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Hey~ I was your Secret Satan! :D

I don’t draw too much, so this was a learning process (still have a lot to learn tho) but I feel I did give my best! I hope you like it! :3

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Characters belong to @thisiskindagross

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You enjoy your character suffering...I've noticed artists of many kinds will usually put their pain into their art. Is this why you like to watch ink suffer? (Sorry for anon I'm scared you'll take it the wrong way and get mad)

Perhaps I do yes, because I burned my left thumb that I use to draw, and I’m suffering, so

Ink won’t be allowed to use his left hand for days MUAHAHAHAoh right he’s ambidextrous

these are the monsters you do not see
  • In Box 953 there was a stasis copy of Doug, never meant to breathe or see the light of day. No one on board has Communication Officer Doug’s blood type, and no one can casually give him organs. But in case of Decima catastrophic failure, there is a perfect meat bag to extract vital pieces from as needed.
  • There are no survivors of the first mission. Even Hilbert himself went mad. He found the room hidden just for him and after a moment hesitation sat down in to that terrible machine. All that data in such a calculating mind? Sent back to command to be rebuilt, another shiny copy for another mission. Maybe the next one will be built better.
  • Lovelace sailed off into the distance, yes, but her crew was orbiting a different star in a different universe. In space, you can travel sideways and never even know it. . She fell into the star and the she emerged from Wolf 359 a shadow of her former self.
  • Wolf 359 and its laughing twin Gilese 163—at least, from your perspective the best guess is that it’s Gilese. One red star and one blue star that laugh at mortal schemes, at gnats that buzz around them. They listen to you. They move you in ways you may not even realize. 

These monsters are mine. I move past them in the halls, like a shadow. Sometimes you’ll see something in the corner of your eye. Hera can hear me— something moving, unseen, unknown. She’s right, you don’t need to know and even if you ask her she wouldn’t quite be able to describe me.

And me?

I am the Hephaestus. The trials you face and pains you suffer are forged in my name.

Amazing ficlet written by bnaz

The livestream flickered shut and uneasiness settled in Carmilla’s stomach.

As little as she knew about Betty Crocker, her behaviour just didn’t sit well, and she replayed the last few seconds of that livestream, trying to stitch the pieces together. The slight tilt of Perry’s head, the piercing yet strangely knowing stare, the condescending “dear”, the low pitched voice, the-


The penny dropped.

She suddenly saw long, slender fingers caressing her cheek. She saw stern gray eyes and a menacing grin exposing sharp teeth. Then, she saw Laura with that necklace. And Carmilla knew.

“Laura,” she shot up and ran as fast as she could, bumping against a few unexpected walls along the way. She ran through dark, tight tunnels and humid corridors, and past bookshelves she was sure she’d seen at least twice already. She tripped on scattered books and nearly slipped on damp pages long forgotten on whatever corner of hell she was in. When she ran violently against a wall and fell backwards, Carmilla knew she had reached a dead end. She got up and pressed her now scraped palms against the cold stone, her chest rose and fell quickly as the feeling of dread overloaded her senses and, suddenly, her lungs required more oxygen than she could provide.

“Laura!” Carmilla shouted and her hands balled into fists.

She glanced back, seeing the same corridor she had seen countless times before, and the feeling of dread quickly morphed into raw panic.

“LAURA!” She turned to the wall and banged her fists against the stone, hitting it over and over again while continuously shouting Laura’s name. She knew she wasn’t strong enough to break through the wall, she knew she was trapped in there because someone wanted her to stay put, because someone knew she’d save Laura no matter what, and that just wouldn’t do.

As thick drops of blood trickled down her wrist, the realisation that Laura now thought Carmilla had given up on her crept into her brain and she could do nothing but hit that wall and call for her, feeling guilt and fear and panic all rolled up into the tears that now coated her cheeks, and the blood that now stained the ground as evidence of her own defeat.

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I WASNT READY FOR YOU TO FLIP THE LOVE SQUARE LIKE I WAS BUT ALSO I WASNT!!! Marinette literally RUNNING OUT IN HER PAJAMAS and BURSTING INTO TEARS IN FROMF OF ADRIEN because of CHAT NOIR / ADRIEN. Adrien getting his little heart broken because oh crap marinette is in love with some best friend he doesn't know and he's a masochist whose gonna keep being in love with someone even though it hurts (AGAIN). AND MARINETTE ISNT GONNA TRLL CHAT SHES IN LOVE WITH HIM BECAUSE OF HOW MUCH SHES

REJECTED HIM AND HOW HE LIKES SOMEONE ELSE. WHAT ARE MESS THEYRR IN AN RHEYRE NOT GONNA BE FAKE DATING ANYMORE EITHER ITS THE END OF AN ERA. The reveal is gonna come from the design contest and they’re gonna be so MESSED UP even MORE THAN NOW. Thank you for all the feelings I can’t believe how amazingly this story has developed!!!

:DDD I’m glad you are enjoying your suffering!

This is definitely a huge mess. But the benefit of creating a huge mess is that the pay-off will be incredible.

G dragon Scenario #59 “Bullying” REQUEST

Note: This gifs are not mine, all the credit to the owner.

People say that high school is one of the most amazing times in everyone’s life… obviously, those people never were in your shoes.

“Who would want to be pair with her?!” a girl says at loud, when the teacher asked for someone to work with you, and everyone started to laugh.

You were used to it by now, it was normal for them to treat you like shit… like if you don’t have feelings.

And like always, you just stayed quiet, frozen at your seat and staring at your notebook, while everyone else was enjoying your suffer.

“That’s not funny” the teacher says to the girl and all the laughs faded away, but not the stares of your classmates who were still smiling and murmuring to each other. You were sure that they were talking about how stupid you are or something in between those lines.

“So let’s see…” the teacher says looking at the list in his hands “… Ji hoon you will be with Y/N”

“Why me?!” he answers mad, and one more time, everyone around you burst laughing. You felt a hole in your heart and tears were accumulating in your eyes.

Why were you acting like this? This is not the first time that they say things like that, actually they had done worst things to you, so why are you about to cry?… you couldn’t take it anymore… you raised your hand and asked to go to the bathroom.

That few steps to the door felt like hell, you could feel all the stares over you… judging and laughing at you.

But somehow you made it without breaking into tears in the middle of the room and in front of everyone. In front of all those people who, for over a year, had made your life a nightmare. But that strength didn’t last longer, as soon as you were out you let out all your tears.

You were so immersed in your thoughts in your way to the bathroom that you didn’t even realized that someone was walking towards you… you two collided.

“Are you ok?” he asked you.

You knew him, he was Ji yong, a guy from your english class. He was a quiet guy, everyone knows him, although he never talks to anyone. He was the kind of guy who likes to be alone.

“Yeah… sorry I was just… sorry” you kept walking, a little bit faster. “Are you saying sorry for crying?”

You didn’t answer, and keep walking.

“Hey, I know we don’t know each other and that is none of my business but… whoever makes you cry doesn’t deserve it” he says, standing where you left him.

You weren’t used to that… to be treated as a person. Nobody has ever cared for you or your feelings.

“They don’t worth none of your tears”

You really hate when people see you crying. It makes you feel even more weak and vulnerable. But you couldn’t help it, as soon as he said that, it was like if he pressed an invisible button inside of you, and now you can’t stop crying.


You were shocked that he knew your name.

“Its fine…” you wiped your tears away with the sleeve “… I’m used to it now”

“Sure, so those are normal too?” he was referring to your tears.

You looked away trying to smile but nothing came out. You can’t do it.

“You don’t have to be strong with me… I know how you feel” he says, and that only makes you cry even more.

Even though he was a handsome guy, he was lonely. Ji yong doesn’t have friends, and no one ever talks to him.

“No…” you shook your head letting out the last tears in your watery eyes “… you don’t know”

Ji yong was about to answer when you interrupt him. “Is different… you choose to be alone, I didn't” saying that broke you. Is not like you just realized that people don’t like you, but it was hard to say it at loud, sharing it with other person.

It was hard to admit that you were invisible for them, and that no one cares for you.

“No…” he shook his head “… no one likes to be alone Y/N” and he, wasn’t the exception.

You didn’t say anything. What can you say after that?

“People are mean Y/N…” he caressed your arm “… but is your choice to let them get to you and hurt you”

“My choice? Really?” you said with sarcasm.


For him is easy to say, he is strong, you aren’t. He doesn’t care about what people say, you do care.

“How?” you asked him. “Easy… be your own friend, you don’t need anyone else to be happy… and if you still need someone to talk to, well, here I am”

“I thought I don’t need anyone” a hint of a smile shows on your face. “You don’t…” he laughs “… but that doesn’t mean that we cannot talk here and then”

Even if he was saying all of that because he was feeling bad for you, it felt good still.

“I will” you say. “Whenever you need me?” he asked.

“Yeah, whenever I need you”

And so you did, you always came to him whenever you felt down, and little by little you looked for him also when you felt happy. 

Ji yong became someone really important in your life. He was there whenever you needed him… you spent all your free time together, talking about all kinds of topics. You wish you could be in the same classes, but unfortunately the only class you shared with him was english, and that only was twice a week, but regardless of that, you two became really close.

And everyone at school started to notice it…

“Y/N, right?” a pretty tall girl asked you in the bathroom, while you were washing your hands. “Yeah” you said confused.

“How are you?” she has a huge smile on her face. “Good” you knew something was wrong when two more girls entered, staring at you, and walking towards you. You started to walk away but the girl stopped you in that instant. “Where are you going? I was talking to you…” her grip got tighter to the point where it started to hurt “… that was really rude”

“I have classes” you said in a whisper.

“Oh! I see…” suddenly she grabs you by your neck pushing you against the nearest wall “… I will be quick then”

“What are you…” you were scared.

“Shut your mouth! Did I say you can talk?!” she and the other girls started to laughed, making you feel really uncomfortable.

“What do you think, does Y/N thinks that she is better than us?” she asked them. “Yeah, she does” one of them answered while the other just smiled.  “I don’t know what are you talking about” you said, and then she hits you right in your nose.

“I wasn’t asking you!” she yelled at your face.

“Please I didn’t do anything…” you started to say, making her madder. “Let’s see if she still think that she is better without her pretty hair”

One of the girls gave her something.

(What?! She can’t be serious) you panic. But she was, she and the scissors in her right hand was.

“Don’t worry its hair…” she says “… it’ll grow up” she made the first cut.

Ji yong was walking down the hallway, listening music like always, when a tiny girl approached him. “Ji yong?” it was a girl from his class. “Yes?” he says.

“I think you should know this…” she told him what this girl was planning to do to you. She heard them talking about it during one of the breaks.

“Are you sure?!” he knew this girl was crazy. Ever since he rejected her back when school started.

The tiny girl nods, and Ji yong ran towards your class, just to find out you weren’t there.

He took out his phone and desperately he started to call you nonstop. After a few minutes of looking for you in the entire school, calling you all the time, he was about to give up when you finally answered.

“What do you want?” you said coldly.  “Where are you?!” from the way you answered he knew it was too late.

“Leave me alone” you were about to hang up.

“NO! WHAT HAPPENED?! WHERE ARE YOU?!” he was really scared.

You didn’t answer. But he still can hear your breath. “Y/N please…”

“At the second floor… in the bathroom” you said, and then you hang up.

Ji yong ran like never in his life, and when he was finally there he didn’t bother or hesitated, he entered. “Y/N!…” the bathroom looks empty, but then he saw all the hair on the floor. He has tears in his eyes for how angry and sad he is.

And then he heard you sobbing “Y/N…” he says your name in a whisper. You were in the last bathroom, with the door close.

“She cut it all” you said.

He took a deep breath before he says something “She will pay for this”

Your sobs were getting louder and louder.

“Please Y/N… open the door” he asked. “No… just leave me” you didn’t want him to look at you like this.

“Y/N I won’t leave… please”

You spent ten more minutes locked up, until you gain the strength to open the door and let him see you. And when you did, he didn’t even look at your hair, he when straight and hugs you. “She will pay for this, I swear Y/N, she won’t get along with this” Ji yong was crying along with you, and then he kisses your forehead. His lips pressed softly against your skin, as his arms wrapped around you, right where your back ends. Making you feel safe.

You started to cry again, but not because you were still sad, but because of how happy you were to have him there with you.

“Lets get out of here” he took off his hoodie, and you put it on, with the cap on, to cover your head. 

You two went to the principal office and they expel her and the other girls. 

Unfortunately that wasn’t going to give you back your hair. 

After school he took you to the hairdresser, a beautiful salon. “Are you crazy?! I can’t pay for this” you said, refusing to enter.

“Don’t worry” he smiles. “What do you mean don’t worry? Are you gonna give me the money?” 


You rolled your eyes “What are we doing here then?!”

“This is the best salon in Seoul”

“Yeah…” you look at it “… I can tell, and that’s why I can’t afford it”

Then, a woman came out of it, smiling “Hi! You must be Y/N”


“Y/N this is my mom” Ji yong smiled too. “Nice to meet you ma'am”

“Come! Let’s fix the mess, honey” 

And she really mean it, and also Ji yong mean it when he said this was the best salon in the city.

You’ve never felt this pretty in your entire life.

“So… how does she looks? Isn’t  she beautiful?” he says to Ji yong after hiding you the whole time during your makeover. 

Ji yong was speechless but after a few more seconds he just said, “She always was”


Spuffy in Buffy 10 #28

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Jeanmarco :D

you did this bc you knew i’d give you jeanmarco songs, you sneaky boots, i love you but i hate you. enjoy your suffering. (okay and a little fluff). 

J: Jesus Christ - Brand New (annnngst. honestly, this song gives me such Jean-vibes post-Marco’s death)
E: Endlessly - Muse (fluff)
A: After the Storm - Mumford and Sons (angst)
N: New Years Day - Audrye Sessions (angst)
M: Morning Lullabies - Ingrid Michaelson (diabetes-inducing fluff)
A: Animals - Sara Love (bit of fluff and angst)
R: Running Up That Hill - Placebo (angst. also fave.)
C: Corner of Your Heart - Ingrid Michaelson (mix of angst and fluff)
O: Open Season - Josef Salvat (idk this one isn’t fluff or angst, but it’s still very jeanmarco. you’ll see what I mean.)


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It's your favorite anon again! I would apologize for bringing him here but I'm enjoying your suffering and let's be real, whatever germs Maxwell has will not be what kills ya here.

I have decided to thank you for doing this. Please come here, so that I may thank you properly, in person.