enjoy those feelings

[stares into the middle distance] 

I have made a huge mistake.

imagine person A is in the hospital for some reason and person B comes to visit them. person A is pretending to be asleep (or is woken up by person B’s voice) while person B is talking to them and saying really sweet things. then person B leans over and gives them a really sweet kiss. since person A is attached to a heart monitor, it starts going crazy and person B then realizes that person A was awake the whole time.

northern downpour // panic! at the disco

I’m sorry I show affection wrong.

Missing Letters Tag

Rules: Copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in your own. When you are done tag up to 10 people….most importantly, have fun!
tagged by @parkcyeollie thanks bubzie 😊!

a / age: That’s for me to know and for you to find out 😆 but I will tell you that my bday is on March 24th (whooo!)

b / biggest fear: disappointing or hurting the people I love most. Also snakes, sorta heights, and other little trivial things like that. Basically I’m scared of everything 🙃

c / current time: 10:50 am

d / drink you had last: apple juice (I freaking love that stuff)

e / everyday starts with: me hating how early school starts like seriously? 7 am? Couldn’t they have thought of a better time like Idk 10 am or something? See I’m not even asking for much 😪

f / favourite song: I REALLY love one and only by exo, but also black pearl and el dorado and winter heat and miracles in December and lightsaber and … basically every exo song is a jam ok?

g / ghosts are real? You bet

h / hometown: a fairly small and calm state in the good old U.S. of A.

i / in love with: the idea of love itself (and yixing and also all of exo fjjdjsh)

j / jealous of: anyone who’s met exo irl (or will meet them soon) and anyone who can travel freely, but those are both things I hope to achieve in the future too so 🤷🏻‍♀️ technically nothing lol I’m happy with all that I have

k / killed someone: I’m kinda concerned that this is the best question for the letter k that the op could’ve come up with, but ok 🤷🏻‍♀️ and no I haven’t, don’t plan on doing so either lol

l / last time you cried: last night, I was at an engagement party and it was so beautiful hdjshaj

n / number of siblings: 3

o / one wish: to achieve all my goals in life to the best of my ability so I’m happy 😊

p / person you last called/texted: my pal @islamt9

q / questions you’re always asked: how old are you? What do you plan to do when you grow up? What’re you doing?!?!? Jdkksgah I’m kidding about the last one, sorta….

s / song last sang: it was in Arabic and idk the name lol

u / underwear colour: that’s a secret ;)

v / vacation destination: somewhere I’ve never been to before, with lots of rich historical sites, tourists spots, and fun things to do

w / worst habit: when I’m overly excited or nervous I tend to talk too fast and maybe even get a little bit loud or come close to hyperventilating cuz I forget to breath yikes (yeah I’m that one annoying person everyone has as a friend but I hype others up so it’s cool)

x / xrays you have had: none

y / your favourite food: traditional Arabic food (especially dolma) and spaghetti 😋

z / zodiac sign: Aries (like sehun and xiumin ayyyeee)

Ummm lol I never know who to tag in these things kshsksj so maybe I’ll tag @minseok-is-my-sock @dem-exo-feels @chanyeolsabs @losecontrolenthusiast and anyone else who wants to do it (of course none of you have to actually do it lol)

Something to help me feel better about transitioning and any other trans and non-binary folks out there on testosterone or not on HRT.

I constantly get frustrated that I’m not transitioning fast enough that I’d like, comparing myself to other trans men who are further along with their transitions than me. Trans guys with full beards and top surgery, and hair on their chests, fading scars and board shoulders. 

I enjoy seeing them, those who feel happy in their own bodies finally and are proud to show how far they’ve come, but I have to keep reminding myself not to focus on them so much, that this is my story as a trans individual and to take it day by day. It’s not going to be instant and I can’t always compare myself to others.

I’ve already changed so much this year alone but sometimes it’s hard.

And for those of you not on HRT yet for whatever reason, and want to be, don’t be discouraged. You’re still the gender you know you are and say you are, and everything will work out, I promise.

I’ve been in those shoes before and I know how much it hurts, not knowing if it’ll happen or when it’ll happen. But you are just as valid, you are just as strong and beautiful as those who been transitioning for years or just got started. You are still you.

And we’re here for you.

This was also inspired by a dream I had a few days ago.

So personal stuff is going below, don’t click if you don’t want to. ;)

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AU where Aoba escapes all the bad ends, BUT is tormented by these voices in his mind. “Aoba help me Aoba” “Master! Please” “Come a little closer ” “May God save your soul” “Aoba doesn’t love me” “Why don’t we play” “You f*cked up”


I was tagged by @michonnesbooty (aka the best beta reader ever) 

name: Leticia

nicknames: Lety (but my bros and ma call me Let)

zodiac sign: Libra

height: 5′3

orientation: vertical and sometimes horizontal

ethnicity: Mexicana

favourite fruit: pineapple until it starts biting back

favourite season: Autumn

favourite book: it changes all the time but Esperanza Rising has always been close to my heart

favourite scent: field of pine trees after a light rain

favourite colour: purplish colors

favourite animal: tiny, cute, baby animals

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Abuelita Mexican Hot Chocolate with cinnamon

average sleep hours: what is sleep?

cat or dog person: doggo person

favourite fictional character: Michonne!!! 

number of blankets you sleep with: 0.5 blankets

dream trip: any trip that’s paid for and not planned by me

blog created: 2015ish

number of followers: after blocking all the spam porn, a couple hundred

I’m tagging: all the Richonne fandom!!!


Oikawa knows pretty well how good he looks with his glasses.
But taking a selfie at the nasty school bathroom? Damn boy, I raised you better.

I see a lot of sympathy posts for Kirin Jindosh, but while I enjoy those and feel for all of you Jindosh sympathizers, I feel the need to make a post for Breanna Ashworth.

Like outside of being GENUINELY relatable as a person, this woman was badass. Not only was she THE CATALYST of Delilah’s remarkable return from the Literal Void, but she’s also the reason behind Delilah’s initial immortality. Like Delilah’s coup would not have been possible without her genius. And you want to know the kicker? Breanna didn’t really do it thinking she’d get any titles from it; she was perfectly content to live in offices and science centers and labs. You wanna know why she did it? She loved Delilah, and Delilah, in whatever capacity Delilah could, loved her back. She was a woman so motivated by love that she reached into the void and pulled the woman she loved back. She also convinced multiple people, including the literal Duke of Serkonos, and one of the greatest minds in the empire, to help her with the ‘seance’.

Even after she accomplishes a feat most people couldn’t DREAM of completing, she goes right back to Serkonos, shacks up in the royal conservatory, and establishes what is basically a gay witch summer camp. You can’t even deny that’s what it is. The halls have been turned into cots, you can see two witches talking amongst themselves sitting crossed legged in their beds, two witches lounging around sharing a bottle of wine, another pair sitting on a chandelier taking tea- gay. witch. summercamp. And she loved those girls too! She loved liberating women from the societal shackles of the worlds expectations! Don’t wanna marry this weirdo your family is trying to set you up with? Join my coven! Life of a dressmaker weighing on ya? Join my coven! You hate your husband cuz he’s a prick who just wants you to squirt out kids? Kill him and join my coven! I mean sure, it’s not as simple as that, and it might sound like she’s just bolstering Delilah’s ranks; but think about it.

Breanna met Delilah as she was desperately trying to get out of an arranged marriage her parents were forcing her into. She loved witchcraft, the sciences! She loved running off in the shadows at posh events to screw random nobles! She wanted to be free! So why wouldn’t she help other women taste the same kind of freedom Delilah gave her?

Like, you can hate her, she’s still a villain, I get that; but at the very least she is a very sympathetic villain.

Scones and Cookies

Summary: Phil, a resident in a manor, keeps requesting for scones to be brought up to his room, which Dan brings. (This is set in the mortal instruments universe [and the infernal devices time] and Dan’s a servant and Phil’s a shadowhunter.)

TW: none

Word Count: 1.8k

Genre: Fluff

(actually this whole oneshot if based off a scene with sophie and gideon but dw you don’t have to have read the books to read this oneshot)

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anonymous asked:

So I'm new to Supernatural and the Winchesters, I'm on season 4 and we've just met Castiel. does he get nicer, or do we just always love him because he's a bit mean to the brothers?

Hi there! first of all, let me just tell you, enjoy the show while it’s still good.

As for Cas, I may be a little (extremely) biased, but there are so many different reasons to love him. He may appear “mean” to you if you’re still at the beginning of s4 but trust me, from my point of view, mean wouldn’t even be close to the list of adjectives I’d use to describe Castiel. So yeah, you could say he does get nicer. I’ll take the liberty to briefly sum it up without spoiling stuff for you:

we love Cas because he’s badass

because he’s dorky

because he’s grumpy

because he’s squinty

(and sometimes he does this cute little head tilt)

because he’s awkward

because he’s caring

because he’s sassy

because he’s earnest

because he’s always willing to help

because he’s got cool powers

because he’s so damn adorable

(but also hot)

because he’s got the bluest eyes

and those amazing wings

because he makes us smile

because he breaks our hearts

because this show wouldn’t be what it is without him


It’s Kels and Sabrina coming to you again.

Kels is currently sailing the Atlantic Ocean on a cruise with family but this is super important.

By now you guys have heard the statements from the talking heads that are the executives at Fox. We didn’t hear the news we wanted today. We were hoping to be able to exhale for the first time since September 22. Unfortunately, we are still on the hook.

It is up to us to save Ginny Baker and Pitch. She may not “need a man to rescue her” but she needs to her fans to do it.

We are asking that each of you please follow our new Twitter account @PitchStreetTeam. We have work to do!

This is about saving a show that matters and NEEDS to be on the air. If things don’t go our way in May we need to be able to rest easy knowing we did all that we could. But we feel confident that if we put in the work now, things will go our way. This is gonna take work and persistence. Let’s remember it took Ginny five years in the minors before she got to the BIGS. What if she quit in year three or four even?

We can’t quit in January. Right now we are the Padres six games back in the wild-card race! Please follow @PitchStreetTeam where we will be running campaigns monthly until May. Remember how hard Ginny worked out in episode 2? Yeah that’s us right now. “We gotta get our work in.”

We love you guys and we love this fandom.

Let’s put in this work!

-Kels and Sabrina

I’m such a proud Jennifer Lawrence fan

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