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you: "i literally love when this happens i find it funny and enjoyable" these fucking idiots: "LOL!!!!!! maybe if you werent such a STUPID SJW CUCK and knew not to TAG YOUR SHIP HATE we wouldnt have FOUND YOU and you wouldnt be so TRIGGERED right now xD xD xD"

god cuck me harder mr discourse

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All your OTPs are men. How progressively sexist of you.


That’s a rational conclusion to come to. You must be Sherlock-fuckin-Holmes. Damn, good detective work. 

I’m going to lay this out for you. My enjoyment of two fictional idiots together doesn’t say SHIT about what I believe in, or the kind of person I am. 

If you’re looking for a list of female ships I have, here you fuckin go:

Rocket and Babydoll, Xena and Gabrielle, Mikasa and Annie, Ymir and Krista, Harley and Ivy, Yayoi and Shion, Impa and Zelda, Maya and Lilith, Maya and Moxie, Merill and Isabella, Clarke and Lexa,  Rose and Sybil, Mai and Azula, Azula and Ty Lee, Velma and Daphne. Not to mention hundreds of Original Characters, all of these badass ladies are characters that I love and ship together, AS WELL as my male ships.  

I will say, a lot of the characters that I relate to are male, and I only tend to become invested in ships when I relate strongly to one or both of the characters involved. Unfortunately, it’s hard for me to relate to a lot of female characters that I come across in Anime, Video games and other media, and do you know why? Because media is fucking SHIT at female representation. Anime (which is where I usually snag my otps) IS SO FUCKING TERRIBLE AT WRITING REALISTIC FEMALE CHARACTERS THAT DON’T JUST END UP WITH THE MALE PROTAG. 

FURTHER MORE when I LIKE female characters, I don’t want to ship them with people because the majority of the time, the only available character to ship them with is some one dimensional idiot that I couldn’t care less about. 

Stand alone female protags are incredibly important to me, and I really don’t care for plots in which they end up falling in love or something, which they pretty much ALWAYS do. AND IT’S USUALLY NEVER WITH ANOTHER FEMALE LEAD. I rarely like hetero ships because they’re clumsy and under developed. Not to mention most of the time they’re just over-used and boring. 

Further more, if you follow me it’s 100% obvious that what you have just accused me of is incredibly incorrect and rude. Anyone who knows me, or has followed me for a while, or even knows of any of my personal details, knows that your comment is moronic, uncalled for and incorrect.