enjoy this weather

The tears stung in the back of El’s eyes as she trudged through the woods, letting sticks and branches scrape her bare arms as she passed.

You should be wearing a coat, she could hear Joyce’s voice scolding her in her head. It was an unusually cold day for April, and the rain wasn’t helping. El bit her lip to keep from shivering as cool droplets hit her skin. At least it’s only drizzling now, she thought, but it didn’t matter much since she was already soaked to the bone.

Pushing Joyce’s voice out of her mind, El continued through the forest. She tried not to think of how warm and cozy the Byers’ living room would’ve been right then, or how Will had probably saved her a cup of hot cocoa, or how Jonathan would’ve wrapped a fluffy blanket around her shoulders and told her that everything would be okay, since he knew she didn’t enjoy this weather. She tried not to think about Will, who was the only person that understood why El didn’t like these days, where the sky was one vast white expanse like the walls she’d been confined to her whole life, and the rain reminded her of the leaky pipe just above the room where she slept in that cold dark place, where no one cared whether she caught a cold from not wearing a coat.

And then the stinging tears came rushing out, all at once. The wetness mixed with the drops of rain so that she couldn’t distinguish where her sadness started and where the water from the leaky pipe ended. Even with her vision blurred, El continued on, until she finally found the place she was looking for.

Taking in a shaky breath, she dried her eyes with the palm of her hand. The clearing looked the same as it had so long ago, the rusty cars and that old bus they’d hid in. It was as if it had frozen in time, along with that moment.

What is wrong with you?

El felt like she should ask herself the same thing. She sat on the hood of the nearest car, her feet thanking her for the rest. Her worn chucks, hanging on by a thread, weren’t meant to make that trip. The moment of rest was cut short when she felt as if she was sitting on something. El felt the back pocket of her jeans and pulled out what felt like a small metal box. Upon further inspection, a wave of memories crashed over her.

“Will says they’re not good for you.”

Joyce looked up from the newspaper, cigarette hanging in her mouth. “What?”

“Cigarettes.” El responded, trying out the new word.

The older woman didn’t seem mad, like El thought she would be. She set the newspaper down in front of her and sighed. “El, sweetie…”

“I just want you… to be okay.” She interrupted.

Joyce stopped mid-sentence, and regarded the young girl for a moment. “Fine. I’ll try to stop, at least for a little while.”


Joyce laughed. “Alright, I promise. You can even have my lighter.”

El rubbed her fingers against the smooth metal surface of the lighter. After remembering the moment with Joyce, she felt tears threatening to fall. She didn’t deserve that kindness. Joyce gave her so much, and what did El ever do in return? For the past week, she’d been ignoring everyone around her. She could tell they were hurt, but what could she say? That she was making daisy chains with Nancy, and the flowers were too much for her?

El shook her head and flipped the cap off of the lighter. After watching Joyce do it so many times, flicking on the flame was like second nature. She watched it twirl and dance in the cold air, like a beacon telling her that maybe not everything was white and gray in the world that day.

She began to think that the flickering flame was much prettier than the daisies that adorned Nancy’s head. While the daisies had a delicate beauty, they were too easily crushed; compared to the flame, they were weak. The fire was bright and hot and burned everything in its path. It wasn’t crushed beneath El’s palms.

She caught a glimpse of her reflection in the metal lighter- head shaved, gaze unwavering, and lips curled into the slightest of smiles. Her eyes fell back on the flame, which continued to shine despite being buffeted by the harsh winds. El closed the lighter and started walking, her eyes shining brighter than any halo of daisies.

A cup of hot cocoa was waiting for her.

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challenge: post a picture of your character as a child and explain the story behind the picture.

“I don’t really remember having this picture taken because I was so young, but my Dad’s told me about it a thousand times. When spring came around in the first year that he’d adopted me, he’d often take the whole family down to the private boardwalks in Jamara where the traffic was quieter to hang out, play games, and generally enjoy the weather. I wasn’t big on going out in the ocean yet, just instinctively, but I would lie down at the edge of the docks and watch the ships and the merfolk and the selkies. Dad introduced be to a number of them and gods, apparently I would chat them up for hours. I mean, I was a pretty talkative kid once I got over the initial adjustment of being brought into a strange family. However, I asked more questions than I did carry on casual conversation. I was always eager to learn and understand the world around me, and going down to those boardwalks and being absolutely mesmerized by the new species I encountered is really what made me comfortable here. As for the picture itself, Dad’s never been shy on photography (but I was fucking adorable so why would he be). I think maybe he just wanted to preserve as many memories of those days as he could while he still had them.”


tea witch.

heatwave starter sentences

“I can’t bear this heat anymore.”
“I’m melting. I’m actually melting.”
“What? You said ‘get me something cold’. You never implied I couldn’t throw it over you.”
“Don’t be a pussy, it’s just a bit of warm weather.”
“We’re going to the beach. Now.”
“Yes, I’m naked and no I’m not ashamed.”
“Is it socially acceptable to go out in nothing but a wet towel?”
“Wow, you look even worse than I feel.”
“Just how many popsicles have you had already?”
*runs ice cube along the back of your neck*
*throws you into the pool, whether you want it or not*
“If you’re that hot, then why don’t you take something off?”
“No, no, no… not now. It’s way too warm for sex.”
“I’m sweating in places I didn’t even know existed.”
“I went out for ten minutes. Ten minutes! Look at me, I’m basically fried.”
“That looks like a nasty sunburn…”
“You’re not going out there before I’m lathered you in sun cream.”
“I can’t get up… Can you get up? I can’t… I can’t get up.”
“You’re such a stick in the mud! Everyone’s out enjoying the weather and you’re sitting inside complaining about it.”
“Another shower?”
“Please kill me now. This is unbearable.”
“Let’s break into that office block. I’m sure they have air conditioning.”
“I know! Let’s have a water balloon fight.”
*sprays you with a water pistol*
*blows cold air into your neck*
“I can think of some more things to do with ice cubes…”
“This is the perfect timing for an ice bucket challenge.”
“I can’t sleep in this heat.”
“I might as well sleep in the bathtub and it would be less wet.”
“I need refuge, my airco broke.”
“Your neighbours have a swimming pool, right? Let’s sneak in tonight.”
“I’m going to book a holiday to Alaska. Now.”
“I shouldn’t have stayed out so long… I think I have a heatstroke.”
“Is that a rain cloud? Is that a mother fucking rain cloud?!”
“Did you feel that? It was a breeze. We are blessed.”
“Even my cat wanted to take a shower.”
“Don’t smell me. There’s no deodorant that can mask this.”
*throws water balloon straight at your face*
“I take it back, summer is not my favourite season at all.”
“I made an ice water bath, specially for you.”
“If only it was always this nice and warm.”
“I feel lazy and it’s great.”
“Let’s go to the supermarket again and take a very long time staring at the frozen vegetables.”

Need a hand (Zach DempseyX Reader )

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Request; Hey could you do  a  Zach Dempsey smut where you find him jerking off and offer to help him. Also i really love the Musical fingers imagine.Btw I don’t know if you do 13rw Characters but if you don’t you could just turn it into a reggie mantle one Thanks in advance.

A/N; Let me tell you guys how this is another version of this imagine because the first one I  was doing  my computer shut down in the middle of it so I had to  rewrite the whole thing but  yesss   I do 13rw imagines I love that show and all the characters.In other news I write other things not just smut. I can write fluff romance drama just tell me what you want  sis or bro. Idk ask for a part 2 if yah want i lowkey feel this is short but at the same time long idkk


Warnings;smut,sin, sin,sin ,more sin, jacking off ,blowjobs  blah, blah, blah

Part two

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It was a sunny Sunday afternoon one of those day in April when the weather is cooperating. A day meant to go out , the park. shopping , walking  it doesn’t matter as long as you go somewhere to enjoy the weather.Where was I going not anywhere I wished to go. I was walking down the street no not on my way to the park to enjoy this lovely warm weather instead I was stuck studying for a final tomorrow with my study partner Zach Dempsey. Yes you heard right the Zach Dempsey star player of the basketball team.Unlike his teammates he was actually I laid back guy.He knew what mattered.He was pretty smart for a sports guy, He worried about his grades as much as he worried about sports.He wanted to be a biologist or something like that. He told me on one of our study session, I honestly can’t remember correctly maybe I was too busy drooling over the hottie, maybe that’s the problem I’m too  distracted by him. I mean the guy is fit from head to toe, I guess sports really do pay off. Oh if he knew the dreams I have about him and how I fantasize over his lips being on  mine. Zach and I have weird friendship  we are always flirting with each other and making sexual innuendos but we have never made contact that wasn’t just the friend type even though I wished we had. I was early to our study date I was sure Zach wouldn’t mind my parents went out and I didn’t want to be home alone. Zach has texted me earlier to just walk in when I got there. Zach parents were out of town and they took  his little sister with them so it was just going to be me and Zach.I reached the long driveway of the Dempsey home and decided to let myself in.Walking up the driveway I remember all the time Zach has come to open the door for me.How  he’s always wearing a shirt that hugs his bodily perfectly showing off all his muscles and how his sweatpants always hang low on his hips. He looks mesmerizing each time. I reach the door opening it slowly trying to  remember the way to Zach’s room. I’ve been in this house couple of time but the house is a mansion figuring out your way through it is like trying to get out of a maze each time.Making my way up the endless stairs I start to remember the way to his room. When I reach the top of the stairs I hear a something that sounds exactly like a moan. Immediately  I regret my decision of showing up early. What if Zach had someone over? I wouldn’t want to interrupt anything.My mind told me to get out of there but my feet wouldn’t listen they had a mind of their own and I slowly walk towards the door Zach moans got louder and I gotta admit they sounded enticing.Tempted to see what was happening inside I decided to look through the breach of the door. The view was captivating and alluring, Zach was pleasing himself his muscles clenching his hair was damped  and little droplets of sweat decorated his forehead and his eyebrows were furrowed.His hand moving up and down his exquisite cock and in that moment I desired that my mouth was his hand. As a gasp left his mouth I couldn’t hold it any longer my heart palpitated and I felt my body heat up the place in between my legs throbbing for attention.A sudden wave of confidence flowed through me as I stepped into the room speaking up.

“ Need a hand “ I say confidently

Zach is shocked he pulls his pants up in one swift movement turning the chair to face the opposite way that i’m standing.

“ wha… what did you say ?” he says stuttering

I start walking towards him “I asked if you needed help with that” I said standing in front of him. I sit on  his lap and slowly kiss his jawline

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“ like I said I could help but only if you want” I swing my legs to straddle him and get close to his ear I start nibbling on it slightly “Let’s be honest Dempsey you want this as much as I do so what are you waiting for” I say and I start kissing his jawline again.He grabs my hips firmly making me me grind on his bulge. I let out a gasp from the sudden contact. we craved each other. I look up at him his eyes darker full of lust the intensity between us growing. He harshly pulls my face to his crashing our lips together  and a surge of electricity runs through me.The kiss was passionate and lustful at the same time. Like we had been waiting for this forever and like it will last for eternity. I pull away short of breath and see Zach smirking.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do that for” he says panting.I get on my knees making eye contact with him eager to have his luscious cock in my mouth my core burning with desire at every touch.I glidle my hand across his bulge and he hisses. I massage it slowly through his boxers. The anticipation of having him in my mouth is killing me but I also want to tease him. I slowly pull down his sweats and he kicks them off he’s only in boxers now giving me a better view.I take off his boxers looking up at him and batting my lashes I take him in my hands and he bucks his hips upward putting more of himself in my hand I pump him a few times before putting his savory tip in my mouth  a suck the tip slowly and he lets out a throaty moan. I take him in my mouth as much as I can slowly bobbing my head up and down  he starts thrusting his cock in my mouth making me moan which sends vibrations onto him.He forcefully pulls my hair into a pony tails guiding me. He hits the back of my throat and I gag. I can hear him cursing under his breath and I know he’s close. The view is consuming , he’s furrowing his eyebrows his mouth slightly open letting string of curse words fall from it once in awhile I moan at the thought of having him come undone inside my mouth. I feel him twitch so I moan again. I feel his milky liquid in my mouth and  I greedily savor his taste, his delicious cock still throbbing in my mouth.He lets go of my hair I wipe the corners of my mouth and get up.I sit on his lap again pulling his lips to mine kissing him passionately.

“Damn Y/N I didn’t know you were such a freak”

he says still short if breath

“Actually there a lot of things you don’t know about me Dempsey” I say smirking.I get up from the chair and start walking towards the door but Zach grabs me and throws me on the bed pinning me down.

“now its my turn to make you feel good” he says kissing my neck

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This week’s&Last week’s doodles

End of semester has been keeping me busy but I was able to draw in my spare time! ;w;)9
Also, I’ve been playing Echoes (JPN ver). I love the game and the characters already♥

I hope you’ve been enjoying the spring weather (if it is spring where you live)!

Jealous, Much?

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Tom Holland x Reader

Request: Yes

Summary: The reader is jealous of Tom and Zendaya’s relationship. However, Tom is there to reassure them.

Word Count: 2,580

Warnings: language, fluff, jealous!reader, reassuring!tom.

A/N: Sorry this took long to post. I’m not sure of this one and felt a little weird writing it tbh, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy!

In the beginning of the relationship, Tom and you were inseparable. He wasn’t overwhelmed with several acting gigs like he is now. You both were able to sit and enjoy each other’s company without too many stresses.

However, that time spent together soon started to disappear. Tom began his Spider-Man film, while you continued your everyday job, trying to fit in as many hours as you could. Yes, it was a lot you were putting on yourself, but you honestly wanted to distract yourself from not being able to have Tom with you.

You missed him.

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