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Playing a bit of catch up!

Indy Mini W12D5 - easy 4

I ended up at work way later than normal on Friday so I had to cut this run a tad short. My brother called me right as I was leaving, so I ended up talking to him my entire run. Made it go by quicker, so that was nice! It was a beautiful day on Friday so there were tons of people out enjoying the weather

After that run I had to get ready super fast to meet my friends out! We went out to dinner and drinks since one of them is moving to Chicago. Happy for her, but sad to see her go!

Indy Mini W12D6 - easy 3

I had to cut this run short too. Well I guess I didn’t have to, but I wanted to so I could get to Michigan faster! I was headed up here to spend the weekend with Scott and see Rent!! I went with Scott and my parents. Rent is my favorite musical, so I was very excited to see it! It was great :)

Hope you’re all having good weekends!! :)

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idk if u saw but someone tweeted about T and H getting ice cream together today and they weren't even filming i love friendship!!!! cuties!!

Anonymous said:Did you hear about tarjei & Henrik today?????? omfg?? 

Anonymous said:Someone in Oslo said that Tarjei and Henrik were out buying ice cream today! Its good that people dont take creepy pics of them without their consent but GOD do I wish its true. Our boys enjoying the nice weather and discussing season 4. Sigh 

thats really cute if they did go:’)

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Adrienette enjoying Paris' spring weather?

they went on a date and found a cute flower shop! the shopkeeper complimented them and gave them a few flowers, Marinette says thanks while Adrien’s too distracted thinking what flowers to get his lady