enjoying it as much as i can

hope you had a nice day so far~  here have some smol Shiro :>

cuz.. I still can’t believe Shiro’s SIX YEARS OLD HAHA


MysMe Valentine Celebration Day 7 and Final : V : Love and Joy

IT’S FINISHED! I can’t believe I managed to do this in one day with my lazy ass skills. For final day I want it to be special, I really like V and he just deserved so much happiness in his life, I wanted to spoil him and thus this idea came to me.

MC5 best MC

Final day for an event held by @mysticmessimagines  

Thank you for holding this special event for this fandom! I really enjoyed it and seeing so many participants made me hyped up as well :D Also thank you for all the people who has reblogged or liked my post in this event, it really made my day, see you!

One thing I noticed during both of the hugs is that it’s Daryl who decides to step back at the end. Carol seems perfectly fine to just stand there however long she can but it’s almost as if he’s holding back a little, like he can’t quite let himself enjoy this as much as he wants to because the longer he stays, the longer he holds her the harder it’ll be to go again. And he knows he has to go. It felt clear to me at the end that not only does he want to stop the saviors to get justice for the ones they lost and for his own captivity, but now he’s fighting so he can get back to her.

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So I just saw a post on google saying how, 'BTS is the fakest group' and 'They aren't really friends, it's just for the camera.' and that pissed me off so much. Like....wtf?

Um…whoever said that is LYING TO THEMSELVES!!!

They’re either bitter because BTS is really popular right now, or maybe they’re just so used to groups secretly disliking each other that they don’t know what real friendship looks like anymore. But if you’ve watched like…any video with BTS in it you can see how much they genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

And it’s not just for camera either. Here’s what an ex-staff member at a broadcasting station wrote about BTS after seeing them being slandered online:

Anyway, there have been rumors about BTS’s personalities?, right? I saw other fandoms dragging them down with this… Well, I thought it was ridiculous so I decided to write about BTS I had seen for a short time. I worked briefly doing chores at a music show and BTS was present during this period. But seriously you can’t talk about BTS’s personalities like that. They’re really nice. Other celebrities mentioned them too and they said they’re very nice. Perhaps all of them except one member are very shy..? They only stayed in their waiting room. They’re not extremely quiet and they’re not very loud too. It looked like they gather around each other and play together. The waiting rooms don’t have great soundproof facilities so you can actually hear what they’re talking about and I heard them when I passed the hall and I thought they were really cute so I’ll share an anecdote. ㅋㅋㅋ I suddenly heard people laughing loudly from BTS’s waiting room so I stood there thinking “huh?” and I realized that they were telling each other weird jokes and then giggling like high school girls and they continued to play some strange game? kind of thing. Anyway, they looked like a 4D group. I could sense the vibe of high school girls from them

So in conclusion, IT’S REAL AND ITS LOVE 😍😭😘

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17 Pieces of Unsolicited Advice on my Birthday for my 17 year old self
  1. Buy a rice cooker,
  2. The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb. Meaning, just because they’re your family, doesn’t mean they are guaranteed to be part of your life. It is not a right just because of blood. Don’t let anyone guilt you into thinking you can’t choose who is in your life. 
  3. Learn something about cars. Know how to change a tire, keep track of when to get new tires and an oil change. As much as it hurts, put money away for when it inevitably fucks you over. 
  4. Find something you enjoy doing to work out. PS you will like yoga and punching things. 
  5. The relationships you idolize will fail, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have hope. 
  6. It is both harder and easier to make friends the older you get. The ones you find are super weird and honest, and I think everyone is like that, actually.
  7. Keep your sex life, income, and your next move private.
  8. A girl is going to smile at you and you’re going to be a goner. That’s okay. You’ll have it easier than most when it comes to acceptance. 
  9. You think you know what you want to do, but you have no idea. And you won’t, even still yet, not for certain. That’s alright. No one else knows what the hell they’re doing either. Never think that anyone has a better idea just because they might move with a little more purpose than you. 
  10. Don’t stop writing, not for a day.  You don’t have to change the world, and it will keep you sane. One day, a 17 year old will thank you for letting them know that they are allowed to be in love, and for just a moment, you’ll feel like you did. 
  11. 95% of the people you know right now won’t still be around. That’s okay. That’s good, even. You’re going to meet cool people along the way. 
  12. Don’t drink so much. It doesn’t fix anything, you just think it does. 
  13. People who say they don’t have regrets shouldn’t be trusted. You’re going to have regrets. Life should be full of hard decisions, and no matter what you choose, you should have some regrets. Proves you’ve learned and lived. 
  14. Forgiveness isn’t weakness, and it sure as hell isn’t easy.
  15. Save some money. 
  16. You grind your teeth in your sleep. You will get so stressed you won’t be able to move your neck. A girl will rub your back and put you to bed, and when she’s not around, you’ll abuse the hell out of the Rub A535. 
  17. Lying is easy. Telling the truth doesn’t get easier, but you’ll feel like a whole new person when you do. 
{Reaction} Monsta X finding out you have a tongue piercing

Hii! I was wondering if you could do a Monsta X reaction to you having a tongue piercing and you can decide how they find out. Thank you and I love your account! Keep up the great work! 😊❤️💖

Note: Ahh~ this just makes me want to get my tongue pierced even more~ Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used. 

Lee Minhyuk

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Minhyuk: “I’m telling you Kihyun, her tongue is pierced and you know, I thought she couldn’t get any more hot and then she just puts her tongue in my mouth and like - what do you mean too much information this is very important!”

Yoo Kihyun

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Kihyun: “Why are you like this? I get too many feels when I’m with you.” 

Shin Hoseok/ Wonho

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Wonho: “I think this information is requiring me to take you to my bedroom.” *very turned on*

Son Hyunwoo/ Shownu

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Shownu: “You want to up your hotness level? two can play at that game Jagiya.”

Lim Changkyun/ I.M

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Chankyun: “Why is it that every time I think you can’t get any more attractive, you blow me away every single time.”

Chae Hyungwon

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Hyungwon: *keeps playing with it every time he kisses you.* “I’m sorry! I can’t help it, it’s just so addictive and it looks so hot.” 

Lee Jooheon

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Jooheon: “I knew there was a reason why I loved you so much.” 

Thank you all so, so, SO much for enjoying askallofeddsworld!

The response to this blog has just been so phenomenal, I honestly can’t even BEGIN to describe how I feel about all of this. It’s been a little bit of everything– fear, wonder, shock, happiness, very loud swearing… It’s only been like a week, but it feels like it’s been ages. 

But anyway, I digress. You guys kick SO much ass it’s unbelievable. I never thought this would get to such a high point in so little time, but welp, here we are!

Again, thank you all so much, and I hope to continue making you guys laugh! Or cry. Or scream. Or whatever noise you’ve been making at this webpage for the past week. See you soon! 

Auston Matthews #16

Requested by Anon:  Hey!! I love absolutely everything you write!! I was wondering if you could write a Auston Matthews one were he’s sad about his goal drought and the reader comforts him or something like that. ❤️❤️

*Hiii!! OMG This was from such a long time ago! I can’t believe I missed this one. I’m so so sorry and thank you very much. This is very sweet, I guess. I hope you like it! Enjoy. :)*

Word count: 830

Originally posted by mttymrts

The door banging had gotten so normal in your house that when it happened again, a few seconds ago, you didn’t even flinch anymore. The first time Auston banged the door, you almost fell from the couch – it literally sounded like a bomb went off, just imagine the power those massive muscles held. Now, though, you can sleep through the night even if he banged his way down to the living room.

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#Scandal 601-604 Thoughts: Can You Pay Your Bills?

It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you without a dope review to step to

Real life got in the way.

Anyway. Let me start by saying how much I am enjoying the season so far, thanks in no small part to the lack of Jake and Rowan on my screen.

The episodes sing so much more when their shenanigans are in the background. I needed that because the daily gas lighting of Mango Mussolini and his staff are too much. I can’t take the kind of season we got for 5B—when I hated everybody. I know Jake and Rowan have been conspicuously absent, and I’ll be tortured with them in the next two episodes. It was good while it lasted. The other thing I am enjoying is the murder mystery of Frankie’s assassination. The individual character focus is a great way to handle Kerry’s pregnancy, as it puts less of a strain on her, but makes complete sense. This is an improvement over the S3 storylines.

I am going to frame this review first within the context of relationship dynamics seen in 604. Based on that, plot points and conversations from 601-603 will be incorporated. I am interested in any productive comments you have to add.

Fitz, Angela, Olivia and the Los Angelitz dinghy:

Los Angelitz:

Ahoy, mateys! Enjoy your peanuts and cocktails while aboard because this journey will be very short. But it matters not the length (that’s what she said), but that the journey is taking place. Yes, it hurts my little Olitz Stan soul to actually see Fitz doing homework in bed with Angela while she wears his work shirt over her tig ol biddies.

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I mean, it was all just a year ago that we had this:

Yes, I am treating Los Angelitz like vegetables I gotta eat for good health and regular bowel movements. This seems healthy, until it proves otherwise with Angela (more below). I shan’t be referring to this little situation as ‘fauxlitz’ because I don’t think they are an imitation or replacement for what we ache for. It’s a bridge.


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What do you think of the single cover/poster? It looks like Lana edited the pic herself, it looks kind of DIY but not in a good way. Like there's a random guy with glasses and a pick up truck in the sky on the right, it looks strange to me.

I can see where people criticize because style/art has evolved so much over the decades but  I kind of love it. It’s very retro movie styled. A lot of the older movies had posters like that. It reminds me of that clip out art where the put the vintage pictures and mix in outer space and I’ve always enjoyed that. <3

i just ???? idk i get rly upset bc i ,, just !! idk i dont like being made to feel like im ignorant or stupid for enjoying a show ?????? its a tv show like if u rly think everything abt it is that bad idk stop watching it ,,, i jsut???? idk like it rly …makes me feel shitty to try n enjoy something but i see so much negativity surrounding the thing i enjoy and ye s,, everyones entitled to their opinions obviously i just wish ppl would focus on what they like abt smth instead of every single time they’re disappointed by smth happening in a plot yknow ???? and if that many things disappoint you constantly all the time and u rly cant find tht many good things abt wht ur watching just dont watch it !!!! thts just my opinion idk im not tryna be….annoying or anything but its like…..twd episodes get ruined for me before i even watch them bc everyone acts like nobody should enjoy the episode

bellegirl  asked:

Hello Mister, Just got lost in the hunt for the answer "do you have a little?" Your link to a link to a link made me dizzy but it made me laugh. What a fun game. I'm not a little but I enjoy following your blog. You're so kind and sweet and you really do have great advice that is applicable for any D/s relationship, not just the DD/lg type. Thanks for taking care of all those sweet littles out there. You are fun and sweet and wise and you have a great beard. -bellegirl

Thank you very much.

What many don’t know or may sometimes forget is that I was a Dom before I was a daddy, and I have many years experience.

I can just as easily tie you up and slap you around as I could make you cookies and cuddle in a blanket fort.

Or both. Aftercare is important after all.

Angel’s Wings

Characters – Cas x Reader, Sam, Dean

Summary – It takes a near death experience for the reader to find out why she can see an angel’s wings.

Word Count – 5,983

Warnings – Canon-type violence

A/N – When I hit my 500 follower milestone, I did drabble requests. I only received two, so I am turning them into full one shots instead! This one was from @trinityjadec: “OH MY GOSH CONGRATS YOU DESERVE SO MANY FOLLOWERS!!! Could I have Cas and something with his wings? (still have an unhealthy obsession) I LOVE YOU SO MUCH KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK”

Here you go, Trinity!  I hope you enjoy it and I’m so sorry for the wait! 

Also written for @percussiongirl2017’s I’m Finally Legal Birthday Challenge.   I got #37: Why can I see your wings?  And the song “If I Died Today” by Tim McGraw

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Your name: submit What is this?

You would never forget the first time you saw Castiel.  You were sitting in the bunker library with Sam, discussing a possible vampire case up in Omaha that you’d been trying to research for several days, when the front door opened and Dean began descending the stairs with another man you’d never seen before.

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Old Married Spirk is literally the most clean, pure and beautiful thing that ever existed. Spock and Jim are all old and happy and lazy and live peacefully in their flat in rainy San Fransisco where they drink tea and read books in bed and play chess together and snuggle like mourning doves and whisper sweet good mornings and good nights and go out to Italian restaurants and operas every week it’s just so perfect I love OMS they love and need each other so much and retirement is so wonderful for them because they’re finally settled down and can each simply enjoy life together with their soulmate wow I love OMS oh my god


My face again! With my newly cut hairs 😍 This is very much needed! And I love it!

**Update** I’ve been a terrible tumblrite lately and with my time sorta evening out now, I can get my time management together finally with work life. So, while I complete a few things I’ve been trying to put out (my muse slipped a little bit lately 😞) I’m going to try and get through some of my drafts and the amazing works I’ve been tagged in :D fic recs coming!

Sit tight because what I’ve posted about it coming here quick! I have not forgotten and I’m super excited. Stay tuned!


The week went very well.

I did weight lifting almost every day. I really have to go to bed early.

I’m with the flu again, and yesterday I decided it would be rest day.

Today I went back to the park, which was buzzing with people walking, running, cycling or just enjoying the sun. Looks like spring is approaching! I did 5km, but I ran a just a little because I can’t breathe very well. My nose was running way more than me! 😷

Today also marks the 50th no sugar day!
It’s been getting much easier. I’m at the point where it’s just not worth to cut the streak for some crap, and I don’t even have to fight the cravings anymore.

Aside the amazing comeback by BTS ((like seriously kudos im still screaming as i type this)) I hope you all ARMYS know that TWICE also dropped their comeback MV like half an hour ago and I’m not going to be surprised if there are battles for views and likes and records breaking ideals spewing here and their between ONCES and AMRYS. Its normal to have these competitions because thats what we do as fans for our idols. But please do be considerate and respect each other and support both MVs and fandoms. I hope TWICE will do spontaneously well in promoting their comeback because I honestly think they deserve the attention and love just as much as BTS does. Its inevitable to have feuds especially when both MVs are dropped almost at the same time but lets not forget what our purpose as fans are, which is to enjoy how amazing the comebacks are. Let’s not take the competition for views so seriously but take down a path of teamwork within fandoms.


Sad about being home, but we have so much love for katsucon and all of the new friends that we made there because of it. Katsucon 2018, I’m coming for you, and this time I’m going to be PREPARED to cosplay.

Also, get ready for something sappy below.

So, even if Katsucon had been really crowded, I enjoyed it a lot more than Tekko. I didn’t go there expecting to make friends and take so many pictures with people, but I did! I met so many amazing and friendly people and sat through an awesome panel with Darin de Paul, and that made it a lot better.

I can’t believe that me, someone that’s usually so introverted, had so much fun making friends. Maybe that’s something that college has taught me to do (since high school is pretty much years of hell stuck with the same people and no room to meet new people), or maybe it’s just because katsu was full of like-minded people.

Whatever, it was honestly the best time I’ve had in a while, and I’m so so happy I got to spend it with @actualabsolutetrash AND WE GOT TO MEET LEON!!

So, cheers, here’s to Katsu 2018 next year!

hollybunch95  asked:

Can I just say how amazing you're art work is? I enjoy seeing it so much on my dash a well as your posts <3 keep up the fantastic work.

Sorry. it took me so long to respond, I been rather sick this last week, so upset missing out on all my free time I laid in bed. I wanted to sketch something for you for the kind ask. I have been working on getting better.

So enjoy this little Raph for you!