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were you two close before you started doing unsolved? have you gotten closer since starting? did you think the show would take off so much??

R: We had done Test Friends before Unsolved and we also sat next to each other from the time we were interns to now. So, yeah, I’d say so. As the show has progressed, I’ve definitely gotten to the point where I can appreciate how much I HATE him… jk we’re pals. I did not think the show would take off the way it has, and I’m thankful that there’s now a community of people who not only enjoy the show, but also, a community of people who I relate to. I just think that’s so cool, thanks for that. 

S: Yeah, we were always in close proximity to each other at work and have shared interests, so we’ve always gotten along. Beyond enjoying spookythings we also have a mutual appreciation for things like popcorn and the motion picture Speed Racer, a movie Ryan loves maybe even more than I do.

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ALRIGHT FAIR POINT… The Announcer pretty much would enjoy dinner and drink offers. If you can catch him with some free time or off-shift in the first place. The Casino’s surveillance ain’t gonna run by itself, ya’know.

and @gunfireandagility thank you very much! I’m flattered you love his design, and I like how you think, bc buy that man some drinks and talk to him first!!!

I love how much Peraltiago is the example of a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP.  Once they got together it wasn’t about ‘oh, what new twist can we use to break them up this week?  what argument can we create that will make them hurtful and cruel to one another?’  They were supportive and loving even before they got together, they were honest with each other, they genuinely enjoyed one another, and faced challenges together.  I just…I love these two so much it’s not even funny.

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I'm still in a mindset of bumbling-accident-prone-prompto-trying-to-prove-himself and I was wondering if you could write something in that vein, like he's trying to impress Noct and messes up in crownsguard training, but he still likes him anyway, or something to that effect? (you're still one of my fav writers by the way. I can only dream of being as good as you.)

Author’s Notes: Thank you so, so much. I’m really glad you like my writing. <3  I hope you enjoy the drabble, and sorry it took so long. orz




Okay. Okay, he can do this.

So what if it’s his second day in training?

So what if he can barely hold the practice sword properly?

So what if Noct just casually announced that he was going to swing by and watch Cor put him through drills, like it didn’t strike Prompto through his very heart with terror?

He can still do this. He’s going to be on the Crownsguard. That makes him like an honorary badass already, right? He’s got to be, if he doesn’t want to mess this up.

The Crownsguard. Gods. Him.

“Argentum,” says Cor, tone flat and unreadable.

“Yes?” squeaks Prompto.

“Relax. Shoulders down.”

Prompto tries. Really he does. But it’s hard to practice the same block, over and over again, without his brain picking apart every little thing he’s getting wrong. When it’s done ripping him to shreds, it takes off running down a path five years from now, when Crownsguard Argentum, or whatever the hell his title will be, inevitably drops the ball and get the prince he’s supposed to be protecting killed.

“Argentum,” Cor says, with a sharper inflection this time.

“Sorry,” says Prompto, and tries to relax his shoulders.

Only somehow, when he relaxes his shoulders, he relaxes his whole arm. The grip on the handle of the practice sword falters as he brings the blunted blade down, and he can feel his grip slipping in horrified slow motion.

He watches the thing Cor swore should become an extension of his arm as it springs from his fingers. He watches it clang to the ground with a clatter of metal on stone that he’s sure he’ll be hearing in his anxiety nightmares for months. He watches Cor’s face, hard as granite, disapproval creeping in around the edges.

He can’t bring himself to look toward Noct.

Prompto dives for the sword, like if he’s fast enough he can erase the last fifteen seconds from existence. When he comes up, he knows he’s blushing like crazy. Even his ears feel hot.

“Uh,” says Prompto. “Just the shoulders next time. Got it.”


Two hours later, he’s sitting on the bench outside the training hall, hoping one of the gods will have mercy and strike him dead. He’ll take a lightning bolt from Ramuh. He’ll take a blizzard from Shiva. Hell, he’ll even take Bahamut’s whole arsenal if it means he doesn’t have to look up and see the disappointed look he’s sure is on Noct’s face.

“See?” says Prompto. “I told you, dude. Guys like me aren’t Crownsguard material.”

“The hell’re you talking about?” says Noct, and slides down onto the bench next to him, so close they’re touching at the shoulders.

“That,” says Prompto, with a vague gesture back toward the training hall. He’s blushing again. He can feel his face slowly going red.

There’s silence for a long moment, and Noct shifts. He’s got that look fixed on him, Prompto’s sure – that long, searching kind of look that always feels like he can see something hidden under Prompto’s skin.

“Quit that,” says Noct, at last.

“Quit what?” says Prompto. “Sucking so hard? Believe me, buddy, I would if I could.”

“That,” says Noct. “It’s your second day. You’re gonna make mistakes.”

“In front of Cor the Immortal,” says Prompto. “And you,” he thinks, but doesn’t add it.

“Cor’s been training new recruits for years.” Noct reaches over to nudge him with an elbow. “I guarantee, whatever dumb rookie slips you make, he’s seen dumber.”

“Great,” says Prompto, burying his face in his hands. “Thanks.”

But actually, when he thinks about it like that, it kind of helps. In the grand scheme of things, maybe he’s a screw-up. But he probably won’t be the biggest screw-up.

Noct leans into him, and the weight’s solid and warm against his shoulder. “Now quit worrying and let’s hit the arcade,” he says. “You still owe me a couple rounds at that new zombie shooting game.”

Prompto’s lips tug up into a grin. He stands and stretches, and he tells the worries running through his mind that they’re going to have to sit in the back seat for a while. “You only want to play cause you think you’re gonna beat my high score.”

“I know I’m gonna beat your high score,” says Noct, and unfolds himself from the bench with lazy grace.

Prompto flashes him a sidelong glance – falls into step as Noct heads toward the door. “I hit two million, dude. You got a long way to go.”

“You’re joking,” says Noct.

Prompto grins wider. “Not a chance.”

“Huh,” says Noct. There’s a weird inflection to it, kind of level, kind of thoughtful. He’s got Prompto pinned with a searching sort of look again.

Prompto squirms. “What?”

“Nothing,” says Noct, and starts walking again, with a shrug. “Just remembered something I wanted to talk to Cor about. That’s all.”

Today is the day where I can say that I lost exactly 10kg (22lbs) since spring. The last months were more slow as I wasn’t focusing on weight loss that much and enjoyed food more. But hey, I managed to maintain weight for a whole month and the break was needed. It would be so great if I could drop another 10kg until spring 🌱

I want to start doing yoga again daily, I’d be so grateful for recommendations as I’m a literal potato when it comes to being active and fit. Maybe someone can name me some good YouTube channels or blogs for absolutely beginners? 😅

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Pure. Fluff. Guys are sitting with their crush, enjoying a bit of uncharacteristic quiet after a hectic day. Maybe on a couch, maybe the porch, laying down in the grass? It's just, nice. All the worries of the world fall away. Their crush offers a little half embrace, whispering, "Think we can stay like this forever? Because I think I wanna stay like this forever." -okay guys, here's your opening! Maybe the Papyruses, UT, UF, US, SF? If that's okay.


Well, technically it would be very un-beneficial for you both to spend so much prolonged time in this particular position–but yes, he would like to spend at least a little bit longer like this, as well. He’s very quiet as he laughs, gently leaning his skull atop your head while you two just rest & watch the world go by. It’s not long after this that he finally musters up the courage to confess, though that’s a different story entirely.


He teases you a bit, telling you that you sound like Sans, always wanting to laze about. But he has to admit, he does like this. You’re warm, your smile is soft, the air is nice, & the sun feels good against his face. It’s calmer than he expected, he finally feels at peace. Slowly, he winds an arm around your shoulders, & you simply hold each other, silent but comfortable. The situation gives him the push he needs, & he confesses to you later on that week.


You’re lying on the grass, & as soon as the words are spoken, he mumbles “be careful what you wish for.” before rolling over to pin you under him. For a moment your lips are ridiculously close, & you can smell the sugar on his breath. Then he leans down, presses his face to the crook of your neck–& falls asleep. Goddammit, Papyrus.


“yeah, this is nice, but do you know what’d be even better?” & just like that, he slowly tilts your head up & kisses you. It’s a long, but gentle kiss, his claws gently scraping your chin as he cups your face. You stay like that for what feels like an eternity, but is really only a few seconds, until he pulls away. The smile on his face is nervous, but proud, & he simply tugs you closer. No words need to be said, & when he walks you home that evening, your fingers are intertwined.

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Hello! I'm considering working on writing what I think could be a major undertaking for me, this being a long (epic?) poem, involving the Fair Folk! I know you do a lot of stuff related to Greek and Roman mythology, but fair folk count as mythological too (don't they?) and I thought perhaps they'd fall under your area of knowledge. If that's the case I was wondering if you had any sources you might be able to direct me to, so I can learn more about them? Thank you! I very much enjoy your blog.

Hello!! Sorry that this is a bit late, and I hope it’s still useful.

So, on my Master’s, I did a module on Celtic mythology which included a bit on fairies. However, I decided to write mostly on the realm of the fairies (the Otherworld idea) more than the fairies themselves. I can give you a few sources and ideas, though!

  • As always, I’m going to shove the old disclaimer here that Celtic studies really had a bit of a teething problem. The earlier scholarship (think late 19th to early 20th century) is incredibly fanciful and based almost entirely on speculation or inaccurate reconstructions. Some things that we tend to consider as key tenets of Celtic myth, like their ~closeness to nature~ and their ~matriarchal or egalitarian societies~ are honestly just wank made up by bored white people, usually Americans, who wanted to pretend that their heritage was idealistic so they could feel proud of it and therefore closer to it. Oops.
  • Fairies were spooky as hell!! They weren’t necessarily tricksters or even malevolent, but they were considered to live by a totally different moral code to humans, a bit like the gods in many of the well-known Greek and Roman myths. Not that their code was similar to that, because it wasn’t, but the idea of a difference in morality between humans and fairies was prevalent. This meant that fairies were often depicted as being very unpredictable, because certain acts necessitated consequences that to humans seemed irrelevant, but followed the fairy moral code.
  • An example of this would be the entrance to the Otherworld. Human beings were not supposed to contact fairies. They were supposed to wait for fairies to contact them. To make this more feasible, the entrance to the Otherworld, where the fairies existed, was temporally and spatially distant from the human world. There were certain times and locations at which the two worlds blurred and it was possible for humans to traverse the boundaries – fairies, of course, didn’t need to wait, and could cross at any time. However, it was possible for humans to seek out these specific locations and cross into the Otherworld, essentially traversing the boundaries not only between the worlds but between human and fairy moralities, and this usually led to punishment for the human. The most common form of punishment would be temporal displacement; the human would live happily in the Otherworld for, say, 5 years, and when they decided to leave, they would find that 500 years had passed in the human world and they were barred from the Otherworld, essentially living in neither world. Seems a bit out of proportion to me, but there you go.
  • tl;dr fairies are often presented as inherently malevolent, when actually they just Did Things Differently.
  • Death!! You’ll probably come across some wank sources which claim that Celtic fairies are definitive proof that Celtic people worshipped the dead, or that they represent Christian angels, or that fairies were pagan gods. None of these are accurate (or at least proven to be so), so take those with a pinch of salt. However, there are links between fairies and death. You couldn’t eat in the Otherworld, for example; a bit like the Greek myth of Persephone, who wasn’t supposed to eat in the Underworld. Fairies could literally take you out of the human world and trap you forever in theirs, which has obvious parallels with death. Certain rituals described in fairy lore, such as feasts and dancing in the Otherworld, resembles what we know of burial rites and death rituals. None of it is definitive, but it’s enough to posit that fairies had a very dangerous side.

Some fancy sources:

  • Katherine Briggs – Encyclopedia of Fairies
  • Carole Silver – Strange and Secret Peoples (this one is actually about the role played by fairies in the Victorian era, when much of the spurious scholarship was being produced – still interesting!)
  • W. Y. Evans-Wentz – The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries (one of the old ones, but one of the less wanky ones. Linking it primarily as it’s freely available here)

I’m not sure what your access to journals and stuff is like, so I won’t link specific articles, but Folklore, Ériu and any of the Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium would also be good places to look!

Hope some of this is helpful!

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What do you think about the painted lady/blue spirit

(this gon’ be looong)

Well, you know, while I think it’s visually fascinting, as a Zutara dynamic I’ve never thought much about it because I think most fics use the alter egos just to create this mystical/magic atmosphere around the pairing–but there’s some sort of alienation from their true characters that stops me from enjoying it very much (even though some might like it). Also they never even meet; and while the Painted Lady is a mythical figure that truly exists, the Blue Spirit is not really a spirit, it’s just a nickname for a bandit with a mask, so it’s not like there’s some “spirit parallel pairing” for them.

But on the other hand I love the fact that having a second identity to disguise their actions is something they share; they have very different reasons, but it shows they both have this angsty, tormented side that no one can really see and understand–even Katara is often surprisingly detached from her friends and her brother. Through both their disguises, the complexity they both carry inside comes out.

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hello :) could you write an imagine where the reader and tom are ill and spend the day at home etc. could you also write it in second person if it’s not too much to ask x

hey love!

and oh my god, this would be amazing. 

i think i’m going to make this a headcanon because they’re so much easier to write, plus i can ramble all i want.

i hope you enjoy!

  • one morning you’d wake up with a horrible head ache and a really sore throat
  • you felt like death
  • and your boyfriend tom, was also sick, which meant the two of you would be dying together
  • you’d roll over, running your fingertips along his biceps, making him turn over
  • he’d sleepily look at you
  • awhhhhhh
  • “good morning, love.” 
  • his voice raspy from sleeping and faint from being sick
  • “i think you got me sick, holland.”
  • he’d immediately sit up, looking at you
  • he’d feel your face, looking for a fever
  • “well, you are pretty hot, babe.” he’d say before adding a wink
  • you’d let out a laugh
  • “i’m sorry, darling.” he’d say, sniffiling. you’d smile before kissing his cheek
  • “it’s fine, i get to stay home and be with you.”
  • a huge smile would appear on his face as he cuddled into your body.
  • “you’re really comfy.”
  • “yeah, well, my boobs aren’t pillows, tom.”
  • he move his head to the crook of your neck, smiling before planting a light kiss.
  • “i love you, y/n.”
  • “i love you too, tom.”
  • endless movies
  • and if it’s near a holiday, endless holiday movies
  • endless bowls of soup
  • and endless cuddles
  • overall, being sick isn’t keeping you guys apart
  • you’re still all over each other like you are 24/7
  • and it’s adorable
  • and i want that


i hope you enjoyed!

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You’ll Be In My Heart

A/N: Sooo this is based on my post last night about listening to “You’ll Be In My Heart” from Tarzan and imagining Patton singing it to Tiny Virgil when he can’t sleep. It’s…well it’s pretty much just that. Also this is my first go at writing any kind of Tiny Side fic, so if I messed it up a bit, don’t be afraid to correct me! (honestly that’s true for literally anything, I like to learn) I didn’t put the whole song because i feel like that just crowds the fanfiction. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! 

Warnings: None :) 

Pairing: Familial Moxiety 

Word Count: 849

Song: “You’ll Be In My Heart” by Phil Collins (I mostly based it on the version that’s sung at the beginning of the movie right after Tarzan was found) 

Patton was sitting on the couch in the common space, watching Tarzan late at night. Everyone else had gone to bed long ago, but Patton hadn’t been able to sleep. No reason in particular, really, he just wasn’t sleepy. He figured making himself a warm drink and watching a loved and familiar Disney movie would help him.

It nearly did, too. He could feel himself start to drift off, right when he heard the crying.

Bolting up, Patton looked around, pausing the movie. For a moment, everything was silent. Then he heard it again, a clear wailing from a small child. He got to his feet immediately and walked down the hall to Virgil’s room. Sure enough, when he cracked the door open and peaked in, the younger side was curled under his blanket, sobbing.

“Virge?” Patton calls softly. He walks into the room, slowly making his way to the bed in case Virgil didn’t want any company. But the other side just kept sobbing, not showing any reaction to Patton’s appearance. Patton sat on the edge of the bed, near the small lump. “Hey Virge, kiddo, can you come out from under the blanket for me?”

There was a pause, and then some shifting. A moment later Virgil’s small head popped up from under the blanket. He took one look at Patton and started bawling again, throwing himself into Patton’s arms. “Dada!” he exclaims, burrowing his head in Patton’s chest. Patton wrapped his arms around the tiny side, swallowing past the lump in his throat at the sobs that came out of Virgil. He hated it when anyone cried, let alone the small child in his lap.

“Shhh, it’s okay. I’m here,” he whispers, rocking Virgil back and forth.

“I had a scawy nightmare,” Virgil sniffed, arms tightening around Patton’s neck. “I dwemt that you left me.”

“Oh honey,” Patton says, rubbing soothing circles on Virgil’s back. “I would never leave you.”

Virgil sniffed. “Pwomise?’

“Promise,” Patton says. He pulls away from the hug just enough to look down at the child. “Do you want some warm milk before going back to bed?”

Sniffling, Virgil nodded and wrapped his arms back around Patton’s neck. Patton picked him up and carried him into the kitchen, holding him the entire time that he was warming up the milk. He added a bit of honey to make it even sweeter, just how Virgil liked it.

The two of them sat in the living room, Patton’s movie forgotten. He held Virgil as the younger side drank his milk, still crying and sniffling a little. Patton ran his hands through Virgil’s hair as a way to try to get him to go to sleep. Even when the milk was finished, though, there were still tears running down Virgil’s face.

“Hey,” Patton says, turning Virgil in his lap so Patton could look down at him, “why are you still crying?”

“I’m afwaid,” Virgil admits, looking down like he was embarrassed. “I’m afwaid of dweaming again.”

Patton held Virgil close, rocking him again, trying to think of a good way to make Virgil not afraid anymore. He stared at the paused screen of Tarzan and an idea struck him. “How about a song?”

Virgil looks up at him. “Song?”

Patton chuckles. “Roman’s not the only one around here who can carry a tune you know.”

Virgil looks up at him with wide, curious eyes, and that was all the confirmation that Patton needed. He cleared his throat and started singing.

Come stop your crying, it’ll be alright

Just take my hand, hold it tight.

I will protect you from all around you, I will be here don’t you cry.”

Patton brushed away Virgil’s tears, wrapping him in a hug.  

For one so small, you seem so strong.

My arms will hold you keep you safe and warm.

This bond between us can’t be broken.

I will be here don’t you cry.”

Virgil snuggled against Patton, sighing contently. Patton smiled and pushed back the small trait’s hair. He rocked them gently to the song, hoping that Virgil took every word as the truth.

Cause you’ll be in my heart

Yes, you’ll be in my heart.

From this day on, now and forever more.

You’ll be in my heart.

No matter what they say.

You’ll be here in my heart, always.”

Patton leaned down to kiss the top of Virgil’s head. The younger one’s eyes were already starting to droop, his head lolling against Patton’s chest. Smiling softly, Patton stood and slowly started walking back to Virgil’s room. He sang the rest of the song as he put Virgil back into bed and tucked the covers around him.

Virgil snuggled down into the covers and reached out for Patton’s hand. He didn’t want his dad to go just yet. He wanted to hear the rest of the song.

Smiling, Patton rubbed circles on the back of Virgil’s hand, still singing softly. As Virgil was drifting off to sleep, Patton finished out the song.

“You’ll be in my heart,” he whispers into Virgil’s ear before kissing his forehead. “Always.”

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I hate Arin Hanson. He's a big fucking dumbass that can't read basic video game instructions and it was funny at first but now it's just annoying to constantly see him wonder why he can't progress despite the massive blinking instructions right in front of his ugly fucking face.

you and me both buddy. and this guy made a video talking about how much he enjoyed the subtleties in the design of the first level of megaman x, but somehow can’t pick up on that shit anywhere else. what a fuckin tool.


Reputation Secret Sessions London - My Experience -‪ WARNING VIDEO MAY CONTAIN HIGH LEVEL OF SHOOKNESS! I look such a mess in this video it was the day I got home and I just wanted to sleep 😂 butt enjoy ❤️‬

So my sister has decided to re-launch her YouTube channel with her first video being my secret session experience in London😊 it has ‘exclusive’ videos of me freaking out before and after the event. I still cant believe that I am even tell this story and so grateful that Taylor and Taylor Nation invited me. Taylor if you see/watch this video please know October 13 was the best night of my life and I will never forget it, it was enchanting to meet you I love you so much and can’t wait to see you on tour ♥️

MX reaction to you not liking a lot of skinship

Request: Can I get a Monsta X reaction to you not liking much skinship? Thank you! Your writing is amazing! <3

Thank you for requesting! I’m glad that you like my writing! <3 I hope it’s what you wanted, please enjoy~


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I love ur zosan fic Deep. It's so beautiful. Can i ask? What are ur favorite fanfics? Can you recommend one or two for me? Thanks!

Aw, thank you! Glad you’re enjoying it! 

I’ve answered this before with two of my faves, The Roronoa Fruit by StarkBlack and Mindshattered by Velkyn Karma.

But I also highly recommend Shackled Dissimulation by @auspizien. This fic is unlike any I’ve read before, and if you can handle darker themes, then definitely give it a go! The characterization is spot-on; the AU is modern, but unique, and it’s obvious a LOT of research and planning went into the plot. This is a fic you’ll want to re-read for details you may have missed. The writing and plotting shows so much patience and dedication over the time it took to write it, and I think it pays off. 

In addition, I will also recommend Aural Pleasure by New Neon. This fic has a super interesting premise, also with a lot of attention and care to research. Lots of lovely drama and angst, and it captures very well how Zoro and Sanji are able to communicate with each other against all odds, often better than with any other crew members. 

And for the last rec of the day, Engraved by @aevvium. It’s not often that I read fan-created devil fruits that seem well-thought-out and like they could fit in with the rest of the series. Devil fruits that aren’t entirely overpowered or unrealistic, with equally overpowered and unrealistic OCs to match. I think this fic defies that stereotype. Zoro’s characterization, in particular, is fantastic in my opinion, and this fic sets the stage for a completely believable deepening of Zoro and Sanji’s relationship in the canon universe.

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HC of gym 3 on what their ideal first date would be and how it would go. (And if you don't consider them gym 3 maybe add Lev and Hinata if you want. <3)

So since I was dumb and didn’t add this to the other request that was similar and I would feel bad simply deleting it, I decided to make simple headcanons of the boys getting ready for their dates!

Hope that’s okay, Anon, and that you enjoy!

P.s. I hate myself to fucking much. I was almost done writing this and clicked off the page AND EVERYTHING WAS GONE. FUCKING NO.

P.s.s. I realized that I curse a lot on some of these posts and I just wanted to apologize, my children, but sometimes there are moments when only the words ‘fucking shit’ can describe how one feels.

Kuroo Tetsurou: Literally he would spend the whole day before recruiting help from Kenma as to what he should wear on the date. While his friend proves to be little help with comments of ‘anything will be fine’, he has no other choice but to get his mother involved. And the project just explodes! “What if I wear this shirt with these short?” “And look like a total nerd?” “It’s too late for that, Ms. Kuroo.” It would be a riot. Then they’d have to deal with Kuroo’s constant fussing over it being the right place to take them or the right thing to wear for the rest of the evening.

Bokuto Koutarou: Lol, picture this kid calling up his swolmate Kuroo and the two of them spending most of the day before getting this beef cake beefed out (what?) for his date. He wants to be on his game and show them just how cool he really is, right, but then wakes up the morning of and is sooooo sore that he can barely move! Panic sets in as he lays in his bed just listening to the time tick by before he’s supposed to meet them. And while he’s still hurting a little when he does show up, he’s still able to do what he originally set out to do.

Akaashi Keiji: Focusing a bit on the OP, I can picture this boy spending the day before preparing everything that they may need for their date, like ultra ready-Akaashi. He’s spent time researching everything they can and can’t bring with them and has a whole bag filled with blankets, snacks, and drinks ready. And he’s even got everything out and ready to go on the kitchen table so that all he has to do it grab it on his way out. So that the only thing really weighing him down is the set of nerves that they’ll have a good time!

Tsukishima Kei: Also going back to the OP and before the date is even established, I can just see this boy spending so much time getting to know all of their interests and which ones appeal to them the most. And then when he goes home, he’s spent literally HOURS trying to find a good museum - because those specific ones are far and wide around the country - that he considers to the perfect place. He probably even bought tickets before he even knew if they would say yes, but he’s a dedicated cookie and tried really hard to make sure everything went well!

Hinata Shouyou: Like, I could see this boy going back and forth about asking them out for so long. And it’s probably Natsu that’s the one who kicks him into gear when he’s texting them when he’s supposed to be playing a game with her. She’s all like, “Shou-chan’s a chicken for not asking them out,” and he literally does it on the spot. But then panic sets in as he’s running around the house trying to make everything perfect for this study date that he’s planned and even telling Natsu to be on her absolute best behavior because he really like them and wants them to like him too.

Haiba Lev: Like, really, I don’t think that Lev had a hard time coming up with a date idea, but more that he has a hard time trying to bring himself to ask them. And up until he finally asks them flat out, he’s always been really vague about his suggestion of going. Like “oh, you should check out this animal shelter” and they’re always like, “okay maybe.” Oh and then when he goes to pick them up he’s just a nervous chatter box, always talking and eventually realizes that he hasn’t let them speak once since he picked them up! Oh, but it turns out oh so well!

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I'm crying in the club after that last panel, I love this au sO MUCH. Would it be cool if I drew some fanart for it?

I’m glad you enjoy my AU aAah-
And yES of course you can! Fanart is always welcomed! ;; 💕

anonymous asked:

I love how you draw my fave WoW character & your OC!!!! Absolutely perfect!! I NEED fan fiction stories that explains their adventures pleeeeasee

Thank you so much !! 💜
Oh gosh I really really really want to write their story !
I’ve always felt like I couldn’t (lack of time and habit) but… somehow I really wanna try.
So… who knows *w* I’d be very happy to have their story written.

In waiting though, you can still check the writing tag, there is very lovely things to read, not writen by me but by super awesome people who gave some of their own free time to write about Khadgar and Peregrïn ;w; thankyousomuch.

You could also enjoy @echo-rider‘s blog ! He has a project called “Letters from Karazhan” and I’m just super excited about it, since it’s about both Khadgrin AND my favorite book, “The Last Guardian”