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To my fans,

It has come to my attention that someone set up a GoFundMe to raise money for me to attend the Shorty Awards in April. Please note that while I appreciate the sentiment, I will not, and never will, accept monetary gifts or donations. There are much more important causes to donate money to, and I firmly believe in working hard and earning my money in an honest way.

It is true that I am an up-and-coming artist who still struggles with things like student debt and makes jokes about being poor, but compared to the majority of the world I have it pretty darn good. I have a roof over my head, food to eat, and friends and family that love and support me. All I need from you (my fans that I am so grateful for) is for you to enjoy my work.

If in the future, you feel inclined to purchase merchandise or a ticket when I release my own creations or perform live, that would be okay. That would be an exchange of goods and services that I would appreciate. Or if you donate to a legitimate kick-starter or charity I support or run, that would also be okay because that would be helping those who truly need funds and would make everyone feel good.

Yes, I am excited and honoured to be nominated for a Shorty Award and I would love to attend the event, but it is not the end of the world if I can’t go. However, I am a pretty simple and frugal girl who can always take the bus to NYC and crash on a friend’s couch (as I have done in the past) and thankfully, I have a great team of professionals working on getting me a ticket to the ceremony, so chances are I will be there.

So please, do not worry about me and save your money. I am flattered by your enthusiasm, but I must kindly ask that all unsolicited fundraising pages be taken down.

Thanks and warmest regards,


I stepped out for exactly twenty seconds to take this picture of our driveway before scurrying back indoors. It’s been snowing all day, and expected to continue until seven o’clock this evening.

So how’s everyone in the Northeast enjoying Thor?

things are falling into place

all the work i’ve put in this past year

has paved the way for some excellent opportunities

spirit, relationships, school, career

everything is working in harmony

i’m going to increase my bible study to continue to push me to grow

i’m enjoying this period of growth and support

5th March 2015, World Book Day…  and Algy had hoped to spend the day outside, reading in the open air. But in the event it did nothing but rain, rain, rain the entire day, and reading in the rain is far from ideal… for the books!

What was he to do? Algy consulted his assistant, and she suggested that he recall a happier time spent reading, when the weather was much kinder - about six months ago. So in honour of World Book Day, Algy presents this reworked version of a reading Adventure he enjoyed in September 2014, when he was lazing in his assistant’s deckchair in the sunshine, searching for a favourite poem in a volume of verse.

Happy Reading Everyone :) And Algy hopes that you will find some nice, warm sunshine to read in, and will not try reading in the rain!

Finn grew up from an immature little boy who always wanted to be known as an adventure to a mature young man who can chill, think, use his mental powers and still wants to be an adventurer but enjoys the things around him at the same time.

P.B grew up from having the mentality of always working and treating people as if they’re babies to becoming more chill, trusting and helpful.

Marcellene went from a rowdy party girl to an emotional girl who expresses herself through her music and isn’t afraid to let people in. She’s more of a grown woman now but she’s still fun.

Jake is still jake but with responsibilities

BMO is always BMO but we got to see more of him.

Flame princess and cinnamon bun have been hurt and grew from it and are trying to be the best they can be.

I love the character development of the show. No matter how serious and mature the characters get its still good and they add something cute for comic relief.


"We had this sexual fantasy see, so we just carried it out….I mean, like it was easy and fun and we really enjoyed it, so why shouldn’t we do it?" 

Gerald and Charlene Gallego were responsible for the deaths of ten women, raging in age from 13 to 34. The women were used as “sex slaves” before being murdered. After being apprehended, Charlene struck a deal in which she testified against her husband for a sentence of only 16 years. Gerald was sentenced to death but passed away in prison in 2002 of rectal cancer.

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things you said at the kitchen table, narry?

I feel like this is just the beginning of a much longer fic, but apparently that’s how I roll now? 

It’s nice, sometimes, to be home on break.  Real home, with Mum and Robin and familiar smells and places.  Harry knows that within a few days he’ll be itching to go again, that Jeff will send him a snap of a palm tree or one of those smoothies he likes and he’ll want to be in LA, but for now he’s enjoying it.  He’s not sure if it’ll come to that, even, that it’s only a week out before Singapore and he won’t have much time to miss anything.  It’s good like that, keeps his life segmented out into these manageable parcels that he appreciates.  Now is tour, now is LA, now is home with Mum.

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My Name is Karl. 

I’m a young Nigerian-American Photographer/Artist who finds himself in an extremely mentally perplexing position. I desire to express myself through visual mediums, but I can’t because most of my time should actually be spent studying architecture. Every single instance seen on my blog is an opportunity for me to escape the grind and do what i love. I enjoy capturing landscape and fashion details. 

Find more of my work here- karl-shakur.tumblr.com

the thing about the work i put in is that i enjoy it

i get home and i fall asleep with a smile on my face

the problem is that the work makes it so that i’m in bed by 1am and have to be up by 630

the exhaustion has been hard

i have planned out my schedule so i have specific days of rest and so it balances out

but on those longer days, it takes a lot out of me

i have to remind myself that when i feel that have nothing left

i still have a little more to give

and i shouldn’t give up

but i’m happy, so so happy

tired, but happy

  • Heavy Lies The Crown
  • edge

After everything that happened between Clarke and Lexa in last night’s episode of The 100, I believe this was necessary. Lyrics under the cut.

i’ve got a loaded gun; you’ve got a sharp knife // where’s the limit to what we’d do to survive?

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(finally the last of the fill-in-the-gaps for the “peace beneath the city" series so far. this one comes just after "favours”, but isn’t as closely tied as “grief” and “debt” are, so you don’t necessarily have to re-read it. enjoy!)


“I’m worried about Will.”

Honeydew looks up from the ham he’s carefully carving the skin off in preparation for roasting, knife held in mid-air and a frown on his face. “What d’you mean?” he asks, thoughtfully, finally pausing in his task to glance over at Xephos where he’s kneading bread dough on the table just a tad more aggressively than necessary. “He’s a good kid. Polite enough. Seems to be settling in well and getting on with Lalna.”

“He’s been… off, though, hasn’t he?” says Xephos, rubbing floured hands on his apron absently before lifting the lump of bread dough out of the bowl to properly knead it against the counter. “Distracted, tired, out-of it – he’s got those big circles under his eyes, he’s not been finishing his food… I mean… it’s not just me fretting, is it? There’s definitely something off.

Honeydew chuckles. “I think anyone’d struggle to finish your meals, given the size of them,” he jokes, and then winces at the look Xephos throws him, some of the humour draining out of him. “I know, I know,” he says, heavily, setting the knife down lest he cut himself whilst not paying attention. “I’ve noticed it too. Like he’s ill, almost.”

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Blow Up Part 2 (Luke)

Here is Part 2, if you havent read the first part you can find it here!! ENJOY!!!

‘I can’t do this’ he mutters, turning his back on you, youfeel your heart drop, your chest tighten along with your throat as you try to hold back the tears. You slide to the edge of the bed picking up Michael shirt. ‘Oh my god’ you choke as you pull it over you, covering yourself before the tears start to roll down your cheeks. Michael hadn’t noticed until he turns back to look at you, he rushes over reaching out his arms to you but you step back.

‘Please don’t cry, please’ he begs, ‘I can believe this’ you mutter shaking your head, ‘God I’m so fucking stupid, who would want me, why would you want me’ you mutter more to yourself as you move to get past him but he grabs you. ‘Please stop crying, it’s me..I promise it’s not you’ he explains softly but you shake your head, ‘Don’t patronise me Michael’ you snap. He holds you out at arm’s length, both hands on your shoulders, and bends a little to be on eye level with you.

‘Your amazing, I want to…I d but your one of my best friends, and…you like Luke’ he tells you softly, you shake your head, tears spilling quicker, ‘I don’t like Luke’ you choke but he smiles a little, ‘I hate Luke’ you whine making him chuckle ‘I know, you hate Luke’ he agrees pulling you into him, his chin in your head as you rest into his chest.

‘I hate sober Michael’ you sniff, ‘Yeah me too’ Michal agree making you laugh. ‘Seriously, of all the fucking nights’ you moan making him laugh as he lets go climbing into bed he lift the sheets waiting for you to join him. Which you do, he holds you to him as you both talk about shit and Luke and shit, before falling asleep together.


‘You awake?’ Michael’s voice is groggy from behind you, you reply with a tired hum, ‘We haven’t slept together in ages’ he mumbles, ‘I know’ you sigh, remembering when you would always have movie night or one of you couldn’t sleep and would sneak in the other room for a midnight chat. ‘I have to pee’ Michael moans, ‘Noooo’ you whine softly, ‘Please hold it I’m comfortable’ you plead hearing him sigh you know he isn’t moving. ‘Love you Mikey’ you sigh cuddling further into him, hoping to fall back to sleep. ‘You can’t call me Mikey anymore’ he mutters making you chuckle a little, ‘Why?’ you question, ‘Because last night you were moaning it and I will never be able to forget it if you are always calling me Mikey’ he explain making you laugh a little, ‘Okay’.

‘Michael have you seen…’ you look over the sheet to see Luke freeze in the door way, his lips parting and eyes wide, ‘Shit Luke..It’s not..’ Michael starts but Luke shakes his head, banging the door as he leaves. You roll your eyes before stuffing your head into the pillow and Michael rushes out of the bed, ‘What’s his problem?’ you grumble. ‘Fuck, go and tell him we did..’ Michael stats, ‘No fucking way, why does it matter if we did’ you huff annoyed. The sheets are pulled off you, you cold of the morning hitting your bear legs and arms you whine, turning onto your back to glare at Michael.

‘Seriously, please…please go and tell him’ Michael practically begs you, you huff holding out your hands Michael pulls you up and you jump off the bed and out of the room, you head for Luke’s room until you hear shouting. ‘Fucking Michael’ its Luke, you follow it down to the living room where Luke is pacing and Ashton is sitting on the arm of the chair watching him.

‘Luke me and Michael d..’

‘I don’t want to know what you did with one of my best friends’ he snaps spinning to face you, he looks angry which shocks you. ‘Don’t speak to me like that’ you warn him, ‘Why not? You can judge the people I bring home but I can’t say anything about the guys you fuck’ he yells moving closer to you.

‘I don’t judge the girls you complete twat, I judge you, I can’t believe my best fucking friend can be such a cold hearted twat’ you scream at him. ‘Cold hearted! Me? You slept with Michael’ he yells, ‘Fucking Michael, of all the people in the world you pick Michael’ he yells harshly towards you.

‘No offence taken’ Michael casually wonders past you and Luke yelling at each other flopping into the chair Ashton is still perched on. ‘Don’t fucking speak to me Michael’ Luke growls, you notice Michael shrug. ‘Don’t talk to him like that, he hasn’t done anything wrong, what is your problem?’ you ask. ‘YOU FUCKED MY BEST FRIEND’ he yells.

‘It has nothing to do with you’ you defend, ‘You make it sound like I did it to hurt you Luke. Which I didn’t, I wouldn’t do anything to fucking hurt you, you complete idiot. And I didn’t have sex with Michael; we spent the whole fucking night talking about you! Are you happy, is that okay, your right, I am a jealous bitch because I’m fucking in love with you’ you scream, you stop breathing deeply as you stare at him, shocked by your own confession, ‘Fuck’ you mutter shaking your head, ‘Fuck’ you turn around already feeling like an idiot, thinking of leaving and where you would go. How could you be so stupid to fall for your best fucking friend and then yell it at him.

‘FUCKING KISS HER’ Michael yells, you hear feet hitting the floor, turning half way up the stairs to see what’s going on but as you turn Luke’s lips crash into yours, his arms wrapping tightly around your waist as he holds you to him, your hands clasping at the back of his neck. ‘I’m a jealous bitch too’ Luke mumbles as he pulls away a little. ‘You are?’ you ask unable to wipe the smile from you lips as he nods, moving his lips back to yours.

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