enjoying the moments

doctor: theres no other way to tell you this. you have 50 minutes to live. im sorry. as a sign of mercy from the hospital, we can bring all of our staff to gun you down right here and now. you still have the option to enjoy the last moments on gods green earth in whatever way you see fit. its your choice.

me: hold up bitch, i know what i wanna do for my last hour of life. *waits in the wario world pause menu for 50 minutes until wario tells me hes sorry so i can tell him i forgive him*



All Ire knew was that he had found two small cloth bags of crystalline white powder underneath a crate on a small jetty, and that when he put a finger in and licked it, everything got better. The sunset that evening was more colourful and beautiful than any sunset he’d ever seen before. After dark, the bioluminescent purples and greens of the mushrooms swirled and danced violently. When he tried to follow, he found himself falling: into the glowing colours, into the soft, yielding swamp, and not caring, because when he spat mud and rolled over onto his back, he found himself falling into the sky.

The night skies of Morrowind are stunningly beautiful, viewed sober. Moon sugar rendered them a religious experience.

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And now I’m thinking Jemma might get pregnant. So not only will we have a WEDDING to look forward to but ALSO possibly a baby?

That’s my train of thought….YET I come to tumblr and I see depressing/pessimistic thoughts of one of them dying yet again.

Come on folks, this is OUR PAYOFF. We deserve the happiness after 5 YEARS of turmoil and painful storylines. The writers are giving us PAYOFF.

I know it’s hard to trust. But let fans enjoy all these precious moments and think POSITIVELY for a change.

Iain and Elizabeth LOVE being on this show. They both have a 7 year contract. I do NOT see either of them wanting to leave. Writers have accommodated their other filming schedules like Iain was able to film a movie. So why the heck would either of them leave ESPECIALLY when S6 (if it happens) will most likely be last season? 

And as for writers, they want ratings and for fans to watch the show. Storyline wise, it would make no sense for either to die AFTER all the obstacles they went through to be happy. That would just be cruel and horrid writing…and fans/critics would be angry beyond belief….as well as cast members. 

Enjoy the show. Be happy. Don’t let “depressing” theories from fans effect your viewing pleasure. I’m trying not to let it….but it’s tough when you want to GUSH in the tag…but instead see constant “oh my god Jemma is dying…” posts….each time something good happens….

Genesis - Ch. 1 {Jason Momoa/Joe Manganiello x OFCs}

Savages: The Beginning

Jason Momoa & Draya Michele / Joe Manganiello & Tristin Mays

Author’s Note: This is the prequel to Savages. It was requested, so I hope you enjoy it! Feedback and comments are appreciated. 

Word Count: 7,351

Warning: Smuuuuuuuuuuut!

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To the anon about Rihanna concerts, if you ever go, I promise you she will not disappoint lemme tell you that 😭I remember I went to her unapologetic tour and holy crap, it doesn’t matter which seats you choose you WILL enjoy the moment ❤️ but just bring water bc it does smell like weed, but I guess there was weed bc I don’t remember most of the concert lmaoooo 😂

Aw, you’re so sweet!! Haha! When I went to Anti Tour, Travis was telling everyone to bring out their weed.

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I'm watching Two Towers tomorrow omg!! Have fun on your re-watch :D Enjoy all the hilarious Legolas moments lol

Oh cool, have fun too! :D

And thanks ^-^ (I’ll definitely be live-blogging, sorry not sorry to my followers xd)

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"Are you telling me that the whole time this has been one-sided?" @ask-oven //I kind of want to try out Maestro.//

LinLin let a finger ran down her neck, avoiding Maestro’s look diligently.

“Pretty much, but it has no use in lamenting now, Maestro, it’s over, get used to it. I only needed you to give me children, nothing more, nothing less. Now be gone, i feel kind of fatigued…” she muttered, waving him off lazily. Streusen stood at her side, stone faced, innerly however he was gleefully smiling, enjoying the moment to the fulliest. Two peacekeepers were grabbing Maestro`s arms, holding him tightly.

“If you dare to make one step onto the castle grounds ever again, i swear this will be the last thing you will ever do” she added, her voice full of venom.


happy birthday to our dearest minatozaki sana!
thank you for being you and showing us hidden sides that we’ve grown to love and adore. we hope you have the best day filled with laughter and love! we love you ♡


My friend’s and I current DnD party! This is the first campaign we ever played so we are still learning but we are having so much fun, we have weekly sessions with cooking and a lot of snacking involved, my character is the drow wizard to nobody’s surprise haha 

some info about them!

Leonane: Mountain dwarf cleric from a respected clan, found a talking enchanted reliquary with an old god symbol in an expedition, believes it to be the word of the divine and asks it for advice at every chance. team’s grandpa, cautious and concerned about survival, good at negotiating not so good at mingling, judging your every move, is very tired of all of us.

Gruk: Very charismatic albino half orc paladin that is convinced he was chosen by the gods to save the world, quick to trust, lawful good, not the smartest guy, gives away too much money and information, heeds Leonane’s every word, will help everyone in need, will run into a group of thirty enemies without a second thought. needs to stop getting us into fights.

Velare: Drow wizard raised by humans, lives in the underground rooms of a human city’s public library working as an archivist, a hermit that fell in love with a human girl and scared by the passage of time put her in stasis without her consent and hid her away, is looking for a way to extend human lifespan. Has a soft spot for humans, looks very villanous, laughs at inappropriate times, yells at Gruk a lot.

Ulthimesia: Human warlock, left her husband and her noble title for a dream demon, her husband found out and went after them with an army and struck down the demon, in an attempt to save him she trapped what was left of his essence in her pendant giving her control over dreams and the ability to materialize nightmares, is looking for a way to restore her lover to his full form, an expert in monsters and creatures, panics and puts people to sleep when threatened, a refined lady.