enjoy your body. use it every way you can

Enjoy your body, use it every way you can. Don’t be afraid of it, or what other people think of it, it’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own.

savior // angel l.h

Pairing: Luke/reader

Word Count : 3.8k+

Requested : yes or no

A/N: Sorry this took so long!! Hopefully it came out like you wanted sorry I forgot that you wanted your name in it so I used YN instead that way everyone can enjoy it as well(sorry this is pretty lengthy)

She stood in the large crowd as the beat rumbled in the giant building. Colorful lights zapped around the room every second, creating a color mist around the area. Her body moved easily to the beat, her hands slowly feeling up her body and then moving to her hair, then finally releasing into the air above her. Eyes landed on her as they watched her body move to the beat. He watched as a slightly drunk men wobbled his way over to the dancing girl, his hands gripped onto her hips and pulled her into him. The girls eyes grew wide, but then a chilled expression took over and she continued to dance. Adrenaline and the numerous amount of drinks she had earlier that night intoxicated her mind, making her careless to any actions she had committed and to the others around her. The intoxicated girl grinned as she ground her hips back into him, the drunken man moved in to whisper something into her ear, she giggled and then winked back at the man.

Lucas’ eyes scanned the massive crowd of people until he found her. He narrowed his eyes as he watched the two intently. His body began to stiffen as the man’s hands roamed up and down her body. Lucas started to ball his hands into a fist and his chest began to heave up and down, due to his breath quickening. A scowl invaded his lips, his mind zoning out to everyone around him and focusing on the two. His ears could hear the degrading thoughts that the drunken man was thinking and Lucas did not want him to initiate anything with her. He watched when the guy grabbed her hand and started to pull her towards the back room in the hot building. The girl’s smile immediately fell as she felt him yanking her back. She struggled to get away from the harsh grip, but her energy was being drained by the second. Tears started to well up in the girl’s eyes as she was being pulled farther out of the crowd of people and to the back. Lucas began to feel uncomfortable, knowing that something bad was about to happen.

He noticed that she was gone out of the crowd until he saw to figures heading to the back. Flames rose into Lucas’ eyes and  he began to shove people out of his way, trying to get to the girl.  His heart skipped a beat when he saw the door close and a loud plea leave the frightened girl’s mouth. It felt like everything was moving in slow motion, from five feet away he could still hear the thoughts of the awful man, and he was becoming even more furious by the second.  Once Lucas reached the door, he went to grab the door handle and ripped the door off its hinges. The man’s eyes enlarged as he looked towards the door but saw nothing. Lucas rushed towards him and yanked him off, throwing him to the ground. The man landed with a loud thud and screamed out in fear and pain. Lucas looked back at the frightened girl laying on the bed, her cries had stopped and she laid in shock looking up at the figure above her, him.

“W-who are you?” she stuttered looking up at what she thought looked like an angel.’

“You..you can see me?” Lucas asked silently, his temper going down but now being replaced with shock. A Guardian Angel’s pupil were never supposed to be able to see them, it was against The Code of Graceness for Guardian Angel’s and their pupils to have any type of contact with each other.  Lucas stumbled back a bit in fear, his eyes widened and his mouth dropped open. Before the girl could say anything else he rushed out of the room. Staggering into the room full of people, Lucas pushed and shoved dancing bodies out of his path.  He then ran out the building and down the street, the moonlight illuminating the sidewalk. The tall boy’s legs carried him around the corner and into a dark ally, he leaned his back against the wall and took a deep breath. What would happen if the Great Ones found out that his pupil could see him? What would happen to his wings? Would they take them away? So many thoughts raced in his mind of all the possible consequences that could occur.

The girl lied on the bed, her breathing still harsh as her chest heaved up and down.  Her eyes caste down on the man whose eyes were still wide in shock. They darted towards her sprawled out figure and then towards the door, he then scrambled to his feet and sprinted towards the open door. The small framed girl slowly lifted  herself off of the mattress and slowly made her way out of the back room and into the crowd, the images of what previously happened surfing through her mind. She used her forearms to shove people out of her way, once she reached the door she stumbled out of the door and onto the sidewalk. Her cheeks were stained with tear streaks, small puffs of breath left her mouth, forming a small cloud in the cold air. She mentally slapped herself for forgetting her coat in the room at the club, but the only thing on her mind at the time was getting out of that place as quick as possible. Her small hands caressed the skin of her arms, slowly rubbing up and down trying to create some kind of friction to warm up her arms. Her teeth chattered from the cold, and her hair blew back into the wind.

She prayed that no one would try to stop her on the side of the street and force her to do anything, she also knew at this time of night is when the bad spirits are out wondering the streets. So she stayed alert to her surroundings, looking out the corners of her eyes to ensure that no spirit is lurking. Her feet carried her quickly across the sidewalks, making sharp turns and soon enough she was sprinting down the street to her own house. She hurriedly unlocked the door and slammed it shut behind her, then scurried to her room. The girl ripped off her clothing and marched into the white tiled bathroom, she turned the knob to the shower and let it sit. In minutes the little bathroom was filled with steam, and the temperature rose, taking the chill off of her. Quickly, she placed her her body into the shower and scrubbed every inch of body, trying to rub any filth that the drunken guy at the club have left. She felt disgusting, if it weren’t for that guy - whoever he was - it could’ve gone a lot further than it should of. Once done she threw on some pajamas and went over to the side seat that was by her window.

Her eyes scanned the dark streets, then they set upon a dark figure that moved under one of the street lights. The hairs on her arms began to stand up as she watched the perplexing figure. For a while it just stood there, until it started to move closer towards her house. Her eyes went wide and that’s when she realized that it had been staring at her the whole time. In an instance was gone, and then it appeared right at her window, a scowl on its lips. It’s eyes glowed a deep red, and it’s face had many wrinkle lines painted onto it.

— YN’s Pov —

“I know you can see me…YN” it spoke in a raspy tone. One of it’s large hands slammed against the window, causing me to jump back slightly.  The dark spirits breath came out in puffs in the cold air and fogged up into a small, jagged circle upon the glass of the window. My mouth pealed open to say something but then closed. Uneasiness began to surge through the veins of my body. Never in my life had I came across a brutal soul, but tonight would be the first.

“And, I need you to help me” it went on, I could feel its red beady eyes burning through my skin, waiting for a reply.

“I will never help you” I replied through gritted teeth, not daring to look the awful soul in the eyes. The second the statement left my mouth, the soul had a grim smile, the wrinkles creasing further into its old skin.

“Oh? But you will, and I will get you in my grasp if it’s the last thing I do” It spoke in a horrid tone. My eyes shifted towards the window and in an instant it vanished in thin air. A deep breath escaped my mouth and my shoulders slumped over as I rested my back on the wall. I only rested for a couple minutes before I heard a loud crash in the kitchen. For the second time that night my heart began to race, it pounding on my chest. Slowly, I crept down the stairs and hid behind a wall. My head peaked around the corner and then reached around to turn on the light. My eyes expanded at the sight.  The tall figure froze in it’s position and then turned around slowly. It’s wings were crisp, and gleamed under the kitchen lights. The wings were larger and spread out, they were white and flared into different layers. Upon the figure’s head was a small golden crown that had many markings and gems imprinted on it.

My eyes roamed the stranger’s physique. Upon the right wrist of the body was a tattoo of a medium sized pair of wings and on the other was a crown like the one on its head. I then scanned it’s broad shoulders and how the collar bones protruded a little from the skin. Their jaw was chiseled and was decorated withlight blonde scruff. Their eyes were an icy blue and were large in shock, their lips were a baby pink that were accompanied by a black piercing. It’s hair was a blond color and shined in the light, as It was styled up into a quiff - a couple pieces of hair fell slightly from place due to the fumbling around.

“I - um - you” they stuttered.

“Wait, you’re the person from the club, how did you - when did you…what’s your name?” I asked completely astonished.

“Lucas..Lucas Hemmings, and I need to go, you aren’t even supposed to be able to see me” It replied

“Well, why not?” I asked, fumbling with the fabric of my pajama top.

“It’s not in The Code of Graceness, it’s forbidden.. God knows how much trouble I can get in for this” Lucas said, his eyes enlarging once more thinking about the consequences.

“The Code of Graceness?” I asked, repeating it to him again and he nodded his head frantically.His large hand raised towards his hair, and his fingers raked through his golden locks. I watched as he pulled on the ends of his hair and let out a loud sigh. He lifted his icy blue irises to meet mine and tugged his lip in between his teeth. We stood in compete silence, gazing at one another. Lucas shook his head once again in disbelief, and his pink tongue darted out across his lips - coating his baby pink lips with a thin sheet of saliva.

“How did you even get in?” I quizzed, becoming even confused by the second.

“That’s not important, what’s important is that you’re okay..You have a gift, I know you do, and I just sensed something wasn’t right. That you were being threatened, so I came” Lucas spoke lowly, his cold blue eyes turning into a dark royal blue. I could see his muscles tense from behind his shirt and his jaw clenched tightly.

“You sensed I was in trouble” I repeated again, everything not fully clicking in my brain. Lucas sighed once again and pinched the bridge of his nose. His eyes flickered back to mine and he groaned slightly.

“You were always a little slow to catch onto things, YN” he chuckled slightly, showing off his pearly whites. My eyebrows furrowed together on how he knew my name, until it finally clicked.

“Guardian Angel” I whispered to myself, my eyes darted back to Lucas’ face and he looked my gaze. “You’re my guardian angel?” I asked a little louder,  trying to get my thoughts together. Disbelief filled my veins and surged through my mind. Guardian angels were real?

“In the flesh” he replied, letting a small smile appear on his lips.

“I thought that was just a myth, I mean I know I have a so called gift, but I never thought - I just - what..?” I ramble, my eyes dashing to every object in the room and trying to avoid making eye contact.

“Well, you see when everyone is born they are assigned an angel to watch over them, and I was assigned to you. I’ve seen you grow, YN. I’ve seen you through your worst and best times. I’ve seen you through heartbreak and so much more, and I also know you have a gift that no one else knows about..” Lucas explained to me, there was a long pause between the two of us. My eyes rested upon his appearance once more and took in his beautiful features. His icy blue eyes locked with mine and his eyes grew wide once more.

“I’ve said way too much, I really need to go” He whispered, his wings sprung out from their position and he walked quick;y to the backdoor while I followed behind him.

“Wait!” I called out to him, grabbing onto his wrist to stop him from leaving so soon. “Can’t you just tell me a little bit more?” I pleaded in a small voice. Lucas looked down at me and relaxed his shoulders, he turned to face the door once again and looked down. My grip on his wrist loosened and let his hand drop down to his side once again. His head lifted once more and he proceeded to turn his body towards mine.

“As much as I would like to..I can’t, I’m sorry” Lucas replied lowly before turning around once more, his wings spread out and he walked out the door. I watched as he crouched down a little before taking off and disappearing into the dark night. Slowly, I made my way back up the stairs and flopped onto the bed that I had left only an hour before. My mind danced with a million thoughts about the events that had just taken place. A guardian angel named Lucas, I thought to myself. Who would have thought they were actually real.  I then pulled the covers up and over my body, closing my eyes and falling into a deep sleep with the thoughts still swimming in my mind.


Rain patted against the window as the thunder cracked in the sky. Shivers danced down my spine due to the sudden rush of cold air. Wrapping myself tighter in the ice cream colored covers, I reverted my attention to the window a couple of feet away from me. It looked so lifeless outside, the sky was painted a dark gray color, and each trees’ leaves were being pulled down from the beating of the cold rain. I then pulled myself out of the comfort of my own bed and trudged over to the window and sat down on the ledge that was decorated with pillows. I watched as the raindrops slowly slide down the glass window in front of my eyes, until something caught my eyes, Across the street stood a dark figure, that had appeared to be staring up at my window. From here I could tell there was a scowl upon the figures lips. My heart dropped into my stomach as I stared back, it must have been the dark soul that came for a “visit” last night. Lightening flashed and in an instant the somber soul was gone, leaving me to wonder what exactly the soul wanted with me.

Proceeding to walk away from the window, I made my way into the bathroom across the hall and flicked the switch. My eyes scanned over my reflection, defining the dark circles under my eyes and the wild strands of hair that hung in front of my face and out of the high, messy bun that rested on top of my head. A loud sigh pushed its way through my lips as I pulled at the hair tie that held the bun together. My hand ruffled at the tangled mess called my hair before the brush ran through it, taking out any tangles that were caught in my hair.

After my daily hygiene routine, I faced the mirror once again and started to apply concelor to hide the dark cirlces under my eyes. Though the makeup hide the darkness, it couldn’t hide the tiredness that shined its way into my eyes, making a home in my Y/C/E eyes. Walking back out of my bathroom, I took a second glance at the window and the rain still waltzed its way down from the sky and danced onto the streets. Sighing for the second time that day, I grabbed my coat and headed out to go into town. Very few people were out due to weather conditions, most people liked to stay inside the comfort of their own home on days like this.  Pulling my hood further over my head, I walked with my head down and then shoved my hands into the pockets of my hood. I proceeded to make my way to a small coffee shop down the road until I was suddenly knocked off my feet. My back slapped against the ground and my vision went blurry. My head was now pounding and I couldn’t sit up, the sound of the rain faded in and out until it was completely gone. My body slipped into a deep unconsciousness, and then I blacked out.

When I woke up I was in a new location, my hands ran along the ground beneath me. The foreign objects scrapping at the palms of my hands, and crunching as I maneuvered myself on the new terrain. Slowly, I lifted myself up into a sitting postion and let my eyes adjust to my surroundings. I wasn’t still in town, or back at my house. I was in the fucking forest.  Someone found me and dragged my body to gthe forest.

“I see you’ve woken up” a sinister voice spoke to me. My eyes widen at the strange voice and my heart began to drum against my chest, trying its very best to break through my chest,

“Who are you?” I questioned, fear obvious in my voice. I searched the area for any sign of a person speaking from a distance but yet found nothing.

“Oh? You don’t remember? I paid you a little friendly visit the other night, how could you possibly forget me.” the voice replied to me. Then the realization hit me, it was the dark soul that followed me home and threatened me.

“Listen, I can’t help you.” I said hesitantly

“Lies!” the soul screamed, “I know you have a gift. You can and you will help me, I need you to summon a few of my.. friends”

“I can’t and I won’t! You can’t make me” I screamed back, tears brimming my eyes. The ground then started to rumble, a black, murky hole then started to appear in the space next to me. Flames began to burst out from the hole and arms stretched out from the hole and grabbed ahold of my ankles and started to drag me towards the hole.

“If you don’t help me I will send you to the pits of hell where the  dogs will tear you to shreds” the voice spoke timidly before emerging from behind a tree. I tried to kick the hands off of my ankles, but the grip only grew tighter and burned my skin, causing me to let out a yelp of pain and tears to fall from my eyes,

“I wil never help you” I said through my teeth, my jaw clenching in anger.

The voice scoffed, “Fine, then suffer the consequences.”  My grip held onto the grass underneath me but was only ripped away. My hands clenched intoy fists, my knuckles turning white from the amount of pressure I was putting onto my hand. Small crescent shapes were being marked on the palm of my hand from the nails digging into my skin. Tears slowly slid down my cheeks as I came to realization that this could be really be the end. I could hear the deadly screams from the trapped souls from down under.

“Help us”

“Save us”

They all groaned, I could feel them clawing at my calves. In an instant I was yanked from the harsh pull and I landed on my back near a tree. I looked up, squinting my eyes, and saw an outlined figure. Wings spread out abroad, up in the sky looking down at me. It was Lucas. He rushed towards the soul that stood bewildered, the soul began to scream an ear-cringing screech. Lucas pushed the soul to the ground and flew towards him, the ring that Lucas wore on his ring began to light up and he pointed it towards the spirit. Lucas started to mumble words I couldn’t understand and the spirit started to become even more upset. As Lucas flew closer towards the shadow figure, I could see the features of the spirit start to blur outwords before it completely vanished with a high-pitched yell. The portal closed and the hands that ermerged from the hole were yanked back and the cries from the souls ceased.

Lucas landed with a thud and he slowly made his way over to me. He then crouched down to my level on the ground and I immediately scurried over into his arms. My arms flung around his neck as my body trembled against his. Hesitantly, his muscular arms wrapped around my trembling frame and pulled me closer into his body, the warmth radiating off of him. His large, creamy white wings wrapped themsevles around my small physique and incased us.

“Thank y-you, t-thank you so m-much” I sobbed into the crook of his neck, my salty tears seasoning his soft skin. I could feel his arms tighten around me and pull me closer to his lengthy body, if that was even possible.

“You’re always going to be safe, always.” Lucas spoke softly into my ear. Knowing that sent a wave of relief throughout my body, it was good to know that he was always watching over me.

He was my guardian angel.