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Jungkook is the bad boy of the college campus. Jimin is the nerd of the campus. Jungkook is in love with Jimin. Jimin is oblivious.


First part~~~ tell me your thoughts!

Antis: If Reylo happens in any way, TLJ is terrible and will ruin Star Wars.

*TLJ basically an angst Reylo fic*

People who saw TLJ: Come out saying Kylo and Rey are the best part and they ship Reylo


Star Wars is A okay and TLJ is doing extremely well with all it’s Reylo! Sorry to disappoint you anne.

The Dragon and His Fairy

The Dragon and His Fairy

Chapter 9

Word count: 4488

A/N: So I know it’s been more than two months since I lasted posted but here it is chapter nine! I want to give a huge thank you to @bluuesparrow who really helped get my ideas together and actually and is one of the biggest reasons that I was able to finish this chapter and,@spikerr , @capaleran2 and @mangaguitar96 for being amazing betas! I’m going to be inputting a warning due to the angst that is in this chapter without further ado enjoy!

Gajeel glared at Erza as she looked over Levy’s shoulder to see what the fairy had been reading. A feeling of overprotectiveness and jealousy raged through the dragon as Levy turned, allowing her friend to see the book’s pages.

It had been three days since Erza had found them and ever since the two hadn’t gotten along in the slightest. The Requip Fairy had made it clear that she didn’t approve of the relationship at all by constantly blocking Gajeel’s attempts at getting close to Levy. And she never left the two alone. Gajeel in return refused to turn back into a human so long as Erza kept a sword at her hip and made threats at him behind Levy’s back.

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Fave Writers List

So @lady-une mentioned she’d do this and I thought why not do one too. I always love sharing my favorite writers. Click on their names for their masterlists~ click on the tags for their blogs. I have a lot, these are just the ones I remembered or found first. 

Fictive Writers @fictivewriters

Bangtan’s Baby @bangtans-baby

Imaslutforwords @imaslutforwords

WritingSeoul @writingseoul

Gotfuckingseven @gotfuckingseven

Taeintedlove @taeintedlove

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Hobiminkooksprincess1990 @hobiminkooksprincess1990

Shohohonu @shohohownu

Johobi @johobi

Oppamansae @oppamansae

PeachyMari @peachy-mari

HoodieJaebum @hoodiejaebum

NotCloseToStraight @not-close-to-straight (not kpop related but still an amazingly beautiful writer. I love her fics)

khiphopstories @khiphop-stories

Sugasbed @sugasbed

Flowers & Meanings

Orchid: fertility, virility, sexuality, exotic beauty

Iris: eloquence, royalty, faith, wisdom, hope, valor

Jasmine: beauty, sensuality, love, purity

Sunflower: adoration, platonic love, admiration, loyalty

Red Rose: passionate, requited love, desire

Peony: bashfulness, wealth, compassion, beauty, happy marriage

Lavender: purity, silence, devotion, grace, calmness

Lilac: affection, youthful innocence, confidence, humility

Anthurium: hospitality, happiness, abundance

Daisy: innocence, purity, true love, new beginnings

Anemone: fading hope, forgotten love, faires, anticipation

Gardenia: purity, hope, trust, secret love, dreams, clarity

Hyacinth: sincerity, sporty attitude, playfulness, rashness, jealousy

Daffodil: creativity, inspiration, renewal, awareness, unrequited love