the teeth of her 5 hawt fae men who hang around her who will bite ur head off if you be mean to their female. How dare you call out her horrible motives! 



An update from my “Birthday Dinner” story time. I was suppose to send this sooner, but I was back and forward on if I was going to make a story time video or write it out, but then when I made up my mind and made a video story time, my camera decided to be a hot mess! I’m saving for a new one asap! I kept trying to make it but was having audio problems while editing! I was so excited to make the video too smh, but thankfully right after the party I wrote everything down on my phone, so I copied and pasted what happened! so I wouldn’t forget NOT one detail! sorry for any errors and screaming in caps! I was excited! here it goes (reminder this is RIGHT after the Birthday party, so I was very excited and in a rush, so sorry for the curse words and caps lol! I felt like i was writing in my diary, so it got personal) :

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Heartwarming (Vikklan one-shot)

Oh my God, do you know how long it took me to write this with a hurting hand? The things I do for you guys…:3

I have soooo many ideas to write down but I can’t right now :( besides having an inflamed hand I’m sick too, so that sucks :( (by soooo many ideas I mean a bunch of Vikklan one-shots, a Poofless one-shot plus I need to develop the storyline for my Pack fanfic…)

And I’m still terrible at coming up with titles…

Also, sorry if this is terrible, I was kinda tired when I wrote the ending

One more thing: just imagine Vikk in Lachlan’s jumper, with the sleeves properly rolled down *-* so cute, OMG, someone gotta make me a fanart of that!

Pairing: Vikklan

Setting: How to Minecraft

Word count: 3170 (ohmygod, that’s a lot)

‘Race you to the top!’, Lachlan screamed, dashing up the nearby hill with a headstart.

Vikk couldn’t catch up, so the Australian won their little race.

'I’m the king of the hill!’, he screamed as his friend reached the top too 'Hey, get off me hill!’

With that he pushed the other gently, but forcefully enough to make him stumble backwards and roll a few feet away in the soft grass.

'Hey, rude!’, Vikk laughed, still lying on the ground.

He quieted after a while, just smiling to himself and loving his life a whole lot. He cherished the moment, like he always did when they were like this with Lachlan, when they were so immature and happy and carefree, when it was just the two of them, hidden from the eyes of everyone else. Those were the moments when Vikk felt like he was free to love the Aussie as much as he did, more than a friend, even though it was not the case.

They were exploring, but for no apparent reason. They weren’t in need of any rare materials and there were barely any unexplored chunks within the world border at the moment. Still, going exploring together seemed like an unquestionably great idea to both of them as it gave them an opportunity to spend some time together without having any responsibilities. Because Lachlan loved Vikk too – whether romantically or not, it wasn’t clear for the Brit - and whenever they did something together, it was always just the best of times for the both of them.

Vikk finally got up and started walking towards his friend, causing him to be loud again.

'I’m the king, you’re a peas’, you stay down there!’, he joked.

'Aaaaawwwww…can’t we be kings together, plz?’

'Hmmmm….’, the blonde took his time to think 'Y'know what? That sounds cool, let’s be kings together.’, with that he reached out his hand and pulled him next to him.

The other laughed, but silenced when he looked further behind his friend.

'Lachlan, look over there!’

'Wha…?’, he turned around, confused 'Oh my God, yes!’, he exclaimed when he realised that there was a snow biome on the other side of the hill 'Let’s go there!’

'The last one there is a zombie pigman!’, Vikk screamed, running down the hill, getting his rematch.

'Nuuuuu that’s not fair!’, the Australian whined.

The other just laughed and jumped over the river separating the two biomes and landing on the ice, finishing first that time around. Lachlan ran to the shore, coming to an abrupt stop, being reluctant about jumping over the water and onto the ice.

'Come on, little Lachy! We don’t have all day!’

'I don’t know mate, how did you jump this?’

'It’s easy, just get some momentum.’

'Yeah, and land in the water! I don’t want to be wet if we’re going into a cold biome!’, he continued complaining.

'You won’t, I’ll catch you, okay?’, Vikk smiled reassuringly, reaching out both hands towards him, ready to catch him.

'A-alright…’, he backed away from the bank a few feet, then started dashing towards it.

His jump alone would have been enough, but Vikk caught him anyway. However, Lachlan’s momentum now sent both of them flying backwards, the Brit landing hard on his back, holding his friend on top of him tightly.

'Hey, it worked!’, the Aussie laughed, rolling off of the other and secretly already missing the feeling of his arms around him.

'Why are you so surprised?’, Vikk shot back as they both got up and moved on to solid land.

'Don’t know, maybe because you have a talent to make everything go horribly wrong.’, he giggled.

'Nah mate, that’s you, not me.’


Their occasional fits of laughter was the only noise that could be heard across the silent biome. They have left the river behind long ago, enjoying the chill and the new landscape. They had a couple of snowball fights, made snow angels and built a snowman, which Lachlan didn’t want to leave behind, but he had to. It started snowing too, making it seemingly even more perfect.

Lachlan kept running ahead, still bubbly and full of energy and not even a bit cold thanks to his thick jumper. Vikk, on the other hand, had slowed down, walking slower and falling behind. He started feeling cold after making the angels and now he was absolutely freezing, walking with his arms wrapped around himself, trying to warm himself up as his thin T-shirt wasn’t providing great protection against the chilly weather. However, he was grateful that his friend was still jumping around and was constantly ahead of him, because he wouldn’t have shown he was cold if he could have seen. He seemed to be having so much fun and Vikk didn’t want to ruin it for him by being a wimp and making both of them have to turn back so that he could warm up.

The Australian still turned towards him from time to time.

'You okay there, mate?’

'Yeah, sure.’

'You not cold?’

'Nah, I’m fine.’, he managed to force a smile everytime and it was enough to fool Lachlan. Adorable, naive, sweet Lachlan.

'Well, if you say so…’

And they kept going everytime.

After a while of wandering in the snowy plains, Lachlan came to a stop.

'Hey, Vikk, see that?’, he pointed at the hill ahead of them 'Let’s race up there, it could be the tiebreaker!’, however, he received no answer 'Vikk?’, he asked worriedly, turning around to look at his friend.

What he saw almost made his heart stop. The Brit didn’t even care to act tough anymore, he was just standing there with his arms wrapped around himself and shaking from cold, looking so small and fragile and miserable that it almost broke Lachlan’s heart.


'Oh, yeah, sorry, I kinda spaced out…What’s up?’, he tried to act like he was fine, but he was failing miserably.

'You are freezing…’

'No, I’m fine!’, he attempted to stand straight and walk towards his friend, but at his second step, he stumbled and fell – and he didn’t get up.

'Oh my God, Vikk!’, he rushed to his side, falling to his knees beside him.

Lachlan was terrified to see his friend lying in front of him, motionless and so, so cold, not even conscious anymore.

'No, Vikk, don’t do this to me, please!’, he cried out, shaking his shoulders in attempt to wake him. 'C'mon, sleeping beauty, it’s not naptime yet!’, he was so scared, how could their happy trip go so terribly wrong?!


Warmth and darkness. Those were the first two things Vikk became aware of.

He was covered in something soft, he could feel it on his arms. A blanket? No. A hoodie, maybe? It smelled familiar too. He was lying on a hard surface, stone, probably.

He tried to remember how he had gotten to the place he was in now. The exploring trip with Lachlan…the snow biome. Yeah, right, he was cold and he had overwhelmed himself, until he got to a point where his body couldn’t take it anymore. He should’ve frozen to death then, right? So why hadn’t he? Did Lachlan save him, or was it someone else? Was he even alive?

His thoughts were getting more and more messy and he was getting nowhere with them. He figured that the smartest thing to do would be to open his eyes and actually check his surroundings. It wasn’t as easy though, he felt like all energy had been drained from his body and it took him some tries to open his eyes.

At first he was blinded by the light rushing into his pupils. Then he saw that he was lying on natural stone floor and there was a fire lit really close to him, filling him with warmth. He looked further, seeing that the walls were rough and made of stone too. Was he in a cave? Probably.

He couldn’t see anything else. He lay still for a few minutes, gathering the strength to just move his head a bit, so hopefully he could see more. He moved his head upwards slightly, and fair enough, a figure came into his field of vision. The boy was sitting not far from him, next to the fire, hugging his knees and having his face buried into them. From his blonde locks and the fact that he was the last person he saw, Vikk assumed it was Lachlan…but why was he wearing a white T-shirt? Where was his jumper? Oh, wait a sec…He looked down at his arm, seeing the sleeve of a really familiar red jumper.

He looked at the Aussie again, wondering what he should do. Finally, he made up his mind.

'Lachlan…’, he called softly, his voice hoarse.

The other’s head shot up on an instant, and as his sky blue eyes fell on him they filled to the brim with tears.

The next thing Vikk knew was that he was pulled into an almost suffocatingly tight hug.

'You- you scared me so much…’, the blonde choked out 'Don’t do that ever again! I was so scared…and worried and I…I…’, he lost his ability to speak as sobs took over, so he just held the other even tighter, grasping the fabric of his jumper as if he was fearing that he could be torn away from him every second.

The Brit was taken off guard by the hug, but what surprised him even more was that Lachlan was crying and he had been afraid for a person other than himself…and that person was actually him. He felt like his heart was going to burst as he gently returned the hug and attempted to calm his friend.

'Hey, don’t cry…please, I’m alright now, well I’m better, that’s for sure’, he whispered softly, stumbling over his words 'thanks to you, I suppose?’

His last comment made the other pull away just enough to look him in the eye.

'Y-yeah, it was me.’, he mumbled, breathless from crying 'When you passed out, I brought you to this cave and made the fire to warm you up…’, his tears started to surface again 'but it was so long ago and you never moved and you were so cold, I was so scared…’

'Well, thank you for saving me then…no, no, no, don’t cry again! You’re gonna make me cry too.’

'O-okay…’, he tried to fight back his tears.

'Good’, Vikk chuckled and brought a hand up to wipe the other’s tears away, not taking it away after but gently stroking his cheek with his thumb.

Somehow it didn’t even surprise him that the Australian closed his eyes and leaned into his touch, a smile growing on his tear-stained face.

'I just…I can’t lose you, okay?’, he sighed, opening his eyes and covering the other’s hand with his.

'You won’t’, he said without thinking, his voice barely a whisper.

He wasn’t quite sure where the situation was going, it felt like one of his dreams. His mind was telling him to stop, to not say things like that and to pull away, because they were totally not acting like friends, but his heart was telling him different, and he had always listened to his heart.

'I will if you keep doing reckless stuff like freezing yourself to death!’, despite how much it sounded like his usual jokes, he was being serious for once.

'I’m sorry. I won’t do that again, I promise.’

'How do I know you won’t break that promise?’, he demanded, not caring how childish he sounded.

'I…don’t know…’, he muttered, feeling hurt and pulling away from the hug.

Lachlan let out a whimper at the loss of contact and quickly pulled him close again, burying his face into his shoulder. He knew he was being really clingy, but he couldn’t help it: he had almost lost the person who was the most precious to him and letting him out of his arms where he felt like he could protect him was absolutely terrifying.

'I’m sorry…’, Vikk mumbled as he returned the hug once again.

'It’s okay…you’re safe now, it’s alright’, he said that to calm himself rather than to reassure his friend.

They stayed silent and still for a couple minutes until the Australian raised his head, looking over the other’s shoulder and seeing that the fire was almost out.

'Damn it’, he muttered because he had to get up and leave the Brit’s embrace to put some wood on the fire or maybe even relight it.

He sighed as he got up, earning a little whine from Vikk - which he was most likely not supposed to hear – and knelt by the pile of ashes, watching the last flames die out. He got some more wood from the pile in the corner that he collected earlier and attempted to remake their campfire. Either the wood was wet or there was something wrong with the flint and steel, or maybe the temperature was just too low, the point is, the fire didn’t light.

'Oh, for f-’, he threw the flint and steel at the wall, breaking it 'I’m sorry mate, we’re not gonna have a fire anymore’, he said more calmly.

'It’s alright, I don’t mind. Do you want your jumper back?’

'Nah dude, you need it, you’re still cold.’

'But I don’t want you freezing to death either.’

'I should be alright, don’t worry.’

'If you say so…I still want you to be warm though….C'mere, I’ll warm you up.’, he extended his arms towards him, inviting him to a hug.

'Haha, I can’t say no to that’, the Aussie giggled and went over to him, letting him wrap his arms around him and moving around till he was sitting on the other’s lap.


'Yeah’, his voice was muffled as he buried his face into his friend’s chest.

Lachlan felt like he was in heaven, other than actually feeling warm, being able to – thanks to some miracle – freely hug and cuddle with Vikk was something he could only wish for until that very moment. He closed his eyes, listening to the other’s heartbeat and never wanting the moment to be over. He loved the feeling of the Brit rubbing circles on his back and his presence filling him with more warmth than fire ever could.

'I think I might fall asleep…’, he mumbled.

'I can’t hear you mate, speak up.’, Vikk replied and the blonde could feel his laughter vibrating in his chest.

He raised his head in order to repeat his sentence audibly, but his breath got caught in his throat when he realised how close they were, their faces inches apart and their noses touching. His feelings overwhelmed him and however hard he tried, he couldn’t resist the urge to close the gap between them, connecting their lips in a soft kiss.

But no matter how much he was enjoying the kiss, no matter how soft Vikk’s lips felt on his and how sweet he tasted, no matter how long he had waited for this moment, he felt his heart shatter into millions of tiny pieces as he realised he had probably made the biggest mistake of his life because Vikk wasn’t kissing him back. So he started pulling away, not ready for the terrible awkwardness to follow, but that was when he felt being pulled back into the kiss and his heart was mended again because no, he hadn’t made a mistake, quite the opposite.

They pulled away, breathless and the Aussie went back to his previous position, with his head on the other’s chest, totally forgetting to repeat his sentence. They stayed like that for a while, both of them being clueless on what just happened or what to do about it. Finally, Lachlan decided to speak up, this time making sure the Brit heard him well.

'I think I might have just ruined our friendship.’


'It’s fine though, I don’t want to be your friend anymore anyway.’

He felt his no-longer-friend tense up and he raised his head again, so that he could look him in the eye and smiled cheekily.

'Yep, you heard me right, I don’t want to be your friend anymore. I’d much rather be your boyfriend.’

Vikk let out a sigh of relief and a wide smile formed on his face and he tightened his arms around the blonde a bit more.

'Gosh, you just gave me a heart attack. Why would you do that?’

'It was a payback.’, he grinned, not giving the other time to answer, kissing him again.


After hearing the mobs burn outside their sealed cave, the two boys decided to set off on their journey back to the Salty Lagoon.

'You sure you don’t want your jumper back?’

'Not until we’re back in a warmer biome. I’m not taking any chances, bae.’

Vikk was used to his friend – boyfriend, actually – calling any living creature 'bae’, but it was nice knowing that in his case it meant something more.

'Alright.’, he agreed, but wrapped an arm around his waist so that he would still stay warm until they’ve left the cold lands and he got a soft kiss on his cheek in return.

The edge of the biome wasn’t as far away as they estimated – turns out, they went in an almost complete circle the previous day. They ended up at the same part of the river where they crossed before.

'Do you need me to go ahead and catch you again?’, Vikk chuckled.

'Nah, I’ll be fine.’, he answered, letting go of him and this time not hesitating to jump to the other side, landing smoothly.

The other followed him closely.

'Why did we make such a big deal of this last time?’, the Australian wondered.

'I have no idea. It was you, anyway.’

'Hey, that’s not true!’

'It is, stop denying it!’

'Oh, okay, maybe…’, he admitted, looking at his feet and acting cute knowing how much Vikk loved it when he did that.

'Damn it, you’re too adorable.’, with that the Brit stepped closer and kissed his boyfriend’s nose.

They walked up the hill hand in hand.

'Remember that whole king of the hill thing?’, Lachlan smiled.

'Yeah, we agreed to be kings together, right?’, he replied, finding it fun to take games seriously.

'Yep. Do you still want to be a king with me?’

'I would love to.’, Vikk said softly, cupping the other’s cheeks and pulling him down for a sweet kiss.

But it really didn’t matter if they were kings or peasants or something else as long as they were together and they knew they would be, no matter what. Because really nothing changed, they were still allies, the Salty Squad, the Cool Kid Club who went fishing and exploring together and had each other’s back everytime and anytime, just now they could kiss and hug and hold hands and show they world how much they loved each other.

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I wanted to say just how much I loved you "More The Just A Spare" I love to think that just cause Stanley isn't a tech, mathematical, or science genius like Ford doesn't mean he isn't smart. He's got so smarts and I'm adding Poetry to the long list of things he good at. I really want a sequel of Teenage!Ford finding out how good Stan's poem is and confronting him about how little he thinks of himself and says that's it's okay to be good at something in school and that he'd always support him.

Damn it, anon. I was perfectly happy to leave this one-shot as a stand-alone and then you mentioned Ford finding out and this probably isn’t what you meant but this is where my muse has led.

Sequel to ‘More Than Just the Spare’ ft. Teenage!Stanford Pines ahead.

_ _ _ _

It was eleven days after graduation that Ford found a letter with Stanley’s name written on it. Which was a blow in and of itself, seeing as Stan didn’t live there anymore, but also odd, since neither of them received much mail addressed directly to them.

Ford slipped the letter into his sleeve before delivering the mail to his parents. Later, alone in his room - and it was only his, now - he examined it closely. The sender was - Mrs. Phreespirit? The eighth grade teacher who, shortly after they entered high school, had “scandalized” the community by running off with her girlfriend to teach in the Midwest?

Why would she be writing his brother?

Although he was aware of the huge invasion of privacy, Ford decided to open it. Stan wasn’t here, anyway, and who knew if the letter would ever be able to reach him? The least he could do was read its contents, maybe relate them to his brother someday. Maybe…

Dear Stanley,

Greetings from Wisconsin! I hope you remember me, Mrs. Phree, as I certainly remember you. It’s hard to forget the student who hit Ralph Waldo Emerson’s picture square on the nose with a spitball from a considerable distance.

I know it’s been a long time since you last sat in my class, but in my experience, you’re never too old for a lesson. But don’t worry, this won’t be one of those “boring lectures” you abhor. Rather, a few words of wisdom from your old, eccentric English teacher.

If I’m not mistaken, your graduation approaches, and since you’re about to embark on the next chapter of your life, whatever it may be, I thought this would be the best opportunity to send this.

I never told you this, since you were never keen on mentioning the subject after we spoke about out, but I entered your poem into the statewide contest - and it won 2nd place! Amongst thousands of submissions. Not only is than an outstanding achievement, but also rather fitting, given the nature of your poem.

I kept your copy of the original and have used it as an example in many of my classes. I didn’t use your name, so I hope you don’t mind; but you should be happy to know it’s encouraged more than a few students to give their all, students who didn’t think they had a chance at success.

And I guess that’s what I’d like to impart with this letter. I still recall you sitting in front of my desk, nervous like I’d never seen you, so scared of stepping away from your designated role. A role that, whether self-appointed or thrust upon you, is horse shit. Pardon my language - though I believe you would appreciate it, actually.

Remember that the words or opinions of others should never hinder your actions. I hate to be a cliché English teacher and feed you a quote, but what the hell? It’s like Eleanor Roosevelt said: Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.

There might be no “silver for second” in life, but life isn’t a contest, either. You only have to try your best, be yourself, and above all, enjoy your own company. Lord knows I did. You weren’t always the best student, Stanley, but you were always a good person. And that’s what makes you golden.

Stay gold, Ponyboy.

P.S. I’m enclosing a copy of your original copy with this letter, as a reminder of all you can achieve, if you really put your mind to it.

With trembling fingers and a stomach full of knots, Ford reached for the poem and began to read.

He must’ve re-read it sixty times that night. Each time, he thought of his brother, and what he would’ve said to him back then, if he’d known. What he wished he could say now, if it wasn’t too late. There were so many words cluttering his head, yet he didn’t have the eloquence Stan possessed, the skill to sort them into something as heartfelt and meaningful as his brother’s poem.

But ultimately, there were only eight words that truly mattered.

_ _ _ _

Over ten years later…

Stan flipped aimlessly through Ford’s journal for the umpteenth time, angry, exhausted, and painfully aware of his shortcomings. He had been sifting through this nonsense for nine hours straight, and still, there was nothing about the portal he could even begin to decipher!

His shoulder ached and his mouth tasted of bitter failure. Well, what had he expected? That an incompetent, high school dropout could ever hope to understand the musings of his genius brother’s mind? How was he going to bring Ford back if he couldn’t figure out the machine that’d taken him?

Pages skimmed past his fingers, reaping paper cuts galore, and he was too frustrated to slow his aggressive movements until he found-

A loose piece of paper, shoved into one of the page’s crease. Two papers, actually.

Unfolding them, Stan discovered that the first was, amazingly, a letter addressed to him from Mrs. Phree. Dated over a decade ago.

The second was…it took a moment for Stan to recognize his own faded handwriting, but once his memory jogged, he could scarcely believe his eyes. Silently, numbly, he read through both.

He teacher’s words, even ten years too late, helped him see through his haze of despair. But they weren’t what really motivated him to get up, pull himself together, and return to the portal.

Scribbled at the bottom of his old poem, in Ford’s familiar script, was a message from his brother.

You were never just the spare to me.

_ _ _ _

Somebody stop me. Get this angsty muse away before I write more about Grunkle Stan and his easily broken heart. I hope you’re happy, anon. And also, thanks for reading and enjoying my fic (:

P.P.S. I have grown unaccountably attached to this Mrs. Phree the OC. Probably since English teachers will always hold a special place in my heart, as in my high school, there wasn’t a bad one in the bunch.

a one time thing (and other untruths) (14/?)

Captain Swan. Modern AU.

“She supposes the reason she tells him is the same reason she kept his phone number after all those weeks." 

Notes: So here we are. The next chapter. Sorry for the wait. Life stuff happened. You know how it goes. Next chapter’s partly written, but  - and don’t hate me for this - I need to buckle down and work on my grad school play. So from here on out, until I either finish the play or this fic (God knows which is gonna come first, good lord this fic is getting long) I’m not gonna work on new chapter until I’ve written at least one scene for my play. Then I’ll let myself write a chapter. Then a scene. And so on. So updates are gonna be slower, probably. Thank you all for reading and messaging and such. You guys are awesome. Hope you like this chapter. (And to the anon who just messaged me - your timing is perfect. I was giving the chapter a final read through when I got your message.)

Wanna catch up? one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen


            It’s been two weeks. Two weeks of properly dating, and yet not much has changed, really. They talk more but see each other about the same, and since Henry doesn’t know (and he gets the feeling she’d never be one for public displays anyway) there’s not much in the way of hand holding or kissing or anything else. So it feels very much like it was except she’s kissed him and that changed things except nothing’s really changed and he—

            He’s not sure what to do with that.

            (They do meet for lunch, sometimes, and that’s nice. That’s—that’s when it feels real.)

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Christmas Surprise Ruined - Requested (Michael)

HELLO, CHRISTMAS NUMBER 20, ONLY FOUR MORE TO GO!!!!! Requested by Anon (Could you write a Christmas one where you and Michael are spending Christmas with your family and you’re little sibling comes up to him and he like tells them that he’s going to propose and your little sibling tells everybody and ruins the surprise?)ENJOY!!!!

‘Mum Michael can’t cook to save his life, please don’t let him ruin Christmas dinner’ you laugh, as Michael ties an apron around his waist, he narrows his eyes at you and you wink. 'Oh, don’t be so cynical, I’m sure he will be fine’ she waves you off, he gives you a smug smile making you roll your eyes. 'Okay, don’t say I didn’t warn you’ you sing as your ten year old brother drags you out of the kitchen to help him set up his new Lego set.

You have only been sitting with his for ten minute when you hear your mum clearing her throat behind you, you turn a little looking over try shoulder, and you raise an eyebrow. 'Everything okay?’ You ask 'please get him out of my kitchen’ she whine making you laugh. 'I warned you. You shrug playfully, she gives you her best puppy eyes with a pout that make you laugh and you roll your eyes.

'I’ll tell Michael to come and help you’ you tell your brother with a Winn and he nods as he concentrates in the instructions. You follow your mum into the kitchen and as soon as she sees you he knows why your there, pushing out his bottom lip.

'Come on babe, your needed with the Lego’ you tell him, he huffs taking off the apron, 'I tried, I really did’ he whines making you laugh 'I know you did, but leave the cooking to those who don’t burn toast’ you wink and he glares 'there is a reason I love you, I’m just not sure what it is at this moment in time’ he teases, resting his hands in your waist, you smirk up at him a little 'I get that feeling quit often, at least I can always rule out your cooking skills’ you wink, he huffs pecking your lips before rushing out of the room to help your brother.



'Michael what is the best Christmas you have ever had?’ Jack, (Y/N) little brother asks as I help him build his Lego, I shrug thinking for a moment before nodding 'When I was twelve I got my PlayStation’ I tell him, he looks at me and nods a little. 'What about you mate?’ I ask, he shrugs like I did moment before. 'Dunno…I had a bike like two years ago, that was pretty cool’ he nods thinking about it and a smirk tugs my lips as I remember the Christmas.

'I remember you rushes out to ride it in your night bottoms and fell off, I had to give you a piggy back ride all the way back from the fields’ I laugh, his eyes grow a little as though he had forgot about it. 'No way, I forgot about that. Man you and (Y/N) have been together a long time’ he gasps, making me laugh.

'Yeah, I guess we have’

'How long is it?’ He asks, picking up the instructions and looking at them now. 'Nearly four years’ I tell him, I don’t get to see his reaction as something hits me full force in the back, I moan at the impacts before I feel two small hands in my cheeks from behind, I reach my arm behind to grab one of Hannah’s and pull her into my knee, she is giggling as I tickle her with one hand, she soon sits up snuggling into me without a word, she’s is the cutest thing at five years old.

'That’s I long time for you guys right? I mean she’s only nineteen so you have been with her since she was fifteen? That’s so long’ he rambles making me smile thinking about us when we were fifteen. 'Yeah, it’s a long time but I love her, she the only girl I want to be with’ I tell him, he nods a little shrug finning shoulder at the same time. 'Can I tell you a secret?’ I ask him, looking down to Hannah as well as she sits up looking up at me she nods.

'Okay’ jack agrees and I nod, moving a little closer to him. 'I’m gonna as her to marry me’ I whisper, he gasps and Hannah bounces in my knee 'Proposing?’ He asks and I nod 'Wow, wicked, when?’ He asks, 'I was planning on asking her in an hour, before dinner’ I fill him in and he nods. 'Well good luck, bit that you will need it’ he tells you and although it’s only words it has a meaning and it fills me with butterflies.

'That’s special’ Hannah whispers in my ear, her small hands inking my cheeks so I wouldn’t move 'She will be a princess at a wedding with a pretty dress’ she tell me and no nod a little 'Can I wear a pretty dress too?’ She asks and I nod 'Defiantly, you’re a princess too’ I tell her and she cheers, I press me finger to my lips shushing her and she clasps her hand to her mouth widening her eyes. 'Sorry’ she whispers making me laugh a she looks around the room wide eyed.



'Who’s excited for Christmas dinner?’ You auntie cheers mainly to the younger kids but everyone gives a mumbles yes or excited cheer making you a laugh a little, you drop your shoulder into Michael shoulder, his hand wrapping around your back holding your waist, and you shuffle a little to get comfortable.

'Christmas dinner is very special’ you Nan tells the children, 'and do you know why?’ She asks them, your groan very quietly so only Michael can hear, he chuckles a little knowing too well what will be coming now, like every year your nans history/religious lesson on Christmas day.

'Because it’s Christmas and today is Christmas and Christmas is special’ your cousin cheers, you sister bounces in the spot 'Today is very special’ she nods agreeing and you laugh a little sat house excited she is.

'But do you know why it’s special?’ Your Nan asks, you sigh getting ready to hear the speech. 'Yep’ you sister cheers, 'Because Mikey is marrying (Y/N) and she is gonna wear a princess dress’ she cheers excited, as she bounces, turning to look at you and Michael, then she stops bouncing, her eyes growing wide and her hand clasping her mouth. 'Hannah’ Jack moans.

Your whole family starting in yours and Michael direction, you sit up a little, looking to Michael frowning. He is red in the face, looking a little embarrassed as he looks at all your family. 'Erm’ he clears his throat, 'this isn’t how I planned it’ he laughs nervously, 'Holy load above, are you proposing?’ Your mum gasps, you look to her, shocked yourself and your heart is pounding when you look back to see Michael give a nod. He stands up leaving you sitting stunned in the sofa.

'Well, I had a speech about how amazing you are and how much I love you’ he laughs a little 'I probably would have messed it up anyway’ he tells you, stuffing his hand into his jeans pocket before getting down on one knee. Your hand comes to your mouth as you feel your eyes water. 'I love you so much, we have been through pretty much everything we could and we are still going strong, stronger even. I can’t imagine a day of my life without you. I guess what I’m trying to get at is…..(Y/N) (Y/L/N) will you marry me?’ He asks, your stunned, a small nod the only thing you’re able to do, he takes your hand sliding the ring in and tote family are cheering and clapping, you feel a year roll down your cheek as Michael stands wrapping his arms around you and spinning you a little. 'I fucking love you so much’ he whispers into your ear. 'I love you too Mikey’

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anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm currently trying to find an art style that's best for me as I am unhappy with my art style now. While I want to try different styles and coloring techniques I'm afraid people will think I'm trying to copy someone else and all I want is to improve my artworks :'(

Hey anon! Alright, so I’m pretty sure everyone takes influence from other artists when developing their style. It’s impossible not to, it’s how the brain works. We consciously and unconsciously include things we like and exclude things we don’t like. I certainly take influence from other artists, but I think it all comes down to the way you take influence. It’s easy to look at a beautiful piece of art and think wistfully how you’d love to draw exactly like that. Well, that’s the thing, you don’t want to draw exactly like that, right? You want to develop your own style, right? (Unless you’re doing something professional like tweening/animation with a bunch of other people, then of course you have to draw exactly like everyone else, but I digress.)

This got really long so I’ll keep it under the cut :)

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Agent Carter Sentence Starters - #2
  • "You lousy krauts are in big trouble once __________ gets here!"
  • "Would you mind changing that?"
  • "You moving?"
  • "I lost my roommate."
  • "You think you know people."
  • "What would you suggest?"
  • "I'd hate for you to grow tired of me."
  • "You sure you're reading the right kind of want ads?"
  • "I can't stay."
  • "It's too risky."
  • "Well, if you're certain you wouldn't like to see the master bedroom."
  • "Perhaps one night..."
  • "Just another day at the office."
  • "I'll be standing by with the car at ten to."
  • "Oh, don't be lewd!"
  • "Cancel them both."
  • "I could be your second pair of eyes."
  • "And how do you plan to find it?"
  • "Oh, you've popped a button."
  • "Well, what's the worst that can happen?"
  • "Please! I'll tell you anything you wanna know!"
  • "I don't know what the hell you're talking about."
  • "Is it a person or a place?"
  • "Eliminate all opposition."
  • "Now, are you gonna help me or hinder me?"
  • "Has he never heard of a bus?"
  • "Makes even less sense in the light of day."
  • "I've never seen anything like it."
  • "Excuse me, Sir Isaac Newton."
  • "What do you think did it?"
  • "I need to pop out for a minute - personal matters. Cover for me?"
  • "Can I help you look?"
  • "Get wigglin'."
  • "Perhaps it will be for the best."
  • "I don't have long so listen very carefully."
  • "Make it disappear."
  • "Shall we leave straight away?"
  • "To your very good health, gentlemen."
  • "It's ten forty-five in the morning."
  • "So it's personal - this attack?"
  • "Time out."
  • "Ow! Bloody hell..."
  • "What's your name, darling?"
  • "Stick around. We could use your help."
  • "And how am I to help?"
  • "How comfortable are you with this?"
  • "You'll be dealing with the ladies."
  • "Hold on a moment, sir. Excuse me. Sir?"
  • "Where does that lead?"
  • "May I?"
  • "I said stop!"
  • "Can I be of any further assistance?"
  • "I'm not gonna lie to you. You're in a bad spot."
  • "I don't believe you."
  • "We're under a bit of an accelerated time frame here."
  • "Just. Give. Me. A. Name."
  • "Don't say I didn't try to do this the easy way."
  • "You can threaten me all you want, but I'm not talking."
  • "Ladies shouldn't be seeing this."
  • "You boys play nice."
  • "A penguin could get here faster."
  • "I found one!"
  • "I'm late for my appointment!"
  • "I've- I've no idea what you're saying!"
  • "Don't make me come out there!"
  • "I'm thinkin' maybe it's me."
  • "I'm afraid I wouldn't make a very good neighbor."
  • "Too late!"
  • "Oh no! Nazis! Again!"
  • "I rather enjoy it actually."
  • "Are you trying to butter me up?"
  • "How flattering."
  • "It did seem a terrible waste though."
  • "We're gonna need a new stick."
  • "Hot damn! Let's go, boys."
  • "And here we are again."
  • "Should I leave the engine running in case you trigger another explosion?"
  • "On this occasion, I've got my own ride home."
  • "American women are so weak. You are coming with me!"
  • "Is that all you've got?"
  • "What would I ever do without you?"
  • "Why does this keep happening?"
  • "It's so hard getting straight answers out of people nowadays."
  • "Get out."
  • "Car trouble?"
  • "What the hell are you doing here?"
  • "I thought you'd be more impressed."
  • "I don't need your help."
  • "I want protection."
  • "Well, that seems incredibly brave or incredibly stupid."
  • "All finished!"
  • "Uh, bit of a snag actually..."
  • "Ooh, don't shoot yourself in the face."
  • "You did say you wanted to help."
  • "Stop fidgeting! Nothing's going to happen."
  • "Did either of you hear that?"
  • "Shake him loose!"
  • "Shoot up!"
  • "Well, that's suspicious."
  • "Pull. Over."
  • "If you do not pull over this instance, I will have no choice but to shoot you!"
  • "For God's sake, will you please stop shooting things!"
  • "Do I even need to ask?"
  • "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."
  • "I hear it!"
  • "Jump clear!"
  • "This is where I get off."
  • "The hell is that?"
  • "I need to find out where you hid them."
  • "You're the only one who knows."
  • "Help me stop them."
  • "I think we should retrieve it immediately."
  • "Allow me."
  • "I used to come skinny dipping here as a kid."
  • "That's a sight."
  • "Somebody knows what we know before we know it, and it's really starting to chap my ass."
  • "You're quite good at that."
  • "You're very fortunate, you know?"
  • "Look me in the eye and say what you meant."
  • "Oh, you're so right! How I managed to stay alive before I met you, I have no idea."
  • "I can't tell if you're being arrogant or ignorant."
  • "If I allow people to get close to me, I put them in danger."
  • "You were his support."
  • "Your desire to help others is noble."
  • "As you were."
  • "She's a slut."
  • "You're gonna love living here!"
  • "Were you limping as you came in?"
  • "I still say it's him."
  • "You bet against me?"
  • "Nobody's lucky forever."
  • "You'll never be able to defeat my secret weapon!"
  • "Think I found something big."
The Video - Requested (Ashton)

Hey this was requested by Anon (one where y/n is lukes older sister and shes on tour with the guys but whenever she’s asked to come along to sound checks and interviews and stuff she says no because she’s scared of the fans and has anxiety and ashton comes one night into her bunk and cuddles and tries to make her feel better?) its isnt 100% what you asked for because i changed it up a little but i hope you still like it. ENJOY ALL!!!!

‘(Y/N) please come to sound check, I hate leaving you in on your own’ Luke begs as he lingers in the door, ready to leave. But you laugh trying to act normally.

‘Luke, I’m fine. I don’t want to come’ you tell him, but you tell he takes offence and huffs leaving without a good bye. You feel bad so you send him a text apologising for it sounding so nasty, he forgave you pretty quickly. You decide to go for a walk, leaving the bus and walking about five minutes before seeing a group of fans, there are about eight of them and as you get closer they split half coming over to you, the other half walking away and watching.

‘Hey (Y/N), could we get a picture?’ one girl asks,

‘With me, I think it’s my brother you came for’ you joke and the four girls laugh as they pose with you. You chat with them for a couple of minutes and before leaving they hand over a A4 piece of paper FULL of twitter names and a couple of phone numbers, they ask you to give it to the boys and you agree. As you begin to continue walking you hear one girl shout behind you.

‘Your Luke’s sister you should be supporting him, not using him for his fame’ you turn to see one of the girls in the group you didn’t speak to laughing with her friends as she glared at you.

‘I support Luke 100%, and if you did you wouldn’t be shouting thing to his sister in the street’ you tell her walking away and heading back to the bus not in the mood for a walk any more. The fans are horrible to you, well some of you, others are lovely. As you enter the bus you let out a frustrated growl thinking you were alone, but that wasn’t true, just as your about to flop onto the sofa you see something move in the Courbet of your eye, you jump slightly looking in the direction only to see Ashton standing there frowning.

‘Hey, is everything okay?’ He asks

'Jesus Ash you nearly gave me a heart attack, why aren’t you at sound check?’ You ask avoiding his question

'Calum wanted his phone charger and I’m not needed at the moment so I came and got it’ he explains you nod, and sit down on the sofa. Ashton comes and sits next to you, turning and crossing his legs in the sofa so he is looking at you so you shift so you’re facing him too and way in him eye brows raised as you wait for him to speak.

'Talk to me’ is all he says and you shake your head frowning. 'Come on (Y/N), I know you want to be strong and not bother us with your stuff but we complain to you all the time. Just tell me what’s wrong’ he tells you and you watch him for a moment until deciding you can trust Ashton to not tell Luke.

'The fans hate me, they think I’m only on your with you guys because I was to share Luke’s fame, its horrible Ash and I don’t understand it. Mali-Koa doesn’t get hate, everyone loves her. Sometimes I just want to tell them how much I have given to support Luke but don’t want to sound like I was praise for it. But Ash I have given my life up so Luke could be here and I don’t mind because he’s my baby brother but it’s shit that al I get for it is hate.’ You stop looking down at your fingers; Ashton’s fingers lightly touch your chin moving your head so you’re looking at him.

'Ignore it, I know it’s hard but your amazing (Y/N), we know how much you have given and we are all so grateful. Look if the fans don’t want to accept you that are their problem. Because you are beautiful, funny, kind, loving, a little crazy at times but you really are amazing. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore all these amazing places because of a couple of girls’ he tells you, his eyes never leaving yours. You feel like you having a moment until his phone starts to ring and he has to get back to sound check.

While he is gone you can’t help bit keep thinking about everything he does. You have always kind of liked Ashton, he is the same age as you so it’s always helped but you always pick it aside. He is Luke’s best friend and he would never want you. You decide to look through twitter, it’s been about an hour since Ashton left and the boys still aren’t back. You see that there is a new video on the boys twitter and open it.

'Hi, hope everyone is doing well! We are just at sound check but we have something on our mind and we need to talk to you guys’ Ashton’s begins

'Earlier today we found out that someone very important to us is getting a lot of hate’ you watch Calum explain and your belly drops, you know it’s about you and you want to scream in augur at yourself for believing Ashton would keep your secret.

'My sister is amazing, and I really mean it when I say we wouldn’t be here without her. (y/N) actually talked me into starting to do YouTube videos and then when I told her about Calum and Michael she encouraged me to ask them about a band, she said the worst that could happen is that they say no. But not only that but because I’m not legally an adult I’m not actually allowed to be on your without a responsible adult which I’m sure most of you know because that’s why my mum was always with us, but two months ago my gran became very ill and my mum needed to be with her butters was no one else to be my responsible adult so we actually had a couple of serious meeting about cancelling the tour but then my amazing big sister quit her job that she has worked so so hard to get and she left her friends and out family at home to come with me so that we could still tour.’ Luke explains to the camera becoming very emotional to the point where he is nearly crying and Calum runs his back, comforting him.

'Some people have been horrible to her and she felt like she couldn’t tell us because people would say she’s attention seeking but she isn’t and we needed to know because honestly she hasn’t been herself lately and now we know why’ Michael continues for Luke as he seems like he can’t talk much more.

'We need people to stop, we love you guys but it’s not fair. No one should get hate messages especially not (Y/N)’ Calum tells the camera still running Luke’s back.

'She is an amazing person and none of us would be here right now if it wasn’t for her. So please, please stop’ Ashton begs the camera.

'Bye’ they all say not in union, bloody idiots can never speak at the same time no matter how hard they try. You close the video and although it was sweet you were still a fury at Ashton for betraying your trust. Your about to match over to the sound check to talk to Ashton when the bus door swings open, Luke comes rushing in and before you have chance to stop him his arms are around you tightly, like he can’t let go.

‘I am so sorry, this is my entire fault. I love you (Y/N), I understand if you want to go home. I hate that this is my entire fault.’ Luke tells you still holding you in his arms; you push him back gently and shake your head at him.

‘Luke this isn’t your fault, I wanted to do this for you. Don’t blame yourself. I honestly don’t mind, you know me never one to complain’ you smirk as he laughs, he always comments on how much you complain so the joke lightens the mood. Calum and Michael give you huge hugs to but Ashton doesn’t, he nods towards the door none of the other noticing as they got on with their own stuff. You walk out of the bus and turn to face Ashton.

‘I can’t believe you, I trusted you, what gave you the right to tell Luke’ you yell at him.

‘You can’t be mad at me, I had to do it, it was horrible to see you so down and knowing what was making you feel that way and not doing anything would have hurt even more’ he tells you not raising his voice at all.

‘I thought I could trust you, do you not think if I wanted Luke to know I would have told him. You had no right. That was my business not your Ashton’

‘You know, I don’t care if you mad at me. I did what I had to do; making the video and making you hate me will all have been worth it if you get a little less hate.’ He tells you and his words are so kind, so caring you can’t argue with him instead you stare at him augur and annoyance in your glare but also thankfulness, because maybe him going against you has actually helped.

‘I, still mad at you’ you mutter as you go to walk past him, but his hand grabs your arm turning you slightly and his lips press against yours, it was so quick you didn’t have time to think it though but before you knew it your lips were moving along with him, one of your hands in his hair. But you soon think through what you’re doing and pull away rushing inside. For the rest of the night you avoid Ashton at all costs. You’re in your bunk snuggled under your covers, and you hear your curtain being pulled back, you go to turn but as you do you are stuck in place as a body presses against yours, its warm and one arm moves over your waist holding you close, when you see the hands you know its Ashton. His lips touch your neck softly.

‘I like you’ he tells you, you smile and feel him smile as his lips are still on your neck.

‘Same’ is all you mutter as you close your eyes hoping for a good night sleep while in Ashton’s arms. 

Taking Requests

From Chelsea