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Wonho x Reader


Warnings: Language

A/N: Sorry for any spelling errors and sorry that these are so short ;~: I swear I will better myself so that you guy’s can really enjoy it u.u

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Wonho POV:
I looked over at Hyungwon who was hogging the bag of chips. I called him over after leaving Y/N’s apartment. More as moral support but I swear he just came for the fucking food.

“The least you could do is share with the one who is depressed.”

He looked over at me, hugging the bag of chips close to him. “Why should I share? The reason for your depression is your own fault! Why not tell her? Why not get over her? There’s so many ways to help your depression. But nooooo you decide to wallow in your depression.”

I looked at him. “I’m scared of ruining our friendship. She’s always come to me when she’s stressed or anxious. I don’t want to lose that. I’m scared of losing the bond we’ve created”

He munched on some chips. “Then stop seeing her in a ‘I want to marry this girl’ type of way.” He shrugged, eating more chips.

“You fucking swear like it’s so easy..”

Y/N’s POV:
Sitting on your bed. You looked over at your phone. He hasn’t called or texted. What was he so upset about? He never really cared before. He needs a girlfriend. Someone who can relieve his tension and you knew just exactly who to call.You called Wonho about an hour later, super excited. Thinking you just did the best thing ever for him. Once he picked up you basically shouted through the phone.

“Be ready in 30 minutes!”

“Why?” He sounded skeptical.

“I set you up with this really nice girl in one of my classes. She’ll be over at my apartment in 30 minutes. I know. I know. You don’t have to thank me until your wedding”

“What the fuck. What the heck makes you think I want to date someone?”

“You never go out with anyone! You need to release some tension. Go out and have fun!”

“I’ll go. But are you sure this is what I need? Like 100 percent sure this is what you what me to do?”


“You’re fucking stupid.” He then hung up.

30 minutes later, you heard a knock on your door. You ran over to open it. Seeing the girl from class.

“Hi! Come in. He’ll be here soon.”

She came inside. You couldn’t help but realize she was really pretty. As soon as you closed the door, he knocked on the door. You reopened the door. He honestly looked unhappy. Hopefully this date will pick him up.

“Well off you guys go! Have fun!” You started to push them out the door. Before you were able to close the door. Wonho held it open. Getting real close to your face.

“This is what you want me to do? Are you sure?”

You rolled your eyes. Why does he keep asking me that?

“Yes! I want my best friend to be happy!”

“There’s no going back. I swear.”

You started to close the door to signal that he had to go. In which he did after giving you this sad gaze.

Wonho’s POV:
I swore to myself that if she told me to go through with this. Then I’d get over her. Sadness washed over me when I saw her close that door. I was reminded of how much I love her. How beautiful she is when she is smiling and happy. Although it hurts me so much to let her go, even if she was never really mine, I want to continue to be the one who she smiles at after coming to me because of a hard day.

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