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Sideways and Slantways
By Organization for Transformative Works

Isak gets stuck in an elevator with the one person he’s vowed never to speak to again. This eventually prompts a conversation long overdue, but not without the memories flooding his brain like a broken dam first.

words: 17691
pairing: isak/even
rating: teen & up

a big thank you to @aheavenlyrush for suggesting the stuck in an elevator trope! this took on an entirely different life of its own, but you’re the reason it started. and to @stardefiant for being my cheerleader and to @adamparishe for believing it wouldn’t be a piece of crap even though it might be.

“You don’t, really”

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Avengers x reader

A really random imagine because I’m bored and lowkey want to share this so enjoy the absolute crap piece of writing that I definently didn’t check more then once. 

E/C: Eye colour

H/C: Hair colour

“Do you have a deathwish?!” a woman exclaims as she fastly hits the man, holding a gun to the side of Nat’s head, in the stomach with a fighting stick. Natasha runs back to the rest of the group as more armoured soldiers make their way to the entrance. “Who the hell are you?” Tony asks, from inside the suit. “I asked first” she says, crouching down and easily breaking the gun held to Natasha’s head earlier. “Well.. No” Clint answers. “Then I advise to get the hell out, now you still can walk” the woman says, looking over her shoulder where the soldiers are now very near. “Are you threatening us?” Steve asks, tilting his head at her.  “No but they are” she says, turning to the soldiers. She takes the first couple down by hand and the aluminium flip out stick before moving to teleporting around the men, taking them down and using the guns on every next one. After the first group of soldiers she turns to the team and takes the hood down, revealing a cute, round face with big e/c eyes, long eyelashes, pretty eyebrows and nice nose above plump lips. “Thank you all for helping” she comments sarcastically, wiping some of her blood off before pulling the hood back over the h/c hair. “How do we know you’re any good?” Bucky asks as the group walks over and gets ready for what’s behind the large door where the soldiers came from. “You don’t, really” she responds, tucking some hair under her hood. 

Thank you for hopefully enjoying this piece of work! Requests are still open lol and you can leave reactions on how bad this is and that I have to write more often.

Love y’all

Authors note: Im new to writing fics! Also its 3AM i have absolutely nothing to do so im just gonna write a highschool AU with minicat h2ovanoss brohm etc etc all the ships!! But idk im new to this. Im also gonna reblog a lot of things so my friends dont see this because im gonna be v, embarrassed aajdjskdj anywho *deep breath* lets do this??????????????? ;; i want to fuckigndie (edit i feel so nervous im trying so hard)


Lets do this shit

Chapter 1?? First day of school (im already cringing)

Craig was woken up by a sudden alarm noise comeing from his phone, he sprang up with a jolt and hit his head off of the headboard on his bed. “SHIT” he yelled out a little too loudly in anger and turned off the annoying alarm while rubbing his head slightly.

“Fuckin, ugh school.. great..” he said with a sigh. “Goodbye wonderful un active summer time gaming” craig said in a sarcastic voice as he sat on the edge of the bed and stayed there for a minute or so before he sprung up and started to walk straight into the bathroom to take a shower, nearly bumping into every wall because of how tired he was.
(Lets just skip some of this getting ready jazz because detail is dumb)

Before craig was about to open the front door he received a phone call from one of his close friends evan, craig picked up the phone and layed it against his ear awnsering it. 
“Hey dude whats up?” Craig asked with a mildly excited tone in his voice.

“Craig lets meet up in homeroom alright? I have some new friends that i met during the summer that apparently goes to our school” evan said sounding excited.

seriously? You!? Having..f-friends!? That’s impossible!!“ Craig said to evan in a joking way as he chuckled to himself.

“Haha very funny craig but im serious you gotta meet them! They’re honestly the best and plus new friends are amazing? Like? Hanging around with the same person over and over again gets reeallllyyyyy boring after a while” joked evan.

“fucking rude” craig said while forcing seriousness into his voice. They both cracked up until craig realized that he really had to go, school started in 15 minutes and it was a 10 minute walk to get there, so he said his goodbye’s to evan and made his way to school.

Craig got there quite quickly, he checked his phone for the time. He had 5 minutes left until the school opened, strange that…he was extremely early today.

“Dude over here!” Said an unexpected beat out voice, and it turns out that it was evan.

“Jesus christ what did you do run 40 laps around the fucking school!?“ craig laughed at his own joke, but evan gave craig the stink eye of disapproval. “Fuck you” evan said angrily(not really) craig just laughed.

“Anywho back to what we’re both excited about! Those new friends? I guess? Are they here??” Craig asked evan. “They should be here soon, sometimes they’re pretty late in my opinion” evan said to craig proudly.

"Oh by the way i-” craig was cut off by the crowd of people running inside of the building and him getting pushed down, “looks like its time to start the first day of hell- i mean..school” craig said while getting up.

"Lets goooo!!!” They both yelled and stomped inside of the large building.

THIS CHAPTER WAS SHORT I KNOW!! BUT I PROMISE IT SHOULD GET LONGER :0 anyways i hope y'all enjoyed this piece of crap, also this is my (second?) piece of writing that I’ve done in a long time so take it! Feed yourself with it! No shipping yet but in the next chapter, there will be a little bit of it ;)

Together (part one)

Summary: When Steve introduced his girlfriend to his best friend, he would have never thought that they might already know each other. Modern Day AU. Partly inspired by this song.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader / Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,727

Author’s Note: Guys, I think it goes without saying that you should never cheat on anyone. Just don’t do it. I’m not exactly sure how many parts this will have, it all depends on y’all. With that being said, enjoy this angsty piece of crap. Warnings for the entire series: severe angst, cheating, unprotected sex, jealousy, lying, possessiveness, stalking.

Playlist: 1, 2, 3, 4

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She felt the bed shift.

The sun hadn’t yet made a break in the early morning sky, and the room was still dark; only dimly lit by the bathroom light that had just been turned on. She could hear the faucet running and the faint sound of teeth being brushed as she reached over and checked the time on her phone. The intense light of the screen made her vision blur and eyes squint. But after a few blinks, she could make out those three numbers; 5:06.

A shadow moved along the hallway walls, and she quickly placed her phone back on the bedside table and turned on her side. With her eyes clamped shut, she listened as he moved around the room, mentally picturing every action; opening the closet door, pulling a shirt from the hanger, crossing the room to the dresser, finding a pair of socks and boxers in the drawer. It was the same every morning, every day, at the same time. 

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Kiss Scenes | Chanyeol scenario



ty darling XD hope you enjoy this random piece of crap that I’ve written~ -KT

“CHANNNNN!” You burst into the living room, scaring the crap out of EXO.

I’m not kidding, Baekhyun literally fell off the couch and nearly pulled Minseok with him as he crashed to the floor.

Chanyeol jumped, looking up at you in bewilderment. “Y/n?” 

DO shook his head as Baekhyun looked up fearfully at you. “Do they make mufflers for humans?” He asked.

“I need you to practice with meeee~” You held up the script.

“Why are you so hyper?” Suho asked. “Did you get into the chocolate again? Sehun, did you leave the chocolate where she could reach it?”

“No.” The maknae answered, not looking up from his phone.

“I’m in character! Chan, please~~~?” You whined.

Chanyeol hurriedly stood up. “Quick, before you annoy Kyungsoo enough for him to murder you.”

DO just sent you this evil smirk, and you quickly retreated. He might be a squish, but he was a scary squish.

Chanyeol followed you to your room, where you could have peace and quiet without being disturbed.

“Which part do you need to rehearse?” He asked.

“This part.” You pointed to the paragraph. “Until the next page. Can you play this dude?”

“The Main Protagonist Who Doesn’t Have A Name?” Chanyeol squinted at the page, as if he couldn’t understand what he was reading.

“Yup~” You smoothed down your hair and clothes, then cleared your throat.

Chanyeol rattled off the line before yours, and you replied back.

“These lines are so sappy. I forgot you’re in a romantic drama.” He muttered, then read the next line.

This continued, until he had to turn the page. He flipped the page, and you, already knowing what was supposed to happen, rose to your tippy-toes and kissed him.

Chanyeol froze. Staring at you with wide eyes, he stuttered out a confused noise before looking back at the script.

“Did you…did you just….?” The man looked at a loss.

“Two reasons: One, because the script called for it, and two: I like you.” You said, suddenly really shy.

“Oh.” Chanyeol looked back at the script, and a flash of hurt sliced through you.

Until he tossed it over his shoulder and kissed you back.

“I like you too so~”



High School Flirt/Casanova AU

(im goin to high school soon and when i took the placement exam, there were a bunch of hot people there and my mum also told me that high school isnt a complete high school without flirts sO) 

She was certain that he was the biggest flirt in the history of flirts. His cheeky grin always made girls in the corridor swoon, his deep and sensual voice made any girl melt, his lean body was just enough to carry a woman bridal style. 

Any girl who didn’t think he was the hottest man on earth was considered an idiot. 

Y/N was considered an idiot by her friends, but she didn’t care. She really thought Mark Fischbach was an idiot more of being the hottest man on the planet.

“Are you brain dead, Y/N?” Y/F/N asked. Y/N laughed. “Actually, I’d be the one who’s supposed to be the one asking you that. Honestly, what’s so attractive about him?” 

“He’s the perfect man for any woman! Like seriously, he’s the greatest guy ever.” Y/F/N2 (like yer second friend? ok?) said, bringing a french fry to her mouth. “I’m even surprised he doesn’t have a girlfriend yet.” Y/F/N said. 

“Well, if he did have one, then their relationship wouldn’t work because he keeps on flirting with every woman he sees.” Y/N defended, shaking her head in disbelief. Her two friends pondered what she said and nodded. “That’s a bit true, but-”

“Hey, ladies,”

Y/N, Y/F/N, Y/F/N2 looked up and the two other ladies squealed in excitement when they saw Mark in front of them. Y/N rolled her eyes. “Is there something you want?” she savagely asked. Mark’s smirk turn into a grin. “Well, I certainly want you, but then that would take a little bit while.” 

Y/N scoffed, turning away from him. “Run along then, since you think I’m too difficult to get.” she responded with a coy smirk on her face. Mark’s grin widened. “Heh, see you then, darling.” Then Mark turned away, walking back to his table of friends. 

Y/N looked at her friends, who’re mouths are agape. She grabbed a french fry and tossed it to Y/F/N’s mouth. It didn’t get in. 

“You just talked to Mark Fischbach.” Y/F/N2 said.


“You were like, so natural about him talking to you!” Y/F/N exclaimed.


“WHY ARE YOU SO - seriously, why in the world are you so calm over him talking to you?!” 

Y/N rolled her eyes, chuckling to herself. “You guys don’t need to emphasize the situation.”




There wasn’t a time where Mark would pass by Y/N and he would lose the flirty confidence he usually has. He’d be a nervous wreck when he thinks of a scene where he’s be flirting with her and just thinking up numerous what-if’s about talking to her. 

What if I fuck up my pick-up lines? 

What if my breath smells bad?


His friends, mostly just Felix and Jack, would always tease him about his nervousness over flirting with the enigma. 

“What if Mark pees himself while talking to Y/N?” said Felix, grinning at Jack while glancing at Mark. Jack laughed loudly. “That’d be dead embarrassing! But what if Mark farts while talkin’ t’ her?” the Irishman suggested, pointing at the Swedish. 

Felix ‘ooh-ed’ quietly, giggling when Mark looked over to them with a grumpy frown. “Can you not right now?” the red-haired boy said. Felix grinned along with Jack. “What? We’re jus’ conjurin’ up some horrible scenes fer you t’ be cautious about in the future when ye plan on talkin’ to the lady.” said Jack.

“I think you mean enigma lady, Jack.” said Felix. Jack raised a questioning eyebrow. “The fuck ye mean enigma lady?” 

“Well, obviously she’s an enigma since Markimoo here seem to have his brain malfunctioning whenever he tries to think up of something to talk to the lady in question.” responded Felix. Jack pondered what he said for a moment before nodding in agreement. “Hmm, ye. That makes sense.”

“You guys are just making my problem worse.” said Mark, turning away from them and to Y/N.

“That’s the plan,”

“Fuck you.”

It was true that Y/N was an enigma; even the teachers have no idea what to do with her. She had a wall made of bricks and painted them with the color of her enemies’ anger and everybody else’s confusion. 

And that was when Mark was truly falling in love.


Y/F/N and Y/F/N2 refused to talk about anything else other than Mark Fischbach and the idea of Y/N being his girlfriend. It was tiring for her, honestly, having to be out of place every time when the two kept on talking about somebody she literally just sneered at. 

“-and then, Y/N will be having three kids with Mark. Two boys and one girl.” said Y/F/N2 excitedly.

“Ooh, no no, the two boys will be twins!” countered Y/F/N, pointing at her other friend excitedly. Y/F/N2 tapped her chin then shook her head. “Nah, I don’t think Mark would like having twins. Let’s just stick with-”

“What is up with the two of you? Taking Divination classes?” Y/N interrupted, amused by her friends’ idiotic trances. The two laughed. “No, we’re-”

“So when Jupiter’s gonna align with Mars, I’ll have my first son?” asked Y/N, crossing her arms.


“And because of Mercury, I’ll have another son?”


“And then, because of Neptune, I’ll finally - excuse me, finally - have a daughter?” 

Y/N sounded angry that Y/F/N and Y/F/N2 were silenced. Y/N rolled her eyes, turning away from her friends. “Don’t make assumptions that will definitely not happen. You’ll end up hurting yourself.” she said. 

They parted their ways when the bell rang, as they had different classes. When Y/N was just about to enter the room, somebody grabbed her wrist and pushed her against the wall. Y/N yelped and closed her eyes, afraid to look at her predator.

“Hi there,” 

Speak of the devil. 

“Mark Fischbach,” she said, sighing loudly. She heard him chuckle. “Open your eyes, darling. There’s nothing to be afraid of.” he purred. Y/N reluctantly opened her eyes, and saw that Mark’s body was near hers. He had his hand resting on top of her head, and he was leaning close to her face.

“So,” he began, his voice dragging the word. 

“I need to get to my class, Mark,” Y/N said, her face red.

“Oh, wow, since when did you care about school?”

“Never, but I want to graduate.” 

“Well, be my guest,”

Y/N pushed him off her, with an obvious pink tint on both of her cheeks. 


ANNNNND i refuse to continue this y’all enjoy this piece of crap lmao


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Undertales of Creation pilot

An undertale fan comic created by Cygniphantom

Undertale © Toby Fox

Pilot for a comic I’ve got planned out.

I’ve got a big chunk of it drawn out in my sketch book but I still am messing around with drawing and format styles as well as a name for the finished product.

But for now, enjoy this piece of crap! 

Hugs Help

Title: Hugs Help
Request: Hey, I love your writing! I’ve the worst day because of school and work, and I had a meltdown in my car today, and all I wanted was someone just to hold me. So I was wondering if you could write a one-shot about Dean seeing the reader having a meltdown because she’s stressed and he doesn’t ask any questions, he just picks her up and carries her to bed and soothes and cuddles her? It would make my day if this happened and I love your blog!
Warnings: talk of stress
Pairing: Dean x Reader
A/N: this is so much shorter than I thought, but I honestly really enjoyed writing this and I hope this short piece of crap is helpful to you ❤️ also thank you so so much
Word Count: 572 (really short I’m so so sorry)

Dean continued walking down the long corridor, but stopped after he heard an angry grunt escape out of your bedroom.

Slowly he crept towards the door that held back everything you were keeping in at the moment, and as nicely as he could, he knocked on the door, “y/n?”

Your eyes immediately opened wide at the sound of his voice. Your hands traveled down to your lap from their clenched position on your forehead, holding your face. Somehow the small feet attached to your body made their way to the brown oak rectangle distinguishing where your room ended and began. The door finally opened after checking to make sure you weren’t disheveled.

“Hi Dean.”

“Y/n are you ok?”

You stared at him for what seemed like minutes, trying to decide if your stress was so much that you should tell him. Your voice cracked from the thought of everything getting to you throughout the past weeks, “I’m fine.”

Immediately Dean’s face turned sullen and mixed with concern, “Are you really?”

Your bottom lip began to quiver, followed shortly by squinted eyes and tears trailing down your already flushed cheeks.

Your head already hurt from your stress, and now this, especially in front of Dean.

He looked you over for a split second, but as thought on instinct, his large, warm arms hugged around you, encasing you in a warm cocoon. Dean slowly walked over to your bed, sitting down and letting you lay across his lap holding onto him and using him as a human tissue. As you sat there, just taking in Dean, he started to pet your hair, while rubbing your back. The baby coddling thing was never your forté, but he made you feel safe. He shielded you from your stress; the daily inconveniences that turned into a problem that you can’t let go, problems that corrupt you and take your mind captive until you’re just a shell of the problem that encapsulated you.

Whimpers escaped your mouth along with tears once again falling down your face. You began realizing how far gone you’ve been this week, how all these problems seemed to get bigger and bigger until they crushed you. But here, holding you right now was someone who cared so much, even though he didn’t know what was going on.

The heavy breaths filtering through your lungs became more relaxed and evenly spaced.

With no words, Dean kicked off his boots and pulled your already messy covers up, allowing you to lay down in them, and him soon after. Your face was still a red puffy mess, your eyes looked as though you were allergic to bees and a nest of them stung you. Your body turned over to watch at the stunning man who was now laying less than 5 inches away from you.

Your eyes closed and a blissful feeling traced over you as his fingers brushed through your hair and a light kiss was placed on your forehead.

As though he was a lazy sloth, his arms grabbed around you, once again bringing you directly into his body. His fingers danced through your tangled locks, “I love you. Whatever is getting to you, I’m right here. And I don’t intend on moving. Ever.”

A small smile perked onto your lips as well as Dean’s. Both of your eyes closed as you both fell into a peaceful sleep, bodies entangled and breathing synchronized.

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multicharacter | h o t 

Criminal 2.0

A/N: okay, so since I posted this pref (read that one first if you haven’t) I’ve gotten quite a few like 60 omg requests to do the other two. I’ve been waiting for 5soaumemes to post her Ashton au, but it’s been a while and the account’s been dark so I just posted the little description she provided where the au link should be and kinda made my own story off it. Hope ya enjoy! xo


au here }

“You coward! You cheating, lowlife piece of crap! You did this! She was my best friend!”

"That was a mistake. I admit it — we were drunk and I was horny and you and I were in a fight so I took her home. But it should’ve been YOU that assassin killed in bed next to me; that’s who he thought she was — you! I basically saved your life, y/n. You should be thanking me.”

“You didn’t even think of trying to save her? You just let her take my place? She was your friend too, you heartless bastard. If someone has it out for me they’re going to make sure the job’s done, and when they find out my body isn’t the one in the morgue, they’re gonna be after me again. She died for nothing.”

“Y/n, that assassin put that bullet through her temple before I could even register what was going on. And no, she didn’t die for nothing. Now you know someone’s after you. You can disappear; you have a head start. And of course I’m sad about her, but then I think about how that could’ve been you. I will always pick my girl above any one, any day.”

“Save your breath. I’m done listening to your shit. You’re going to pay for this, Clifford.”

“I don’t want things- woah, what are you doing with those matches?”

“Didn’t you think it smelled a little like gasoline in here?”

“Y/n. Don’t do anything you might regret.”

“We’ll meet again, Michael Clifford. Mark my words.”

“Don’t! Y/n—!”

A slow rock song drifts out of the old Camaro parked on the road in the middle of nowhere. Well, for Michael it was a very, very specific middle of nowhere. And coming back to the virtually unchanged dirt road and and miles of fields sprung open a dam of memories he wasn’t sure he wanted to revisit. 

He leans back with a heavy sigh and pulls out a pack and a lighter from his glove compartment. Lighting one, he holds in his first hit for a while before letting the smoke out in a lazy breath, letting his eyes slowly shut as the chemicals calm his nerves.

“You know those things will kill you.”

Michael jumps and his eyes fly open to see y/n crouching by his passenger door, arms resting across the half open window.

“True,” he admits, taking another drag, “but I don’t think cigarettes are the most pressing things on that list.”

She opens the door, sliding in as if it hasn’t been over two years since she’s sat shotgun. “Fancy seeing you here, Clifford.”

Michael smirks as he releases the parking brake, “cute, but you called me.”

“Just drive.”

He obeys, the loose gravel crunching under his tires, a cloud of dust picking up behind them.

“Nice location choice,” Michael comments mildly, nodding back toward the fields disappearing behind them.

Y/n smiles and watches her hand ride the wind out the open window, “I thought it was fitting; reuniting where we first met. Do you remember that day?”

“Oh yeah, I remember,” Michael chuckles, “I was trying disappear after a bank robbery gone wrong, and you were on the run with five grand worth of ecstasy.”

“Funny how we happened to run into each other in that wheat field, quite literally.”

“You scared the shit out of me. I probably would’ve shot you if my gun hadn’t flown from my hand when we collided.”

“And so our Bonnie and Clyde adventures began,” y/n laughs, sending a warm feeling through Michael that he would never admit he still experienced, “we were such amateurs back then: no idea how this type of life worked. Just desperate street rats with no other choice. Now look at us, a couple of seasoned scum-of-the-earths.”

Michael smirks, “speak for yourself. I consider myself a very special type of professional. So what’s been happening since er… last time we talked?”

Letting a puff of breath from between her lips, y/n replies, “well, I’ve spent the entire time dedicated to finding out who’s after me. I just got back a couple days ago, actually.”


“I found them.”


“They’re all dead now.”

Michael blinks in surprise, “Oh. Well, I really shouldn’t have expected any less from you.”

Y/n makes a face, “you know I don’t like getting into the whole killing business. I’m perfectly happy with the conning and robbing and underground markets. But after playing cat and mouse for six months I decided this wasn’t going to end until one of us was dead. So, I found out it was my old drug boss who was after me; apparently thought I knew too much to be allowed to live. But he underestimated me. It took me a while, but I took care of him and his entire inner circle, including the one who killed her. I avenged my best friend and got rid of my problems.”

A smile cannot help but spread across his face, “you’re fucking ruthless.”

“Like you’re any better.”

Before long they’re standing in a sterile-looking hallway while Michael fiddles with the door to his flat. He swings the door forward and lets y/n walk in before following and closing the door behind him softly.

“Nice place,” she comments, looking around.

“Business has been pretty good. Besides, my last place got a little smoked out.” Michael replies, throwing his keys on the coffee table and following her into the kitchen. She hoists herself onto the counter and faces him, swinging her legs like a toddler waiting for her doctor’s check-up. He leans back against the island right across from her, holding her gaze.

“Why are you here, y/n?”

She stretches her legs out and wraps them around his waist, tugging him toward her. He allows her to close the gap between them, his arms automatically running along her back down to her leather boots. She sneaks a hand under the back of his shirt and wraps the other around his neck. Neither would admit it, but all this felt too familiar — they fit together perfectly, like one murderous, criminal puzzle. Their noses are millimeters apart, both of them waiting to see how the other reacts.

“For you, of course,” y/n murmurs, daring to brush her lips ever so faintly across his, “darling.”

Michael shuts his eyes as the traces of a smile play across his lips. He untangles her legs from around him and pushes himself away, retreating to the living room. A soft thud announces that y/n followed suit. 

“Cut the crap and tell me,” Michael demands, looking out of the large window making up two walls of the room. New York life bustled below, looking like ants from the 23rd floor.

“I need your help,” y/n says, and after Michael shoots her raised eyebrows, she sighs, “it’s nothing really, so don’t get too excited. Just a bit of recon. I’m sure you could use with a little extra spending cash.”

“How much we talking?”

“Well after taking in the other two in your crew, little more than a mill, each.” Y/n shrugs, “I haven’t been able to plan a decent recon in a while since I’ve had other issues, and my piggy bank’s getting a little too low for my liking.”

“Sounds like you’re coming back with a pretty big cake targeted. You got a plan?”

Y/n shoots him a look as she strides over to join him at the window, “do you really think I would’ve shown up if I didn’t have everything already set? I just need more pairs of hands, though you would know mine are pretty efficient.” She winks.

Michael rolls his eyes, “let’s hear it then.”

“So we have a deal?”


“Get your team in here, then I’ll kiss and tell.”

It doesn’t take long for Michael’s crew to show up after he texts them about a potential multi-million gig. 

A knock sounds from the door, and Michael disappears and reappears with Calum and Luke in tow. 

“Alright, so what this talk about- what the fuck?” Luke stops dead in his tracks as he spots y/n on the couch, tv remote in one hand and a glass of red in the other.

“Nice to see you too, Lukey,” y/n drones, snapping the reality show off and placing the remote on the table.

“What’s she doing here?” Calum asks Michael, his brow furrowing. 

Michael ignores them and instead focuses on the footsteps approaching from the front hall, “there you are Ash! Wondering where you’d gone.”

“Who’s this?” Y/n asks, eyeing the curly blonde who just appeared up and down.

“Ashton Irwin, top-grade hacker. Joined us ‘bout a year ago.”

Y/n smiles and nods in greeting, “well, he certainly brings your crew’s average up.”

Luke rolls his eyes and Calum pretends to yack.

“So what’s this grand plan?” Calum asks.

“A vault is being transported from midtown New York to Brooklyn tomorrow afternoon. We, my dear boys, are going to steal it. I’ve already scoped out everything: security, logistics, blah blah blah. Nothing’s advanced since I left, so if Luke’s still as good of a shot as when I left him and you still know how to handle a muscle car, this should be a walk in the park.” she nods at Ashton, “I’m sure there’s going to be some coding on the vault, so you could be handy.”

“Hang on,” Michael chimes in, “how have you already scoped everything? You said you just got back a couple days ago.”

Y/n sighs impatiently, “you’re kidding me, right Mikey? In case you’ve forgotten, I am the best recon artist you have ever and probably will ever know. I may have been gone for a while but believe me, I don’t get rusty. Besides, we’re dealing with an armored truck- much more vulnerable and simple than an actual bank.” she eyes each boy individually, “have we ever failed a mission in which I was the brains?”

Michael sighs as they all shake their heads reluctantly, except for Ashton, who’s looking at her with an awe-struck look that makes Michael want to punch him.

She smiles, “well now that we’ve got that sorted, lets get down to business.”


“Who is that?” Ashton asks him, Luke, and Calum stand on the street corner and watch Michael help y/n into a taxi.

“That is y/f/n y/l/n,” Luke replies, eyeing y/n disappear down the avenue and Michael watch the retreating cab, “Mike’s ex. They met when they were like, 18 and became quite the evil masterminds. I mean, every illegal thing you can think of they’ve probably done, and neither of them have ever gotten caught.”

Calum chuckles, “yeah, they’re both the best, but she’s the best of the best. She’s so smart it’s scary, and she can get into people’s heads and read them like a book. She knows what they’re gonna do before they even know.”

Ashton chimes, “and she’s hot as hell.”

Luke laughs, “yeah, that’s true, but she’s psycho. Apparently Mike slept with her best friend and a hitman took her out that same night thinking it was y/n and y/n swore he’d pay for it. Don’t ask him about it though, he gets really touchy; he’s never even told Cal and me the whole story. We think he’s still into her.”

The three let the conversation die as Michael saunters back to them, ruffling his hair. 

“So what’d you think of the plan?” he asks.

Cal shrugs, “brilliant and fool-proof, as always. But..”

“But what?”

“Are you sure we can trust her?” Luke asks, “I mean, you guys aren’t on the best of terms..”

“Well,” Michael sighs, “the last time I saw her she was burning my house to the ground. But I think we’re both over it. She avenged her friend and I think after over two years she finally realized it wasn’t completely my fault. Besides, I can usually catch on when she has ulterior motives, but I think she’s telling the truth: she’s been gone for awhile and needs money. And she may be good, but it’s a multi-person job and we’re the best in the business.”

Ashton nods, “so we’re meeting at the bridge tomorrow?”

Michael grins and nods, “hope you’re ready to get a little richer, boys.”


It isn’t until y/n pulls into a dingy gas station that she lets her guard drop. She pulls up to one of the pumps and looks in the back seat at the stacks of cash occupying most of the space. 

She grins and pulls a crisp $100 bill from one of the stacks and steps out of the car, attaching the pump and making her way into the store. “God bless the rich and the stupid,” she sings to herself.

As if on cue her phone rings. ID: Michael.

“That was quick. I only just emptied and ditched the vault.” She croons as she hands the cash to the clerk, motioning to the only occupied pump outside and placing a pack of M&M’s on the counter.

“Calum is in jail. Again.” Michael’s voice is quiet, but the slight quaking reveals his anger. 

“Not my problem,” y/n replies, smiling at the clerk as he gives her her change, “but good luck getting him out. Word on the street says this is his final strike, so he won’t be walking out for the next what, fifty years at least? Sixty? Such a shame.”

“You sociopathic bitch!” Michael snarls, “you set us up!”

“What? Little ol’ me?” y/n asks, “I would never! I think Calum just needs to pay better attention to his tires. Oh, and congratulate Luke on his shooting; it was more than impressive today.”

“You carried this too far, y/n. He’s my best friend, and even if I can find a way to get him out, it could take years. And he’ll never be able to walk the streets again, ever! You’ve ruined everything!”

“Now you get a little glimpse of what I went through two years ago!” y/n snaps, unlatching the gas pump and slamming it back in the holster angrily, “I lost the only two people I trusted in one night and in more ways than one. Not only was my best friend murdered while sleeping with my boyfriend, I found out someone wanted my head on a platter. And what did you do about that? You told me to hurry up and get lost, that losing my best friend was something I should be thankful for.” She gets back into her car and pulls out of the station, “yeah, I did set you up. I wanted you to know what it feels to be betrayed and to have your best friend taken from you. But the difference here is you can get him back. Sure it may take time and things won’t be the same and he’ll never be able to walk free, but at least he can walk!”

"So that was what this whole thing was about? Getting even?”

“No. It was about making you understand. And giving you a wake up call that you can’t just think that things like this will disappear with time.”

“This isn’t over. You’re insane, you know that? Completely fucking insane.”

Y/n smiles as she heads down the empty highway, away from the commotion in the city, “you’re probably right. But not for the reasons you think.”

“Oh, so it gets worse?”

“Yeah, because even after everything you put me through, I still give a damn about you.”


“I’m in love with you, Michael Clifford.”

And before he can think of something to say, she cuts the call and leaves him on the phone. He knows this isn’t the last time he’ll hear from her, and he can’t decide whether he should dread or welcome the day they meet again.



{ out of luck and cash, you and your boyfriend Ashton start selling narcotics to pay the rent }



“What’s wrong?”

“It’s Ashton. I think he’s- wait, don’t close the door. I just need to talk-”

“I don’t want to talk about him anymore. It’s been almost a year, I’ve moved on from him and that life. I made sure I cut every tie cleanly and without a trace, just like he did with me.”

“I know, I know. You probably don’t even want to see me anymore. But something came up yesterday.”

“I don’t think I’m going to care much, Cal.”

“Just hear me out. I was at your guys’ old place for a reason I don’t want to get into, and I was taking a look around and found this stashed behind the bookshelf you decided to leave with the house.”

“That’s Ashton’s journal.”

“I know.”

“He would never, ever leave that behind.”

"I know. That’s the weird part. I felt kinda weird doing it, but I read the whole thing. There’s even a loose letter stuffed in there he wrote to you. It looks like he planned on leaving it out with his journal for you to find after he left and decided against it for whatever reason. I think you should take a look at it.”

“That’s probably not a good idea.”

“I really disagree with that.”


“Just read it. You’ll see.”



Y/n just got me this journal for Christmas. She said I should start keeping one ‘cause it’ll help clear the jumble of thoughts in my head when necessary. At least she says that’s what it does for her.

I’ll give it a shot then. She’s usually right about everything, and it’s not like I have anything better to do.



Spent New Year’s at some dingy pub with y/n and a few mates because money is tight, as usual. Y/n said she didn’t mind not going somewhere nicer but it still frustrates me that I can’t give the very best to my girl. We’re still in the same disgusting flat downtown that has no AC and a faulty lock on the front door, but that’s all we can afford barely. We both work ourselves raw and save in every way possible, but we still can’t make ends meet. There has to be some sort of secret to this that we don’t know.



Utility bills can burn in hell.



Our gas got turned off today, so we can’t even heat up the cans of soup we get from the discount shop. My manager had a luncheon over at the auto shop today though, so I brought home a bunch of really good Italian food; the first meal we’ve had in months that wasn’t out of an expired box or can. Y/n was so happy she set the table with candles and put out the only nice table settings we had. It wasn’t much, but seeing that smile on her face made it seem like I’d given her the world in a doggy bag. And it’s a good thing she put the candles out because our electricity also got cut. I fucking hate this dump.

I promised y/n I would find a way to get us a better life if it killed me, and she said she didn’t mind where we are as long as we’re together.

She’s my rock. I love her so much. 



Got fired today.


1/12/12… later

I told y/n and she didn’t get mad or yell at me or cry or anything, but I kinda wish she did. Instead she just sucked in a deep breath before nodding and saying “okay, it’s gonna be okay. We can figure this out, Ash. We always do.” She gave me a hug and went to our room to call her manager at the bakery to see if she could pick up any more shifts until I can find another job. She’s keeping it together, but when she was in the shower I think I heard her crying.

I don’t understand why she stays with me and puts up with all this. She deserves so much better than me. 



So I was out on the corner of Freedland and Argo St. today looking at the job ads and this kid comes up and asks me if I want Vicodin. I obviously didn’t, but I asked him how much, and he said $15 a pill. ONE PILL GOES FIFTEEN DOLLARS? And this kid pulled like six bottles out of his pockets! That’s more money in those bottles than y/n and I make in a month, and he says he goes through that much in a week. That bastard’s making $4,000 a month. 

I would never sell drugs though. Those things ruin lives and I will never, ever be apart of that.



Sorry I haven’t written in a while, but I’m working two jobs — day shifts at the movie theater and nights at the 24-hour market — and I’m always exhausted. Y/n’s working double at the bakery, so we don’t get to spend much time together. And when we do, we’re usually too tired to even talk.

Still not bringing in enough for the bills.



Got an eviction notice yesterday. We have three weeks to pay off our debts otherwise we have to leave. Y/n’s getting a tremor in her hand from all the stress and I hate myself for it.



I went back to that street corner and found the Vicodin guy again. I asked him who he works for, and he brought me to some back alley through a side door of a flat. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was nicer than I expected — fully furnished, television, AC…

The kid brought me to the living room where a guy with an eyebrow piercing and electric green hair was sitting with a girl, grinding something into white powder. I felt really out of place when the kid (called Luke) told the green-haired guy (Michael) I was interested in dealing. He looked at me for a second and then asked me a bunch of questions about my personal life and stuff. I told him about my eviction issue and after another minute of scrutiny that felt like 10 years, he said I could start as a runner. Apparently that means I’m a delivery boy and get to keep 30% of what I get. He then made me swear to secrecy and warned me about how he handles backstabbers etc., so basically if I double cross him I can kiss most of my internal organs goodbye.

I start tomorrow. I haven’t told y/n.



Our landlord came to collect our dues today, and boy was he surprised when I pulled out a check to cover everything! Y/n was astounded, but I just told her I’d gotten promotions at both my jobs. She was so happy she cried and I took her out her favorite restaurant to celebrate.

I feel bad lying to her, but how do I tell her I’ve pulled in more than $2,000 in the last 3 weeks delivering weed and coke around the city?



It’s so nice having money. We don’t exactly bring in enough to be comfortable, but at least we aren’t drowning in loans. Y/n seems a lot happier. Her hair is shinier and last night when she was cleaning up the kitchen I heard her humming.

Also, Michael told me he wanted to promote me to dealing. Like, out on the streets making transactions and finding new clients, stuff like that. He said I’d make double what I am now, if not more. I told him I had to think about this one..

But it sure is nice having hot showers again.



It’s been a while since I’ve written, and wow are things different. First off, I’m one of the top dealers in the area now: I’m one of Michael’s “prized salesmen” as he refers to me, and Luke and I are becoming good friends as well. He even came over to our place and had dinner the other night and y/n adores him.

Speaking of which, we also got a new flat. We’re in the better part of the city now and I’m closer to Mike’s so I can be on-call if we need an extra opinion on a big deal or extra hands in cooking. It’s weird, I’ve been around this stuff for months now and I’ve still never tried any of it.

Except for the occasional blunt, but weed doesn’t count.

Anyways, things are looking pretty good now! Our new place is lovely compared to our last setup: fully furnished, a nice view of the Avenue, and a working lock on the front door. Y/n only works in the mornings now and went back to school to get her last few credits to become a teacher. We’re so much happier now and take drives (yeah we got a car too!) around our new part of town every evening and the sex is so good holy shit.

I haven’t told her the truth about my new job. It kills me to lie to her, but I can’t find a way to tell her that won’t make her pack up and leave. Besides, it’s a dangerous business so the less she knows, the safer she is.



Y/n found a bag of crystal and a PCP in my jacket pocket the other day. I had no other choice but to tell her the truth. At first she thought I was making it up at first and that I actually was taking all that stuff, but then I explained it all from the eviction notice to today. She was dumbstruck and just said she needed to go for a walk. That was two days ago. She won’t pick up my calls or answer my texts and I’m getting worried.



Y/n finally came back! I was getting so anxious and was considering calling the police, but then she walked in safe and sound. Apparently she’d been staying at a friend’s to clear her head and think things through (she swore she didn’t tell anything to her friend), and she’s okay with it! I mean, she yelled at me about lying to her for a whole year, but she even understood why I did that too. I couldn’t believe it! And not only that, she said she wants to help. My jaw almost hit the floor; my y/n, my innocent, beautiful, pure y/n wants in on our drug business? I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I’m taking her to Mike’s with me tomorrow. It’s not like I can say no now.



Again, it’s been ages since I’ve written, and so much has happened.

First off, y/n and I are now 100% involved in the business, and boy are we fucking good at it. When I took her to meet Mike he was a little hesitant on taking her on (I don’t blame him, she seems too good to take on this type of job) but boy did she prove us wrong. It took her only 3 months to overtake me as Mike’s favorite asset. She knows how to work the system and the people in it like a science. And since we work together we’ve become known as the “deadly duo” around town. It’s so weird! It’s like we were destined for this line of work. Is that even possible? To be destined to work in a drug ring? Luke said it was because it’s just another form of business, but y/n and I aren’t too sure.

Anyways, we’re not even part of Mike’s ring anymore. After awhile it was clear that Mike had control of the entire region when it came to selling, thanks to the help of me and y/n. He’s got hundreds at his beck and call now, and an endless amount of clients. So after a bit of discussion, we told Mike we were moving out of town and starting our own business. He was definitely disappointed, but we’ve all become good friends so he sent us off with good wishes, to me and y/n’s relief. We still stay in touch and ask second opinions from eachother.

So, y/n and I packed up our bags and moved to LA. Los Angeles! It’s so much different from Detroit, and even after a couple months, we feel a little out of place here. But we’ve set up shop and are steadily making our mark in this big city. Michael has a friend over here who knows the system well and he hooked us up, so he’s been a real help in settling us in. Mind you, he’s a weird one. His name’s Calum Hood and he’s his own branch of psycho genius. When we first met I asked if he was Filipino or something and I swear to Christ I thought he was going to shoot me and y/n right there. But now that we’ve gotten to know him more he’s a really great guy, as long as you don’t set him off, which can be hard to do.

Oh, and we bought an actual house! It’s near Hollywood and it has the most incredible view of the city. Y/n and I sit on our bedroom balcony and watch the sunset almost every night and just forget about the business for a bit. It’s one of my favorite things, and whenever I’m stressed about a deal or something, seeing her laugh while she’s leaning against me, looking over a view almost as beautiful as her, it remind me why I’m doing this in the first place, and it’s worth it. Every last bit of it.


It is so fucking hard to remember to write in this thing regularly, I have no clue how y/n does it. But this morning I came down to the kitchen and saw her sitting at the table with a cup of coffee and her journal, so I decided to join her. She’s playing footsie with me as we speak and her toes are cold!

Okay, so my business has turned international… Calum called me up a couple months back and asked if I wanted to take up a deal with some guys in Mexico. I was hesitant at first because it added international borders into the equation but I took it, and now I’ve got deals all over the place: Japan, Germany, Australia, Brazil… It’s getting really dangerous because the people I deal with have violent means of negotiation, and I’m really starting to worry that they’re gonna start bringing issues here.

That’s another issue — y/n doesn’t know about any of the international business. When we’re not working on our LA sector, I’m on 3AM calls with the Italian ring and trying really, really hard to keep all of this separate from our home here. There’s no way I would tell y/n. She would dive in head-first, and if anything happened to her…

Y/n’s looking at me weird. Guess I’m pulling a face while writing this.

She’s really pretty in the morning.



I really regret going global. It’s getting out of hand.



I fucked up big time and managed to piss off an entire Chinese mafia. They’re coming after me, so I have to disappear otherwise they’re going to show up on our doorstep with god knows what on their agenda. I can’t take y/n with me. I can’t ask her to put herself in danger like that. She deserves the world kissing her feet, not stabbing her back. I can’t even tell her about leaving, so if they do come after her she won’t have much value to them so hopefully they won’t hurt her. 

This could all go so wrong.



I told Calum about the whole situation, and he agrees that dropping out for a while is the best option. He’s going to be the only person I stay in direct contact with, just so I have eyes and ears on the inside, but I don’t plan on even calling him much. He’s just too close to home and it’s too risky. He said he’d tell Mike because we know he can be trusted, and it’ll be good to have someone out east helping out too. I’m leaving tomorrow while y/n is out with Cal. He promised to watch out for her until it’s safe for me to come home.

I think it would hurt less to carve my heart out with a butter knife.



My y/n,

So I assume you read this whole book, and I am so sorry. I’m sorry I couldn’t provide you with everything you deserve; I’m sorry I dragged us into this mess of a lifestyle; I’m sorry I’ve lied to you so many times;  I’m sorry I abandoned you. If you hate me by now, I don’t blame you. 

But I want you to know that out of all the shit I’ve experienced, leaving like this is the hardest, most painful thing I’ve ever done. You are my world, baby doll. There’s very few things that could make me leave you like this, and the possibility of you getting hurt because of me is one of them.

I messed up darling. Big time. And now I have to fix things so they don’t even get the chance to get anywhere near you. I hope I’ll be back soon and I’ll explain everything if when I get home.

I’m going to make it home. I’m going to make it back to you. We’re going to grow old together and start a family and watch the sunrise and be safe. 

I love you, I love you, I love you. Wait for me. I love you. 



“Hello, this is Calum.”


“y/n. So I assume you read the journal?”

“Cover to cover, and it changes everything.”

“I’m sorry y/n, I wish I could’ve hinted sooner, but I promised Ashton I would keep you out of it, but you were still hurting so much and once I read through it I couldn’t keep it from you-”

“It says you’re the only one in contact with him, so spill.”


“Tell me everything.”


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