Title: The Beauty and the Beast (Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: Peter auditions for the school musical to spend more time with the reader, not expecting to land a lead role or first kiss in the process.

Word Count: 1528

A/N: Okay I love this so much it’s so cute and fluffy? Let me know if you like and I hope you enjoy!! XOX :) 

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Good Morning | Good Night - KBTBB Pref 003.

He needs and craves connection – physically, mentally, emotionally – and of course, you’re always happy to oblige day or night. Eisuke’s not the greatest when it comes to explaining how he feels but you can always make out what’s on his mind by how he tries to show it. Forget ever going to bed with a simple ‘goodnight’ or waking up to a simple ‘good morning’, with Eisuke it’s locked lips, roaming hands and hushed murmurs of “yes..”, “baby…” and “I want your hands in my hair and around my neck.”

It doesn’t matter whether or not he’s spent the entire day with you or just a few minutes; as he slides closer to you, resting his head on your stomach after giving your belly the lightest, sweetest of peppered kisses – Soryu only ever mutters one word. One word that no matter how loudly or how quietly under his breath he manages, he knows you’ll hear – “Stay” – and when he does, you always do, regardless of plans, regardless of the fact you’ll be late for work; anything to just spend a little more time with him.

“Bonjour mon amour.” The whispered syllables bring a smile to your face without even having to try and you open your eyes, still half asleep to notice that Baba’s gently brushing hair out of them; tucking the strands tenderly behind your ear as his eyes gaze deeply into your own. It’s like his hunting for stars in them, searching for answers to questions he’s yet to of asked. It’s 7am and you know you have to get to work yet as you begin to shuffle away from him, Baba pulls you in and presses a lovingly tender kiss to your lips. “One day”, he explains softly, “We’ll never have to say goodbye – only goodnight.”

“In a room full of art – I’d still stare at you.” The words are gracious, honest, sweet and even though you’ve done nothing but fight all evening over the fact you won’t see him for months on end because of work taking him away across country, you can’t help but feel a little weak at the knees because of what Ota’s managed to string together in a whisper. You promised each other when you got married that no matter what you’d never go to sleep angry or annoyed. Reaching back, you pull his arm over you to drape lightly across the curves of your waist half waking him from the shallow sleep he’s fallen into. Nothing else has to be said. By the time the sun comes out to say hello, you’ll both wish you would be able to replay the night over and over again.

“I’m not going to lie Kishi – it’s you I think of at 2am when I can’t sleep and I wish you were here to hold me.” His grip gets a little tighter at your confession; an arm wrapped around your waist and kisses scattered into the crook of your neck as he rolls you over on the bed; getting comfortable between your legs and you sigh, knowing what’s about to happen even though you both need sleep before daybreak sneaks up to say hello again. “Well I’m here now sweetheart”, he utters with a deep, throaty growl, “..and I don’t plan on going anywhere.”

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I made this video with all the love. 

The OA changed my life. 

Enjoy it. xox

Beauty and the Demon // inukag fanfic

Hey guys!! This is the first chapter of a multi-chapter fanfic I am going to be writing based vvvvv loosely on Disney’s Beauty and the Beast ((if you couldn`t tell by the title!!))  like plot wise because honestly I am not even sure if I saw all of BatB but ANYWAY I`LL STOP BLABBING  ENJOY!! XOX 

@dreamer-of-the-wandering-suns @keichanz @kag-san

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Hey, I was wondering if this is your photo. i know it’s completely random but this looks just like my friend and I when we went to Europe this summer. I know it’s not us but it’s just so interesting. Please let me know.
Thank you and I hope you’re enjoying your holidays xox

Imagine Calum (for Megan)

For @shut-up-murphy, hope you enjoy! Xox-Becca
Prompt: you fly out to surprise Calum on tour but you just end up falling asleep together. Lots of fluff!
Hope I met the criteria;) here you go!:

You’ve never wanted to get on a plane more in your life. It was 2am and you were tossing and turning in bed. Tomorrow you had a flight out to meet up with your boyfriend Calum, who was currently on tour. It was a surprise, and while the boys were super excited you were nervous. What if the tour had opened his eyes to other options? With all those girls practically throwing theirselves on him, wanting to have sex with him, maybe he’d crack.
By you couldn’t wait to see him, regardless…
You were closing the door to your apartment, looking over your bags, making sure you remembered everything. You were wearing Calum’s shirt, the one that still smelled like him. You wore it to bed and didn’t change, it was comfortable, you were exhausted, and honestly the scent was calming. It was easy to believe he loved you when you were surrounded by the smell of him.
You had packed a few things for Calum, little gifts that you thought he’d need, or just be yearning for. You heard a click as your door locked. Deep breaths. You made your way to the taxi outside.
The band was currently in Thailand, meaning you had a bit of a long flight ahead of you. Luckily you were completely drained from your worrying, so you fell asleep almost immediately, and stayed asleep for most of the flight. When you woke up the first thing you heard was your music. Calum’s voice. The volume was turned up perhaps past what was appropriate, and the middle aged woman next to you was clearly not pleased. You paused the music.
You didn’t have a window seat at any point in your journey, and the faint cities and oceans you could see by craning your neck weren’t enough to inspire awe. So you thought about Calum.
It was night when you landed. You were hit by the warm, humid air of Thailand immediately upon exiting the plane, and you could feel yourself melting a bit. The air conditioner on the plane had been 2 degrees too chilly, but this, this was perfect. You were already slightly more relaxed, and it only got better when you left the airport and found a car waiting for you outside of baggage claim. You smiled, “Megan Hood” was written in bold letters on a sign the driver was holding up. The boys definitely did that.
The first thing you did was a brief stop at the hotel. The boys were playing a show and weren’t there, but through detailed text conversations you got the general idea of where you were supposed to stay;). Luke had been reassuring you consistently throughout the day, telling you Calum talked about you, he loved you, he missed you. Hopefully that was true.
The boys had decided on a dramatic reveal. You were completely made up, hidden in the wings of the stage. Occasionally Ashton would look at you and grin. Calum couldn’t see you, he wouldn’t have known to look. Deep breathing wasn’t working at this point. You couldn’t believe what you were about to do and-the music stopped. Your heart pounded in your ears. You could barely walk, your legs were shaking so bad. But then you saw Calum. And he saw you. And suddenly nothing was scary anymore. He had a huge smile on his face and ran over to you. He picked you up, spun you, hugged you, kissed you on the cheeks, the nose, the lips, the forehead. You giggled in spite of everything, in spite of all the people staring at you. You didn’t care about them, Calum’s happiness was contagious.
“Oh my god oh my god” he muttered through the mic, holding your hand and looking you over like he couldn’t believe it. He pulled you closer and you don’t remember much else. You supposed someone said “thank you and goodnight” but you can’t recall. The next thing you remember was the car. With Calum. And the boys:/. All you wanted to do was kiss Calum, passionately;), but with the boys here there wasn’t much you could do. You looked into his eyes, dilated, maybe he wanted to kiss you too.
You were staying in Calum’s room, something you weren’t sure about, but everyone else certainly was. He didn’t even bother to get ready for bed.
“Megan” he said, pulling you onto him as he laid on the bed.
“Hi” you said groggily, grinning like a fool and poking his nose, giggling at nothing in particular. And then he started laughing too. And neither of you could stop. You were exhausted and loopy and he was too. Tears rolled down your cheeks, your abdomen burned, air was scarce. But when the laughing attack was over you found yourself spooned in Calum’s arms.
“Megan please tell me this is real.” Calum whispered, and you leaned forward, kissing his nose.
“Only if you tell me too” you whispered back, and he made a groaning nose, hugging you hard. You chuckled as he wrapped his arms tightly around he, awkwardly trying to get closer to you from a laid down position. His face was in your hair and you felt him breathe in. It tickled. You smiled. You couldn’t believe how perfect this was. All of your fears, your jealously, your worries about sex, all of those faded away. He hummed to you, rocking your bodies ever so slightly. Not much had been said the entire night, but it didn’t need to be. Tomorrow you would wake up and reality would set in. You would both realize that the other was not a dream induced by wanting. You would tell him about the sign “Megan hood” and he would laugh but wouldn’t find it funny. It was simply too true, it would be true, Calum swore to himself. You were his.
But that was tomorrow, not now. Now your fingers were intertwined, Calum’s rough thumb was stroking the back of your hand. You were looked at each other, looks of awe. And you were so safe. And your eyes began to droop. And your consciousness began to fade. And Calum started to drool. And snore. And he pulled you even closer in his sleep, almost as though you were his teddy bear.
“I love you.” You whispered roughly before you completely conked out. You knew he didn’t hear you, couldn’t have, but you could swear you dozed off hearing him respond “I love you Megan, forever”.

Hey do I hope this was good? Whoooo! I got some major feels writing this, this very fluffy imagine;). I had a good time, please keep requesting lol!
Xox- Becca


“Don’t ever leave me again Isaac Lahey”

V short once again but i do have requests in my draft that i’m working on..sorry i’m taking ages with the requests guys I’ve got 2 weeks worth of exams coming up and I’ve been revising like a mad man, hope you enjoy. Much love xox.

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All I Wanted; C.H. 15

A/N: Whatever you’e celebrating babes, I wanted to wish you happy holidays. Spend it with loved ones and surround yourself with love. 

PS: Dis shit is twice as long as my normal updates! Enjoy! xox

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 , part 5, part 6 , part 7 , part 8 , part 9, part 10, part 11, part 12, part 13, part 14

I groan loudly when I awaken, Calum’s warmth pressed against my side as his soft snores fill the room. I curl against his broad frame, lying my head on his chest to let his heartbeat lull me back to sleep. I sense the shift in his breathing and I freeze when his arm curls around me and presses me closer to him.

“Morning.” He mumbles, eyes still closed while he stretches his strained muscles.

“Good morning, did you sleep well?” I sigh, throwing my leg over Calum’s midsection to absorb more of his warmth. “Amazingly.” Calum slowly opens his eyes and grants me a soft smile.

“At what time do we have to be at yours?” I question as I roll on my back and glance at my alarm clock to see we had spent all morning in bed. “At three. What time is it?”

“Almost one. I should get ready.” I chuckle, turning towards Calum who had rolled over and was peppering my shoulder with butterfly kisses.

“I should leave soon too. I don’t give a shit what Mer says, you’re spending the night. Luke and Ashton are also staying.” Calum taps my bum for emphasis before he rolls out of bed.

“I’ll see you later then?” I sit up straight, tucking my duvet closer to my body as I watch Calum get dressed.

“Of course babe. And after this you’ll get your present from me.” Calum winks as he crawls back onto the bed, his lips roughly pressed to mine, drawing a moan from my parted lips.

He presses me down onto the matters, hips rolling against mine. His hands grip my thighs roughly and I let my hands wander towards his recently buttoned jeans.

“No, no Y/n. Tonight I’m all yours.” Calum chuckles against my lips before he crawls off of the bed again and disappears from my bedroom.


Somehow I’m reluctant for tonight. But on the other hand, I’m rather excited because this friendship Christmas is something Meredith and I used to do since we were little girls with no money to spend, when we would craft small things for each other to give instead of spending heaps of money.

My makeup is done, I’m dressed and about to step into my heels, ready to leave for the Hood residence. Meredith’s present is already with Calum, so all I have to grab is my gift for secret Santa… And this year I drew Michael. I was fairly glad with him because I know all he loves to do is game when he’s not with Meredith, so a new game was the first and last thing that popped into mind.

 Within two hours since Calum had left I was ready to depart and be just in time so Meredith won’t freak out. The drive is short, per usual and before I know it my heels are clicking as I walk past the side of the house to the back door. I can already see Meredith run around, probably stressing to get everything ready in time – although I know she was ready with a lot of time to spare – Michael lounging around on the kitchen chairs and Luke is present as well.

 I push the door open and immediately I am greeted by a chorus of hello’s, Meredith waving dramatically as she disappears from sight again. “You also staying?” Michael asks as he sees the duffel I’m dragging along with me and I nod my head as I lean down to press my cheek to both boys’. 

“Wine and driving aren’t two things I like combining. How are you guys?” I smile as I get my secret Santa gift out of my bag and already start for the living room, hearing their response while I walk away from them. “Hi Mer. Lovely what you’ve done here.” I smile at her as I step into the living room, seeing the beautiful table decoration she had placed along with an amazingly big tree.

 “Hi babe. Thanks. It’s been so hectic. Oh, are you staying?” She smiles as her arms curls around my shoulders for a brief hug, eyes first cast on my duffel bag near the door. “Yeah, maybe. If it gets too late or anything.” I smile, stepping out of her embrace and picking my bag up again. 

“I’ll just drop this off real quick, then I’ll help you with any appetizers or whatever.” I hear Meredith hum in agreement but I’m already out the door and up the stairs.

 I pass Calum’s room without a second thought and drop my bag on the comfiest bed in the whole house – in my honest opinion. Luke and Ash can room together in the smaller one, for all I care. 

“I just knew you wouldn’t be ready yet.” I laugh as I peek my head inside Calum’s room, seeing him bare chested and digging in his closet for a shirt to wear. He laughs before he turns around and beckons me inside, pointing towards his closet.

 “A bit of help is in order.” I roll my eyes and walk in and straight to his mess he calls a closet. “Hi by the way.” Calum breathes and I chuckle as I start skimming through his clean shirts. “Yes, Hi Cal. Long time no see.” I smile up at him as I hold a blue button up in front of his chest, nodding my head in confirmation. “This, I love this colour.”

 “Thank you.” Calum grins and he presses his lips briefly to mine before he hurriedly walks to his bedroom door. “I’ll see you in five, I don’t want to anger Meredith even more.” Calum laughs loudly before he disappears from my sight and I lazily walk out of his room as well, only to walk into a solid chest. 

 “Oh, Luke…” I chuckle awkwardly, trying to pass him as quickly as I can but he stops me.” Meredith asked me to come and get Calum but he seemed a bit occupied…”

“He just wanted help picking out a shirt…” I trail off, leaning against the wall as I try to avoid his gaze at all costs. “I never got a kiss when I helped him out…” I can hear the smirk in his voice and when I snap my head to his in utter panic, I see it’s definitely present. 

 "Luke I - please don’t tell Meredith I-“ I start rambling immediately, stepping closer to him to beg him on my knees if I have to. “Y/n…” he stops my rambling, his hand resting on my shoulder to shut me up completely. 

 "Your secret is safe with me. I wouldn’t want to fuck over my best friend, either.“ He smiles down at me, my rampage heartbeat slowing down and I feel my breath even out as well. "But I’m not saying it’s a smart idea.”

 "Tell me about it. This is bringing so much stress along…“ I laugh humourlessly, rubbing my hands along my face before I take a step back. "Anyway, thank you. I appreciate it.” I shoot Luke a small but genuine smile before I start my way downstairs. 

 "Okay, all yours.“ I grin at Meredith as she pushes a plate of small biscuits in my hands. "Put this on the table will you?” Meredith looks tired, a lot more than you expected from just a day of preparations. I make a mental note to question her about it later. Ashton has arrived as well during my absence and I press my lips to his cheek in greeting. 

 "Lovely to see you again, Y/n.“ I grin brightly and set the small appetizers in front of him, dropping down beside him to have a nibble for myself. Luke and Michael join us and it doesn’t take long before Calum is present as well, joining the table filled with males as I wait for Meredith. 

 As she also joins, she doesn’t take her usual spot beside Michael but sits next to me, Luke on her other side. I throw a pointed look in her direction but she avoids my gaze all together. "I’m glad we did this. I’ve prepared multiple meals so I’m sure everyone will like something, right?” Meredith laughs as she points to the plates filled with all kinds of food, bottles of wine littering the table. 

 A few glasses of wine and all plates empty later, Meredith starts serving us her full course meal. By now I’m already incredibly full, but I keep shoving bite after bite past my lips because it’s so good. 

“After this I need a break.” Luke chuckles as he rubs his stomach in content, a chorus of laughter following his statement. 

 "We could exchange gifts in the mean time?“ Meredith proposes and everyone stands abruptly, chairs screeching against the tiles. We start with Meredith since she organized this get together, Ashton having her gift. When Luke turns towards me I’m pleasantly surprised and I feel like a child on Christmas morning. 

 "I hope you like it; it was fairly hard to find a gift for you.” Luke chuckles awkwardly as he places the small wrapped box in my lap. The chuckle that passes my lips fade out as I let out a small gasp at the bracelet that lays limply in the box. 

“Oh Luke that’s adorable, thank you.” I raise to my feet to wind my arms around his neck and press my lips to his scruffy cheek with a loud smack. 

 "That leaves you, Mikey.“ I grin as I turn towards him, gift in hand. Michael seems thrilled with his new game and he momentarily lifts me off of the floor as he hugs the oxygen from my lungs. "Well Y/n and I still have a gift for my sister.” Calum suddenly states and my mouth opens slightly when I realize he is right. I sort of forgot that we had gotten a gift for Meredith. 

 Calum walks up to me with the small box in hand and holds it out to me but I motion for him to give it. Meredith seems thrilled and the way her eyes flicker and glisten when she opens the small box I know we made the right choice. “Wow, this - this is beautiful.” She holds the necklace up to her chest and then I see her face contort. 

 "You know I had appreciated more if you fucking chipped in on mum and dads gift than getting me something so expensive? You’re unbelievable.“ My eyes widen as I glance towards Calum whose cheeks are flaming up like a wild spreading fire. 

"You should be even fucking glad we got you something with the way you’ve been acting lately. God you’re a bitch.” Calum seethes as his hands ball into fists. 

 "It’s always the same with you! It’s always my fault but you don’t see how poorly you treat people!“ Meredith screams and I believe we are witnessing the breaking point of brother and sister. All of us are quiet as we watch the drama unfold. 

 "I don’t even see you as a human so I don’t know what you worry about.” Calum sounds so calm and collected. It’s enough for Meredith to burst into tears and disappear out of the living room. The boys keep silent and I slowly turn to them. “Seriously Calum? You couldn’t be a bit friendlier to you sister?” I raise an eyebrow and when he doesn’t respond, I sigh and disappear after my friend. 

 "Meredith, are you okay?“ I mumble as I push the door to her room open, seeing her lying on her bed, facing away from me. "No.”

“Tell me what’s wrong.” I state, sitting down on the edge of her bed. 


 "That isn’t the actual reason. Something else is troubling you.“ I sigh, patting her leg as some form of comfort. She starts crying a bit more violently. I let her be. 

After a few moments she sits up and rubs her makeup smeared eyes. "Michael and I have been fighting nonstop lately. I think he might be cheating on me." 

I can’t suppress the small laugh that leaves my lips but I do shut myself up immediately after. “Michael is absolutely smitten with you I’m one hundred percent certain he would never do such a thing.” I turn towards her, tucking my left leg underneath my bum as I fold my hands in my lap. “What makes you think that, anyway?” I decide to pry more, hoping she’d open up a bit more and I could get this party back on track instead of this mess.

Meredith just groans and I roll my eyes, dropping my body onto her bed and lying like a starfish. “I have all night, you know.” I laugh, wriggling my body a bit to let her know I was getting more comfortable. I know she wanted to be alone, but I wasn’t going to let her be. Not this time.

“We haven’t slept together in weeks, maybe even months. He doesn’t even grant me a second look. And well you know we used to have a healthy sexual relationship.” Mer shrugs her shoulders and I can’t help but raise my eyebrows. “Have you thought about talking to him about it?”
“Well no because we’re constantly fighting!” Meredith raises her voice and I bite my lip to refrain myself from raising my voice as well.

“Meredith, no offense babe,” I start off, seeing her glare already in the corner of me eye, but I continue none the less, “have you ever thought about the fact that you’re a bit irritable lately and you’re not only fighting with Mikey but well – uh – with everyone?” I try to be as gentle in my word choice as I can muster, but I’ve never been good with words.

“You’re overreacting.” Meredith huffs and it makes me raise back up, leaning on my flat hands as I throw my raised eyebrow look in her direction. “You sure?”
“Okay yeah, I might be a bit irritable…” Meredith laughs and I bite my lip, shaking my head at how easy this suddenly went. “You know, just talk to Michael. And I advise you to talk to Calum and apologize to him in the morning, let him cool down. That present was from the both of us and he really wanted to get you a nice gift, you know?” I raise to my feet to get Michael so they could have their talk, and I could go and see if Calum was feeling alright.

“Yeah, I’m sorry. Thank you for the lovely present, Y/n. I’ll come down in a bit.” Meredith sighs as she starts rubbing the smeared mascara from underneath her eyes. “I’ll send Michael up, just talk.” I don’t wait for her to answer anything as I already descend down the stairs. I don’t find any of the boys inside but I hear their voice chime from the back terrace, their voices dying down when they see me appear in sight.

“Michael, I advise you to go and talk to your woman. It might solve a lot of our problems.” I breathe, my fingertips digging into the back of the chair Calum was occupying. His features look puzzled, but he gets up none the less and disappears inside. “Are you okay?” I sigh, squeezing Calum’s shoulder once. “I’m fine.”

“You know what? I’ll make us some drinks, I’m sure we can use some.” Ashton sighs, pushing himself up from the table but he stops in his tracks beside me. “Anything you fancy more?”
“I like coconut.” I grin, stepping around the table to let my bum fall on the wall edge of their terrace.

“Come here.” Calum motions me over and I let my gaze flick to Luke briefly before throwing Calum a confused look. He pats his lap and I raise to my feet but still keep at least a meter between us. “What about -?” I start but he shuts me up with a hiss and pulls me onto his lap. “I don’t give a fuck right now. Come and sit.” Calum groans and I throw my legs over his, arm thrown over his shoulders as I see Luke smirk in the corner of my eye.

Calum’s fingers are slowly trailing along my thigh, underneath my dress. He and Luke are having a conversation which I’m not involved with, my head lying on Calum’s shoulder as I feel myself drift up. The holidays are tiring. I sit up straight, eyes wide when I hear Ashton clattering utensils just a few meters away. I try to get up but Calum pulls me back down, his hot, plump lips pressed against my neck fairly quickly. “Stay.”

Ashton returns with a plateau filled with glasses of a pinkish liquid and ice cream. “I thought we could have dessert now, I don’t think Mikey and Meredith are coming down any time soon.” Ashton smirks, setting his plateau down and starts handing out a glass for everyone along with a plate with ice cream. “Thank you, such a gentleman.” I grin at him as he holds it out for me to take.

“You know, I’m ready to call it a night. This whole evening was a lot more tiring than I had expected.” Luke breathes as he shoves his now empty plate away from him, his wine glass filled with cocktail in his other hand, ready for a sip. I hum in agreement, wiggling in Calum’s lap – still – to make myself more comfortable.

“Indeed. It was nice having a Christmas with you but I’m knackered.” Ashton chuckles as he raises his glass for a toast, and all of us reciprocate by raising our glasses as well. It takes us five, maybe ten minutes for us to finish our drink. Luke and Ashton disperse towards their guest bedroom for tonight, leaving me alone with Calum who is still finishing his smoke. “Are you ready for your present, babe?”

Pietro Maximoff Imagine #5- Requested

Anon: Hi! I justo live the way you write! Youre awesome! I entre at your blog every tour yo ser if you write smthing! Can I request you one: an anon is part of the avengers and Pietro is crazy in love with her and try yo be with ver but the other avengers wont ley him because they thing he will hurt her! Thank u! Kisses from Argentina!

A/N: Yesss this is such a cute request! I love Argentina! I can’t wait to go back there! It means a lot to me for you to look at my blog and like the way I write. You’re such a sweet person and I wish I could tell you but its anon so I’m just going to have to tell you through here aha. I hope you enjoy it xox  

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PART ONE - Untitled #3 (??) - SIMON

Simon X Reader

Description: House party and your lifelong crush, Simon is there…

Warnings?: I guess alcohol and light flirting, little bit of kissing but nothing too dramatic

Requested?: nope

Notes: this started out with 6000 words so it is in two parts. The second part will be out at 5pm GMT at the latest. This was also made over the course of like 3 months so excuse my writing changing and stuff. I was listening to Love on the Brain by Rihanna (favourite song at the moment) and So Good by Louisa Johnson whilst writing this so… hope you enjoy xox I have a few imagines coming so be prepared xox BUT ALSO THIS IS FOR LINES BIRTHDAY BECAUSE SHE KEPT TELLING ME TO POST IT!!!! xox @line-sidemen

Music pounded against the walls and the floor shuddered beneath your feet. Everyone was at your shared house with 4 of the Sidemen for a party and you had arranged it all. The music was a playlist you had especially made. You and Josh had ran round Tesco buying food and drink that afternoon. And Simon, Vikk and yourself had decorated the whole house with banners, balloons and lighting. You were wearing a knee length, black velvet dress that was tight against your figure. Freya had helped you pick it out in hopes of pulling the boy you had fancied for practically your whole life…

Freya, Kayleigh and you were dancing in the middle of the floor, watching and laughing at JJ’s ridiculous attempts at trying to join you guys.

“Go away, Jide! You’re cramping our style!” Freya joked to JJ.

He slowed down dancing and pushed his way, stylishly through the crowd. Kayleigh grabbed your arm and pulled you closer to her. She lowered her head and voice and said,

“Hey, lover boy is staring at you over there..”. As she pulled away, she winked.

You turned around and sure enough you saw the adorable dork that is Simon Minter. You’d known him since you were in nappies. In school, you, him and JJ were best friends and you had had a crush on him since forever and he had known for a couple of years now.

He smiled and waved his fingers awkwardly that were wrapped around his glass. Freya pushed you forward towards him, so you stumbled over into the kitchen and took a cider from the counter. You walked over to Simon, trying to act suggestively by swaying your hips and smiling brightly, however, you weren’t sure whether you looked sexy or just drunk.

“Hey Simon!” You said, pushing his arm slightly. He nodded and took a sip of his drink.

“Hello gorgeous” he shouted (due to the music) with a wink. “May I just say you look ravishing tonight?” he jokingly said with a posh accent, obviously drunk. You shrugged and gave him a smirk.

“Are you not coming to dance?” You asked, moving closer to him so he had to look directly downward and then pouted.

“You know I don’t dance, Y/N,” he said, putting a hand behind your head and stroking your hair, “now, go and dance, have fun, I’ll watch from here.” He said with a wink.

You pouted once more and batted your eyelashes at him, knowing your puppy dog eyes would melt him. He groaned and signalled with his hand for you to lead the way.

When you got to the ‘dance floor’ (most commonly known as the lounge floor), it was half way through some throwback ballad so you grabbed Simon’s hand and made him twirl you round in front of him. He laughed as you swayed side to side, making ridiculous hand gestures to the songs. The song effortlessly blended into the next and everyone 'ooh’d’ as 'My Boo’ by Ghost Town DJs started to play. Doing the signature dance, laughter filled the space between the two of you but you both tried to keep straight faces. After the first chorus, you fell into him due to a huge laughing fit. Simon took your forearms and dragged you to the stairs. He sat on the third step and you sat on the second one, leaning your head on his knee.

“I don’t think I’ve had that much fun in a while!” you giggled, still trying to conceal your laughter. With a drink in one hand, Simon took his other under your chin to turn your face to him.

“I love you, (Y/N)” he said sloppily, probably not truly meaning it but with enough meaning for you to impulsively take his face in your hands and kiss him softly. Simon put his drink down and slid down a stair so he could pull you closer.

“Woah, what’s happening here then?” Kayleigh and Freya stumbled over and leant against the bottom of the stairs.

“I’m kissing Simon!” You said, throwing your hands up in the air. Both girls did the same whilst Simon sat there, perplexed, but with a slight smirk, denting deep dimples into the sides of his face.

You leant your face on his leg, staring up at him, scanning every inch of his face. Freckles started to appear that you’d never noticed before. Different tones of blues and greens in his eyes-

After what seemed like forever you were interrupted by the handsome man before you. “Come on then, beautiful. It’s time for you to go to bed.” Simon said standing in front of you, picking you up and almost throwing you over his shoulder, so you hung half over his back with his arm holding your legs over his front. “Night, beautiful!” the girls laughed, imitating Simon almost perfectly.

Simon got to your room and placed you down in front of him “uh, I’ll leave you here then? I’m guessing you know where you’re going? Do you need anything?” He said scratching the back of his neck. The music sounded heavily downstairs but it didn’t pound as hard as your pulse at this moment. You weren’t sure whether it was the alcohol or the pure love for Simon that made you change from your normal, introverted self to an extrovert, but whatever it was, you were thankful that you would have an excuse for how you would behave next.

A/N: LOL left it on a slight cliff hanger????? Line told me a while ago to post this but it wasn’t finished and stuff so even if you guys don’t enjoy it, she knows that I have been working on this for ages and I guess that’s all that matters. The second part will be going out around 5pm GMT 16th of January. If you miss it, find it by searching “imagine” on my blog and, hopefully, it will come up. My laptop isn’t working at the moment so I can’t do my master list. If you want to find any imagine by me, please do that xox


“I-I’m ready”

Since these imagines are really short i’m gonna be making a lot so brace yourselves..Hope you enjoy. Much love xox

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Fancy a Roll in the Hay? (Pt 4)

Oh god it’s daily updates what is going on. My secret is listening to a fuck ton of Mika while writing. Shit is going down folks and yes, there will be another part. Obviously. Enjoy! xox

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Alternate Ending

“Yeah who is this anyway?” Steve asks Bucky, sounding slightly confused but mostly put out.

“Please tell me you two aren’t married or something and I’ve just caused shit.” You say, trying to work out what the hell was going on.

“NO!” They cry in unison, a little too quickly.

“Alright ok you’re not married.” You say, holding your hands up in defence. “I know I don’t deserve any kind of explanation considering I’ve met both of you today but in that time I screwed you in a barn and you scared the shit out of me so I think at least a little explanation is in order.”

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Pietro Maximoff Imagine- Request #2

Request: hi! I don’t want to bother you but could you write something Pietro x reader that they are kind of enemy (shes an avengers enemy acctually) but its not her fault at all, she was raised by the enemys (i hope u understand that) its kinds like pietro and wanda with HYDRA, she was trained to fight against pietro so she can move fast. But they have that sexual tension between there and they fall in love slowly. I’m sorry I just want that so much haha sorry about my english i’m not fluent.

A/N: NO NEED TO APOLOGISE!! I WASN’T FLUENT UNTIL A FEW YEARS AGO!!!  AND YOU’RE NOT BOTHERING ME YOU ARE AN AWESOME PERSON!! And yes of course I can do it I just hope that you like it! I only wrote the sexual tension..not the actual sex because you didn’t say it so I only assumed so i am sorry…the requests that I will be able to do this week are “First time with Pietro”, and “Giving Pietro Caffeine”. The last request will be posted over the weekend. Requests are still open until Thursday of next week! Enjoy xox

Today was the day. You have been training for this day for almost seven years now. This day was supposed to come earlier but then the Maximoff mutants had to come in and ruin the plans. The plan was to attack the Avengers tower, destroy JARVIS, and eventually take all of the avengers down. Ever since the Maximoff twins joined the avengers you had been assigned from taking down Stark, and focus on Quicksilver. And god was he hot. Ever since you were introduce to him–well ever since the scientists (the ones who survived the destruction of HYDRA and created their own group) showed me the fast Maximoff– you just wanted him. You shifted in your seat in the aircraft. You sighed trying to clear off any possible thoughts that might distract you. You had to take him down…not go down on him. You were given the same formulas and medication that was given to Pietro, so you had his speed as well. However, you had the hand to hand combat training that you were told he didn’t.

“Nervous?” Ryan, who had been tested on as well– except he had some kind of teleportation powers–asked you.

“A little.” You replied curtly. He let the conversation drop as you saw the avengers tower come into view. The aircraft dropped you, Ryan, and Klaus who was the technology geek, were dropped off the very top of the tower. Klaus lead you and Ryan to the side of the building.

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Clay: “What the fuck’s going on with you and my niece brother?”

Tig: “I-I don’t know..i just love her”

Requested by: @doodlebugwriter

I hope you like it, i didn’t know if you wanted a short GIF imagine or a detailed one so message me if you want anything changing..i hope you all enjoy it. Much love xox

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Fancy a Roll in the Hay? (Pt 5)

And here is the next part people! SO many uploads at the moment, this one is starting to get juicy. I am sorry for ending every part on a cliffhanger, I just enjoy it ;) xox

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Alternate Ending

“Who are you? Where am I?” You moan, blinking to try and get your eyes to adjust to the dim lights.

“Do you really think you’re in any position to be asking question?” The red head says, turning away from you and walking towards the door.

“Wait!” You cry, struggling against your restraints. She pauses and turns to you, one eyebrow raised.


“Why do you fucking think? I’m cold. I’m scared. I’ve been drugged and tied up. I want to know why I’m here!” You shout, glaring at her.

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Just; C.H. 19

Only like 3-4 parts left before it ends.. (Could be five?)
Thank you for reading this, I enjoyed writing it. xox

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“Text him.” Sherilyn pushes me, four bottles of beer and two bags of chips into our girls’ night, and I probably shouldn’t listen to an intoxicated Sher, but I’m just as far gone as she is.
I giggle, holding my hand in front of my mouth. Someone in the back of my brain is screaming ‘no’ over and over again in high pitched squeals, but my fingers grabble for my phone anyway.

I’m all set before I pause. “But what?”
Sherilyn merely rolls her eyes as she snaps the phone out of my hands, her fingers tapping away before she hands it back. Hi.
“Wow, the subtlety you possess blows my mind.” I giggle again and I am just quick enough to dodge Sherilyn’s flailing arm as she tries to smack me across the head.

“Stop trying to make everything so complicated. It’s a guy, guys are the simplest life forms on earth. Don’t make it too hard for them.” Sherilyn chuckles as I shake my head, pulling the blanket further up her legs. It had become chilly now that summer was nearing its end.

“Ah Sher, I’m sure there are simpler life forms than a man. Although I must agree they sometimes have the characteristics of a homo habilis.” I laugh and Sherilyn merely stares at me, which makes me burst into hysterics even more. “Small and primitive man? No?”

“I’m not a nerd like you. I know homo erectus, like every high-schooler does. That’s about it from biology knowledge.” I snort loudly, pushing my bum off of the sofa to get us a refill of beers.

“I pity the boy you have to have coitus with. Poor Ash.” I hear a yell from behind me and I can only laugh, biting my lip as I uncap two bottles of Stella. “Y/n?” Sherilyn yells from the living room and I stalk back, bottles in hand and another bag of chips underneath my arm.

“Calum answered! I see his name on your thingy.” Sherilyn waves my phone in my face and I almost drop the bottles as I feel my heart flutter. Hey
“And now what? I can’t just casually go ‘how are you’ I mean we’ve never been this awkward.” I groan as I let myself drop onto the sofa, phone falling out of my hand to my left. Sherilyn grasps the device in her hands as she stares at the lit up screen.

“I would go with a how are you. I mean you can always ask him to hang out tomorrow and see what it’s like. And probably explain what the Luke-thing was.” Sherilyn shrugs her shoulders as she throws my phone back onto my lap, settling back in her original position as she searches for another chick flick on Netflix.

The movie she had chosen had ended and Calum hadn’t answered. That also meant I tried to find my breaking point of alcohol consumption. And I had almost found it. I know I would be awfully sick in the morning, my stomach already arguing when I let the last sip of my eleventh beer flow past my lips. I look to my right, Sherilyn asleep, laying stretched out on my spacious sofa as she softly snores.

I can’t help that I always get extremely riled up whenever I’m drunk, and I’m sure I will regret what I’m about to do now.
It takes Calum less than a minute to reply to my sext, and I’m actually quite surprised with his fast response, but also offended that he would answer this so quickly.

I wish you had such a dirty mouth when you were underneath me.

I involuntarily bite my lip, my tongue poking out to wet my bottom lip as my fingers hoover over the keyboard. I quickly type a response, a little blush crawling onto my cheeks as I feel the excitement bubble through the pit of my stomach.

Oh baby, not before I’ve had you on your knees xo

I let a small gasp leave my lips at his expertise in sexting. By now my own fingers were rapidly typing away as I felt the urge and need in my core skyrocket. Thank god I don’t have to wait long for a response.

You have no idea how many things I still wanted to do to you

I keep quiet as I simply stare at my phone in shock. If there was anything that had sparked the alarm in my head, it would have been this response. I know this was just playful banter but by now the alcohol had left my system and I somewhat hoped I could lure him in for another time. The hunger and obvious arousal I had felt dissipated as soon as it had arrived. I had blown my chances with Calum.

“Can we talk?” I hesitate to hit send, but eventually I just close my eyes and let my thumb hit the touch screen. Calum may have responded quickly for the past hour, but now I didn’t get any. I waited for a minute, five minutes, fifteen, which turned into an hour before I started to dose off. When I awake, the first thing I do is check my phone, but I come up empty handed.

“What’s wrong? Did Calum agree to talking later?” Sherilyn whispers as she passes me, taking a cup of coffee from Linda’s outstretched hand. “No, he didn’t respond.” I sigh, dropping my phone onto the table and heading upstairs for a cold shower.


“You’re ready. You can do it Luke, your trial exam was almost spotless. Just stay calm and all will be alright.” I smile, squeezing his shoulders as I stand over him, his body slumped against the seat as he stares down at his ten-centimetre-thick book.
“But what if I am not ready? I could lose my scholarship because of fucking biology.” Luke groans, threading his fingers through his blonde unruly hair before he gives it a harsh tug.

“Luke, we’ve spent almost all of summer revising. I know you’re ready for this.” I close his book for him, Luke pushes his chair back to raise to his feet.
“Thank you for all your help, Y/n. I wouldn’t have done it without you.” I smile as he opens his arms for a hug and I willingly step into his arms, winding around my shoulders as I throw mine around his waist to give him a comforting squeeze. “Welcome, dear. Anytime.”

As we hear the scraping of a throat, both Luke and I slowly pulling away to see Calum in the doorway with a raised eyebrow.
“Hi – uh Cal.” I smile but he just hums in response and pushes past me, his head disappearing into the fridge. The sizzling pop is the only sound in the kitchen, both Luke and I staring at Calum as he appears to be ignorant to the other presences in the room.

“Football practice at five.” He just mumbles before he disappears and I feel a jab in my heart when he’s out of sight.
“What happened between you two?” Luke questions as soon as we hear a door slam closed again, indicating Calum had taken retreat back into his own bedroom.

“I think he knows.” I shrug my shoulders, biting my bottom lip harshly as I try to keep any forming tears at bay. “What? Are you serious?” Luke shrieks as his body swiftly turns towards me, eyes widened as I merely hum in acknowledgement. “I think so. It felt as – as goodbye.” I can feel the tears almost spill over as I redirect my gaze to a blank space on the wall, fingers fumbling with themselves as I wait for Luke to respond. Anything comforting right now would be a blessing.
“But he didn’t say anything about it?”

“Why would he? We were just friends, after all. I’m free to do what I please.” I shrug my shoulders, leaning against the wall as I watch Luke pace back and forth in their small kitchen. I’m surprised with myself that I can keep calm under such circumstances. After a few days of me trying to figure out whatever had happened after that barbecue, and after the sleepover with Sherilyn, I had come to terms with myself that I had royally fucked up and that was it. Now I had to accept it. He was up and about when I woke, nowhere to be seen. Only Luke and Ashton were in the house, Luke needing my tutoring.

“Didn’t you tell him that it was a mistake? That it meant nothing?” I chuckle dryly, keeping the smirk on my face. “Did he ever give me the chance to? I mean, He didn’t even say anything about it. I could just feel it.”

“What happened when you were both upstairs? Calum never came down again after downing a few shots of tequila.” Luke questions as he stops in his tracks, turning towards my resting frame. A soft smile sets onto my lips, my eyes slowly drifted closed as I recap the happened events.

“We uhm – well yeah.” I shrug my shoulders again, something that seems to become a second nature to me by now. “Ah.” Luke makes a noise of acknowledgement as he smirks, but it is wiped off of his lips rather easily when he thinks of everything that happened after.
“You think it was – like – ?”

“Like a good bye of sorts? I honestly believe so. I’m not welcome anymore.”


“Has she been outside in the last days?” I hear Rosalee ask. I stop in my tracks, hiding myself from view as I wait for a response whoever Rosalee is speaking to in the kitchen. I almost scoff loudly when I hear Linda respond in a hushed tone, probably keeping quiet so the loner upstairs wouldn’t hear – me.

“I don’t think so. Sherilyn told me there have been bumps in the road with Calum. Maybe that’s what this is about…” Linda trails off and I can hear high clicking against our flooring. I take a few steps back to make sure they both wouldn’t notice me, my back flat against the wall. All I wanted was another bag of chips and a can of red bull. Maybe it’s true that I’ve sort of been locking myself in my room for the past days, but I just bought a new video game and I was just really addicted to it. That’s all.

“I knew Calum was bad news. I didn’t know Y/n would fall that hard and that fast.” I can hear Rosalee sigh, and I’m having trouble deciphering if she’s disappointed in me or feels sorry for me – either way, I’m not very pleased with hearing two of my closest friends gossiping about me.

“Calum has his charm; I’ll give you that. And I too believed that Y/n would change him. I mean they have been spending so much time together and I heard other girls complain around town how none of them got any luck with the Calum Hood lately, I – well I hoped for the best.”

I feel the tears sting, but I don’t know exactly why. Maybe because just his name brings up wounds I didn’t know existed in the first place, because honestly what was wrong? He just stopped answering my texts, it could just be that when I go back upstairs I receive a message with ‘Sorry I was a dick, having a rough time. Wanna meet up?’ or something and I’m just overreacting.

Or that it actually touched me that he didn’t do anything with another girl while we were … growing closer together. I always had hoped I was the only one he was doing whatever with, but I never expected it. When there aren’t labels involved, it’s quite easy to go with the ever so old excuse – we aren’t together, are we?

“I’m glad she’s going away for a bit. Being around her girls and being carefree will cheer her up a bit. Y/n’s always been someone who feels too intense.” I can just see Rosalee shrug her shoulders as she speaks and I roll my eyes. While I do that, I feel a tear slip down my cheek and I feel my anger bubbling at myself for being so damn emotional in these past few days.

“I don’t think this road trip will do as much good as you’re hoping, Rose. She may act fine, but that little head of hers is filled with worry and doubt.” I curse Linda for knowing me a bit too well.
It’s true that I tend to keep my emotions or feelings to myself. I’ve never appreciated people that shared everything with others, someone where you could read what they’re thinking by just staring at their faces. There wasn’t any mystery and that’s what intrigued me about human beings.

“But she’s someone that knows how to collect herself at record speed. Either way, I’m sure she’ll be fine.” Rosalee reciprocates and I hear Linda laugh in response. “Even if not, I’ll be there to kick that bitch’s ass if necessary.”

I let a tiny chuckle escape my lips as well, shaking my head as I turn back towards the stairs. Once I’ve crept back completely up the stairs, I make a big fuzz about coming down, stomping my feet especially hard to make sure they knew I was coming downstairs.
“Hi Y/n, how are you feeling?” Rosalee smiles at me and I see Linda giving me the same treatment. The first genuine smile in days makes its way onto my lips as I lean against the open doorway.
“Splendid. I was thinking – want to go out for a drink?”

Part 20


Texting each other cringeworthy pickup lines trying to out cheese each other

req by: anonymous

lololol this was so funny to do hope you enjoy xox


Hi all,
So I’ve been making these over a while. Well, through these playlists I hope to show my mixed relationship with James Hurley. On the one hand, I fucking hate him. On the other, there is a tiny bit of him I identify with, a la being stuck in a small town you hate and just *clenches fist and grits teeth* wanting to get on your bike and go. So to reflect this, I have done a two side mixtape. Like a real tape even.

Side A (Spotify link)
These are songs that basically can be described as “boring white boys with guitars moaning about something usually a woman or making themselves sound cool/edgy/interesting when they actually really suck” and some have America references in them cos hey it’s James Hurley
Photosynthesis - Frank Turner
Two Fingers - Jake Bugg
Men’s Needs - The Cribs
Naive - The Kooks
I Found Out - The Pigeon Detectives
Maps - Maroon 5
America - Razorlight
Moving to New York - The Wombats
This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The One of Me - Frank Turner
Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye, Kimbra
Oh My God - Kaiser Chiefs
*I forgot to add that this playlist was mainly inspired by a post I made about how a) the mainstream pop music throughout my teens was predominated by soft-indie bands made up of white boys with really awful song content and how I think this definitely influenced teenage me’s perception of how I should act and relate to guys and b) I spent a lot of time chasing around after really rubbish guys who wore leather jackets and then somebody was like “Ha sounds like you would have gone for James Hurley” and lightbulb moment
It’s a bit tenuous and I really should have remembered to note that. I’ll do that now.
Side B (Spotify link)
These are songs that I like or that I liked when I was 17 (James’ age) and that embody that spirit of wanting to fuck off out of wherever I was/James/whatevs oh and a song I found by searching James Hurley on Spotify.
Future Starts Slow - The Kills
Common People - Pulp
Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) - Arcade Fire
Someday - The Strokes
Sycophant - The Courteeners
This Charming Man - The Smiths
Broken Boy Soldier - The Raconteurs
Next Girl - The Black Keys
James Hurley - Penny Century
Platypus (I Hate You) - Green Day
In A Big Country - Big Country
California Daze - Peace
Don’t Look Back In Anger - Oasis

I hope you enjoy it. 
Knit Peaks xox

Fancy a Roll in the Hay? (Pt 19)

Well it’s the second to last part everyone, i’m getting pretty emotional that it’s ending! I hope you enjoy this chapter, sorry there wasn’t one yesterday. I hope this will make up for it though :) Also, fun fact. This entire time, the word document on my computer with farith in was titled ‘I’VE GOT A BRAND NEW COMBINE ‘ARVESTER AND I’LL GIVE YOU THE KEY’. I was really into the whole Bucky farmer au thing. Anyway, I’m rambling. Enjoy! xox

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Alternate Ending

You wake up in your own bed, a dull light burning your sensitive eyes from your bedside lamp, a strange metallic taste in your mouth. When you try and move your body feels strange, tense and different. When you stand you note the slight tenderness in your joints. You walk over to the mirror and your eyes widen at what you see. You’re taller, toned and just look all round incredible. You feel incredible too, like you could do anything.

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