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Dancers of the Sun ~A CaeJose playlist~

When your honey from Italy helps you fend off the evil forces of Mayan gods you know you’re in love~

A mix of songs of the time for these goofs. 



Tango Marina - Georges Boulanger

Malafemmena - Giacomo Rondinella

The Piccolino - Fred and Ginger 

It Don’t Mean a Thing - Duke Ellington

Tea for Two - Art Tatum

Boogie Woogie - Tommy Dorsey

Jab Blues - Jabo Williams

Inka Dinka Doo - Jimmy Durante

The Peanut Vendor - Perez Prado

Shaving Cream - Dr.Demento


( Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ) — ”I thinks someone put something in my drink.” He laughed,
                       taking a giant gulp of his drink anyways. “I mean, if they
                       wanted me they could have jus’ come over and talked to
                       me, but I guess this way is fine too.” He’s already plastered.

i’m andy and i’m the watermelon princess uwu i used to keep chopsticks in my hair but then a dragon bit it all off. i go on dates in a fluffy cat costume and only kiss boys as pretty as me. i adore broken paint brushes, elvis towels, burnt toast, and the sound chip bags make when they’re scrunched. puppydogs make me giggle and kittencats make me float. i’d breathe fire but prince mace asked me to stop eating all her hot tamales. 

hound--of--justice asked:


★: A peck on the cheek. 

Knock, knock! The sound of someone knocking on Alexia’s door in her temporary residence made her jump slightly. Hurrying over to it, she peeked out of the window first, her face lighting up when she saw who it was. “Connor! What a nice surprise!” she greeted him. Opening the door wide, she motioned for him to come in. When he didn’t, it made her become very curious. “Connor, are you quite alright-?” her voice halted abruptly when he pulled something from behind his back. A bouquet of her land’s native flowers were grasped in his hands, and he was offering them to her. He held his head away from her, hood masking his eyes with its shadow. “Oh, Connor! Is this for me?” she asked, voice softening in the end. He nodded, and he seemed to bite his bottom lip in a shy manner. It seemed that he was going to falter, but the moment she grasped the flowers, he turned his head quickly, eyes finally revealed. Those brown eyes of his were filled with genuine surprise when she moved closer and they widen even more at the next action. Her hand gently caressed his cheek, and then she stood on the tips of her toes, gently tugging his shoulder so she could reach. Planting a soft kiss on his cheek, a smile ever-present. “Thank you so much Connor, it means a lot.”

☮: A peck on your forehead. 

“Connor, could you come over here for a second?” Alexia asked, turning to face him for a moment. Said man looked at her and gave her a curt nod, walking over the the woman. As soon she he got within half an arms’ reach, she got up swiftly and tugged him downward, kissing his forehead. He let out a surprised grunt, eyes wide. once she let him go, he raised back to his full height, giving her a questioning look. “Consider it..a thank-you for everything you’ve done for me Connor,” she murmured, flashing him a bright smile as the both of the blushed.


✈: A barrage of kisses all over your face.

Quite tipsy was Alexia as she stumbled around, her Native American Assassin friend aiding her home. “I’m tellin’ ya Con-Con, I’m completely fineeee,” she managed to get out before clinging to the other like a child. Connor grunted at the impact and the nickname, and held her gently by the shoulders. But Alexia had something else in mind. She wrapped her hands around his neck and held the back of his head, kissing him all over his face. Without warning, Connor froze up and pulled her away from him, and if not for the ill-lighting, Alexia would have been able to see the bright blush that occupied his tanned skin. 


☢: Several licks on your ear. 

Pulling the tall Assassin down to her level, Alexia smiled deviously. She pulled down his hood in a swift motion, earning a swift gasp from him. Her hands ran through his exceptionally soft, long hair, finger running over his exposed collar bone. Her hot breath ghosted over his neck and he tensed up in her arms. First, she nibbled on his earlobe, making his hands twitch. Then she sucked gently on it, making the Native’s hands encircled her waist, pulling her against him. He let out something similar to a whine, axnious for what she would do next. And to the final act of the play, she ran her tongue lightly over his earlobe several times, the shudders he made egging her on. Softly biting on it before pulling away, she look him square in the eyes, taking in his beautifully hot and bothered face. “Enjoy..” she whispered against his lips, before somehow slipping out of his grasp and walking away.

♛: One kiss upon your hand. 

Taking his hand gently, Alexia gave him a saddened smile. Tears rolled down her cheeks, and blood stained her soft lips. Connor knelt beside her, trying hard not to cry as well. He needed to be strong for her. The woman coughed once more, small specks of blood painting her skin. She shook, death agonizingly slow. “Please..don’t leave me,” he pleaded to her, voice hoarse. “Connor..I-I’m so..so sorry,” she whispered. Her other hand clutched her wounded chest. There was nothing she could do now. Even if she was immortal, once she woke up..she’d have no recollection of what time he was in or what place. She would remember him and end up driving herself crazy trying to remember. Shakily bringing his finger tips up to her lips, she kissed each and every one of them slowly. Finally, the tears ran down the Assassin’s cheeks. Yet again he had to lose someone he held dear. And she’d told him about what would happen now. Remembering the paper he’d written just in case such an incident would happen, he took it with unsteady hands, pushing it in her pocket. “Here,” he muttered.

But it was too late.

Her eyes were dimming slowly.

She was..


A loud, pained cry erupted from him as he took her dead body in his arms, holding it tight as his hot tears wet the bloodied shirt. She started to feel so much lighter. Her body was dissipating into..little birds. They sang a sweet melody, and he watched them with teary eyes. Once landed on his now outstretched hand, and cocked its head, chirping as if to say

She’ll remember..

He nodded and watched her body fade into a million tiny songbirds.

✖: A hickey on your neck. 

Their lips were moving together in the most perfect of harmonies. Her arms encompassed his neck loosely, and a small sound of approval was made by the male, the kiss intensifying with emotion. The tables seemed to have turned when the jade eyed woman pulled away from the Assassin’s hungry, yet somewhat shy lips. She planted butterfly kisses along his jawline and throat until she reached his collarbone. There, she sucked and bit until a nice set of reddened lovebites were displayed proudly against his tanned skin. Al throughout this time, he whimpered and moaned softly, egging the female on.

And let’s just say.

He got some very good payback.

♥: A kiss on your lips. 

“Connor! I want to show you a tradition of ours from my time! It’s called Valentines’ Day!” Said man tilted his head to the side curiously. ”Explain.” “Why of course! Valentines’ Day is when you go the person you have affections for or you’re in a relationship with and kiss them or do something very romantic with or for them!” she replied enthusiastically. Connor’s eyes lit up at the explanation. “And I suppose that the person you share this day with is called your Valentine?” “Yes, that’s right,” she replied, nodding. “And I was hoping…you’d be my Valentine?” A blush spread like wildfire across the Native’s face as she asked the question. Slowly nodding, he had no expectation of what was to come. Alexia smiled and got so caught up in the moment that she pulled him down and kissed his right on the lips. And she didn’t regret a thing at all.

thatlineiscovered-injellyfish asked:

One of my friends who knows I'm trans(ftm) has started calling me daddy!!! They started doing it a couple days ago and at first I thought they were messing around, but they're still doing it and it's awesome!!

that’s amazing! I’m very happy for you and I’m glad that you think its awesome! You have a really good friend. welcome to the daddy life! I know you will do daddies proud