Title: All In The Family (Chapter 1)

Pairing: Samifer (past Sam Winchester/Lucifer)

Words: 1806

Warnings: pretty much just arguing, mentioning of killing, lots of cute and fluff

Summary: Sam killed Lucifer about three years ago and now, during a case in Utah, found a three year old child who lost his mother to changelings and decided to take the boy named Luce with him. Little do they know, at this point, that this little boy is not just an ordinary human, but the reborn archangel himself, with no memory of his past life.

All Sam knows is, that Luce is special and that he can’t leave him alone, without any family or anyone to care for him.

Part 1: Their way back to the bunker.

Note: Prequel to this is: ‘The Children Are Alright’. I suggest reading this first so it will make more sense.

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Even though they drove for over fifteen hours, Luce behaved well all the time. Around eight in the morning they stopped along the highway for breakfast and Sam swore he had never seen a child act so mature at this young age. Luce didn’t talk much, only when Sam directly talked to him he gave short answers with his quiet voice. He listened, however, and both brothers noticed that he observes his surroundings very carefully. When he pulled Sam down near the end of their breakfast to tell him he ‘needs to go pee’, Sam chuckled and guided the little one to the bathrooms. While he waited, Sam kind of wondered why he felt so comfortable around this child he didn’t even know.

When Luce came back a few minutes later, the hint of a smile on his face, Sam’s chest tightened unwillingly. For a split second he saw someone else, a different face with the exact same half-smile on his lips, and the memory hit him harder than expected.

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[Arsmagna] -en- [Danced it]

They get back to something traditional  (๑´ω`๑) ❤  ❤ ❤ ❤

You can watch it on Niconico Douga also ^^

Robyn Lea

In the Kitchen With Jackson Pollock

Everyone knows we eat with out eyes, and that the world’s best chefs, despite their origins or cuisine, turn out dishes as visually arresting as any work of art. But what happens when an artist, say Jackson Pollock, wears the apron?

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