I O U: Ten Reasons Why John Watson is Actually Moriarty

(1)   They already told us:

They’ve been telling us since Season 1:

See also:

(2)  Are We Sure That Little Girl is Pointing At Sherlock.  Are we sure.  Are we positive.

(3)  The Storyteller. 

Who’s the storyteller of the Sherlock Holmes canon again?

(4)  Sherlock’s first introduction to John (and his subsequent deductions) is paralleled to his first introduction to Moriarty:

Of course Sherlock’s deductions about Moriarty are totally wrong, manipulated by fake characteristics that were planted to fool Sherlock into dismissing him.

But let’s face it - faking an entirely psychosomatic limp that you can forget about half the time, offering a phone that’s been engraved with “clues,” and loudly declaring “different from back in my day” when you enter the room aren’t much more difficult than irritating one’s own eyes to suggest that you go clubbing and picking up a visible underwear brand.

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sleeping is for losers

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I Wanna Love That Man - an electroswing mix

For falling in love with bad boys. For glasses of whiskey at the speakeasy. For hot jazz and hotter nights. 
Inspired by the game Speakeasy Tonight by Voltage Entertainment USA.

1. That Man - Caro Emerald | 2. Bad Boy Good Man - TAPE FIVE | 3. Make My Day - Waldeck | 4. Big Bad Handsome Man - Imelda May | 5. Bei Mir Bist Du Scheen - Ilhama Feat. Dj Ogb | 6. Dirty Laundry - Bitter:Sweet | 7. The Flapper’s Delight - TAPE FIVE ft. Yuliet Topaz | 8. Gangsterlove - Alice Francis | 9. Gingerbread Man - Dirty Honkers | 10. Anything You Want (Not That) - Belleruche | 11. Absolutely Me - Caro Emerald | 12. Swingfood Mood - TAPE FIVE | 13. Out Of My Mind - Jamie Berry


make me choose: emilydeschanels asked b&b or caskett

You and I, we’re bound to one another. So much that I don’t feel that I could survive without you. You nurture me, you protect me, you are my home. If I were to damage that by a meaningless dalliance, it would be like killing myself, something that I would never do. I would never let anything compromise the life we share, Booth. I love you.

I love you too.


So @flanlaurens and I got invited to Hamilton’s Grammy recording rehearsal and I caught these pics at the end of one of the runs. (Don’t worry, we were allowed to take pictures because it wasn’t an actual show. The lights were on.)

Lin was crazy happy the whole time! He was genuinely dancing between sets. I happened to catch one of his Sick Moves ™ in the second pic, which is now my new favorite picture ever.

Just thought I’d share! I hope everyone enjoys the Grammy performance tonight — it’s gonna be great!

person: josh is such a psychopath so i’m happy he died, what an asshole