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so this was my small christmas gift to @spphrmn on ao3 organized by @whythehandbasket, I hope both of you have amazing christmas and enjoy your holidays!

The music was still coming from inside the house, soft jingling and gentle notes of carols, when Kazuya closed the door behind them. Eijun stretched, his hands reaching up towards the sky. A groan spilled out of his mouth, followed by a satisfied sigh as he rubbed at his full belly.

He loved Christmas.

Especially Christmas at home.

Especially Christmas at home with Kazuya.

Turning back, he watched Kazuya come down the steps of the veranda to stand next to him. Eijun’s lips curled in a smile.

“What are you smiling at?” Kazuya asked, taking a deep breath of the frosty air and sighing quietly just like Eijun did before.  

“Nothing,” Eijun shrugged. “I’m just happy.”

Kazuya hummed and Eijun was content with that.

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Admittedly, Grantaire isnt very good at braiding. They have been at it for half an hour and Enjolras is bored :’^)
Canon era exr request by @caroll-in

I promised you guys I’d give you my own AU’s if you guys told me yours so I’ll give you some links to my fanfics uwu

http://archiveofourown.org/works/8363503/chapters/19158175 this is Remnants of Heart, a Pirate AU in which Blake is an advisor to the king and Weiss is training under Winter to become a Royal Guard. Both of their plans are turned on their heads when Captain Xiao Long kidnaps them in order to escape, but they embark on a new adventure and discover more about what they want to be.

http://archiveofourown.org/works/6251635/chapters/14324203 this is Off the Radar, an AU where Ruby is a college student but discovers someone keeps coming in and stealing her food. When she finds Blake, and generally the Faunus Species, it’s up to them both to to unravel a deep secret behind why Blake ended up this side the world in the first place.

Pocketful of Sunshine

Pairing: YohaMaru
Words: 11,720
Summary: When most people looked at her, they didn’t see bright, silky hair and slender legs that went on for miles. They saw eyes dipped in sunshine and a smile bright enough to perish any darkness. The warmth in her voice could melt an unsuspecting heart, and Yoshiko could affirm that. Hanamaru was beautiful, and everyone knew it but her.
Notes:  LLuminati Secret Santa 2.0!! I got @qllvllp this year! Not gonna lie, I was kinda stuck at first and in the end I settled with YohaMaru after running all over asking people for help LMAO but I did have fun(even tho it was difficult for me), and I hope you enjoy uwu Merry Christmas ding dong!

Diary of a Fallen Angel
Friday, July 21th

How do I even start these kinds of things? Zuramaru is a much better writer than I am. The Great Yohane’s talents lie more in the dark arts(which are probably more useful, if you ask me), but she still insisted that I take this diary and write in it every day. Why, you ask? Well, I asked that too– still don’t have my answer, but maybe I’ll find it soon. Summer break begins tomorrow, so I’ll have more to write about then; I’m planning to perform a large scale summoning soon. There’s something that’s been bothering me, and I think someone like Dantalion would be able to help. Hmm, maybe I’ll use this thing for notes too.

For later:
†ut pararent se ad gays kiddos. Ego litteram iustus dani hoc tibi, et numquam aliter scribere sole.†

• Pick up fake blood
• Zuramaru is coming over tomorrow, start the ritual early

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Taking a break with some Code Realize doodles because I finished Van’s route a few weeks ago now and I’m STILL thinking about it…  _(:3」∠) I hope the anime will come soon! (Also, tumblr’s doing something really weird with the compression I can’t figure out… please fullview~)