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My favorite album of 2017

Top 5
1. Don’t Care
2. Shopping Mall
3. OUT
4.Never Ever
5. Sign

The whole album is amazing. One thing I love about GOT7 is how each album sounds different but fits them so well. I’m happy they are making music they like and getting to experiment.

I like each one of their albums for different reasons and felt something different from each so I don’t like to compare them and say one is better over other.

Each title song, each album shows a different side of GOT7 and I love that.

Ready for live stages and a world tour? 🙈

Try Again (Part 1/4)

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Word count: 761

Pairing:  Steve x Reader, Bucky x Nat

Warnings: None

Part 1 of 4

You don’t know how it happened, four days ago you were just fine, ready to enjoy the wedding of two of your best friends.   Now you were conflicted and didn’t know what to do.  You stand beside Natasha and watch the official begin her and Bucky’s wedding.  You have a bright smile on your face but inside a war was raging inside you.   You sneak a glance at Steve and find he is staring at you with a large smile from the other side of Bucky.

-4 days ago-

You sat beside Steve on the jet, both of you reading your books, enjoying the flight.  You sneak a glance at him and smile.  You and Steve had dated for a year and the timing just wasn’t right so you split up.  You were just glad you two remained friends and everything was normal.  Natasha and Bucky were getting married and all the Avengers were flying to a private island resort for the wedding.  You meet Steve’s eye and you both set your books down.  

“No date?” You ask with a grin turning slightly towards Steve.

“No” he replies with a grimace. “I was gonna take Stephanie from data but all she kept asking me was if Thor was going.”

You roll your eyes, “Why do you insist on dating girls who are only out to get something. You need to choose better.”

Steve scoffs, “Well what about you?  Where the hell is your date?”

“Language Mr. America,   Campbell in weapons was suppose to be my date but kept asking if you were going to be there.” You reply with a smirk.

“I TOLD YOU! I told you he had a crush on me.” Steve said pointing at you accusingly all the while laughing.

You begin to laugh with him adjusting yourself in the seat so that you were facing him.  You take in his smiling face.  You always loved the way his eyes crinkled in the corners and the way the his teeth were perfectly straight.  You snapped yourself back to reality to focus on what he was saying to you.

“So I guess we are going to be each other’s dates.  Which works since usually the best man and maid of honor hook up at weddings right?”  He questions with a laugh.  You know he is joking but you swear you see a glimmer of hope in his eyes for a brief moment.

“I guess you’re right.” You say with a shy smile, “Steve do you think -”

You are cut off by Bucky walking towards you and plopping on the seat across the aisle.  “What’s going on with you too? I need a break from Nat, someone is going to get murdered before this wedding is over.”

“Y/n was just about to ask me something.” Steve says slightly annoyed. He and Bucky both turn to you looking expectant.

“It was nothing, I better go check on Natasha so she doesn’t end up in jail before the wedding night.”  You grab your book and stand waiting for Steve to let you out of the row.   

Steve looked at you curiously and as you are about to walk away he grabs your wrist lightly, “Hey you okay?”

You give him a slight smile, “Fine. We can talk later.”  

He releases your wrist and lets you walk away just like he did a year ago.  He turns to Bucky who has a cheeky grin on his face.

“Shut up Buck.” He says rolling his eyes looking back at his book.

“Still hung up on Y/n huh?”  Steve shrugs at him, “Well you know love is the theme of the weekend, never know what can happen.”

Steve chuckles, “You’re a punk you know that.  Focus on marrying your girl.”


You walk over to Nat and sit in what you assume is Bucky’s empty seat.   Nat is on her computer typing furiously.   

“These people are idiots.  They messed up the rooms at the resort.  I am going to kill them when we get there.”  Nat seethes.

“Nat, calm down it can’t be all that bad.  Who doesn’t have a room?” You say in a calm voice.

“Well there is 2 rooms for 4 people.”  Nats begins slowly looking behind her before turning back to look at you.

“Who are the four?  Maybe they will be willing to share?” You say smiling at her, she can’t even keep her eyes off of Bucky when he is just a few steps away.

She turns to you with a sly smile, “Jane, Thor, Steve, and you.”

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this is your captain speaking,

on your left you see a bunch of idiots that used to be my bandmates, on your right you see the handsome beautiful wonderful person that is me, Wu Kevin Kris Benben Yifan. 

Please use the anti-ovary exploder in case of emergency (aka when I’m too hot for yall) which are located under your seat and please refrain from eating chicken as it is not my style.

I hope you enjoy your flight with FanfanAir®

If the members of 1D were pilots
  • Liam: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We're going to experience a little bit of turbulence so please stay in your- JESUS CHRIST DID YOU FEEL THAT?!... My apologies, that was just the turbulence...
  • Niall: Sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight. Don't ask for snacks though, I'm afraid we're all out. Don't check, just take my word for it. *Crunching*
  • Harry: Don't any of you worry, we're gonna have a safe flight. Trust me, I know the pilot. *Giggles to self*
  • Louis: Alright ladies and- HOLY SHIT WE'RE GOING DOWN! *everyone panics* Haha! I'm just fookin' with ya. We're not even off the GROUND yet.

Anytime someone tells you to be realistic, reply back, “enjoy your flight”. ✈️

Does a large, metal, sphere-like object filled with hundreds of passengers soaring at 30,000 feet above sea level sound realistic?

Today, thousands of flights will take off and land all around the globe without a hitch. It took time and effort to perfect it.

There’s no such thing as hard. You can do anything ✨

LA here he comes!

Remember folks, do not bombard Jack to hold a fan meet up and especially don’t bombard him with messages to give other certain YouTubers. This trip is for him to see his friends and enjoy himself, not to be ambushed through asks/tweets of “Can you tell *insert precious cinnamon roll YouTubers name here* to play this game or that I love him?!”. Let’s let Jack relax :)

Have a super safe flight & enjoy your trip!


Paparazzi problems (request)
“Ladies and gentlemen we have now landed safely in São Paulo Brazil. The time now is 4pm and it is 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Welcome to Brazil, and we hope you enjoyed your flight.” The PA system announced.

You and Neymar has just arrived in Brazil. Neymar thought it would be nice to have you visit where he grew up, since you haven’t been there before. The Barca squad had two weeks of vacation so this would be the perfect thing to make use of those two weeks.

“We’re finally here.” Neymar grunted as he pulled out you and his carry on bags.

“This is so exciting!” You chirped.

“Come on babe lets go before gets crazy.” He promoted as he held his hand behind him for you to grab.

You grabbed his hand and took your carry in bag from him. You and Neymar walked through the tunnel that led up the airport. You finally made it to the entrance. The airport was a bit busy since it was the afternoon. Many people were going in and out.

“How do you like brazil so far?” He asked smiling.

“I haven’t really seen anything yet to begin with.” You giggled.

“Shit.” You cursed looking down.

“What what’s wrong?” He asked lifting your chin.

“That.” You sighed pointing at the mob of crazy fans.

“It’ll be chaotic, but don’t worry you’ll be by my side.” He comforted you pulling you close.

After you checked in with passport work you walked towards the arrival section. Fans were screaming Neymar’s name repeatedly. One girl was screaming “Puta” at you. You looked her and gave her a dirty look.

“Neymar!!” The annoying girl screamed again.

Neymar went towards her and signed her jersey. You couldn’t believe it. Did he really just sign a fan’s jersey who just called you a bitch.

“Over here y/n, look this way!!” The paparazzi yelled.

You shielded your face with your hand, not wanting to have pictures being taken. Neymar finished signing a few jerseys and took a couple of selfies.

You walked out towards the pickup exit and left Neymar with the fans. You couldn’t deal with all the chaos and fame that Neymar had attracted. You knew that this wouldn’t be the last time it would happen. But all this screaming, and flashing from the fans and paparazzi was too much to handle. Not to mention the fan who called you a puta for being Neymar’s girlfriend. That was just one of the many Nasty comments soon to be said.

“Y/n!” Neymar yelled as he ran to you, strolling his luggage by his side.

You turned around and turned back crossing your arms. You had mixed emotions going on. You were angry, annoyed, and a bit flustered. This was all too much to process.

“Babe what’s wrong?” He asked putting his shoulder around you.

“Nothing.” You muttered pushing his arm aside.

“Something is clearly wrong.” He shook his head grabbing your hand and locking his fingers with your.

“Spill it.” He promoted.

You pointed your head in the direction where the screaming fans were. He looked over his shoulder and realized what you were trying to say.

“It’s just too much Neymar, it’s something I’ve never really seen myself experiencing.” You sighed.

“I know babe, but to be honest y/n this is never going to stop.” He explained gripping your hand harder.

“It’s going to continue, that’s just one reason not to date me.” He teased.

“Another reason would be your fans calling me puta.” You snapped.

“When did that happen?” He asked surprised.

“Remember the girl who asked for you to sign her jersey?” You spat.

“There are always going to be bitchy fans, but that doesn’t mean they’re right.” He smiled holding you into a hug.

“Besides y/n, before you know the paparazzi will be wanting pics of you.” He chuckled.

You kissed Neymar on the cheek. And walked off to a cab. Although the incident that happened today wouldn’t be the last time, you knew at some point you would get used to it.

Thankyou for joining us on Taylor Swift airlines on today, the 9th of July. You are now boarding the 1:58 flight to Last Kiss. We hope you enjoy your flight and manage to find some emotional stability. If not, our helpful flight attendants will be around to assist you. Please ensure you are aware of the location of all oxygen masks as they will probably be needed. As we go through Tumblr we may encounter quite a bit of turbulence. Also be aware of the emergency exits - there are none. There is no escaping once you’ve heard this song. Once again thanks for flying with Taylor swift airlines, and we hope you enjoy your stay stay stay.

niceguylucas-deactivated2015051  asked:

"You intimidate me Daddy. You make me tremble in all the right places."

“Lucas.” he reprimands quietly as his eyes slip shut as if it would somehow help keep his composure. “Be good for Daddy, the flight lasts another four fucking hours darling.” Nigel tips his head back wanting to catch some shut eye before the holiday really began but Lucas seemed restless beside him. “Do I have to escort you to the little boys room?”

Welcome to Purvistan

We hope you enjoyed your flight.  Before you enter Purvistan, here are a few things you need to know.  There are two languages spoken by the locals.  The first consists of just a few sounds. Here, you try it; just say, “Ooh ooh, ah ah.”  There you go you’ve got it!  

The Second language is what the locals call the “language of the feet.  Here are some examples:

These are “Going out, possibly to whole foods because my bf loves WF” feet.

These are, “I’m being shy today” feet

These are “Hello, I’m going to make a smoothie” feet

And these are “Goodbye” feet; which also sometimes can be seen standing on a yoga mat.

We hope you will enjoy your stay on the Island of Purvistan.  And don’t forget the Purviastanian motto, “Anyone But Cait”

Have a nice day!!!