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Can I have a bunch of fluffy romantic headcannons for genos, sonic and saitama please. ♡♡♡


  • -Genos isn’t exactly a very romantic type of person but he does find showing affection to his s/o quite interesting. From time to time he will ask whether or not they’d like to try something different or if they’d like him to do something for them; he’s just trying to be a good partner.
  • -He’ll definitely cook great meals for you whenever you ask; he sometimes even makes dinner for just the two of you, enjoying the time he spends with you.
  • -He’s quite fond of holding hands.
  • -From time to time you might catch him staring at you adoringly, a small smile on his face as if he was in a completely different world while his eyes are on you.
  • -If he knows you’re ticklish he will poke your sides gently, watching you squirm and laugh in amusement. To him, this makes you look like an adorable little animal and makes him want to protect you even more.

  • -Sonic does not really spend a lot of time with you but he always makes up for it by taking you out for a date – his favourite place being the park – where he pays attention to you, and you only.
  • -The ninja isn’t a very touchy person but he rarely finds it rather awkward to be too close to you. He does, however, enjoy kissing. A lot.
  • -He’d never voice it out due to how embarrassing it is for him but he likes it when you play with his hair, it makes him feel at ease and relaxed.
  • -For whatever reason he sometimes tries out silly pick-up lines on you to see your reaction only to realise how embarrassing what he said was, hiding his blushing face while telling you to “Forget what you just heard–!”.
  • -Being the sneaky ninja he will often steal kisses from you when you least expect it, enjoying the confused look on your face right after.

  • -Saitama is definitely not a romantic but he did try to make a romantic dinner for you once. The two of you ended up watching TV.
  • -Hugs. Cuddles. He loves having you close to him even if it is just the two of you sitting side-by-side.
  • -Whenever Genos is around he gets slightly jealous since you don’t pay as much attention to him as you usually do.
  • -He absolutely adores it when you kiss his head out of the blue while he’s sitting or lying down, not making fun of his baldness but instead accepting it as a part of him and loving him for it.
  • -When you suggested to play the pocky game with him he didn’t really have any idea what it was, and even when you explained it to him he still didn’t see what were you so excited about- at least that’s what it seemed like. But as soon as your lips connected he cupped your face and pulled you closer to him, enjoying the moment with a small smile on his face.
i’m so smitten with you and everyone knows it

“You got this for me?” Will held his present in his hands, staring at it and rubbing the layers of tape with his thumb.

“Yeah! Yeah, I know you really like Valentine’s Day, so I got you something. As a Valentine’s Day present. For you.”

ao3: (x)
warnings: just fluff!!!
characters: mike wheeler, will byers (its a byeler fic)

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Doypu have any blog recs??

do u mean,,,, in general or strictly fallout ???? because if you want Various Bloges™ lemme just real quick throw the squad n some QUALITY besties at u:

@vaultvintage / @quantumcrash, @fingerslost / @fellvaguely, @bridekill / @daughterlost / @sparesthem, @waxburns / @halfpact@conduiting, @eyemoticons, @dicklost, @sentiinels @nucleicity / @idolatris, @samahll, @aetcrnum@wardenhero, @blkcts, @stardsted !!!! ( im probably forgetting more im garbij 4give me friends ) 

n here’s some Good Fallout Bloges™ + some indies w/ fallout verses:

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i also know a bunch of good blogs from other fandoms if u want those  !!!!  tho if you’re feelin ok with it you should come off anon so i can tell u w/o spamming too many people with notifs ;v; 


Taking a break with some Code Realize doodles because I finished Van’s route a few weeks ago now and I’m STILL thinking about it…  _(:3」∠) I hope the anime will come soon! (Also, tumblr’s doing something really weird with the compression I can’t figure out… please fullview~)