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Alternate Ending

“Mother FUCKER!” You shout, slamming your fists onto the slightly shuddering steering wheel of your car. It had been protesting for the last half an hour about the exceptionally long drive through the country, and it had decided to just give up in the middle of nowhere. You juddered to a halt and watched with a sigh as steam started to curl its way out of the bonnet.

“Why. Why me?” You mutter to yourself, popping the hood, getting out of the car and stomping to the front of the car. You reach your hands out to lift the metal and find it scorching hot, pulling your hands away quickly. You try again, placing your hands carefully on the metal, lifting the hood and stepping back as steam pours out. When it has cleared you step closer, inspecting the inner workings of your car, determining after a good few minutes that you did indeed know fuck all about cars and had no idea how to fix it.

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HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Since y’all seemed to enjoy ‘Filthy Fangirl Friday’s’ last week, let’s give it another go. 

FFF is a day dedicated to insanely hot posts of Jensen Ackles. My blog is heavily queued to shower your entire day with Ackles porn (figuratively speaking of course). Just a little fun to make our Friday extra nice.

If you have a favorite post you would like me to include then send it to me. (no manips please)

All posts will be tagged with ‘filthy fangirl friday‘ so you can blacklist if needed.

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Organic Vegan & Homemade delicious falafel in lettuce cups with a tomato, onion & basil salsa…perfect for lunch or dinner on the weekend.

My kids love these for lunch or as a side for dinner - healthy & gluten free ✔️✔️✔️

I served it with an #avocado & tahini whip but oops forgot it when taking photo 🙊

Organic Falafel Ingredients:
1 ½ cups raw chickpeas (soaked in water for 2-3 hours)
2 onions (grated)
1 cup filtered water
¼ cup raw buckwheat (for crunch)
1 cup fresh #gardenherbs - dill, coriander & flat leaf parsley
1 Tbsp rock salt
½ Tbsp black pepper
½ Tbsp ground cumin

Avocado & tahini whip:
1 avocado blended
Pinch of salt
Lemon juice
Chill flakes
½ teaspoon tahini

Blend all ingredients together in food processor & make balls, fry in a little extra virgin olive oil or bake in oven. This quantity served 18 in total. Enjoy xox

#organic #organicfood #organiclife #urbangarden #herbs #falafel #healthychoices #weekend #healthyfood #foodblogger #foodmatters #glutenfree #snack #healthyfood #wellness #cleaneating #gmofree #homecooking #familyfirst #feedfeed #f52grams #beautifulhealth #foodie #food #foodphotography #foodporn #instafood #instadaily #recipes #vitalityandmore #veganfoodshare #healthyfood #yum #eat

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Pietro Maximoff Imagine #5- Requested

Anon: Hi! I justo live the way you write! Youre awesome! I entre at your blog every tour yo ser if you write smthing! Can I request you one: an anon is part of the avengers and Pietro is crazy in love with her and try yo be with ver but the other avengers wont ley him because they thing he will hurt her! Thank u! Kisses from Argentina!

A/N: Yesss this is such a cute request! I love Argentina! I can’t wait to go back there! It means a lot to me for you to look at my blog and like the way I write. You’re such a sweet person and I wish I could tell you but its anon so I’m just going to have to tell you through here aha. I hope you enjoy it xox  

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Ex- Friends 'Til The End

Hello dearies! 

Here’s the smut for you all! Following a very democratic process I’ve decided that Calum would be the star of the show! I hope you guys enjoy it!



External image

Ex-Friends ‘Til The End

‘Fantastic show tonight Y/N, you guys were on fire!’

‘Thanks Nige. Couldn’t have done it without you pal!’, you laugh as you make your way back towards the dressing room. He was right, tonight had been a pretty kick ass show. The crowd was fantastic and you felt like you were on cloud nine when you heard them singing your songs right back to you. You’d been touring for a while now but that felling never got old. Smiling to yourself you push open the door of your shared dressing room to be greeted with the sight of eight grown men mock wrestling on the floor.

‘Y/N’, your bandmate Quinn calls from across the room when he spots you, ‘where have you been? We thought you’d been kidnapped.’

‘I went for a shower dipshit! It’s called personal hygiene, you should try it out sometime’, you retort earning a chorus of laughs from both your own band and the one you were touring with.

‘Always with the sass’, you hear Luke groan from underneath the pile of bodies. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t enjoy the playful banter that came with touring. It was, in your humble opinion, the best job on the planet. You weren’t even sure if you’d call it a job. Did travelling the world playing shows to thousands of people every night really count as work?

‘Alright losers, everyone to the busses please! We’re heading straight for the hotel tonight so anyone who isn’t on the bus in ten minutes, gets left behind’, your tour manager and life-long friend Y/F/N calls from the doorway, ‘and for the love of god, would it kill you people to shower after a show? It smells like a zoo in here’.

‘Hey! I take personal offence to that statement!’, you cry in mock outrage.

‘Don’t worry Y/N’, you hear a voice say close to your ear as you feel a hand been placed gently on the small of your back, ‘I think you smell great’.

‘Easy tiger, we wouldn’t want the others to hear you now would we?’ you whisper, nudging him slightly with your elbow and walking away, being sure to put an extra sway into your hips knowing his eyes would still be on you.

‘What was that about?’ Y/F/N asks catching up to you and linking her arm through yours.

‘What was what about?’ you shrug nonchalantly.

‘That saucy little exchange I just witnessed between you and Calum, that’s what’.

‘I have no idea what you’re talking about. How far away is this hotel?’, you ask, hoping she’ll drop the subject.

‘Don’t try to change the subject honey,’ she jeers, ‘I’ve known you since we were four years old. I know your flirting face and believe me I’ve been seeing that face a heck of a lot lately. Especially when a certain Calum Hood happens to be around.’

‘Bullshit’, you scoff, hoping against hope that you’d managed to put her off the scent.

‘I’m just looking out for you. I don’t want to see you getting hurt. I don’t know what arrangement the two of you have going on but just be careful yeah?’

Thankfully, the two of you reach the bus before you were compelled to give an answer.  You already felt bad for sneaking around but having to lie to your best friend’s face was more than you could handle. You weren’t sure why you and Calum had come to the unconscious decision to keep your relationship a secret but you preferred it that way. Living with nine other people in very close quarters meant that you rarely had any privacy, so maybe you just enjoyed having this all to yourself? And besides it wasn’t really a relationship in the traditional sense. You were fuck buddies. Just there when one of you needed a release. Right? You didn’t have time to analyse the situation any further as you were jerked forward by the bus grounding to a halt outside, what you assumed was your hotel. Grabbing your bag, you wearily make your way off the bus and into the lobby to grab your room key.


‘Finally’, you groan as you flop down onto your monstrous double bed. The adrenaline from the show was starting to wear off and your muscles were beginning to ache with fatigue. You were never so glad to have a room to yourself. Normally you ended up sharing with someone, but tonight the gods were smiling down upon you. Or so you thought. You were debating whether to have a bath or to order some room service when a sharp rapping on your door pulls you from your musings.

‘Someone had better be dead or dying’, you warn, pulling open the heavy hotel room door, only to be greeted by the smiling face of Calum Hood.

‘Hello gorgeous’.

‘Cal, I’m really not in the mood’, you start to protest but you’re cut short by the tall boy barging past you and into your room, completely ignoring your objections.

 ‘Well how about I put you in the mood then?’ he grins, as he kicks off his shoes and settles himself on your bed.

Dammit. How did he turn you on so easily? Were you really that easy that a cheeky smile and a cheesy line could hook you in? You look over at him and already you can see his eyes have darkened with lust. He’s looking at you now in a way that a lion might look at its prey. He motions you over to with a curl of his finger and against your better judgement you obey. He opens his legs and you take your place between them. His hands roam south immediately, coming to rest on the tight material of your jeans.

‘I’ve been thinking about this all day baby’, he mumbles against your lips, ‘I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to do to that pretty pussy for hours. I loved watching you on stage tonight. All of those boys were watching you too. Imagining what they’d do to you. But it’s only me who gets to have you, isn’t that right princess?’

‘Fuck, yes baby, it’s just you’, you groan as his hands make their way around to fiddle with the button of your jeans.

‘Who’s pussy is this baby?’ he asks when he finally works the tight denim material down your legs.

‘Yours Cal’, you moan breathlessly.

‘Excuse me, I didn’t catch that?’

‘It’s yours Calum, it’s yours’, you say moaning louder now as his one hand snakes into your panties, to stoke your folds while the other hand tears your shirt from your body.

‘That’s right baby girl. It’s all mine. And I’m going to make this pussy feel so good. Would you like that baby? Would you like me to make this pussy feel good?’

‘Yes’, you scream, desperate now for his touch. Your hips rise towards him involuntarily, in an attempt to ease the throbbing in your clit.

The breath is ripped out of your lungs and you collapse forward onto his shoulders with an almost pornographic moan as you feel two fingers plunge into you.

‘Fuck Calum’, you moan as he begins to pump them furiously.

 ‘You are so fucking beautiful Y/N. Do you know that? So fucking beautiful’, he sighs, his fingers still moving at a frantic pace.

 ‘Shit Cal, I’m so close,’ you whine, bucking your hips up to meet his hand.

‘Not yet baby’, you hear him say before you’re lifted and thrown roughly onto the bed. Kneeling at the foot of the bed Calum grabs your ankles and pulls you down to meet his mouth. Once he has you where he wants you, he starts to nibble and suck on your aching clit, all the while still working you with his fingers. Your senses are in overdrive as Calum pushes you closer and closer to the edge.

‘Calum’, you cry desperately, ‘I can’t hold it. Please. I have to come’.

‘Then do it’, he says, his lips never leaving your sensitive bundle of nerves, ‘come for me baby’.

Your back arches off the bed and your hands fly to his hair as your thighs quake on either side of his head. Your breathing is strangled and rough and you could swear to seeing stars.

‘Fuck Y/N, you look so hot when you come for me’, he growls as he stands watching you. You hadn’t even noticed he’d stood up. His own hand is palming his hardening bulge and the sight makes you need him all over again. You watch, enchanted, as he practically tears his clothes off and aligns his body with yours once again.

‘Are you ready baby?’, he asks running his cock over your slit, already knowing the answer. Your head falls back and your eyes roll to the back of your head in sheer pleasure as he buries himself in you. You expect him to start thrusting hard and fast like he normally does, so it catches you totally off guard when you feel his soft lips press against yours. His hand moves to caress your cheek and when he does eventually start to move, his thrusts are deep and slow.  You open your eyes to look at him and a breath catches in your throat when you realise he’s staring right back at you with a look you’ve never seen before.

The room, which is usually filled with animalistic moans and profanities, is silent save for the sounds of your laboured breathing. You can feel yourself edging closer to your orgasm with every thrust Calum lands to your g-spot. You know he’s getting close too judging by the way he’s gripping your hips.

‘Are you close baby?’ he whispers softly.  

‘Yes’, you breathe out.

You come with only a strangled cry of his name passing your lips and he follows in the same way. You’d never come this way before. Normally it was hard and fast but this was something else entirely. It was soft and loving. Holy shit, had Calum just made love to you?

‘You need to leave’, you pant with panic lacing your voice as you push him away and lunge for the sheets to cover yourself.

‘What? Y/N? Why?’, Calum questions, the unmistakable look of hurt on his face.

‘Because that wasn’t part of the deal Calum’, you cry out as tears begin to prick at the back of your eyes, ‘this wasn’t supposed to happen’.

‘But Y/N…’

‘No Calum! Just leave!’

‘Fine. You want me to go? Fine, but I’m not fucking coming back’, he storms pulling his clothes back on, his hurt morphing into anger as he charges out the door.

‘This wasn’t supposed to happen’, you tell yourself again as the tears fell freely down your face, ‘you weren’t supposed to fall for him.’




Well here is some pure Steve Rogers smut. You can’t go wrong with some nice simple Steve smut. I haven’t written smut in quite some time so apologies if it’s a little dodgy! But enjoy anyway folks. As always please do let me know what you think :) 

“Come on it’s fucking freezing just fix the damn thing!” You shout at Steve from the sofa, curled into the smallest ball possible. Steve is standing in front of the boiler, looking puzzled. He is wrapped from head to toe in as much clothing as possible, socks on his hands, two hats on his head, the works.

“Do you not think I am TRYING?” He shouts back, impatiently storming away from the boiler. It was mid-winter and temperatures were dropping below zero at night. Not an ideal time for the heating to break in your old, draughty apartment.

“We will just have to wait till tomorrow.” You say, trying to control your chattering teeth. “I’m gunna go get into bed.”

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Do That Again

A fic about Bucky x Reader who meet at the library and then go home after talking about books for hours and then you know…. SEX (Anon)

(Just something quick I whipped up. By that I mean I got bored in a lecture and wrote this instead of taking notes, so it may not be great due to me having someone talking about Victorian people in the background distracting me. Enjoy anyway)

You walk down the long aisles of the library, your eyes scanning the high rows of books on either side of you. You find what you are looking for, but it is on the top shelf. Damn your hobbit legs. You push onto your toes, stretching your arms, straining to be tall enough to grab the one book you need.

“Want a hand?” You hear a silky voice ask from behind you. You roll back onto the flats of your feet and let your arms fall to your side, turning slowly.

“How long have you been watching me struggle?” You ask accusingly, narrowing your eyes.

“Long enough to know that when you stretch your arms up your dress rises and shows me a lot more than I bargained on seeing at the library.”

“Perv.” You mutter, watching as he walks over to the shelf and plucks the book you had been reaching for off the shelf, examining the cover.

“Wuthering Heights huh?”

“It’s a classic.” You spit, grabbing it from his clutches and stalking off. You pull out a chair at one of the huge tables in the middle of the library and sit down, opening the cover of Wuthering Heights. With a sigh, you watch the creepy guy sit opposite you, flashing you a grin, holding his own copy of the book.

Two Hours Later

“Look, all I am saying is I don’t like Nelly!” You cry, a slight smile on your face. Bucky had quickly apologised and introduced himself, winning you over by jabbering on and on about various books you just so happened to love.

“How can you not like Nelly?! She’s awesome!”

“Bronte just uses her a vehicle through which to accelerate the narrative. Without Nelly poking her nose into things that don’t concern her, we wouldn’t get certain information that is crucial to the book.”

“Do that again.” Bucky says, dramatically shivering.

“Do what?”

“Talk smart. Man that does things to me. So sexy.”

“Oh shut up.” You murmur, looking down in embarrassment.

“Make me.”

“Oh don’t push me.” You say, looking up and smirking.

“You know what I would just love.” He muses, resting his chin on his hands and looking at you intently. “To see you only wearing your glasses and heels.”

“I…” You gasp, your mouth wide. “I live 5 minutes down the block.”

Bucky grins, slamming his book shut. “Well then, what are we waiting for?”


coffee conversation: A Jungkook story

Part 1 | Part 2

A/N: hi guys hehe i know originally i had said this was going to be a choose-your-own but after getting some feedback and whatnot ive decided to pull that idea and just go with my original plotline. that being said i hope you guys still enjoy this series xox

Seven Minutes in Heaven: Steve part two

Two posts today you lucky people! I figured you deserved a nice smutty part two! Enjoy! xox

Complete series

You walk back into the main room and sit on the sofa, watching as the others pile in behind you and all take their seats. Steve watches you the entire time he walks through the room to his chair, not being subtle at all. You wink at him dramatically and he looks away, almost embarrassed. The party continues as if nothing had happened, the next unfortunate pair being pushed into the closet. It really was a ridiculous game. At the same time though, you had got to make out with Steve bloody Rogers. God bless America.

After a good couple hours, the party finally draws to a close, people standing and stretching, saying their goodbyes and heading home. It’s late and pitch black as you make your way to your car, your hairs standing on end from the cold.

“Hey, can I walk you to your car?” Steve says, jogging down the path outside Tony’s place to catch up with you.

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Fancy a Roll in the Hay? (Pt 17)

Here it is! Aaaaand as per it ends in a cliffhanger. I am both sorry and not sorry at the same time. I love a good cliffhanger :D Enjoy! xox

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14
Part 15
Part 16
Part 17
Part 18
Part 19
Part 20
Alternate Ending

1 week later

“You need to come out of your room at some point.” Steve says with a sigh, perched on the end of you bed.

“No I don’t.” You say resolutely, not looking up from your book.

“Oh come on. This is getting ridiculous now. What even happened with you and Bucky?!” Steve cried desperately, looking annoyed.

“You want to know?” You say, slamming your book shut and throwing it down on the bed. “He proposed Steve. What the fuck was I supposed to do. He asked me to run away with him and marry him so we could live a proper life.”

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The Past Never Stays Where It Belongs- Chp 2

Hi guys! Thanks so much for all of the lovely comments you’ve been sending about the Ashton fic! I know I say this all of the time but I really do appreciate it! Anyway without further ado here’s chapter two! (lol that rhymed)

Hope you enjoy it!



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She’s My Everything

Request: Hello :-) Could I request a Steve imagine? Perhaps where he is in love with you but you’re dating pietro and it’s from his POV? You can end it however you like thanks haha xx
Pairings: Pietro x Reader, Steve x Reader
Warnings: Language

A/N: Pietro and Steve are my babies, so to have them both love the reader, it was pretty fun to write and I kinda made myself sad for Steve but whateverrrrr. Enjoy it! xox


Steve’s POV

You know that feeling when you see something bright, or when you see the stars in the sky? That little bit of hope, of knowledge that there’s hope, something more than what you see? That’s what she is to me. She’s that little bit of hope, she’s my everything. Then in comes the road runner, sweeping her away from me, completely shattering me to the floor. See, I had started to develop feelings for Y/N back when I found out Bucky was alive, she was there to help me deal with him being brainwashed, she’s always been there for me. Then, a year later, after Sokovia, this little Russian bastard came in and swept her off her feet - literally. They started dating after we defeated Ultron, so ever since then my heart has been broken. Watching that small twinkle in her eye when he called her cute little names, or how she blushed slightly when he showed affection for her in front of the others, such as kissing her or holding her hand, or how upset she is when they fight, or how proud she looks when he helps defeat a bad guy on a mission - God, I wish that was me she felt that way for. As selfish as that sounds, I would honestly kill to have her in my arms to sleep, or to kiss her whenever I wanted (which would be pretty much always) or to be able to comfort her when she has a nightmare or when she is down. I loved her, and there was no denying it.


Clint was making pancakes, which was a great thing to wake up to. Food already made, a happy energy in the tower, except the fact that I had to watch Y/N and Pietro be all cuddly and shit while eating. His hand rested on her thigh, rubbing small circles on her perfect skin, something I’d do anything to do. She was wearing nothing but a large t-shirt and shorts, and she looked so goddamn pretty, her hair all messy and her eyes looked tired, but she was still so beautiful. I snapped myself out of my little trance as I made my way and sat next to Natasha.

“Steve, I see the way you look at her,” Nat whispered in my ear and I felt my cheeks warm up.

“Look at who? What are you talking about?” I whispered back, a small nervous chuckle, but I’m probably the worst liar in the world so Nat rolled her eyes at me.

“Y/N, I see how you look a lot more tense when he’s with her,” Nat smirked, eating a strawberry.

I knew she caught on so I gave her a small smile and continued eating.


It was a rainy Saturday afternoon and everyone was just chilling in the Stark tower, the thunder booming over New York City.

“I’ve always loved thunderstorms,” Y/N’s voice broke my thoughts as she came and sat next to me at the dining room, looking out over New York.

“Yeah, me too,” I smiled at her. I noticed she looked sadder than usual, her normally bright eyes looked dull, almost gray, and the smile she gave me wasn’t happy.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her, as she moved a little closer to me.

“Pietro and I got into a fight,” My heart ached, knowing that she was upset. And he caused it.

“It’ll be okay, you guys always end up back together,” I said, and as much as it hurt me, it was true. They’ve gotten into many fights but always end up as happy as ever the next day.

“Not this time,” She looked down at her fingers, “We ended things,”

“Oh, God,” I pulled her into a hug, letting her tears fall on my shoulders, “I’m so sorry, Y/N,” She sniffled lightly before pulling away. Even in her state of heartbreak and sadness, she still was the most fucking beautiful human in the universe.

“No, it’s not your fault, I ended things with him,” She looked up at me, and she looked kind of.. Relieved.

“Oh, why?” I asked, hoping to hide the small amount of cheer that ran up my spine.

“He’s changed, he’s not as sweet as he used to be, he picks on everything I do, and I became sick of his bullshit,” She chuckled slightly and I grinned at her.

“You gonna be okay?”

“Yeah,” She whispered, “I mean, I wanted to end things, so I did,”

“Good for you,” I said and she smiled, gripping onto my shirt, and in the short time her fingers brushed my skin, small goosebumps rose.

I knew she needed me as a friend right now, and that’s what I was planning on being.

For now.