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“Text him.” Sherilyn pushes me, four bottles of beer and two bags of chips into our girls’ night, and I probably shouldn’t listen to an intoxicated Sher, but I’m just as far gone as she is.
I giggle, holding my hand in front of my mouth. Someone in the back of my brain is screaming ‘no’ over and over again in high pitched squeals, but my fingers grabble for my phone anyway.

I’m all set before I pause. “But what?”
Sherilyn merely rolls her eyes as she snaps the phone out of my hands, her fingers tapping away before she hands it back. Hi.
“Wow, the subtlety you possess blows my mind.” I giggle again and I am just quick enough to dodge Sherilyn’s flailing arm as she tries to smack me across the head.

“Stop trying to make everything so complicated. It’s a guy, guys are the simplest life forms on earth. Don’t make it too hard for them.” Sherilyn chuckles as I shake my head, pulling the blanket further up her legs. It had become chilly now that summer was nearing its end.

“Ah Sher, I’m sure there are simpler life forms than a man. Although I must agree they sometimes have the characteristics of a homo habilis.” I laugh and Sherilyn merely stares at me, which makes me burst into hysterics even more. “Small and primitive man? No?”

“I’m not a nerd like you. I know homo erectus, like every high-schooler does. That’s about it from biology knowledge.” I snort loudly, pushing my bum off of the sofa to get us a refill of beers.

“I pity the boy you have to have coitus with. Poor Ash.” I hear a yell from behind me and I can only laugh, biting my lip as I uncap two bottles of Stella. “Y/n?” Sherilyn yells from the living room and I stalk back, bottles in hand and another bag of chips underneath my arm.

“Calum answered! I see his name on your thingy.” Sherilyn waves my phone in my face and I almost drop the bottles as I feel my heart flutter. Hey
“And now what? I can’t just casually go ‘how are you’ I mean we’ve never been this awkward.” I groan as I let myself drop onto the sofa, phone falling out of my hand to my left. Sherilyn grasps the device in her hands as she stares at the lit up screen.

“I would go with a how are you. I mean you can always ask him to hang out tomorrow and see what it’s like. And probably explain what the Luke-thing was.” Sherilyn shrugs her shoulders as she throws my phone back onto my lap, settling back in her original position as she searches for another chick flick on Netflix.

The movie she had chosen had ended and Calum hadn’t answered. That also meant I tried to find my breaking point of alcohol consumption. And I had almost found it. I know I would be awfully sick in the morning, my stomach already arguing when I let the last sip of my eleventh beer flow past my lips. I look to my right, Sherilyn asleep, laying stretched out on my spacious sofa as she softly snores.

I can’t help that I always get extremely riled up whenever I’m drunk, and I’m sure I will regret what I’m about to do now.
It takes Calum less than a minute to reply to my sext, and I’m actually quite surprised with his fast response, but also offended that he would answer this so quickly.

I wish you had such a dirty mouth when you were underneath me.

I involuntarily bite my lip, my tongue poking out to wet my bottom lip as my fingers hoover over the keyboard. I quickly type a response, a little blush crawling onto my cheeks as I feel the excitement bubble through the pit of my stomach.

Oh baby, not before I’ve had you on your knees xo

I let a small gasp leave my lips at his expertise in sexting. By now my own fingers were rapidly typing away as I felt the urge and need in my core skyrocket. Thank god I don’t have to wait long for a response.

You have no idea how many things I still wanted to do to you

I keep quiet as I simply stare at my phone in shock. If there was anything that had sparked the alarm in my head, it would have been this response. I know this was just playful banter but by now the alcohol had left my system and I somewhat hoped I could lure him in for another time. The hunger and obvious arousal I had felt dissipated as soon as it had arrived. I had blown my chances with Calum.

“Can we talk?” I hesitate to hit send, but eventually I just close my eyes and let my thumb hit the touch screen. Calum may have responded quickly for the past hour, but now I didn’t get any. I waited for a minute, five minutes, fifteen, which turned into an hour before I started to dose off. When I awake, the first thing I do is check my phone, but I come up empty handed.

“What’s wrong? Did Calum agree to talking later?” Sherilyn whispers as she passes me, taking a cup of coffee from Linda’s outstretched hand. “No, he didn’t respond.” I sigh, dropping my phone onto the table and heading upstairs for a cold shower.


“You’re ready. You can do it Luke, your trial exam was almost spotless. Just stay calm and all will be alright.” I smile, squeezing his shoulders as I stand over him, his body slumped against the seat as he stares down at his ten-centimetre-thick book.
“But what if I am not ready? I could lose my scholarship because of fucking biology.” Luke groans, threading his fingers through his blonde unruly hair before he gives it a harsh tug.

“Luke, we’ve spent almost all of summer revising. I know you’re ready for this.” I close his book for him, Luke pushes his chair back to raise to his feet.
“Thank you for all your help, Y/n. I wouldn’t have done it without you.” I smile as he opens his arms for a hug and I willingly step into his arms, winding around my shoulders as I throw mine around his waist to give him a comforting squeeze. “Welcome, dear. Anytime.”

As we hear the scraping of a throat, both Luke and I slowly pulling away to see Calum in the doorway with a raised eyebrow.
“Hi – uh Cal.” I smile but he just hums in response and pushes past me, his head disappearing into the fridge. The sizzling pop is the only sound in the kitchen, both Luke and I staring at Calum as he appears to be ignorant to the other presences in the room.

“Football practice at five.” He just mumbles before he disappears and I feel a jab in my heart when he’s out of sight.
“What happened between you two?” Luke questions as soon as we hear a door slam closed again, indicating Calum had taken retreat back into his own bedroom.

“I think he knows.” I shrug my shoulders, biting my bottom lip harshly as I try to keep any forming tears at bay. “What? Are you serious?” Luke shrieks as his body swiftly turns towards me, eyes widened as I merely hum in acknowledgement. “I think so. It felt as – as goodbye.” I can feel the tears almost spill over as I redirect my gaze to a blank space on the wall, fingers fumbling with themselves as I wait for Luke to respond. Anything comforting right now would be a blessing.
“But he didn’t say anything about it?”

“Why would he? We were just friends, after all. I’m free to do what I please.” I shrug my shoulders, leaning against the wall as I watch Luke pace back and forth in their small kitchen. I’m surprised with myself that I can keep calm under such circumstances. After a few days of me trying to figure out whatever had happened after that barbecue, and after the sleepover with Sherilyn, I had come to terms with myself that I had royally fucked up and that was it. Now I had to accept it. He was up and about when I woke, nowhere to be seen. Only Luke and Ashton were in the house, Luke needing my tutoring.

“Didn’t you tell him that it was a mistake? That it meant nothing?” I chuckle dryly, keeping the smirk on my face. “Did he ever give me the chance to? I mean, He didn’t even say anything about it. I could just feel it.”

“What happened when you were both upstairs? Calum never came down again after downing a few shots of tequila.” Luke questions as he stops in his tracks, turning towards my resting frame. A soft smile sets onto my lips, my eyes slowly drifted closed as I recap the happened events.

“We uhm – well yeah.” I shrug my shoulders again, something that seems to become a second nature to me by now. “Ah.” Luke makes a noise of acknowledgement as he smirks, but it is wiped off of his lips rather easily when he thinks of everything that happened after.
“You think it was – like – ?”

“Like a good bye of sorts? I honestly believe so. I’m not welcome anymore.”


“Has she been outside in the last days?” I hear Rosalee ask. I stop in my tracks, hiding myself from view as I wait for a response whoever Rosalee is speaking to in the kitchen. I almost scoff loudly when I hear Linda respond in a hushed tone, probably keeping quiet so the loner upstairs wouldn’t hear – me.

“I don’t think so. Sherilyn told me there have been bumps in the road with Calum. Maybe that’s what this is about…” Linda trails off and I can hear high clicking against our flooring. I take a few steps back to make sure they both wouldn’t notice me, my back flat against the wall. All I wanted was another bag of chips and a can of red bull. Maybe it’s true that I’ve sort of been locking myself in my room for the past days, but I just bought a new video game and I was just really addicted to it. That’s all.

“I knew Calum was bad news. I didn’t know Y/n would fall that hard and that fast.” I can hear Rosalee sigh, and I’m having trouble deciphering if she’s disappointed in me or feels sorry for me – either way, I’m not very pleased with hearing two of my closest friends gossiping about me.

“Calum has his charm; I’ll give you that. And I too believed that Y/n would change him. I mean they have been spending so much time together and I heard other girls complain around town how none of them got any luck with the Calum Hood lately, I – well I hoped for the best.”

I feel the tears sting, but I don’t know exactly why. Maybe because just his name brings up wounds I didn’t know existed in the first place, because honestly what was wrong? He just stopped answering my texts, it could just be that when I go back upstairs I receive a message with ‘Sorry I was a dick, having a rough time. Wanna meet up?’ or something and I’m just overreacting.

Or that it actually touched me that he didn’t do anything with another girl while we were … growing closer together. I always had hoped I was the only one he was doing whatever with, but I never expected it. When there aren’t labels involved, it’s quite easy to go with the ever so old excuse – we aren’t together, are we?

“I’m glad she’s going away for a bit. Being around her girls and being carefree will cheer her up a bit. Y/n’s always been someone who feels too intense.” I can just see Rosalee shrug her shoulders as she speaks and I roll my eyes. While I do that, I feel a tear slip down my cheek and I feel my anger bubbling at myself for being so damn emotional in these past few days.

“I don’t think this road trip will do as much good as you’re hoping, Rose. She may act fine, but that little head of hers is filled with worry and doubt.” I curse Linda for knowing me a bit too well.
It’s true that I tend to keep my emotions or feelings to myself. I’ve never appreciated people that shared everything with others, someone where you could read what they’re thinking by just staring at their faces. There wasn’t any mystery and that’s what intrigued me about human beings.

“But she’s someone that knows how to collect herself at record speed. Either way, I’m sure she’ll be fine.” Rosalee reciprocates and I hear Linda laugh in response. “Even if not, I’ll be there to kick that bitch’s ass if necessary.”

I let a tiny chuckle escape my lips as well, shaking my head as I turn back towards the stairs. Once I’ve crept back completely up the stairs, I make a big fuzz about coming down, stomping my feet especially hard to make sure they knew I was coming downstairs.
“Hi Y/n, how are you feeling?” Rosalee smiles at me and I see Linda giving me the same treatment. The first genuine smile in days makes its way onto my lips as I lean against the open doorway.
“Splendid. I was thinking – want to go out for a drink?”

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