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Thought this bit from ‘The Little Engine That Couldn’t’ was pretty cute. :) 

- Marianne

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i know you said you were saving taz requests for a later time, so im sorry if this just adds more to your pile! but youre just in general one of my fav artists, esp re: TAZ, and i dont know if you keep up with fandom things, but lately there was a blog hating on taakos just because they were chubby or fat or overweight and it really hurt as someone who sees themself in chub taakos. i guess the point of this is, have you ever considered drawing a chubby taako? itd make my whole month, i think!

Hello friend. I’m sorry that this sort of hullabaloo is happening in the fandom. I hope I can make your whole month ( and then some ) by offering you a cute, soft Taako.


HakamiiShop Update: All orders have been sent! I hope they’ll arrive safely ;;
Thank you so much for supporting the shop! Until next time > v < )///
About some people asking if I’ll restock these charms.. I’m sorry I won’t restock them anymore ;;v;;) If there are leftovers after April 10(because local cons and stuff), I’ll open the shop again for it! (and probably 707 charms only ;;) 

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b1 with 7zen please ♡♡

Hooooo lemme just say I’m so sorry I was MIA for a while ^^;; but I never forgot to work on these of course! lolol this one was far too amusing to pass up xD and…this ship is gradually starting to grow on me I must admit!…Same goes for ZenRan too *-*

we’re out here getting spidey promo posters, promo art, a new trailer, and tom interviews??

sony’s like that piece of shit boyfriend who drags his ass home like “i know i’ve been bad but i’m gonna start Treating You Right” and he buys you some new clothes and y'all have bomb sex and you convince yourself that he’s changed even though you deadass know he’s gonna go back to treating you like shit by the end of the week

concept: otabek and yuri are dating and one day otabek admits to him that he’s polyamorous and yuris cool with it bc as long as bekas happy, he’s happy

“so who else do you like besides me??”
“dont get mad.”
“.,,, its jj.”


but he cant say anything bc again, as long as bekas happy then he’s happy, but,,,, what the fuck

so otabek and jj start dating, and the first time all three of them meet jjs like “hope u dont mind sharing your otabeef, princess 👉😎👉” and yuri is ready to kill him but otabek is smiling and hes weak for that so he holds back

but the more the three of them hang out together… the more tolerable jj becomes??? he isnt nearly as obnoxious as he is when theyre in competition and hes actually pretty funny and just as in love with otabek as he is (he knows bc of the way jj looks at him - it feels like looking into a mirror, because thats exactly how he stares at otabek himself)

and jj is actively trying to become better friends with him - he doesnt stop the teasing, but he starts knowing when to back down when he gets too much and yuri can feel the intense hatred he once felt for him die down into a begrudging respect

plus its really fun to talk to him about how adorable otabek is, so, really

a few months later and he can reluctantly say that jj’s become one of his closest friends, but tell anyone that and he’ll kick you with his knife shoes

(ps isabella and jj are still engaged/married and whenever otabek gets Tired of jjs shit she’s the person he’ll call

yuri enjoys watching them rant he thinks its the funniest shit ever)

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Can you try an INFJ Ravenclaw we make up 3% of the population but I would love to see one!

Thanks for the ask! This was also requested by @oureffervescence , @theonetotwopercent , @dreaming-galaxies , @bluever27 , and @ptx-potter-party . Lots of Ravenclaw INFJs out there! 

- More INFJs in Ravenclaw than in any other house, because their passion, distinct moral senses, giving instincts, and connectedness with others are all traits that their house reflects

- VERY perfectionist when they’re doing something they think is important

- Work on their project until oops it’s 2 A.M and I haven’t eaten or drank anything in the past 24 hours

- Always trying to improve things and make life better for others

- Such??Sweet??People??

- It can be difficult to get them to open up about themselves because they’re always thinking about helping other people *sigh*

- But if you can get them to come out of their shell, they’re amazingly fun to be around

- Would probably set up a mock trial system to make sure that Hogwarts disputes are handled fairly

- Sometimes people think they’re extraverted because they spend so much time around other people, but they definitely need to retreat sometimes

- When they do, they love to curl up in their dorms and do whatever they’re passionate about- writing, drawing, reading, petting their cat

- AMAZING public speakers, could probably persuade Voldemort to switch to the good side (unlike Useless Harry Potter)

- The opposite of arrogant, which dispels a lot of Ravenclaw stereotypes

- They like to solve things through non-violence, like Martin Luther King Jr. (who is probably their hero)(and who was an INFJ himself!)

- Finally burn out after their 48th hour of forgetting to sleep because they were thinking about the plight of the endangered unicorns

- And yet they’re always the ones reminding their friends to drink water, wash their robes, and get to sleep!

- In classes they absolutely devote themselves to the subjects they love

- Really creative when it comes to unique ways of solving problems, so they have 12 notebooks full of sketches and plans stuffed under their bed

- They don’t just think about doing what’s right, they actually do it. How?

- Very versatile- they could grow up to make great scientific discoveries, be an influential public speaker, an artist who expresses their ideas through creativity, an impassioned teacher, an eloquent writer, or basically anything

- Round out Ravenclaw’s sharp edges tbh (sorry to end on a sappy note)

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